i don’t believe in love (episode 3)


next day at school..om and rudra reaches the school on time. they go to their respective classes and rudra becomes busy with his friends. on the other hand om comes out of his class room in search of chutki. he goes to the canteen area and hope to see her again as he did not know anything about her. suddenly sahil comes in front of him. om gets frightened and backs off. he composes himself and greets sahil.
om: hi, how r u?
sahil: (with attitude) leave this ‘hi-bye’ and come to the point.
om: (confused) what are u talking about?
sahil: u like my di, right?
om: (gets shocked and is unable is speak anything) wo.. actually.. i.. like.. don’t know.. is she ur di?
sahil: (smirks) see, i was right. u were searching for her, right?
om: yes, kid. i was looking for her. do u know where she is?
sahil: of course in her classroom. (points his finger at om) but don’t think i will tell u abt her class.
om: (shocked) why, kid?
sahil: there are two reasons. 1) u called me kid. that too two times. and 2) if you get scared of seeing me only, how will u take care of my di in future, huh?
om absolutely has no words in his mouth.
sahil: and this is the 3rd cause. u have to increase ur vocabulary before meeting my di. otherwise she will eat u up and u will stand straight like a skeleton. understood?
om with open mouth nods his head in positive.
sahil: gud. now shut your mouth. otherwise mosquito will make its habitat in ur mouth.
om immediately shuts his mouth. sahil goes from there with full attitude. after sahil left, omkara gets out of the shock and sees some crowd at the entrance of the campus and thinks why are they allowed here as no parent can enter the campus during that time. he goes forward to know about the crowd but bell rings. all gets back to their classroom as well as om. while in om’s classroom, the principal appears in the first period. along with him was a gentleman with a young girl.
om: (thinks) maybe the girl is newly admitted here. but why is everyone giving her so much importance?
principal: students, i have brought someone special in your class today. it is ur new friend. a beautiful girl from the..
the gentleman puts his hand on the principal’s shoulder. principal nods.
principal: so students. meet ur new friend, ishana mehta. she is the daughter of mr. mehta. she is very talented dancer of todays’ time.
ishana appears and greets everyone. she greets the teacher and joins the class. the students welcome her warmly. she sits on the middle row as she wants to avoid continuous questions from the teachers. after her father had assured his daughter to be settled, he went to the principal’s office for further discussion. now the teacher asks ishana to stand up and something about her.
ishana: (clears her throat) so dear friends, i am ishana. ishana mehta. i am from another school in this city only. this is my 8th school this year.
teacher: what?? ur 8th school?
ishana: each time i am suspended from the schools for beating my classmates. the last one whom i’ve beaten was admitted in the hospital for one and a half month.
the students and the teacher gets uncomfortable hearing this. she continues.
ishana: his 3 bones were broken, 2 became fractured. actually, i know karate and my father thinks this is a kind of dance. so he introduces me as a dancer in front of all.
the students laughs at this. but they stop suddenly when they realize that she knows karate. a student asks..
girl: are u serious about that boy in ur last school?
ishana: no. not at all.
everyone become shocked at her reply in a very normal way. the girl continues
girl: is it really ur 8th school in the town?
ishana: nah.. it is my first school in this town.
everyone again becomes perplexed at her reply. the girl again asks..
girl: do u really know karate?
ishana: yes, this part was absolutely right about me. i know karate very well.
everyone eases slowly and teacher asks..
teacher: so what were u speaking till now??
ishana: ma’am, u r my friend, right? even they are my friends. so i just pulled legs of my friends. (laughs mischievously)
teacher: (gets angry) u were pulling ur teacher’s leg? u silly girl. how dare u?
ishana: don’t get angry, ma’am. i’m sorry for doing so. the fact is that i am a dancer. i lived in Gujrat with my mother. and my father, mr.mehra wanted to bring me in this city after getting married for the second time here. my mother didn’t want to lose me. nor did i. she died struggling for my custody. but after her demise, i had no one to be called as my own. so my father took me here and today is my first day at a school in this city. my second mother and her daughter, mona , me and mr. mehra live together under the same roof.
teacher: u r telling all these in front of all? these matters are often kept hidden.
ishana: hidden facts only give betrayal and hurt u. so i spoke the truth. moreover, my mother taught me always to speak the truth. that’s what i am doing.
teacher: ok enough of ur introduction now. go to ur seat and students, let’s start our class.

at rudra’s classroom..
rudra’s friend: look there, rudra. ur soumya is coming.
rudra hurriedly looks in that direction. soumya is seen laughing and smiling and walking towards the classroom. air blowed on her ponytail. rudra was mesmerized seeing her. their bg music plays..
suddenly, rudra notices reyaan with soumya. his dreams break when he sees soumya taking notes from reyaan and thanking him holding his hands. he gets jealous and goes to soumya to confront her.
rudra: soumya..?
soumya: yes, loser?
rudra: don’t call me loser, soumya.
soumya: did u come here for saying this, duffer? can’t u see i’m talking with reyaan. he is so sweet. even after i forbade, he got notes for me. thank u so much, reyaan.
reyaan: it was my duty, soumya. plz don’t embarrass me. in fact, i like to spend time for u..with u.
soumya: really, reyaan? that’s so sweet of u. let’s do a thing, let’s watch documentary on internal stucture of heart today.
reyaan: but here? in school?
soumya: no, reyaan. you come to my home this evening. we’ll watch the documentary at our place.
rudra: soumya? i’m here to talk with u.
soumya: not now, rudra. come reyaan. we’ll go over there.
reyaan: yes sumo. let’s go.
soumya: aww.. reyaan, u r giving me such cute nicknames. that’s so sweet of u.
rudra: (in mind) sweet?? and reyaan? soumya finds ‘sumo’ cute? are reyaan is calling u fat. and even i made notes for u. but u only refused to take my notes. u are even watching documentary on heart with reyaan. u will know about internal structure of heart with reyaan but when will u know what is happening inside my heart?)
he comes back to his desk. his friends tease him about what happened and rudra sees soumya with reyaan from the window. he feels very sad and wipes his tears silently by the upper side of his hand.

chutki learns from her friends that omkara reads in class ten and that he is omkara singh oberoi, brother of the youngest businessman, shivay singh oberoi. she also learns that the girls have crush on him. they ask chutki why she was asking about omkara. she made some excuses and thinks that om is so lucky to have shivay as his brother. she feels jealous that omkara has a wonderful big loving family. she wants to meet omkara but doesn’t find him and goes home after the classes end.
omkara sees chutki going away and asks the girls if they know her. omkara fails to get any information about chutki but he just knows that she is in class eight. he smiles knowing at least this much about her.
ishana sees om smiling and she falls for his smile. she thought of talking with om and she goes to him.
ishana: hi.
omkara: hello, ishana.
ishana: ohh, u know my name? (with surprising look)
omkara: yes.
ishana: how?
omkara: u told abt urself at the class this morning. remember?
ishana: so are we in the same class?
omkara: yes.
ishana: so may i know my classmate’s name?
omkara: oh, yes. myself omkara singh oberoi.
ishana: ohh.. and me ishana. ‘nam to suna hi hoga?’
omkara: yes, i know u. i must say u r quite famous.
ishana: that is true.
both of them laugh. rudra comes takes om with him. ishana realizes that she is now in great trouble because she is in love with omkara.

shivay and anika meets at his office. they are discussing their project. suddenly, mallika enters. the guards were behind her.
guard: wait ma’am. u cannot enter sir’s cabin without permission. ma’am, plz cooperate. ma’am..
shivay and anika turns to the entrance where mallika is standing.
guard: sorry, sir. actually..
shivay shows his hand and sends the guard.
shivay: what is this, mallika? i am busy right now.
mallika: seriously, shivay? “busy”? u don’t even have a minute to reply to my messages? i am constantly trying to contact u since last two weeks. can’t u even inform me? and u r asking “what is this”??
shivay: look, mallika. i am shivay singh oberoi. i have many responsibilities in my office as well as in my house. i couldn’t contact u because i was busy. can’t u be considerate enough to give me time for my responsibilities?
mallika: oh really? ur office, ur house, ur life. do u even consider me as ur girlfriend or not? do u even love me? oh i forgot. shivay singh oberoi only knows to advertise himself. he does not believe in love. Isn’t it? am i not ur responsibility? am i not a part of ur life?
shivay: mallika, u r in my office. don’t create an issue over here. moreover, u r angry right now. first u calm down, then we’ll talk. okay?
mallika: no shivay. we won’t talk again. i am watching by my own eyes that how much busy are u with this new girl. listen girl, don’t be fooled with this man. he only knows how to hurt girls.
shivay: don’t involve anika in all this, okay? she is not related to this anyhow. she just my co worker. when did u become so possessive about our relation? u were not like this, mallika.
mallika: don’t call this relation as ours. u were never there for me, shivay. it was only my relation which will end today. yes shivay, i have come here to break up with u. and now that u have grown too close with this anika that u can’t even hear a word against her, enjoy with her. i am going.
shivay: (loses his cool) okay go. i don’t want to see ur face again. just go. we are breaking up.
mallika: fine, bye.
mallika goes crying. shivay tries to calm down himself.
shivay: i’m so sorry for all that has happened here. i didn’t mean to create a scene in front of u, anika. i’m sorry, ms. anika.
anika: its okay, mr. sso. u can call me that. if u don’t mind i want to tell u sth.
shivay: yeah sure. tell me.
anika: mallika is her name, isn’t it?
shivay: yes. she was mallika.
anika: she said that u didn’t speak with her for last two weeks. that’s not fair.
shivay: i told you that my sister has returned from USA. so i was busy with her. mallika understands all these but she is changed now.
anika: but it is necessary to spend time with her, right? otherwise ur relation will not work.
shivay: so what should i do for her?
anika: her name is mallika. it means queen. but u don’t treat her like that.
shivay: so i should treat her like a queen?
anika: at least, treat her like ur girlfriend.
shivay: so.. what will i have to do now?
anika: just go after her. she needs u now. u made her cry. go apologize to her. take some gifts and flower with u. she’ll feel better.
shivay: why should i apologize? it was her mistake.
anika: okay don’t. but send her a sorry card.
shivay: okay, i’ll see to it later.
anika: no u go right away.
shivay: and our meeting?
anika: we’ll meet tomorrow. right now, ur girlfriend needs u.
shivay: okay. i’ll call u tonight to inform about the timings.
anika: okay. now go.
shivay leaves to go to mallika. anika smiles and receives a call.
anika: yes, daksh. i’ll be there by 7. yeah. how can i miss my boyfriend’s birthday party? okay, see u then. i lov…
the call gets cut. anika gets sad but rushes to get ready for the party.

at mallika’s room.. shivay enters with attitude and sees mallika crying. she was sitting facing the door on the floor. she sees shivay and avoids him.
shivay: mallika, i have brought sth for u.
mallika remains quiet. shivay calls the servant. they bring in lots of gifts and flowers and chocolates in mallika’s room.
mallika gets a big surprise from shivay as it was the first time in their 3 years relationship that shivay brought gift for her.. that too so many. mallika gets up and hugs shivay happily.
mallika: thank you so much, shivay. i love u so much. it is the first time in 3 years that u have brought me gifts. how did this miracle happen?
shivay: u should thank anika.
mallika: (surprised)anika? U mean that girl siiting in ur office?
shivay: yes. she made me understand that to keep this relation u need gifts.
mallika: (at the top of her voice) WHAT??
shivay: I mean, it is gud to give gifts to ur partner for a healthy relation.
mallika: (irritated and calm) that anika made u understand this?
shivay: yes. such a cool girl she is. she didn’t even mind to leave the meeting in the middle just to save my relation. in fact, she sent me here to give u this card on my behalf.
mallika takes the card. She looks at shivay and without a word tears the card into pieces.
shivay: what are u doing, mallika?
mallika: just get out. don’t ever try to contact me again. got it?
shivay: why? didn’t u like these? but anika said..
mallika: u and ur anika. both of u go to HELL. just leave me alone. GO.
shivay couldn’t take the insult. he broke the flower vase kept at the tea table and rushed out of the room. mallika was crying at her break up and screamed to tell the servant to clean her room and donate all the gifts shivay had brought.

chutki, sahil and bua came to the temple for praying. sahil prays for om and chutki 😉 . chutki prays for chance to spend time with anika. bua prays for the kids and their health. They were done with their prayer and going back but they collide with the oberoi ladies at the exit. dadi, jhanvi, pinky and priyanka came to the temple for praying. priyanka came in this temple for a special reason. she prayed for her dream boy to enter her life soon. the oberoi ladies and bua were separately paying visit to the temple. but dadi was almost slipping from the stairs when chutki and priyanka together saved her. dadi blessed chutki as her own granddaughter. bua and dadi met by this incident. later they went to their respective mansion.

precap: roop enters oberoi mansion. priyanka receives a prank call. anika at daksh’s b’day party. (there MIGHT be less interaction of the leads.)

sorry for such long update. actually giving everyone equal importance results in such lengthy episodes. hopefully u don’t mind. are u liking the way i am proceeding? i think today’s shivika part was boring. u may not get shivika interaction in next episode as well. but after that i have a shock for u. plz comment to share ur views.

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    1. SairaBarkat

      yes, u r right. raumya are too young for love. that is why, its not love between them. rudra has a crush on her and soumya considers reyaan as her friend. their love story will start later on. u will soon find out what i am talking about.
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