i don’t believe in love (episode 2)

at rudra’s class..the boys are throwing paper balls and erasers and sharpeners all over the class room and playing. a boy accidentally hits rudra.
boy: sorry, rudy.
rudra: its okay. (and starts to leave and suddenly stop. he comes back to the boy in a dramatic way) hey, listen.
boy: (gets scared) who? me?? did i do anything? i’m sorry abt that..
rudra: (puts his hands over the boys shoulders) are, don’t get scared. i wanted to ask you something.
boy: what do u want from me?
rudra: did u see..
teacher enters the classroom..
teacher: what is all these? can’t u keep the classroom tidy? all of u don’t read in playgroup, isn’t it?
a girl: sir, the boys have messed up the classroom.
another girl: yes, sir. she is right.
a boy: even u do it..
girls: no, we don’t.
boys: yes, u do.
teacher: shut up. all of you. u r all growing up. don’t fight like kids. i don’t want to repeat your mistakes.
girl: but sir..
teacher: no more talks. monitor, bring me the attendance copy.
monitor: yes, sir.
teacher: all of u, revise ur studies. u are going to give a test of Hindi right away.
students: surprise test?? bring out the notes. let’s revise.
rudra: (to his friend) wow!! i had made notes yesterday and today is the test. i can easily pass today’s test.
friend: did you really made the notes??
rudra: yes. for my soumya
friend: soumya?? that too ur?? hahaha..
rudra: so what? anyways, have you seen soumya today? she was about to attend the class, right?
another friend: shhh.. teacher is looking at you.
they get quite.. the teacher gives them question paper and the exam starts.
rudra: (to himself) thank you so much, soumya. only because of you i will pass today’s test. but where are you??
teacher: who is talikng?? WHO???
rudra gets quite.
teacher: don’t even try to cheat.. specially u rudra.
a girl: sir, rudra was talking. i saw him to talk.
rudra: (mumbles) sir.. wo.. actually.. i was not cheating.. i was talking to myself..
teacher: so u were talking to ur self? do i look like a fool to u?
rudra: (slowly) yes sir.
teacher: WHAT DID YOU SAY??
rudra: nothing sir. its nothing.
teacher: don’t u dare to talk further. now sit down and give ur exam.
rudra: ok sir. (to himself) almighty saved me today. otherwise i was gone.
girl: sir, rudra is still talking.
teacher: what is this, rudra? u r disturbing other students.
rudra: sorry, sir.
teacher: no. not this time. just go out of the class and hold your ears.
rudra: sorry, sir i won’t repeat my mistake.
teacher: no. even if u do not give this exam will not put an effect on ur grades. u will fail only. so better not to waste ur time. just go out. NOW..
rudra: plz, sir. i now all the answers. i don’t even need the options. plz sir, let me give this exam.
teacher: just go OUT.
rudra goes out sadly and holds his ears. soumya comes running with her bag and sees rudra holding ears. she is breathing heavily as she is bit healthy. she goes inside the classroom ignoring him.
soumya: may i come in sir?
teacher: just stay there. first tell me, why are u late?
soumya: actually, sir i was sick for last few days. this morning i slept too much due to weakness. that’s why i am late.
teacher: so u were sick, right? put ur bag on ur desk.
soumya enters the room and puts her bag. she is about to sit
teacher: did i allow u to sit? no, na? now go out and stand outside of the classroom.
soumya: but sir. i’m sorry for getting late.
teacher: go out.
soumya goes out and stands beside rudra.
rudra: hi, soumya. how is ur health now?
soumya: hello. health is fine but i am still weak.
rudra: ohh. don’t worry. it will be alright.
soumya: hmm. btw, why are u standing here? what did u do today?
rudra: i was talking to myself.
soumya looks at him with disbelief. he continues.. yes, i am given punishment for talking to myself. sir thought i was cheating but i was not. i knew all the answers today.
soumya: (eyes become large and puts her hand over her open mouth) u?? u knew all the answers of the test?
rudra: yes. because.. (gets shy) because i had made note for you.
soumya: why did u made notes for me?
rudra: u were absent from the class due to sickness. so i thought of helping u.
soumya: u know what, rudra. keep ur notes with u only. because i don’t need them.
rudra: but why?
soumya: because i already collected the notes from my besties. so i don’t need yours. btw, i’m happy that u at least studied for making notes for me. otherwise, u r always a loser.
rudra: (smiles at soumya but gets hurt by her words) its okay, soumya. i understand.
the teacher calls them inside by then and they attend the rest of the classes attentively.

at the canteen..during break
all the students are falling over each other and buying themselves their tiffin. omkara was standing at a distance and watching this scene. he saw a girl to fight with a kid.
girl: u again took money from my purse without telling me?
kid: sorry, di. but look i got a hot dog for u.
girl: go to hell with ur hot dog. i was collecting money since a long time and u just wasted it on a hot dog?
kid: di, u r mistaken. i bought a hot dog for u. and i bought a burger, chips and some chocolates for myself.
girl: u sent all my money??
kid: yes, di. i even wanted to have some drinks but there was not much money in ur purse. why do u keep so less money in ur bag?
girl: look sahil, i’m not anika didi to keep bundles of notes in my bag. moreover it is school. why will i bring much money here?
kid(sahil) : that’s okay but why are u collecting money? ask didi.. she will give u.
girl(chutki): no. i was collecting money to gift her something on a special occassion. and one cannot gift her with her own money. so that was my money and u spent it on ur snacks.
sahil: sorry di. next time i will ask u before using ur money.
chutki: why? don’t u get pocket money?
sahil: i do. but it is hurtful to use own money on stupid stuff. that’s why i took ur purse.
chutki: u miser. come here, i’ll show u.
sahil runs and chutki runs after him. she collides with omkara who was holding his tiffin in his hand. tiffin falls from his hand and he holds chutki by her hand as she was about to fall on the ground. they share a eye lock. sahil stops and watches this. he calls chutki. chutki and omkara stands straight and feels awkward. omkara breaks the silence.
om: hi, i’m omkara. everyone calls me om. (forwards his hands for hand shake)
chutki leaves the place as she was feeling shy to face omkara. sahil stands there and glares om. om waves hi to him. sahil makes faces, replies hi and goes. om stands there for a moment and the bell rings. he goes to his class.

at the conference room meeting is taking place. anika is seen concentrating on the presentation. shivay is sitting opposite to anika. he is seeing the presentation. mr. mehra announces shivay’s presentation. he goes to present his ideas. while his presentation, a phone rings. everyone looks at the direction. even anika looks. it was her phn ringing. she cuts the call and apologizes. the presentation starts again. it was his idea to promote a new system, basically a software which will show the details of an architecture like the blue prints will be prepared by the software, internal structure of a building can be prepared and all these could be done within a short time. most of the present businessman praised shivay for the new concept while some of them disagreed. there were some arguments and at last all of them approved the ideas. now it was time for anika to present her ideas. she stood in front of all and was about to start. suddenly, her phn rings. she excuses herself and receives the call. she cuts the call huriedly saying she will call back. now she starts her presentation. her presentation was about internal designing of offices, houses etc. she finished her presentation well and everyone appreciated her. at last, mr. mehra asked all about their opinions. one spoke up and said that all of them wants to work with both shivay and anika. so they will get a time of 10 days to bring up another concept that will support both of their concepts and they will get to work together for these days. when shivay was asked he had no problems as he thought it will be beneficial for their business. anika also agreed but she wanted more time as 10 days was too short for coming up with a fresh concept. all agreed and they were given 5 more days. anika had to agree on this and thus the journey of shivika started. later on, shivay and anika met and were talking.
shivay: hello ms anika.
anika: hello mr shivay singh oberoi. before u say anything else i want to ask u sth.
shivay: what?
anika: don’t u think ur name is too long?
shivay: maybe, but my family members kept my name. how can i help in that?
anika: ur right. but u should make a shortcut of ur name.
shivay: shortcut??
anika: like sso? the initials of ur name?
shivay: sso? yeah sounds gud.
anika: isn’t it? so i will call u sso. okay?
shivay: okay. (after a pause) so we have to work for the company together. can we go out for lunch?
anika: now?
shivay: if u r free then..
anika: sure. let’s go.
shivay: come.
in the car.. shivay and anika were sitting at the back seat..anika was busy with her phn.
shivay: ms anika?
anika: yes, mr.sso?? (working in her phn)
shivay: who are their in ur family?
anika: (looks at shivay)(she thinks sth and then anwers) my bua, my younger sister and my younger brother.
shivay: and ur parents?
anika: they died..
shivay: oh. i’m so sorry.
anika: its okay. (smiles a bit) and who are ur family members?
shivay: my dadi, my parents, my bade papa and my badi maa and thier kids.
anika: don’t u have any siblings?
shivay: yeah. two younger brother and a sister. she lives in USA.
anika: how old is she?
shivay: she’s just in high school. actually she was born there. initially badi maa lived with her and my brothers were also there. but then my brothers came back and badi maa stayed with her. they are now in India for her vacation.
anika: you have a big family.
shivay: yes, i do. u should meet with my family someday. i’m sure you’ll love being with them.
anika: yeah, sure. that sounds interesting.
shivay: come. we’ve reached the restaurant.
anika: yes, i’ll just attend this call and come. u go inside and order sth. i’ll be back right away.
shivay: okay. i’m waiting.
anika and shivay then have their lunch and talk about their project. they have a hearty conversation and anika starts to admire his divine blue eyes. but she tries to control her as she cannot betray daksh. on the other hand, shivay starts to fall for this somewhat funny girl and gazes her while she is talking. he comes back to this world when anika told him about a message he just received. it was from mallika who wanted to meet him. he ignored the message and chatted with anika. during this lunch, even anika avoided receiving phncalls and messages. after lunch, shivay wanted to drop her but she refused. so shivay bade her and called her for meeting at his office the next day to which anika agreed. they went back to their respective places for they had called for the day.

at night..
shivay’s room was full of joy and fun. the brothers had their time spent well. they all reported to each other about how the day went. according to the description.. rudra’s day was sad but he did not mind as he had seen soumya. om’s day was beautiful as he met a unique sister-brother duo. shivay’s day was good and for some strange reasons, he was feeling more happy than the other days. when the brothers were having obro’s moment, priyanka came in their room and complained about enjoying without her. she said that she was bored. so the brothers took her to the kitchen and the siblings were given a treat by chef shivay.
but anika’s room had a different scenario. she was messaging in her phn and busy in her laptop. sahil came to anika but she drove him away saying she was busy. so sahil went to chutki’s room to disturb her. as usual, sahil and chutki were talikng which led to argument and at last they were running behind each other like tom and jerry. after a long fight, they looked messy so was the room and they hugged each other in that state and chutki became emotional by that hug. she wanted to enjoy with her dear sister but she had no time for them. the duo got dressed properly and went to have dinner with sundari bua. bua used to cook food for them which they did not like. but they anyhow had the food as they had no other choice. anika’s food was served in her room. so chutki did not even see her in the dining table. and innocent sahil’s question added fuel to the fire in her mind.
sahil: di?
chutki: hu?
sahil: why doesn’t anika didi dine with us?
chutki was silently trying to stop tears rolling from her eyes. sundari bua understood this and answered sahil
bua: beta sahil.. anika didi is a big businesswomen, right?
sahil: hmm but how does it concern to have dinner with us?
bua: she has a lot of works. that’s why she cannot have it with us.
sahil: but she will have the dinner in her room now, isn’t it? she just have to come here and sit with us. isn’t it very simple
bua gets silent by such a easy solution given by a kid and anika who couldn’t understand it. sahil forgot the matter and started to tell bua about how his day was spent. bua and sahil was talking but chutki silently had her meal and went back to her room. anika’s room is just beside hers but she never disturbs her sister out of anger. anger for not spending time with them, with her. she peeped in anika’s room, saw her busy in her phn and stepped back. she sighed and went to her room. while in her bed, chutki cried a lot for she was missing her mom and dad and also her didi.
before going to bed, anika and shivay, both gathered information about each other on social websites and Internet. both of them smiled seeing each other’s picture. anika hugged pillow and slept. where shivay was hugging his brothers and slept peacefully. shivay’s phn was peeping with lots of mssges and phn calls from mallika but it did not hamper shivay’s sleep as the phn was on silent mode.

precap: shivay and anika gets well along with each other. om tries to know abt chutki’s identity. rudra cries seeing soumya with reyaan. ishana’s entry.

thank you so much for the response i received. though its not massive but i’m happy that some of you commented and liked the ff. i will continue till i can. and i wanted to ask u sth. whom would u like to pair with om? chutki or ishana? and would u like priyanka’s love story as well? i hope you like this episode as well like the first one. keep commenting your views. i will try my best to include ur ideas in my ff. i am so happy right now. thank you again for the response. love you all.

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  1. Sreeja

    Nice episode saira………rudra and soumya was cute……and our shivika no need to tell they r perfectly awesome…….i have a doubt who us the pair of om ishaana or chukti…….btw plzz share ur epi-1 and intro links okay……..take care……and upload next episode fast

    1. SairaBarkat

      thanks for the comment. even i don’t know who am i going to pair with om. what do u think, sreeja di (i hope u won’t mind me calling u that) whom would u like to see with om? i just started with my first episode. here is the link given below.
      i hope you like it. plz inform me about om’s pair.

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      more shivika scenes? okay. btw u all are going to get a jhatka pretty soon regrading shivika. and i will have to think something abt priyanka. u’ll get hers within 1 or 2 episodes.. thanks for the comment.

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