I don’t believe in love (episode 10)

Rudra doesn’t find soumya in the entire campus. He sits in his canteen and feels terrible for not helping soumya. Chubby comes there.
chubby: hey, rudra. What r u thinking? U look sad.
rudra: its nothing. I just can’t find soumya.
chubby: and u r upset because of that? really, rudra?
rudra: why? What happened?
chubby: u never gave importance to that fat girl and now u r upset as u didn’t see her?
rudra: DON’T U DARE CALL SOUMYA FAT. She is perfect and so cute.
rudra: don’t just eat my brain. Go now.

chubby: rudra, see. Who is there?
rudra: (excited) who?
chubby: ROMI.. The fittest and finest girl in the entire college. Look over there.
rudra: (disappointed) ohh.. I thought it was soumya.
chubby: u see na. how gracefully she is walking! Her waist goes from left to right, from right to left. U just see, rudra.
romi comes near them.
romi: (with an irritating fake concern)what happened, chubby? Is everything alright?
rudra: (murmurs) look how she is talking! As if everyone is her baby. Mother india.
romi: did u say sth, rudra?
rudra: (fakes smiles) no, nothing.
romi: oh! I thought u said u like me..
rudra: (shocked at her cheesiness and murmurs) dimaag ki toh batti hi gul kardi isne. Shakal dekhi hai apni? Mai aur tujhe pasand karu? Meri akal kya ghaas charane gayi hai?
romi: did u say sth again?

rudra: (murmurs) insaan ka hai ya khargosh ka kaan hai iska? Itni tez kaise chalti hai? (fakes smiles) no, no. absolutely nothing.
romi: (laughs) this time I thought u said u love me. Haha..
rudra: (murmurs) saali teri toh!! Chal phut yaha se. (fakes smile) romi, don’t u have classes now?
romi: no I am absolutely free. Why? Would u like to take me on date?
rudra: (murmurs) iski toh aisi ki taisi! Mai yaha apni soumya ko miss kar raha hu aur ye hai ki chipakti hi ja rahi hai. (smiles) romi ji? The sunlight will darken ur skin, right? Then no one will marry u. so u better go to ur home.
romi: awwhh.. u care for me so much, rudy. I don’t have to worry for my marriage as long as u r there, right?
rudra: (murmurs) even donkey won’t marry u. (smiles) yes, of course. I will personally search for ur groom.
romi tries to say sth but rudra doesn’t let her.
rudra: romi ji, I have a very important class to attend. See u later, okay?
romi: okay, rudy. (in a irritating manner)bye.
rudra smiles and leaves the place.

omkara was walking by the side of a market. Suddenly a girl bumps into him from the behind. The girl was about to fall. Omkara holds her hands and saves her. O saathiya plays. The girl’s eyes are revealed. Slowly it is revealed to be a beautiful girl. omkara make her stand properly. the girl puts a pair of bangles in his hands.
girl: plz keep these to urself. These r not safe in my hands. u keep it.
saying this she tries to leave. Omkara holds her hands.
om: but who r u? how will I return it to u? and where r u going? I don’t even know u. why r u giving it to me?
girl: u don’t need to return it to me. If destiny wants, we will meet again. U can return them to me then.
om: ur name?
girl: (thinks for a while) bela.
om: where can I find u, ms. bela?
bela: I told u, na? we will meet again if destiny wants. Bye for now.
saying this she runs as fast as she could. Om stood there confused. Soon a gang of goons come there searching of someone. Omkara hears them looking for a girl. he thought that the goons must be looking for bela. He left the place silently.
om: (to himself) I don’t know why I felt like I know her. Anyways, let’s see if destiny again puts us in front of each other or not.

in a little distance, bela hides behind a tree. Someone comes and holds the hair of her in his grip. She shouts in pain but no one came forward to help her. The person pulls her hard towards a van.
bela: ahh.. pappa, leave me. It hurts.
person: why, dear? Why did u steal the money of my beer? Now give me some money. I need to drink.
bela: ahh.. pappa. Leave me, plz.
person: give me money first.
bela: pappa, I don’t have money. Leave me.
person: no I won’t. give me the bangles of ur mother, ishana.
ishana(bela): I don’t have them.
person: don’t lie. U have them with u. I know it.
ishana: ahh.. pappa. It is truth that I don’t have them. I just gave to someone.
person: who is that, kamini?
ishana: I don’t know him, pappa.
person: okay then. U will not come to home until u manage for the money for my drinks, got it?
ishana: but pappa, u need to get rid of that bad habit.
person: u don’t need to teach me what I have to do and what not. Just get me money or stay out. Got me?
the person takes the van and leaves ishana in the middle of the road crying. Ishana gets a call.
caller: ms. ishana?

ishana: yes, speaking.
caller: I am the warden of the hostel of ms. mona.
ishana: yes. Is there any problem?
caller: no, there is nothing as such. It’s just that ms. mona wants to talk with u.
ishana: ohh!! Okay. Pass the call to her, plz?
caller: yes. Speak with her.
mona: hello, ishana didi?
ishana: yes, mona. Say.
mona: didi, how r u? and how is pappa?
ishana: we r all fine. Tell me, how r u?
mona: I am fine, didi. I am angry with u.
ishana: why?

mona: if everything is fine then why don’t u come to meet me? In fact, when will u get me out of here? I don’t like being stuck here.
ishana: mona, finish ur studies once. I will personally come to bring u home.
mona: then come to meet me, na? bring pappa as well. I miss him.
ishana: I will come very soon, mona. U just concentrate on ur studies, okay?
mona: didi, tell me the truth. Is everything alright?
ishana: (wipes her tears) yes, my dear. Everything is perfectly fine.
mona: lie. Why u always lie to me, didi? Don’t I have the right to know anything?
ishana: I am not lying, mona. Believe me.
mona: I don’t believe u, didi. Since u have taken the loan from that gangster for my admission in this school, u try to repay that loan. But u have engaged in wrong deeds to arrange for the money. Don’t u feel bad, didi? U cheat people for money.
ishana: mona, u don’t have to worry about these, okay? Just study well and become successful in ur life. Not everyone gets this chance. (she cries)
mona: don’t u dare to cry, didi. I will give my life if u do that.
ishana: SHUT UP. Don’t u dare even think of sth like that. look I am not crying. Just don’t worry abt anything, okay? Stress is not good for health.
mona: yes, didi. I know. And even u don’t worry. Almighty will do everything right with us.
ishana: (thinks) I wonder when will he do that. (tries to be hopeful) may ur wish gets fulfilled, mona. Come on. I will cut the call now.
mona: okay, didi. I love u and I miss u. talk to u later. Bye.
ishana: love u too, my dear. Bye.
ishana cuts the call and thinks of the person she met a few moments back. She thinks that the person looked familiar to her for some strange reason.

shivay was waiting for anika since last 3 hours. He had cancelled all his meetings just for a lunch with anika. He was even hungry. But he still waited for her. But then he decided to check on anika. He took his car and went to anika’s office. But there the receptionist informed him that anika didn’t go to office that day. So he angrily drives the car and go to anika’s home. He just enters the home, the securities even didn’t stop him. He walks straight to anika’s room as he knew the way. But he stops by the kitchen. he saw anika kneading dough for roti.
shivay: (thinks) I’m waiting for her since so long and she is kneading dough here? But wait.. why is she kneading dough at this time? I’ll just..
he walks straight to anika and stands behind her. He hears anika speaking to herself.
anika: (to herself) what does he think of himself? He will destroy my everything and I will go on a date with him? Is it that easy to get anika? I will not go. What can he spoil? He already spoiled my everything. What else is left? But say whatever anika, u shd not have blamed him abt chutki’s kidnapping. He will not do that. at least he isn’t that bad. But why am I thinking abt him? Even u r impossible anika.. u r just.. (she turns and shivay standing just behind her moves back. Shivay and anika has an eye lock. shivay breaks it)
shivay: (mumbling)u.. u.. were thinking abt me?.. i.. I mean.. y were u .. talking to urself?
anika: (shocked seeing shivay there) u? what r u doing here? And.. (points her finger soiled in dough at him and moves forward. Shivay moves backward) why were u listening to my talks? Don’t u know its bad manners to hear other’s conversation?

shivay: (points his finger at her and moves forward. This time anika moves backward) I was able to hear u as I was standing here. Can anyone shut their ears? I knew that it was bad manners to hear other’s conversation but did u just converse with urself? and manners. Do u even know abt manners? Do u even know its spelling? What kind of manner is it to make anyone wait for lunch for so long?
anika: (points her finger at him and moves forward where shivay moves backward) why were u standing here? And wait.. why did u come here? How did u come here? R the security guards sleeping? (shouts) SECURITY! SECU..
shivay puts an egg plant in her mouth. Anika tastes it and spits it out.
anika: thu.. thu.. what is it, shivay? I heard u are a very good cook and u just put that egg plant in my mouth.
shivay: it was ur fault. U were shouting so hard. What could I do? Could I kiss u like I did that night? (bites his tongue and feels awkward)
anika: (awkward) look. I think we shd just forget that.
shivay: yes, I think u r right. But..
anika: (interested) but..?
shivay: nothing.. (moves towards the counter) tell me sth, why were u kneading dough at this time?
anika: (stands beside him) actually I was preparing for dinner.
shivay: (astonished) from now?
anika: yes.. actually I cook good food, but I can’t get this roti round. So I was practicing.
shivay: but from now?

anika: yes.. I started doing this for last few days.
shivay: have u looked at urself? u just bathed with flour.
anika: so what? I have enough dresses to wear. I can change it.
shivay: so u wear ur dresses? I thought u wore pet horse’s dress. Ur dress is so loose. do u even have ur food? What did u have today for lunch?
anika: (realizes that shivay didn’t have lunch. She felt guilty but she is tadibaaz) go see by urself. it’s in the dining table.
shivay: and u?
anika: I’ll just go and change then come.
shivay: okay.
he leaves to the dining table and becomes surprised as it was empty. He thought anika must’ve lost it or she didn’t have her almond that morning. He took an apple from the fruit basket and starts to eat that. just then, servant comes and asks him to go to the garden as anika has called him there. He leaves to the garden.
in the garden, shivay was just watching the flower plants and other herbs. He was surprised seeing how anika has maintained the garden’s beauty and cleanliness. He even found a bird family living at the branch of a tree. He became highly elated seeing all these. Just then anika appears in front of him. Anika was wearing a jeans and a red top with brown high heels. Her hair was open with soft curls. She had applied a very little amount of makeup also.
anika: what r u watching, mr. sso?
shivay: (he was staring and admiring anika’s prettiness) beauty..
anika: what?
shivay: (mumble) I mean.. it is so beautiful to see such a sweet place at ur home.
anika: yes.. it is my garden. I have personally made it.

shivay: (shocked)and u r showing it to me?
anika: I just felt like having my lunch over here and I thought of eating with my..
shivay: ur..??
anika: forget it. Come sit here.
shivay: yeah, sure. (sth strikes his mind) wait a second. Why r u having lunch now?
anika: actually, I didn’t even have my lunch just like u.(nazdeek hai dil ki plays)
shivay: no.. I mean, I get my one that I was waiting for u but why didn’t u?
anika: I just felt like not having my lunch but now I am in a mood. Don’t spoil it otherwise u won’t be able to eat ur lunch today.
shivay: ohh! Okay. Come sit.
anika and shivay sits for having their lunch.
shivay: so u sent me to an empty table and went to get ready for lunch with me?
anika: that was to show u that I had nothing in lunch like there was nothing on that table.
shivay:btw, did u mind it when I said that u wear ur pet horse’s dress?
anika:no. why asking?
shivay: as u wore these dress.
anika: just for a change I wore sth like this. Why? Am I looking bad?
shivay: no. not at all.
anika: that was for sure. After all, it is not every day that I go on a date, that too with an arrogant man.
shivay looks at anika. O jaana plays.
shivay: what do u mean by arrogant? U r calling me arrogant?
anika: yes. So what?
shivay: I was waiting for u for so many hours canceling all my meetings and not even complaining abt that and I am arrogant?
anika: don’t u think u just complained abt it? And I didn’t ask u for a date. U did. So it was mandatory for u to wait for me. U did not give me a favor.
shivay: okay fine. I will not argue with u today. Because I have called u today for a special reason.
anika: (surprised) what is it?

shivay: I want to clear all ur misunderstandings, anika.
anika stares him.
shivay: anikaa..(holds her hands) I want to tell u that when the first time I saw u, I did not like u. as u were always busy on the phn. But when I got to know the reason I got furious. U wasted ur precious time for that daksh? U know what? I totally blame that daksh for our state. I have never seen him but if I ever do, I will surely beat him up well. Ur bua misunderstood me as daksh and told me a very emotional story.. story of ur life. I got carried out and did all that. I’m sorry, anika. I’m extremely sorry for whatever I have done. Plz forgive me. If u want, I will hold my ears too. (he tries to hold his ears)
anika: okay.. that is okay.. will u make me cry now?
shivay: (gets happy) was my speech that good?
anika: no. I am extremely hungry. I will cry of hunger. Can we plz eat?
shivay: yeah, sure.
he serves anika food and helps himself also.
shivay: so, will u forgive me or shall I start again?
anika: (shows hand) no. plz no. plz don’t start again. I wil faint then.
shivay: okay, I won’t.
anika: thank u. (she starts eating)
shivay: (clears his throat) ahem ahem.. anika?
anika: hmm?
shivay: my forgiveness?
anika: (irritated)ohho! U r more sticky than sahil’s glue of crafts. Okay.. I forgive u. HAPPY?
shivay: (puppy face) why r u being angry?
anika: because u r not letting me eat my food. Let me eat.
shivay: okay.
he acts as zipping his mouth. anika smiles seeing him.

precap: Alliance come for soumya. Mr. kapoor convinces shivay to marry anika. Om and ishana meet again.

hello everyone. sorry for not replying to ur comments in my last two updates but yes, thanks for all the support u r giving me. i will surely try to reply in this one. Can u guess whose alliance came for soumya? and how does om and ishana meet again? Plz share ur views.

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