i don’t believe in love (episode 1)


chutki: didi, please. i want to talk with you.
anika: yes, just this last call and i will come to you.
chutki: (to herself) you never give me time. you are bad. i will never talk to you. (loudly)bua, i’m going to school.
bua: at least have your breakfast. its not good to start the day without having sth in your body.
chutki: no, bua. i’m getting late. bye.
sahil enters the dining room.
sahil: di, you are going? won’t you drop me to school today?
chutki: (to herself) oh no ! i totally forgot about sahil. (to sahil) yes, i will. i’m going to fulfill all my responsibilities as your elder sister. have your breakfast quickly. i have to get some notes from the room. i will see you within 10 minutes in the living room. okay?

sahil: (somewhat confused about why chutki said about her responsilibilities as a sister) okay, di. i’ll be there.
bua: (thinking) i don’t know when will chutki and anika solve problems among themselves. anika doesn’t realize anything about chutki’s depression and chutki doesn’t get enough time from anika. may the almighty bless them with love and sisterly bond.

after 10 minutes..
chutki: (loudly) sahil, where are you? i’m waiting for you.
sahil: yes di. i’m here. (taking deep breathe as he came by running)
anika comes and sees sahil to take deep breathe and chutki scolding him for not being on time.

anika: its okay chutki. now go fast otherwise you will get more late. and sahil, please don’t run like this. it will cause you trouble.
chutki: you are seemed to be quite worried about sahil and his asthma. let it be. we’re getting late. come on, sahil. we have to take the auto.
anika: what are saying, chutki? won’t i be worried about sahil? after all he’s my brother. and why will you take auto? take the car.
chutki: actually, the driver didn’t come today. i told you i want to learn driving but u seem have problem in everything i want, isn’t it? so we’ll take the auto.
anika: chutki, u need to understand some issues. i forbade you to continue dancing and singing for some reasons. and for driving.. u are still young for this. you won’t even get a license. and yes. please take my.. (she gets a phn call) excuse me.. chutki, u take my car, okay? bye sahil.
sahil: bye anika didi. let’s go, di. we’ll go by didi’s car.
chutki: do a thing. u go by didi’s car. i’ll go by auto. okay?
sahil: but why?
chutki: no more questions sahil. go right away. both of us are late. bye.
sahil: okay, bye (giving a confused look)

on the road, chutki is walking and talking to herself..
chutki: didi never runs out of her phn calls. she has no time for us.. specially me. she only works and works. never gets tired. even if she does, goes to spa to have a treatment. she forbade me to join the cultural programs. she doesn’t like me getting involved in dancing and singing. but i love these. only because of her, i even lie to my friends that i don’t like to sing nor i can dance. only she can do whatever she likes. why? don’t i have the right to enjoy my own life? though i am a teenager. but even i have my own life. didi shd be grateful that i am not like other teenagers in my class. they hang out very often with boys of our class or even the elder classes. they have bfs and even break up and all that crying at this tender age. but i am not like them. the only fault in me is that i am not religious. and i that i am not perfect. that i am a bit fluffy and my complexion is black. i even have an ugly face but that surely doesn’t matter. after all i’m her younger sister and she must give me her time. actually, its not her fault. she is just too much elder than me. i don’t know why all these happens to me? sahil is just 10 years old. he is in class two. and me?? i am 16 years old teenager who reads in class eight. so what? she is so much elder than both of us. she is 25. meanwhile, she has got so many awards for being the youngest businesswoman in India. even the youngest businessman of India is 27. but he gives his time to his family. didi should learn sth from him. uff.. i hate my sister.. (crying) but i must not fall weak. at least for the sake of sahil. (wiping tears) moreover, i have reached my school. so i must stop crying for the sake of my image at school. i guess, i speak too much with myself.. maybe.. who knows??

meanwhile, at the kitchen of oberoi mansion..
rudra: bhaiya, what are you doing? stop it. plz..(laughing)
shivay: you poured water on me to wake me up? is it anyway, rudra? (still chasing rudra with a pillow in his hand)
rudra and shivay are now at the corner of the living room circling around dadi and jhanvi.
shivay: today i will not spare you, rudra..
rudra: dadi, see.. bhaiya is after me since last 2 hours. plz tell him sth.
dadi: i will not say anything to any of you.. its your personal matter.
rudra: (making puppy face) haww.. dadi its not fair. i am your darling grandson, na?
jhanvi: rudra, shivay is the most responsible son anyone could have ever. so he is more darling to us than u.
rudra: (about to cry) its absolutely not fair, maa. shivay bhaiya always get spared. and he is more responsible than me because he is so big na.. when i will at his age, then u will see.
shivay: (hugging rudra) okay, we’ll see it then. but for now.. go and get ready for school. and where is om??

rudra: (gets a affectionate slap from jhanvi and hugs her) i don’t know, bhaiya. om was not in his room this morning. i thought u will know about him. anyways, i’ll go to get ready for school and u find om. okay? and plz make my favorite breakfast for me today?
dadi: (pats rudra on his head): you always want breakfast from shivay on any speacial occassion na? what is it today?
rudra: actually dadi (shies) there is a girl in our class named soumya. she is so cute that i have a crush on her. she was unwell for last few days and remained absent from the class. so i made the notes for her. today she will come and become impressed by my notes and me. cool na?
dadi and jhanvi: you made notes? that too for your crush? very gud, rudra.
rudra: thank you, thank you.. now don’t embarrass me.
om enters..

om: embarrassing will be when you get late for the school and the teacher will punish you in front of the entire class.
rudra: what om? why will i get late?
om: have you seen the time? it already 7:30.
rudra: WHAT?? and u are telling me it now? i have to rush.. okay bye.
om: (smiles) he cannot ever get any better.
dadi: (laughing) and om.. what about you?
om: what??
jhanvi: have u looked at your socks?
om: why? what happened? (looks at his feets) oh no!! i again wore two different socks..!!
shivay: (laughs like hell): why bhai? whom were you thinking about?
dadi and jhanvi too joins shivay and laugh a lot.. om leaves to his room for correcting his socks.
pinky enters..
pinky: what happens?? why is everyones laughings over here like mads peoples?
shivay: nothing, maa. come we will our breakfast.
pinky: hmm.. if you don’t want to say then don’t.. let’s go have our breakfast. i am so hungrys.
dadi: jhanvi, go call tej and shakti must be also with him. go call both of them.
jhanvi: ji, maaji.

at the breakfast table.. everyone takes their seat and have their breakfast. om and rudra enter running..
rudra: bye, maa. bye, papa. bye dadi. bye choti maa. bye chote papa. please pray for me so that teacher don’t punish me for getting late.
tej: no one has the guts to punish the son of tej singh oberoi.
om: please, papa. we are getting late. let’s go rudra.
rudra: yes let’s go. fast
shivay: wait a second.. take ur tiffins and have breakfast from the other boxes. rudra, i couldn’t make ur favorite breakfast today. but i promise to make it tomorrow.
rudra: its okay, bhaiya. love you.
shivay: i love you both.
the obros share a hug and the youngers rush to their school. then shivay and tej also leave for the office after taking blessings from the elders and bidding by to the ladies of the oberoi.

while in the car of om and rudra.
rudra: (having lots of food in his mouth) ooo, iaye aiye i o weet, a?
om: what are u saying rudra? first finish the food then speak. (grabs a bite of rolled paratha packed by shivay)
rudra: (quickly finishes his food in the mouth and speaks) om, shivay bhaiya is so sweet, na? he loves us a lot. though his mother and ours are not the same and moreover he is so elder than us, we do not feel that he is our cousin. he is our big brother only.
om: (angrily glares at rudra) see rudra, u are saying all of this stuff in front of me but never ever try to speak like this in front of shivay bhaiya.
rudra: why, om? did i speak anything wrong? (makes his puppy face)
om: look rudra.. he is our pride, our sheild. and like we call him.. he is ‘the great wall of shivay’. he doesn’t let his emotions to come out but always stays for hearing our plight. we should make sure that he doesn’t get hurt because of us.
rudra: (nods his head as if he understood everything) you are right, om.. absolutely right.
om: (nods his head in disappointment) we are still too young to understand these things. so let’s just focus on our study.
rudra: om.. i didn’t understand your words.
om: in which class do u read? what’s your age, rudra?
rudra: (laughs) om, u don’t even know this? i am 15 and i read in class seven.
om: and me??
rudra: (laughs even more) u don’t even know about urself? haha.. u are such a fool.
om: uff, duffer. just answer my question.
rudra: (makes his puppy face hearing ‘duffer’) u r 18 and in class ten.
om: and shivay?
rudra: come on, om. he does not study,

om: what does he do then?
rudra: recently he got the youngest businessman’s award, om. he is 27.
om: so now u know what i meant by us being too young?
rudra: (thinks a while and his mind got lighten up) umm… oooooo. yes i understand now om.
om: (pats on rudra’s head) my beloved duffer. (and laughs)
rudra: (makes funny face but then laughs along with om)
their driver interrupts them as they had reached the school. they come down from their car and split to their own classes.

meanwhile shivay and tej are in another car.
shivay: bade papa, today we have lots of works at office.
tej: i’ll handle that. you go and meet the mehtas.
shivay: but bade papa.. how will u manage all alone?
tej: (laughs) shivay beta. i have controlled this empire by myself when you were young. i taught these business senses and u are getting worried that i won’t be able to manage a single day alone?
shivay: but..
tej: no matter what shivay, you have to go to the meeting. after all, its not only about the mehtas, even the mehras and the kapoors will be there. it will be great platform for u to present yourself. and u know the youngest businesswoman will be also present there. so u should go there, beta
shivay: okay then, bade papa. i will go there if you insist so much. (feels strange and looks out of the car window)

precap: shivay and anika meet in the meeting. om and chutki meet at the canteen. rudra misses soumya and soumya comes watching him holding his ears outside the classroom.

guys, its my first try to write a ff. i hope you guys like my ff. i will not continue this ff for long. maybe a few episodes i will write. i am feeling very weird while posting this. maybe this called nervousness. plz comment and tell me how you liked the beginning. and in this ff anika and shivay both are from rich families. and their brothers and sisters will be quite younger than the leads. i know it will be a little weird but it happens and it happened with me. my own brother and sister are much older than me. hopefully u will be able to accept this fact with the leads. plz ask me if you didn’t understand any part of the ff.
actually, i read all the ff and i just attempted to write a ff. most of the ffs are so so so amazing that i fall short of words to praise them. u guys always rock.

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