i don’t believe in love (Chapter 9)

Anika steps into the study running.
mr. kapoor: what relation do u have with anika, mr. shivay singh oberoi?
shivay and anika both gets shocked.
anika: uncle, u r misunderstanding.
mr. kapoor, tia and shivay looks at anika.
shivay: anika, u?
anika: yes, me. Tia had called me.
they all look at tia.
tia: yes, papa. I had called her. It was good to clear all our doubts in front of both of them.
mr. kapoor: u did right, tia. Now both of u explain me. What is happening between both of u?
anika: uncle, I have to talk with tia first.
mr. kapoor: whatever u need to talk, talk right here.
anika: (takes a deep breath) okay. So tia, shivay and I were working together on a project 5 years back.
after that, we became business partners. Nothing else.
tia: nothing?

anika: (nods) nothing. Absolutely nothing. At least not from my side. I don’t know about him.
shivay: (hurriedly) what r u saying, anika? could u even imagine that?
anika: why not? Ur antics r like that only.
tia: EXACTLY. Both of urs antics seem suspicious.
anika and shivay: WHAT? WHEN? HOW?
Tia: anika told me that u r deceptive, shivay.
shivay: she has a misconception abt me.
mr. kapoor: and u never tried to solve that?
shivay: I have tried. Not for once but for many times. She thinks I have married her without her consent when she was lying unconscious in her hospital bed.
mr. kapoor and tia gets super shocked. Shivay realizes that he has confessed his marriage with anika.
shivay: (hurriedly) but I haven’t. I just wanted to save her life and did what her bua asked me to do.
mr. kapoor and tia gets confused.
mr. kapoor: u married her for saving her life?
shivay: yes. Her bua said it was the only way to save her life. So I just put sindoor in her forehead. But that doesn’t mean I have married her, isn’t it?
anika: we don’t consider that marriage. Even our family agrees with us.
mr. kapoor: but u r married. U r husband and wife. Did I just announced my daughter’s alliance with a married man? Oh god! What have I done? (he falls on the sofa nearby. Tia holds him)
tia: papa! R u alright?
anika: uncle? Hold ur self.

shivay: I will call the doctor. Hold on.
shivay leaves to call the doctor. Anika goes near mr. kapoor. She tries to hold him.
tia: don’t u dare, anika. Don’t u dare touch my father.
anika: (confused) why r u behaving like this, tia? Okay, we’ll talk but not now.
tia angrily agrees and they take mr. kapoor to another room.
everyone is standing around the bed of mr. kapoor. The doctor leaves asking him to rest and prescribing him some medicines. He said that after reports arrive, he can only say if it is serious or not. Shivay takes him to outside. Anika follows them.
in the corridor..
shivay: I wanted to ask u sth.

anika comes running.
anika and shivay: (together) doctor, will mr. kapoor be alright?
they look at each other. Their bg music (oh jaana) plays.
doctor: both of u make wonderful couple. may almighty keep ur pair together always.
bg music continues.
shivay: doctor, answer the question. Will he be fine? Is it sth to worry?
doctor: look, I don’t want to scare u but..

omru joins them.
doctor: he may have an heart attack.
anika, shivay, om and rudra together: WHAT!!??
doctor: plz don’t panic. It happens with heart patients. They can’t even handle small shocks.
anika: oh bete ki! Uncle is a heart patient for a long time. How could I forget?
doctor: plz take care of him, okay?
rudra: come, I will drop u till the gate.
doctor and rudra leave. Tia was standing at a distance and listening to their conversation. She also leaves crying.

om: bhai, what exactly happened in the study?
shivay and anika look at each other.
anika: mr. sso told everything to uncle.
om: what do u mean by everything, anika?
shivay: she means everything that happened 5 years back.
om: (shocked)r u serious, man? U told him everything?
shivay: I just told him the truth. I just slipped my tongue.
anika: and because of that, uncle is suffering. Can’t u control ur tongue?
shivay: it was ur fault. Why do u still misunderstand me?
anika: misunderstand u? u just changed the story in ur favor and I am misunderstanding u?
shivay: stop it, anika. Did u ever try to understand me? For last 5 years u r blaming me.
anika: but I am at least not killing u, right? U know what? Now I think u even kidnapped my younger sister.

shivay: anika, enough is enough. How much more will u blame me?
anika leaves the place in anger as she saw dadi coming.
dadi: what happened, billu? Why did she leave like that?
shivay: she thinks I kidnapped her sister. Why would I even do that? in fact I am searching her for last 5 years.
dadi: but she doesn’t know that, right?
shivay: so what shd I do? Shall I go and fall at her feet? Yesterday also I tried to talk to her but..(he remembers what happened last night)
dadi and om: but what?
shivay: nothing. Just forget it.
dadi: no. we have been ignoring this for 5 years but not anymore. Explain everything to her well, got it?
shivay: I will do that only if she hears me, isn’t it?
rudra joins them.
rudra: what happened? Why r u so worried? Mr. kapoor is fine, right?
om: (hits rudra) duffer, he is fine. We r thinking how to clear anika didi’s misconception abt shivay.
rudra: who has to clear her misconception?
dadi and om: (together) shivay. who else?
rudra: oh okay. I got it.
shivay: what?
rudra: (teasing) ohho, o. did u see? Someone is getting desperate to patch up with anika didi.
om: yes, rudra. U r right. In fact I think sth happened yesterday also.
rudra: u mean in the party?
om: yes.

shivay: not interested.
dadi: but u did not say what idea u got, rudra?
rudra: oh yes! Shivay bhaiya, take anika didi on a date.
shivay, om and dadi: (together) what?
rudra: yes.. girls usually love such things. (he does his logic step)
shivay: date? That too with that chudail? I don’t want to die unmarried.
om: bhai, u r already 32 and still unmarried. It does seem like u r going to get married anytime soon. So it’s better u date girls.
om and rudra gives each other high five and laugh.
dadi: ohho! Stop teasing my billu. So what if he hasn’t married yet? Don’t people marry in their old age?
om, rudra and dadi laugh out to their heart content. Shivay tries to leave.
dadi: billu, stop. Look we r not laughing any more.
dadi tries to hide her smile and she hits omru to stop their laugh.
shivay: no, u guys continue.
dadi: okay, billu. Let’s be serious. If not date then take her out on a lunch. It will be good if u can talk to her and solve her misunderstandings.
shivay: no, dadi. I even have to deal with mr. kapoor and his daughter.
dadi: don’t worry. Ur dadi is alive till now. I will manage things over here. U go, take anika on a date.. I mean lunch.
shivay: I will see to it later on, dadi. For now I have some works in the office. So I will go get married.. I mean to say I go get my files from my room.
om, rudra and dadi laugh again seeing shivay’s condition. Shivay leaves in embarrassment.

later on, in shivay’s room shivay takes his files and is about to leave. He thinks that it is a good idea to take anika out on a lunch. He calls a restaurant to reserve a table for two and messages anika for lunch. Anika receives that message and thinks she will not go. She refuses for lunch. Shivay messages that he will be waiting. Anika sees the message but ignores it. She does her work in her office.

rudra reaches his college and asks chubby if he had seen soumya. He denies. Rudra looks for soumya in the entire college but doesn’t find her. He worries for soumya.
om was cleaning his years old pictures and poetries. In them he finds an envelope.
om: (to himself) what is it? It is not mine. Even there is no name written on it. Let me open it and see.
om opens the envelope. He finds a letter in it. There was even a photo of someone. He gets shocked seeing the photo.
om: (to himself) this is the picture of that girl in my school. I had searched for it a lot that day but couldn’t find it. But what is it doing in this envelope? Let me read this letter and find out.
om opens the letter. The writings were beautiful as if it was computer composed. Om remembered this writing.
om: (to himself) this is ishana’s writing. But.. let’s read it out.
the letter says..
“Dear om,
by the time u will get this letter, I don’t think u will remember me. But if u do, I want to tell u that I had fallen in love with u the day I met u. ur perfect smile made me go mad after u. but before I could tell u, u told me about this girl in the photo. I really got sad seeing u interested in her. U even wanted to keep this photo but u lost it. Let me confess it today, om. I had stolen it from ur school bag. As I couldn’t bear u to be someone else’s. After a few days, my father was caught in doing illegal business. All our luxury were snatched from us. My father became bankrupt. So I had to leave my school. Now that I am leaving u, I feel extremely sad. But I thought at least to keep u happy I will return this photo of the girl. stay happy, om. I will always miss u. if possible, plz pry for us. We really need prayers. My second mother has also left my father after he became bankrupt. And now he has turned into a drunkard. I don’t know how will I take care of him and mona. Plz pray for me, om. I will badly miss my first love.
with love, ishana.”
om gets a huge shock after reading the letter. He carefully folds the letter back into the envelope and put it in his cupboard. He put the photo (of chutki) in his wallet and goes out for a walk.

precap: om meets bela (ishana). shivay waits for anika in the restaurant. Rudra lets out his frustration on romi.

hey guys. Hopefully u r enjoying this track. Please share ur views as it will encourage me to write more. And yes.. there are some guests at my home so MAYBE I won’t be able to post next one soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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