i don’t believe in love (Chapter 8)

Om: (shocked) ridhhima, u?
waitress: (shocked) om, u?
om: what is all this, ridhhima?
ridhhima: wo.. actually… its nothing… u have some drink.
om: no, ridhhima. Tell me. Why are u working as a waitress here?
ridhhima: om, I had to. It’s a long story. I will tell u some other day.
om: are u sure? When are we meeting?
ridhhima: (sad) very soon, om. Very soon.
om: (confused) okay.
ridhhima leaves with a smile. Om starts to walk to rudra.

rudra: (to himself) I felt like soumya needed my help. Should I go after her? But why should I? Who is she to me? I won’t go.
girl 1: what happened, rudy? What are u thinking?
girl 2: (comes close to rudra) rudy baby, are u upset?
rudra: (jerks her off) what r u doing? Stay away.
girl 2: rudra? You were giving me importance till now and now u r behaving like this?
rudra: so what? Did I commit to u? why r u being so ‘chipku’? as if u have applied fevicol.
girl 2: really, rudra? Will u ditch me now?
girl 1: of course. Because rudy was always into me, right rudy?
girl 2: shut up, u bi**h.
girl 1: u shut up. How dare u talk to me like that?
rudra: wait a second. U girls can continue ur fight but let me go first.
girl 1: u r right, rudy. Let’s go together.
rudra: I think u have problem in ur ears. I said u continue ur fight.
girl 1: it means..
girl 2: u ditched her as well?
rudra: no. I didn’t. it was ur fault to consider me into u. Now suffer. Good bye.
girl 1 and girl 2 (together) : u cheated me. U bl***y cheat.

rudra goes from there and meets om.
rudra: hi o. where were u?
om: leave mine, u say. Where were u? I saw u with those girls. U again did what u always do, right?
rudra: what, o? even u started? I was never serious about them. Then?
om: then why did u date them?
rudra: u won’t understand, o. leave it. Where is shivay bhaiya? Its almost 12.
om: u r right, duffer. Its good that u r finishing off this year with a sensible talk.
rudra: (becomes happy) thank u, o. (realizes what om just said) wait what? What did u say?
om: (hits rudra’s head lightly) nothing, duffer. Let’s go find bhai.
rudra: yeah, let’s go.

shivay was talking to his friends in the party with a glass of champagne in his hand. In a little distance, anika was looking at shivay and talking with tia.
anika: did u see that, tia? He is smiling so much. But this smile is not real. He only knows how to deceive people.
tia: what r u saying, anika? He is such a good businessman.
anika: he is a good businessman, that’s why I am saying.
tia: what do u mean?
anika: look. He does good business only because he masters deceiving people.
tia looks at anika as if asking ‘seriously, anika? Even u r a businesswoman?’
anika: (understands what she is trying to say) now, everyone is not as honest and smart as me, right?
tia: (nods her head positively.. actually it was sarcastic) yeah right.
anika: (smiles as she was joking) see. Logic. (she does her logic sign)
tia: so how do u know shivay so well?
anika: long story. Do u want to hear?
tia: sure. But not right now.
anika: why?
tia: its almost 12, darling. I will just come.
anika: yeah sure. Even I have to search for sahil.
sahil comes to them.
sahil: r u missing me, didi?
tia leaves anika with sahil.
anika: sahil. See its almost 12.
sahil: yes didi. I wish even di was here.
anika gets sad seeing sahil sad.
anika: leave that, sahil. Chutki must be happy wherever she is. After all, we pray for her every year.
sahil: didi, we did not find di even this year. (gets teary eyed)
anika: (hugs sahil) don’t worry. We will again start over our search mission this year.
sahil: u r right, didi. Mission ‘search di’ must be accomplished this new year.
anika: absolutely.

the host of the party starts to gather the guests together. Everyone comes near the stage.shivay joins Omru. Anika and sahil comes. Sarvani also joins them. Even ridhhima comes nearby along with other waiters and waitresses. Tia is standing with her father on the stage.
host: so ladies and gentlemen, how did u like the party till now?
the youngsters shout: AWESOME PARTY.. WOAH.. ITS FUN TIME.
host: (gets happy) it’s good that u all had a fun time here. Now its time for the most awaited part of the party. Its…
the youngsters shout: .. COUNTDOWN TIME..
host: okay so let’s not waste our time because only few seconds left.. 5
the youngsters shout: 4
Tia shouts along with the youngsters: 3
ridhhima shouts along with her co- workers: 2
anika and sahil shout along with sarvani: 1
shivay, om and rudra shout(holding each other’s hands) : HAPPY NEW YEAR…
fireworks and shouts keep the party warm. Loud music plays. They all party hard. In all that noise and dancing in the party, anika feels chutki around her. She goes aside and looks at the moon.

anika: chutki, I know u r alright. U r perfectly fine wherever u r. but today I am feeling u by my side. R u nearby? Plz come to ur didi. I feel terrible to be without u. (she scolds the moon) aye chand. Don’t laugh much seeing my pain. Soon I will laugh too. That too along with my chutki and sahil, got it? (she cries) plz help me find my chutki. I just can’t live without her, chand. Plz get my chutki back. Plz.
sahil comes and anika dries her tears. Soon she was dancing along with sahil and having fun.
Shivay was talking with om at a side. Rudra comes and pulls them. They three dance together. Shivay is asked by mr.kapoor to dance with tia. He agrees hesitantly. But he excuses himself pretty soon. He leaves towards the washroom but he bumps with someone. It was a girl. the girl was hiding her face under naqaab. It was sarvani. Shivay was surprised seeing sarvani crying. He thought of consoling her for once, but left the place letting her cry. After that he sees anika at a distance. He goes near her, holds her hands and pulls her to a separate place. Anika gets irked over shivay but she soon calms down seeing the place. It was beautifully decorated with fairy lights and flowers of soft color. Anika was wearing baby pink full sleeved gown and shivay was wearing white coat with baby pink tie and hand- key stuffed in his pocket. It was the most beautiful scenario ever. But soon the entire place becomes dark as the power gets cut. anika becomes scared. She holds shivay’s hands firmly. Shivay felt anika trembling in fear. He tries to console anika by holding anika’s hands. He says..
shivay: anika, don’t worry. Lights will be back soon.
anika: I am afraid of darkness, shivay.
shivay: I know, anika. Don’t worry it will be alright.
anika gets close to shivay. shivay stands will weird comfort and awkwardness. He tries to holds anika but the lights come back.
shivay: look anika, lights are back.
anika opens her eyes. She sees herself close to shivay and jerks off.
anika: (shouting) why have u pulled me over here, huh? What do u intend to do with me?
shivay: shhh.. anika what r u doing? People will gather here.
anika: (shouting) what ‘shhh’? why shd I ‘shhh’? so that u get a chance on me, huh?
shivay: anika u r misunderstanding. I can explain.
anika: (shouting) no, mr.sso. I am understanding well. Even before u have used advantage of the situation, and u r doing the same now.
shivay: stop shouting, anika. Otherwise..
anika: otherwise? What will u do otherwise? Just touch me and see what I do.
shivay: oh really? Okay then..
anika: (confused and scared) what okay? What will u do?
shivay: nothing. (smirking)Why? What do u think I will do, huh?
anika: (scared) don’t do anything. Otherwise, I will shout.
shivay: (comes closer and smirks)is it? Shout then..
anika: don’t come closer.. I will really shout. I am warning u. (trying to compose herself)
shivay: okay fine. Just shout. shout as hard as u can.
anika decides to shout. But this was one of the worst decision of her life.
anika: Aaaaaa… HELP… HE..
she could not finish her words. Before that shivay held her face and pulled it close to his. He looked at the terrified face of anika. For once he thought to leave her. He even loosened his grip. Anika slowly opened her eyes to see what happened. But she realized that she shouldn’t have done that. because as soon as shivay looked at the innocent eyes of anika, he couldn’t resist himself. He just kissed anika. He doesn’t know why he did that but he just did it. Anika tried to resist at first but soon she found strange peace. As if she just wanted this..she just needed it. As if she was craving for this touch from shivay. they left each other in a moment as they realized what they did. They both left the place with embarrassment.
the next day at the kitchen of oberoi mansion. Shivay was making sth. Rudra comes holding his head.
rudra: ahh.. my head. It is hurting like anything. I need a hangover from shivay bhaiya. (he sees shivay in the kitchen)bhaiyaaa..
shivay: wait before u start ur drama. Here, take ur hangover.
rudra: thank u so much, bhaiya. I love u.
shivay: I love u too, rudra.
om: u forgot me, right?
rudra: I have heard this dialogue somewhere. (he thinks) hey, it’s my dialogue. Why did u steal my dialogue, o. (makes faces)very bad manners.
om: are duffer, u will always remain a duffer.
rudra: shivay bhaiya, see how o is troubling me. I am ur good brother, na? scold him.
shivay: okay, no one will trouble u. I know, rudra. U always help others. Such a good boy u r.
om: good boy? And rudra? Stop joking, bhai. In yesterday’s party only he broke two girl’s heart, isn’t it rudra?
rudra slipped in deep thoughts when shivay said “help others”. He remembered that soumya needed his help the previous day. He thinks he will talk to her the next day in college. Meanwhile, om and shivay looks at each other seeing rudra in deep thoughts. They shook rudra together. Rudra came back to the world.
rudra: yes.. yes? Om, what has happened? Did earthquake come?
om: no but u r lost in ur thoughts. What happened to u?
rudra: nothing. I will leave now. Thanks, bhaiya.. for the hangover.
shivay: u r always welcome, rudra.
rudra leaves the kitchen. om and shivay converse over casual topics.

later on, entire oberoi family gather at the hall as mr. kapoor came to meet them along with tia.
pinky: are, mr. kapoors. Hows did u comes here?
rudra: choti maa?
pinky: whats is it?
rudra: mr. kapoor has lots of cars. So it’s obvious na that he came here by his car. He will not come by foot, right? (does the logic step)
pinky: ohho, rudra. Stops ur nonsense. Mr. kapoors, u don’t minds, okay? He has a habits to joke. Ha ha..
mr. kapoor: no, that’s fine. But today I came here for an important work.
dadi: works will be done, mr. kapoor. U sit at first.
mr. kapoor: okay. Come let’s sit.
pinky: mr. kapoors, whats would u like to haves? Hots or colds?
mr. kapoor: I will have nothing as of now. I wanted to ask a few questions.
Tej: yes, mr. kapoor. I’m sure u would ask about shivay.
mr. kapoor: yes, u r right, mr. oberoi. I want to ask abt shivay. even tia has some doubts in her mind. We came to solve them.
pinky: ji, u can asks anythings. My sons is so talented. He has so many awards, he is my ‘hira beta’.. he..
dadi: stop it, pinky. Let him speak.
pinky: sorry, maa ji.
mr. kapoor: (stands up) OKAY ENOUGH. I just want to talk with u mr. shivay singh oberoi.
shivay: yes, mr. kapoor. Come, let’s go to the study and talk.
shivay, tia and mr. kapoor went towards the study. Anika enters oberoi mansion and hurriedly ask..
anika: omru, where is shivay?
rudra: (teasing) why? What work do u have with him?
anika gets shocked at this question. She thought that shivay told them abt last night.
anika: I don’t have time, rudra. Tell me where is shivay?
om: he went towards the study to talk with mr.kapoor and tia. Mr. kapoor wanted to talk with shivay..
anika rushes towards the study.

precap: Rudra misses soumya. Anika’s misunderstanding gets revealed.

guys, I hope u r enjoying this track. Soon there will be more twists. Keep supporting me, plz. Actually I am not being able to update regularly due to some problems. Plz forgive me. I will try my best to update as fast as I can. Btw, sorry if I have disappointed u by revealing the waitress to be ridhhima and not chutki or ishana. It will take some time to reveal om’s pair. sorry about it. And I re-read the previous episode. Sorry for the bull-shit dance description of sarvani. I have no knowledge about these things and I could not even express what I intended to. So sorry. Plz share ur opinions on this post.

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