i don’t believe in love (Chapter 6)


Sundari bua was standing in Anika’s ward. Anika was lying unconscious in her bed. Shivay entered the ward.
shivay: bua, the doctors are…
bua: they are losing hopes, right?
shivay: (surprised) did u speak with the doctors?
bua: no. panditji said so.
shivay: a priest came here?
bua: yes. I called him. He is a very renowned priest. He is even known to us since years.
shivay: why did u call him? These priests cannot heal anika, can they?
bua: (looks at shivay) beta, I know u r worried for anika but only panditji can give a solution to anika’s recovery.

shivay: meaning?
bua: when anika and her chutki came to our family, panditji said that they were unlucky for us.
shivay: I didn’t get u. are u talking about their birth?
bua: no, I am not talking about their birth. They were
nurse comes in the ward and bua fails to complete her words.
nurse: (rudely) let the patient take rest. She needs full rest. And anyways, don’t u want her to wake up?
shivay: how are u even talking to us? Do u even know us? I am shivay singh oberoi and she is the bua of this girl lying over here. Do u even know her?
nurse: (murmurs) shivay singh oberoi?? I think I have heard the name somewhere, but where? And the patient’s name is also familiar. Whatever. (to shivay) look mister, it’s a hospital and I am a nurse. I am not a tv star to speak to u sweetly. Just leave the room u both. Patient needs to be given medicine.
shivay gets irritated and tries to say sth but bua stops him. They go outside.
bua: beta, these nurse are like this only. They don’t know any politeness.
shivay: I will fire that nurse. Don’t worry, bua.

bua: no. let it be. I will complain to the authority and that will be enough. And now we need to focus on anika not that nurse.
shivay: bua, u were saying sth abt anika..
chutki and sahil came from the prayer room. Chutki had a plate in her hand. She wanted to do tilak of anika for her wellbeing. She and sahil managed the plate of puja with great difficulty as they were just kids. They stopped at a distance when they heard shivay asking bua about anika. They heard the conversation of bua and shivay remaining unnoticed by them. They heard bua saying..

bua: yes. When anika and her chutki came to our home, panditji said that they were unlucky. But my brother did not agree and his wife also supported him. They pampered them like their own kid. But when their own kid came to this world, they seemed to forget the girls. They were only busy with sahil.
chutki and sahil looks at each other confused.
shivay: wait a second. What do u mean by their own kid sahil?
chutki and sahil again concentrated on the conversation.
bua: sahil is the only son of my brother. Anika and her chutki were adopted by him.
chutki gets a huge shock. (don’t worry. The plate of puja in her hands will not fall down dramatically :P) even sahil gets shocked.
bua: anika knows this fact. Actually chutki even knows this fact but she forgot the matter with time. After all she was just 4 years old when she came to our home.
After 1 year of sahil’s birth, bhaiya met an accident and… When bhaiya died, bhabi completely blamed it to anika and her chutki. She believed every word of panditji. Even anika tried to follow her as she didn’t want to loose her mother. But bhabi started to torture anika a lot. That poor soul used to do all the household chores and also studied simultaneously. She was a very bright student. If she ever made any small mistake, bhabi used to lock her up in dark room.

Bhabi also started to hate chutki. But anika was always there for her. But one day,
bhabi fainted while beating anika. Anika rushed to take her to hospital. Even she was injured. Doctors asked her about the injuries but she kept mum. That day she had called me to the hospital and we found out that bhabi was suffering from brain tumor. The tumor had turned so big that it was impossible for her to survive. Anika broke down at this and went to her mother to meet her. Bhabi cried and asked for forgiveness from anika. She said taught anika the spell to gain success in life. Even chutki was beside her. They still remember the last words of bhabi. Bhabi hugged them for the last time and she died that day. Anika was free from bhabi’s torture but she lost her parents for the second time. It took long for me to tackle chutki and sahil. But anika could never get out of that trauma. For escaping from the reality, she started for look for peace in her business and she tries to avoid her family for the same reason. Little did she know that she was only going far away from her siblings.

chutki was in tears hearing this story of her sister. She felt guilty that all these while she misunderstood her sister. That sister who fought with every hurdle in her life. Immense respect for anika and hatred for herself started to take over chutki’s head. She shouted holding her head with one hand and that plate of puja in the other. Everyone in the corridor looked at chutki with disbelief. How can she shout being at the hospital? But bua was highly shocked to see chutki there. Even shivay saw chutki and sahil with teary eyes. Chutki looked at bua as if she will kill her for not telling her anything all this time. She walked to anika’s ward angrily staring bua.
sahil stood there for a while and did not understand what to do. He saw everyone staring at him.
sahil: (shouting) what happened? Any drama happening here? Just go do ur own work and mind ur own business.
even he walks away from the corridor and reaches the entrance of anika’s ward.

chutki was standing still watching anika. Anika was lying unconscious in her bed. Chutki wanted to hug her and thank her for everything but her guilt did not even allow her to speak a word. She put the plate in the side table of anika’s bed and looked at anika.
chutki: sorry anika didi..
she said with great difficulty and turns to leave the room. But sahil was standing there and watching chutki.
chutki: see sahil. Anika didi is angry with me. I have always misunderstood her. Will she ever forgive me?
sahil comes near chutki and holds her index finger.
sahil: di, I am still ur own brother, right?
chutki gets disturbed. She forgot that now even sahil knows everything just like her. It was like a big bomb for both of them.
chutki: (slaps him lightly) don’t u dare think anything like that ever again. U r my and anika didi’s cute little naughty brother. Got it?
sahil nods and hugs her. She also hugs her back. Bua and shivay sees this scenario from outside the room through the window.
bua: chutki and anika has always loved sahil like this. Even after all these revelations, may their bond remain unbroken.
shivay: but for that, anika needs to recover soon.
bua: yes. And panditji said that anika needs to be adored by the true love of her life.
shivay: what do u mean?
bua: her true love needs to put sindoor in her forehead.
shivay: but who is her true love?

bua: (surprised) don’t u know?
shivay: me? No. who is he?
bua: its u, beta.
shivay: (gets the biggest shock of his life till now) me?
bua: yes, I know u both love each other.
shivay: (shocked) we love each other?
bua: I have seen anika seeing ur picture before sleeping. I’m sure even u do that?
shivay: (surprised and shocked) anika saw my picture before going to sleep? What a coincidence!
bua: (victorious smile appears) its not a coincidence, beta. Its love. When two people love each other, they always think of each other all the time. Anika’s call log also had ur number. And even u came immediately hearing the news of anika’s accident. And more over I have also heard anika to tell ‘I love u’ to u.
shivay: (confused) anika loves me? Me and anika love each other?
bua: when u r accepting the fact by ur own mouth, now just go and fill anika’s hairline.

shiavy: (angry) what? Have u lost ur mind? We don’t love each other. In fact we just met that day. And u r asking me to marry her?
bua: that’s the only way to save her life. Please don’t back out now. Anika really loves u. she will break down if u leave her.
shivay: but marrying her is not the solution. We can save her life in other ways too..
saying this he leaves the place. Bua worries seeing anika from the window and goes to the prayer room. When shivay reaches the parking while cursing bua, he realizes that he left his phn in anika’s room. So again reaches anika’s room where she was lying alone. No one was near her. He went near her and took his phn from the side table. There he saw the plate of puja in which some sindoor was also there. He saw the sindoor and remembered bua’s words. He looked at anika.
shivay: so anika loves me? She loves me? Do u love me anika? Do u really want us to get married? i… I want to help u, anika. But how? Marrying u can’t be the solution, isn’t it?
shivay tries to leave the room. He went near the exit but again came back.
shivay: I don’t love u anika. I am just concerned abt ur little siblings. Even my brothers are of same age. I don’t want to be the cause for not saving a strong bond of u and ur siblings. So..

he quickly takes a pinch of sindoor in his hands and fills the hairline of anika red. He does that and stand in disbelief that what he did. He quickly runs away from the place but as soon as he reach the parking lot.. the media covers him. He becomes startled at seeing media. He thought, who could possibly inform the media abt this. Just then, he sees the nurse (the one with whom he argued) speaking with excitement with the reporters. He understood that it was none other than her. He somehow managed to avoid the media and reach Oberoi mansion. He came back to home only to realize that it was a big mistake to not talk with the media as they are now making stories about him and anika. The reporters got fuel in their fire when they interviewed sundari bua and she told them about shivay and anika’s affair. The family members also wanted reply from shivay seeing the news. He explained everything but tried to avoid the marriage part. But pinky saw sindoor in shivay’s finger so even that part came to light. Now the family decided to solve this problem real quick and tej was also concerned abt business and their reputation.
meanwhile in the hospital, anika gained consciousness as soon as shivay left. (not because of that sindoor but because the nurse gave her a powerful medicine long back) she was at first confused but then she remembered everything and wanted to meet chutki and sahil. Just then, bua enters along with the nurse. Nurse seeing her conscious rushes to bring the doctor. While bua kisses anika on her forehead. Anika’s sindoor doesn’t remain ignored by her. She sees that and tells anika everything. Anika couldn’t think clearly how to face shivay. She asked bua abt shivay but bua denies to know him. But then sth strikes her mind. At the time of shivay’s argument with the nurse, he mentioned his name. she bit her tongue and informed anika abt the confusion. Now anika’s bp got high. Doctor came and asked her to take rest. Anika did so and asked bua not to tell anything to anyone, specially the media. Bua agreed with her and left her to take rest. She convinced anika that she would take care of chutki and sahil.

But chutki and sahil had already left for their home. On the road, sahil felt hungry. So chutki took him to a golgappa stall as she did not have much money with her. But there, some goons misbehaved with chutki. Chutki first did not say anything. But when they tried to cross their limits, she poured the plate of golgappa on them. The goons got angry. They left the place seeing something.

precap: shivika marriage gets known to all. Anika faces some new problems.

hi guys, I’m back from my trip. Actually I was back a few days before but due to constant long journey, I got tired. Moreover, so many ff and episodes of ishqbaaz was missed by me. So I was going through them. I’m extremely sorry for the delay. And thank you for the patience. Can u guess the next episode? What could have happened to chutki? And how did u like today’s episode? Are u liking the track or should I change it? Plz share ur views.
and… mrunal requested me to give someone the role of chutki. So I have decide to select someone. How about sonia balani playing the role of chutki? She was playing the role of pihu from bade achhe lagte hain and was also the lead of tu mera hero. Did u recognize her?

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