i don’t believe in love (Chapter 3)


in the morning in the breakfast table.
bua: u slept yesterday with empty stomach, right?
sahil: no, bua. anika didi cooked food for us.
bua: (shocked) WHAT?? anika cooked food? for u? (and looked at chutki)
chutki: (was hardly able to chew the toast with jelly. she looks at bua) yes, bua. didi actually cooked food for us. even i was surprised to see didi like that.
sahil: why, di?
chutki: just eat silently !
bua: (with ultimate surprise) anika cooked food? (laughs) i’m sure she makes horrible food.
sahil: no, bua. she is an amazing cook. di, i think we got a cook to participate with us in our competition.
chutki: who? anika didi? she was just touched to see two kids burning with hunger. that’s why she cooked. otherwise, didi and cooking?
sahil: but di, what’s the problem to ask?
chutki: that’s not really a problem. but when will u tell her? in ur dreams?
sahil: why? in our home. i will call her. ANIKA DIDI..ANI..
chutki: no need to burst ur lungs. for speaking with her u need her to be at home.
bua: where did anika go so early in the morning?
chutki: how will i know?
bua: she is your sister, right?
chutki doesn’t say anything and leaves the table. sahil folows her with his bag. they went to school.

anika in her cabin at her office. daksh is calling her but she ignore his call.
anika: mr.sso didn’t call me yesterday. is everything fine or not? let me call him first. but at this time?? nevermind. i’ll call him right away.
anika calls shivay. at that time, shivay was giving tiffin to his brothers.he receives the call.
shivay: hello, anika? i’m so sorry i couldn’t call u yesterday.
anika: that’s okay. i just called to know when do we meet?
shivay: i’ll be leaving for my office right away.
anika: okay. i’ll be there by 10. hope that’s okay?
shivay: yeah, okay. see u.
anika: bye. (cuts the call) (she sees daksh calling her again)
anika:(to herself) what’s the point of talikng now, daksh? its all over. i was a fool to trust u and be after u. u never wanted me in ur life. i will not talk with u. (she carries on with her work)

at the dining room of oberoi mansion.
om: bhai, whats happening? who is this anika?
rudra: shivay bhaiya. ur girlfriend is mallika not anika.
shivay: i broke up with mallika. so technically, she’s not my girlfriend.
all get shocked.
shivay: now both of u go.. u’ll get late otherwise.
priyanka: i hate u, shivomru bhaiya.
shivomru (togrther): why prinku? what did we do?
priyanka: u don’t do anything. that’s the problem.
shivay: meaning?
priyanka: now, om-ru bhaiya will go to school. then u will also go to office for meeting that girl u were talking over phn. i will be left to be bored, right?
shivay: but, prinku. what can we do?
priyanka: i don’t know. i just want ur company.
om-ru: prinku, we must go to school today. we need to submit the forms of the cooking competition today.
shivay: and its important to meet anika as well. u are left with only 13 days to complete the project and no work has been done till now.
prinku: fine, u guys stay busy. (angrily looks away and folds her hands)
shivay: okay, i’ll call anika here. what say?
prinku: hmm. (still angry)
rudra: prinku, if we could have attended the classes from the home only.. (acts to be sad because he want to see soumya and not attend the classes)
om: yes prinku, this duffer’s right. we have to go.
prinku: okay, but come fast.
om- ru: okay, prinku. bye
prinku: bye.
om-ru leaves. shivay goes with priyanka to spend time with her and calls anika before that.
shivay: hello, anika?
anika: yes, mr. sso?
shivay: can u plz come over my place? i need to spend time with my sister and u can also meet my family, right?
anika: okay. i’ll be there. but it’ll take time.
shivay: by when u’ll be here?
anika: umm…by 1?
shivay: okay. i’m waiting at oberoi mansion.
anika: see you. (cuts the call and smiles) (even shivay smiles looking at the phn screen)

later at 12 anika was standing at the school gate. she went to pick up chutki and sahil.
chutki: (jaw dropped seeing anika at school) didi, u here?
sahil: (hugs anika) didi, u know i have put ur name in the cooking competition.
anika: (confused) which cooking compettion?
chutki explains her the matter. anika gets serious.
anika: why did u put my name? did u even ask me for once?
sahil: didi, actually..
anika: shut up sahil. just go home. i have some work. i will come later.
chutki consoles sahil and takes him with her in the car. while anika leaves angrily to oberoi mansion. she was driving the car.

she reaches oberoi mansion and everyone welcomes her warmly. she spents a god day there. pinky, jhanvi and dadi loved her nature (as she was not busy with her phn and was extremely polite with elders). even om, rudra and priyanka became her fan. anika had her lunch in the mansion with the oberois. she was touched to see shivay’s bonding with his family. she missed her happy time with chutki and sahil. she realizes that she was rude to sahil that morning. so she decided to talk to sahil and chutki as soon as she reaches her home. after a long day at the oberoi mansion, she left for her home in her car. while on the road, her car hits a tree due to failed brakes. she soon gets unconscious in the driving seat leaning over the steering so that the horn peeps continuously to call people for help. soon her face got covered by blood coming from her wounds on the head. people gathered and someone took her phn and dialed the last call. it was shivay’s no. when he got to know about anika’s accident, he rushed to the hospital leaving his dish on the stove. he forgot to turn the stove off due to hurry. soon he reaches the hospital and sees the men who brought her to the hospital. he thanked them and took anika’s phn to inform her family. he couldn’t find the no. of her home’s landline anywhere in the call log. so he searches for the number in the contacts and calls home. sahil and chutki were pushing each other for receiving the call. at last, bua was about to receive it. but chutki took the phn.
chutki: hello, who is this?
shivay: hello. i’m shivay. is it anika’s.. ms. anika’s home?
chutki: yes, it is. and i am her younger sister. but didi is not at home. she must be busy in her office. she will come late. do u want to leave any message for her?
shivay: (crying)
chutki: hello?
shivay: (wipes his tears) anika.. anika has..
chutki: (tensed) what happened to didi? is she alright?
shivay: ur didi has met with an accident.
chuti: accident? didi? what r u saying?
bua and sahil gets shocked and scared hearing this from chutki. bua snatches the phn from chutki’s hand and starts speaking. bua spoke with shivay and got the address of the hospital. bua leaves leaving chutki with sahil. but chutki wants to go to her didi. she takes another car and leaves with sahil following bua’s car. meanwhile, shivay informs his family about anika’s accident and said that he might be late. he was sitting on a chair in the lobby beside the emergency ward. he was crying and became surprised to see his tears as he doesn’t cry for any stranger. so why was he crying for anika? after all, she was only his co- worker. his thoughts got a full stop when the nurse came to shivay and asked how was he related to anika. as he had to sign some papers. he just stood there speechless because if he doesn’t sign, anika’s treatment will be stopped. but he also wanted to save her life. as she was precious for him for some unknown reasons. just then bua enters the hospital and asks the receptionist abt anika. at that time chutki entered the hospital along with sahil. she rushed to the emergency ward as she knows that during such accidents the patient is taken to the emergency ward. and the directions were already on the walls. so she reached the ward and saw the nurse with the forms. the nurse was asking shivay to sign the forms and his relation with anika. chutki took the pen from her and informed her relation with anika and signed the forms. shivay was relieved at this and he wanted to speak with chutki. but then the nurse called shivay for some more formalities. at that time sahil had to use the washroom. so chutki went with him without seeing anika. after they left the lobby, bua enters. she sees the emergency ward and tries to look inside. she fails to see anything. just then the doors open and the doctor comes out. by then shivay also returns.
shivay and bua: what happened? how is she? (they both look at each other and looks at the doctor)
doctor: she is critical. her condition is not good. plz pray for her and we’ll try our best.
shivay:(angry) what do mean by she’s not good? its ur job to make her fine.
doctor: plz control urself. pray for her.
bua assumes shivay to be daksh. bua knew that anika was in love with daksh as she heard anika once over the phn saying, “i love you, daksh”. so shivay bursting on the doctor made her doubt clear.
bua: don’t worry, beta. anika will be fine. let’s go to the temple.
shivay and bua leaves for the temple. when chutki returns with sahil and tries to see anika from the window. she was crying a lot. just then a nurse comes out of the room. she tells chutki that anika was murmuring chutki in her unconsciousness. hearing this chutki cries even more. sahil was also crying but still tries to console chutki as he cannot see her crying. the nurse saw this and felt pity. but she couldn’t have them to meet anika as her job was as stake. she saw the crying sister and brother and went away. sahil took her di to the washroom and asked her not to cry.
sahil: di, plz don’t cry. anika didi will be fine, right?
chutki was crying uncontrollably. sahil hugs her. she also hugs him back.
sahil: di, if sth happens to anika didi..
chutki breaks the hug.
chutki:(crying but angry) don’t speak like that, sahil.
sahil: then don’t cry. if u cry like this.. i feel bad, di. plz don’t cry.
chutki: okay.(wipes her tears) only b’cuz of u. now don’t speak rubbish like that.
sahil: why? only u have the right to speak rubbish?
chutki hits sahil on his head and laughs. she hugs him
chutki: i love u, sahil.
sahil: i love u too, di. but only as a brother. huh?
chutki: (laughs) u won’t get any better, right?
sahil: even u didn’t get better since ur birth.
chutki: achha?? as if u know everything.
sahil: okay, fine. i don’t know anything but anika didi must know everything, right? once she heals, we’ll hear stories from her. okay?
chutki starts crying again.
sahil: (worried and quickly) okay, we won’t listen. as u wish. but plz don’t cry, di.
chutki: (wipes off her tears again) u wait right here. i’ll just was my hands and mouth.
sahil: okay.
chutki closes the door of the washroom, looks at herself for some moments.
chutki: no, i can’t be weak. i’ll be strong as i have promised mom. at least for sahil. i won’t cry. i won’t.. (cries)
sahil knocks the door
sahil: di, r u sleeping inside? come out now.
chutki: yes coming. (she opens the door and comes out) let’s go(putting hands by the side of sahil’s shoulder)
when they were coming to the ward, bua went to the pharmacy for bringing some medicines. they come running to anika who was being shifted from emergency ward to the ot for an operation. she was conscious at that time. she saw chutki and sahil and stretched her hands to them..
anika: chutki, i’m sorry. i couldn’t give u time. but now i will. once i get well.. (she falls short of breath. nurse puts oxygen mask in her mouth)
chutki: didi, r u mad? u always loved me. i couldn’t see ur love for me. i’m sorry didi. once u get well, we will rock it off, won’t we?
anika slowly nods her head with a smile. she sees sahil crying. puts off the mask.
sahil: what r u doing, didi? plz put it back.
anika: why? ..r u s.. so .. angry with.. m.. me that..i.. i shouted on u that.. u won’t even talk to me? i.. i apologize, sahil… forgive ur didi.. plz.
sahil: didi, i’m not angry for u for u shouted on me. i’m angry that u r lying here like this. plz get up and wear beautiful clothes. u, me and di will click selfies then. now get up plz. u also have to cook for me, right?
anika: yes, sahil.. i will cook.. i will.. i will parti..parti- ci.. pate in the compe..competion at ur school.. i will.. i will cook with u.. i will.. (she falls short of breath again. nurse tries to put the mask but she weakly resists..
anika: (very slowly)chutki.. chutki..
chutki bends to anika.
chutki: yes, didi. tell me. what do u want to say?
anika: chut..ki.. u remem.. remember na what.. mom- dad said before dying..
chutki: yes, didi. (crying) i remember..
anika:(emotionally) courage is the magic that..
chutki:(completes anika’s sentence) .. turns dreams into reality.
anika and chutki cries seeing each other. shivay cries silently seeing the siblings.
anika: remember mom’s teaching always, chutki.. always.. (falls unconscious)
chutki: didi, didi.. r u alright, didi?
nurse: now leave the way. she needs to be treated.
sahil makes way. so does shivay. but chutki holds her didi.
chutki: (crying) didi..
shivay holds her back while the nurse takes anika away. she cries. she frees herself from shivay and rushes to the prayer room. sahil follows her while shivay wipes his tears and goes towards the ot.

precap: bua reveals sth shocking. she brings the pandit. shivika to get married.

so guys, how did u find the episode? i hope good. and if not, then i’m so sorry. if u want me u change the track, let me know. i will. btw, thank u a lot for ur response. i became much happy due to the increasing number of comments and thought to add some spice in it. but i guess the spices got into my eyes that’s why i’ve written such an episode. i told u abt a shock before, remember? shivika marriage was that shock. how well r u guys being able to accept this shock? plz tell me in the comments.

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