I don’t beleive in re-births (Shivika 5 shot) shot 3 part 2

So third one.so this is the part 2.I am a bit busy with my studies stuff.So I can’t type big.I will try my best to upload the 3rd part as soon as I can.

I don’t beleive in re-birth shot 3 part 2

Shivaay gets flAshes of his previous birth.Anika’s father was the one of the reason for their seperation.

He gets to anger mood and shouts u seperated us in the previous birth but this time I won’t allow u to seperate us.My love for her is not that weak saying this Shivaay starts to push Anika’s dad and when he is about to beat him.Anika comes in middle and says Shivaay he is my dad talk with respect.

Shivaay is not getting what he is talking he just keeps on saying u seperated us this time I won’t make my love lose.

Anika’s dad gets angry and says I will never get my daughter married to such a cheap guy and pulls anika away from him forcefully.Anika tries to explain her da but he is not in the mood of listening.

He just pulls her n goes.Anika leaves the place crying?????? and shouting dad understand he is a good guy.

Here Shivaay just feel headache and falls down.(this is not the thing that happens in the movie I have changed it)

Here Anika’s dad is a bit came now.
She goes and says dad is not a bad guy.i love him sincerely and want to live with him life long.He is rude and arrogant but soft at his heart.He was just afraid of losing me dad.Pls try to understand and think over again.

Anika’s dad reply I will think and say Ani.U go inside your room.

Anika’s dad gets thinking.

This is heard by Ranadev who is hiding behind the pillar and listening all these talks.He gets anger??????.

Shivaay comes there riding bike.He gets inside the house.He takes the shawl which anika left in the palace.He finds her dad and goes and gives him the shawl saying this is Anika’s dupatta she left when u took her.

Shivaay again finds his head aching but he continued sorry I got some flashes I started behaving like a animal.Sorry uncle I love your daughter like a mad.I want her to take her with me but with your permission.

Anika’s dad was pretty much satisfied but Shivaay sorry note.

He said it’s ok son but don’t behave like this anymore.Just stay calm.I permit u to marry my daughter.

Shivaay was cloud nine but his happiness was short because he found Ranadev trying to kill Anika’s dAd with the shawl.

Shivaay tried to push Ranadev but before that her dad was dead.Shivaay was taking the shawl when anika comes from back and finds her dad dead and shawl on shivaay’s hand.

Ramada starts his acting.See anika he killed your father with your own shawl and bla bla bla (I am not in mood to type down these cheap dialogues)

Anika shouts R u mad shivaay?? I feel ashamed that I loved u but not now.U killed my dad?? Why?? What did he do to u??

Shivaay says anika listen I didn’t kill

Anika cuts off and says no I won’t listen any of your words.The truth is before me I am not gonna beleive u one more time.This time u killed my only dad then one day u will kill me.This day I am dead just a body is roaming around.i feel totally ashamed that I loved u and starts crying terribly.

Shivaay goes near to console her but Ranadev comes n between and says dare u touch my anika (he smirks).

When he beats up Ranadev Anika shouts him to stop it.

Ranadev says it’s not safe to be here.Lets move on to our palace.

Saying this Ranadev drags her from there.

Shivaay tries to stop but all of waste.They get into a chopper and they are about to take off.

Done with the second part.

This was a short one I guess.The next part will also be small as I am busy.

Next part their won’t be any logic and I can’t omit it as it’s an important part in the movie.

I am not sure whether I can reply the comments but Pls do comment.Pls comment because they are my boast and bornvitaa to write.

Between my busy schedule I am writing Pls comment.

And the next part will come Soon.

Plssss comment.

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    1. TUFriendsForever

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