I don’t believe in re-birth (Shot 2)

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I don’t beleive in re-births

Shot 2

Anika felt a bit sad for playing prank over him.
She thought to give him a chance.
So she said him that She n anika will come to a restraunt.
Shivaay was happy.

In the restraunt
Anika goes with her friends.
Anika says find your anika.
Shivaay started shaking hands with all girls except anika.He couldn’t find n he didn’t feel the current while shaking any of the girls hand.
He says none of them is my princess.

“Correct sorry Shivaay I was not able to bring her but we can have a dinner”said anika

Shivaay accepted n had the dinner.

In the corner of Anika’s heart there was a love for Shivaay.But this girl want to make him wander more.

The next day Shivaay is waiting to meet mam(for him she is mam he doesn’t know that mam is anika).some thugs tease anika while she is walking on the road.Anika goes n say to Shivaay.He says this happens mam just leave n say me where anika is?? Anika said yesterday they teased anika the same way they did with me.Shivaay gets angry??????????? and beats the thugs ???????? black n red.

Anika is impressed.She said that today anika will come to park for sure.

On the other side a majestic fort is shown.Its owned by a merciless uncle of anika.Case is going on for the property of the fort.
Actually it’s Anika’s dad property but the merciless uncle cheated.
Anika’s dad has found a famous lawyer who accepted this case.
The uncle also has a merciless son.
His name is Ranadev Billa(in both births same name)
So the uncle is tensed as the best lawyer took up the charge there is lot of possibility of losing the case.
He was disturbed by a sound coming from outside.
He went n saw the lawyer pleading Ranadev to leave him.
Ranadev:yeah I am leaving u.Run from here.

The lawyer just ran as fast as he could but Ranadev took a eeti(don’t know english translation u can imagine a rod with sharp end) n throw in the direction of the running lawyer.
The lawyer was dead.
Ranadev goes near him and said I need this property no body can take it from Me.

Here anika is getting ready to meet Shivaay in the park.She has promised that this time anika will come.She gets out of her house when her dad stops n asks her were she is going.She replied a mad is waiting for me n went out.
(I forgot to mention in the intro that Anika only has dad)
Oustside the uncle show anika n says if u kill this palace is yours.
But Ranadev is busy staring her.He has fully fallen for her.
Ranadev:I want her for life long dad.
His dad:u have to kill her
Ranadev:for getting her I can even kill anyone
His dad: u have to kill her to attain the palace
Ranadev: yeah I am gonna kill but not her.
There was a knife stuck in his dad’s chest.yes he killed him.

Here In the park
Shivaay was impatiently waiting for his princess.
Anika comes there.
He runs to her n asks where his princess is??
She replied she is on the way.Untill she comes lets chit chat.

Yep of course she will come right??

Yes she will come.

They r walking in the park.

Anika asked why do u like her this much??

I don’t know.U know like shahruhk kuch kuch hota hai in the heart which can’t be expressed by words.

Awww shahruhk exclaimed anika

See u didn’t get all other words.Just shahruhk why do girls love SRK this much?? Asked Shivaay.

U won’t get SRK’s acting wahhh bla bla anika get talking about SRK

Shivaay is searching his princess in park.While talking the hands of shivika is about to touch but Shivaay moves aside n says stay away from me n walk.

Anika was like whattttttt????

When my princess comes she may think is wrong said Shivaay.
Ohhhhhhkkkkk anika nodded like a good girl.
She moved away n asked is this distance OK?
He said yes.
They were chit chatting it’s been 3 hours n Shivaay couldn’t find his princess.
Anika wants to make Shivaay wander one more time.
This time too Shivaay didn’t meet her.

On the other side Ranadev goes to Anika’s dad n acts like a good boy.
He says dad is dead.I have no one in this earth.U take over all the property n we shall live happy together.
Anika’s dad came to his words.
Meanwhile anika returned home.She finds Ranadev n was shocked .
Her father explains that he is here to give us back the property.
They go n visit of their palace n Anika’s dad is super happy.Anika is also happy seeing her father happy.
Ranadev offered them to stay there itself and they agreed.Anika was sleeping.Ranadev comes there with bad intension.
When he was about to touch her a war soldier(It’s Shivaay in war attire think of it I laughed like hell ????) comes n is cutting Ranadev’s head off.Ranadev is shocked n blood is coming out n he is crying for life.
It was all is illusions.He is unable to touch her.

He is angry and goes to a black magic man named bora.It is said he controls all bad devil.(he is a bad devil himself how can he control all?? All is far in stories).
Ranadev goes n seeks his help.
He says that u were the minister of the great empire Samput in the previous birth.U have born back to get her.He says a big story which is muted(If I reveal now there will be no suspense).

So how u both r born Parthipan is also born.He shows some old book n shows the pictures of them.but Parthipan face had a blood on it so the picture was not clear(As Shivaay is wandering for his princess I want Villain also wander for the hero).

Now Ranadv is in search of Parthipan.He goes to a tea shop where Shivaay is also there with rudy.
Ranadev sits on the same table where Shivaay is sitting.
Shivaay teases his looks in a funny way.Ranadev gets angry n is crushing a tumbler.when his assistants comes and gives him a bumbler to whom anika often talks.
So he gets up n calls that number.Shivaay’s phone rings.
He picks n say hello mam.bla bla.
Here Ranadev is fuming in anger as the phone is busy.He calls again n again where Shivaay is talking with anika.
Shivaay finally keeps the phone down n goes.
Ranadev calls n the phone rings there.
The servant checks the number n it is Ranadev’s number.
He say Ranadev.He says I will kill him.tje servant asks if he is not the one then.I will kill all who r more close to anika other than me n takes a rod n throws over Shivaay.
Shivaay is walking on the road.He moves the other side due which the tod hits a electricity boards n the area starts to burn.All people run around.
Shivaay’s eyes see the horse which R tied n they r unaware of the fact that fire got up.He releases the horses n the horses run.The owner shouts save my horse.
Shivaay runs behind the horse.
When wants to catch the horse.He ruins on the road while running he touches a bus window where he feels the same current passing by.but the bus moves.
Shivaay runs behind n catches the horse.he is riding it as fast as he can n a white shawl or dupatta is blown by the hair and falls over shivaay’s face.The girl turns…

Precap:Shivaay romancing another girl.Anika jealous.seperation due to evil plans of Ranadev??

To know read the next shot

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    Amazing update

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    Omg ???? thrilled to read one of my most fav film in shivika version??? Thnk u akka …… actually eeti means spear

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    Perfectly written.
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    Awesome update rufi!!!!
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    Superb rufi!!keep going!!
    Precap:Damn exciting…..n i am eagerly waiting!!!!

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      Thanks for reading and commenting
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    Shivaay in Kaala bairavan/Raja paarthiban attire….ada romba difficult pa! But very funny too! Very nice part dear…

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