I don’t believe in re-birth (Shot 1)

Hii guys I have decided to make this as a five shot.

So shot 1

I don’t beleive in re-births

Shivaay got ready n went to a track.

He was a bike racer.

It was a local race which will be like betting if we win we will trouble the money if not u have to pay extra money n should also pay the betted money.

The race starts n Shivaay wins without no thought.

He gets money n did a planning of going to ride in an international race.He had a big plan ahead.

That day after partying hard he went to sleep.
It’s Time for his next dream.
That beautiful princess in verge of her dead with a knife in her stomach.Lying in the edge of the mountain where there is a bigg lord shiva’s statue.n on the other side Parthipan with his was costume n two arrow passed into is heart having pain is about to go near the princess.

Princess:Parthipa I am going to die won’t u at least accept now that u loved me.Dont make our love lose in this birth.Your name will be in the history for your bravery but u will become a loser in your love Parthipa Pls join my hands accept our pure love.

Parthipan is about to hold her hand but the princess falls down the mountain.
Parthipan is shocked.
He falls down from the mountain to hold her hands n die together.
Down the mountain.parthipan is about to touch the princess hand but due to the wind he falls down and he is unable to hold the princess hand.

Above the mountain.

A king takes the sword of Parthipan burns it n says
U r the bravest person I ever seen.To complete the incomplete love of yours in this life u will born again Parthipa u will born again.

(Tamil lines will make more sense for me.for all tamilians this translation
Evvalvil thoruponna Un pavithrama kadhalil jeyekkika mendum pirappayada Parthipa mendum pirapayada).

Shivaay woke up from his sleep and remebers his dream.

Shivaay don’t be fool.There is nothing like re birth why r u thinking of weird thing?? Really did I failed in my love the previous birth?? Shivaay there is no previous birth Noo who was that princess?? Shivaay don’t think much just go n get ready.U have fly abroad in 5 hours.shivaay said to himself.

Shivaay got ready and rudra,Shivaay R going to airport in auto.Its raining outside.they r in middle of the road while they find some girls in the bus stop which is near.Rudy ask to touch a girls hand their if then he will beleive there is no rebirth.

Shivaay in order to prove asks the driver to go to the side of the road where the bus stop is.He finds a girls who playing with rain.shivaay thought to touch her hand.when the stop came he just touch a finger of that girl he felt a current passing through his body.The driver drove the auto Fast as instructed by Shivaay earlier but now Shivaay started to stop the auto.he starts running to the stop.the only thing he remembers Was the girl’s dress colour which was white.
He felt some connection with the girl with the touch.He ran to see her.

When he reached The bus stop there was no one wearing whiTe dress.
He finds a girl wearing a black coat he goes n asks did u see a girl wearing white dress here??
The girl asked him why??(as this girl is the girl by which Shivaay felt a current feelings while he touched.She actully she wears a black coat because she started feeling cold)

Shivaay:I want to see that girl.i feel I have some connection with her.
Girl:connection Are u her boyfriend or trying to kidnap her??
Shivaay: no no she is my rani.
Girl: raaniiii who is that???
Shivaay: the girl I am about to u.She is my rani.
Girl:her name is not rani.Her name is Anika.

Yes the girl is anika.

Why u want to see her?? Asked anika.
It’s non of your business mam said Shivaay.
I asked as I know her.If u irritated this much then why to talk saying this anika was about to move but Shivaay said mam will u pls make me meet her Pls.
Shivaay:can u give her address.
Anika:I will take u to her home.
Shivaay: thanks mam lets go now.
Anika:patience I will take u tomorrow.How can I take a stranger to my friends home?? Wait
Shivaay:but how to contact??
Anika:I will give my number.
She says n Shivaay takes down.

Shivaay cancelled his abroad race trip in order to find the girl.

Anika is a funny girl so she wanted to prank Shivaay n make him wander to find the girl.

The next day Shivaay phoned anika n asked about meeting anika.

Anika called him to her house.
Shivaay came on correct time but anika didn’t allow Shivaay get inside her house as she cant beleive a stranger.

She showed a house n said to Shivaay that this is Anika’s house.

Shivaay with eagerness runs to the house n knocks the door.
A man comes out of the house.
Shivaay:I wanna see the girl inside your house.
Shivaay:I like her sir
Man:u like her.
Shivaay:yeah uncle Pls bless me
Man: did the girl agree??
Shivaay:it’s one side love.She has not seen me.
Man:Ohhh so what should I do?
Shivaay:Pls let me marry your daughter sir.
Man started shouting “u manner less fellow I don’t have a dAughter n the one inside is my wife cheap guy get lost from my side.

Shivaay was shocked n he ran to anika.

“Why did u send to the wrong house??” Said Shivaay.

How can I beleive a stranger?? If I give her adress u may misbehave with her or kidnap or even kill.I can’t put my friend’s life in danger said anika

Shivaay was sad.He said my princess has good friends.Keep it up mam.when u find me worthy just let me see her.There was a small tear in his eyes.He said it with full emotion.???????(I can’t imagine my bhai in this state)

Precap:Will Shivaay find his princess is the mam who is making him wander??

To know it read my next epi.

@fenil bhai
Bhai this one he just had a tear.It was important for the story.Now don’t say I am a cheater ha.n let me see who wins the challenge.

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  1. Soumya85

    Wow yar superb one
    Annika is very funny and naughty
    I’m so excited to know the whole story
    Post soon bff
    Love you ??

    1. TUFriendsForever

      Thanks for reading and commenting somo
      Glad u liked it

  2. I know ya this is the movie maa veeran but good imagination

    1. TUFriendsForever

      Yeah it’s the movie maaveeran i said already in the intro that it is a South Indian movie
      Thanks for reading and commenting

  3. Radhika.k

    Rufi I loved ur idea dear!!!!!Reading ur FF reminds me of the movie Maviran!!!!!!!The movie was awesome n i have watched it more than one time!!!!Same like that ur FF is Rocking!!!!Good shot dear!!!U r really talented!!Keep writing n Shower ur ideas n talents like this!!!!Love u dear!!

    1. TUFriendsForever

      Yeah in the intro I have mentioned that it is a South Indian movie.I love this movie.
      Thanks for reading and commenting akka
      Glad u liked it

  4. Fenil

    hey Rufi its a film: Magdheera (hindi name) Raam charan teja and kajal.
    hindi movie Raabta this year is based on this only.
    Fab chappy.

    1. TUFriendsForever

      I don’t know about Raabta(I know there is a movie called it but don’t know the concept of it).i ahve watched the movie more than 10 times.I love the previous birth scenes a lot.
      While thanks for reading and commenting bhai
      Glad u liked it

  5. Ankita27

    Great start… Awesome update..

    1. TUFriendsForever

      Thanks for reading and commenting
      Glad u liked it


    1. TUFriendsForever

      Thanks for reading and commenting
      Glad u liked it

  7. Sam-99

    I love this movie and the way u write was nyccc ……superb update …..post soon

    1. TUFriendsForever

      I love this movie too hi5✋✋✋Thanks for reading and commenting
      Glad u liked it

  8. Alekhika20

    Superb update

    1. TUFriendsForever

      Thanks for reading and commenting
      Glad u liked it

  9. It is magadeera movie in telugu i like it very much and i am deadly fan of ram charan i like the way u presenting this to shivika

    1. TUFriendsForever

      Hi 5✋✋✋ I like ram charan too but mahesh babu is my favourite
      Even though u know the story do read other shots too
      Thanks for reading and commenting
      Glad u liked it

  10. Fffan1234

    Nice update

    1. TUFriendsForever

      Thanks for reading and commenting
      Glad u liked it

  11. Tharu

    Awesome rufi…I was waiting for it.. It’s really interesting.. Looking forward for the next update…

    1. TUFriendsForever

      Thanks for reading and commenting di
      Glad u liked it

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