I don’t believe in re-birth (Intro)

Hii guys this is my new writing work.
It’s based on a South Indian movie.I thought to write it’s shivika version.
I would like to change some things in the movie.
This will be a 3 shots or five not sure about that.

Hope u like it.This is just the intro.

I don’t beleive re-birth.

The drums being beaten n with a beautiful music of yal(it’s a tamil music instrument don’t know the english one).
A beautiful girl walking through the door of the majestic palace of the samjut kingdom (it’s a name written by me) wearing a simple dress decorated with silver.

On the other side the beautiful man.Wearing a servants cloth.He is the protector of the whole kingdom (I will reveal why he is wearing servants cloth later) is staring the princess.

The princess slowly walks through the door.

The man is eagerly waiting to see her face.



Bhaiya wake upppppppp

It was his dream

Good morning rudyyyyy said the boy.

Rudy:bhai wake up.Dont u remember how important today is.Get ready fast.

Boy:ha but I saw a dream today.hear it first.

Rudy:bhai say fast we have to get ready.

I was the protector of the kingdom of samjut.And my name was Parthipan
( u can easily guess the movie with this name)

Rudy:bhai but your name is Shivaay right.

Yes the boy wall Shivaay

Shivaay:rudy its dream yaar listen to me first.

Ok ok rudy nodded like a good boy.

A beautiful princess was walking n I was about to see her face.

Wow bhai how was the girl looking exclamed rudy with curiousity.

What next u woke me up n I couldn’t see her face.

Rudy:bhai I think it’s the story of your previous birth.May be the princess in waiting for u.

I don’t beleive in re birth said Shivaay.

So that’s just an intro part.

The next one will be the another dream of Shivaay.

This will a historical story.
One with present n another with the previous birth.
U will get to know about anika n others in the next one.

Hope u like it.
All kind of comments accepted.
But Pls comment.
If u get 20 comment will post the next shot tomorrow.will be waiting for your comments.


    • TUFriendsForever

      Bhai u told to wait n watch
      When I saw the comment I taught what is bhai gonna do??
      I gave challenge lets see who wins
      In this one too I won see in reply too big one
      U don’t need tuition na very good sprit.Dont ever accept the defeat.
      All the best to win me πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

      Thanks for reading and commenting bhai
      Glad u liked it

    • TUFriendsForever

      Yeah.R u a tamilian or Telugu??
      Even u know the full story do read the other parts for sure.
      It’s one of my all time favourite movie.
      Hi 5βœ‹βœ‹βœ‹βœ‹βœ‹
      But thanks for reading and commenting
      Glad u liked it

  1. Soumya85


    |Registered Member

    Superb one bff
    Its so interesting and full of suspence
    I can’t wait moreπŸ˜…
    Pls continue it
    U know even i have given one into yesterday in shivika so if u have time do read it
    Love you 😘😘

  2. Nithu


    |Registered Member

    My god its magadheera movieeeee……..its a telugu movie……i love S.S RAJAMOULI movies……..till now i dint miss a single movie of his…..i know each and every dialouge…..

    • TUFriendsForever

      Hmm it’s gonna be difficuilt for me to reach up to your expectation.I will try my level best.Next one is submitted
      Do read the next one
      Thanks for reading and commenting
      Glad u liked it

  3. UF


    Dear ArjSisback
    So Magdheera Hai Movie.Main Detaily Magdheera Nahi Dekha.But I Know That Movie Concept.Mera Ek Reqeust Hai Agar Rudy Ki Opposite Kisi Ko Add Kar Rahi Hai Tho Please Soumya Ko Add Karna Okay😊

    Take Care😘

    • TUFriendsForever

      I don’t have any idea of opposite pair for Rudra.
      If possible I will add soumya for sure
      Thanks for reading and commenting
      Even though u know the concept do read the next shot
      Glad u liked it

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.