I don’t beleive in love (OS)


sanskar angrily:because u made me remaind that fake girl we leaved me alone when she find more rich person.swara was looking at him without a blink she gulped hard
swara stammering: do…do….u loved her? sanskar laughed scarastically
sanskar: no…i don’t believe in LOVE and i never did.swara narrowed her eyes at him.but remain silent.
sanskar lost in thought said in low whisper:but i found myself aattractive toward her and we were gf bf but that witch leaved me he said last sentence in extreme anger
swara stiffened sensing his anger it was like fire which can burn everything.
sanskar tighten his grip on her shoulder and said in angry voice:i hate u more then that witch swara blinked twice what was her fault in his incompleat love story
she looked at him bewildered
saanskar went close yo her face and said in warning:stop blinking at me like that.swara blink innocently again.
sanskar yelled:stop it swara drew back being afraid from his high pitch she stopped breathing all together thinking that he will get angry on that too.
sanskar looked at her pale face aand loosened his grip from her shoulder swara sighed in relief but still she was confused why he hate her? sanskar moved back
looking at her and turned to leave but halted in his way when she fainlly spoked.
swara looking at his back:u should have stopped her when she was leaving.sanskaar closed his fist and said without turning
sanskar:why? it was her choice not mine.his voice was emotionles he said that and leaved from there hurriedly
swara blinked and mumbled:why he hate me? she felt deep pain in her heart she closed her eyes and a lonely tear escaped from her eyes.he loved someone else that thought
had snatched her soul from her body she took deep breath and goes toward her room and open her cupbord and take out her pink dairy which was hidden in clothes
she open the doory of it and open it there was a pic of two kids in it a girl of about 5 years was sitting on swing and a boy of about 7 was pushing it
both were smiling wide looking at the camera a tear falled from hereyes.
swara in whisper:i was afraid from this only.therefore i tried to maintain a distance from u so that my small crush on u should not grew but u failled all
my attempts but never mind i am habitual to see hatred in eyes for myself the difference is only i have to see it in eyes of that person whom i loved from childhood
she sighed and closed the dairy and hide it in lock.she went toward the washroom to get fresh.


lucky angrily shouted:swara come out we are getting late for clg.
swara shouted:lucky u go i am not coming today.
lucky surprized:swara u are taking a holiday.swara open the door and glares at him.
swara:why can’t i take a leave for one day.
lucky chuckles:no….no…u can take it but why so suddenly but then he remembers yesterday incidence he get tensed and cups her face.
lucky worried:swara are u feeling alright u never take leave without any reason u ate egg yesterday didn’t u and i didn’t saw u whole day u were locked in your room.
swara’s eye got widened
swara:i am fine lucky u are thinking too much.lucky looked at her for sometime then he hold her hand and pulls her outside.
lucky:we are going to hospital now.swara shook her head vigoriously.she hold her head feeling little pain.
he make her sit on back seat forcefully.sanskar looked at them with frown and looked at swara and down at her dress his get ticked she was wearing shots which was
hardly covering her thighs and a tshirt.his grip tighten on staring
lucky:sanskaar we are going hospital.sanskar get worried a little
lucky:to get her chuck up fully.
swara cried out:lucky i am fine
lucky angrily: shut up i don’t want to hear anything sit quitly or else i will put tape on your mouth sanskaar lets go.sanskar nodded and started the car.
swara mumbled some curses after sometime they reached hospital swara bite her lower lip and prayed to god that lucky shold not get to know about yesterday incident
swara mumbling:oh god plz save me this time i will thousand rupees to poor plz only this time.
sanskar was looking up anddown at her again and again and increasing his B.P
lucky:where is DR mathew cabin.(dr mathew is their family doctor)
receptionist looked at him then at swara from her thick glasses.swara nodded in NO
ladyLlast room in the loby.swara cursed her faith badly.lucky nodded he was looking all serious.they entered the cabin.DR looked at him and stand up immediately
DR worried:u all here? is everything fine? swara child are fine? did u took……swara’s eye widened and she quickly hugged him and pleaded
swara pleading:uncle plz don’t tell them about yesterday attack they will lock me in the house and next week there are my annual exams plz plz plz.
she leaved him and pleaded through eyes.DR clears his throat
DR:swara u took so long to meet me again.how are u.
swara with bright smile:i am fine uncle thank u.
DR:how are u lucky?
lucky:fine uncle.dr.mathew looked at sanskar with frown
lucky:he is sanskar dp uncle’s son.
DR:oh nice to meet u.they both shake hand.
lucky:uncle yesterday swara ate egg and today she refused to come collage plz take a look of her.DR looked at swara angrily and moved towared swara.
DR whispered:u said u didn’t eat it.swara nodded in yess quickly
swara whispered back:i swear uncle i didn;t eat it.
dr whisper:did u took your medicine? swara nodded.
DR:then why didn’t u went collage.
swara whisper:uncle i think u gave me over doze my head so heavy and i wanted to sleep whole day.DR nodded
DR:u will get fine till the evening and stop taking stress of anything.there are hapenning because u take stress.swara give him sheeplish smile aand nodded.
DR turned and halted looking at the boys who were staring at them with their hawk eyes.
DR:lucky she is feeling weakness therefore she should take care of her diet.i will write some vitamins give her properly.lucky sighed in relif and nodded.
trio were sitting in the car suddenly swara yelled:stop the car.sanskar pulled the brake quickly
sanskaar barked:what?
swara:i want to eat icecream and point toward ice cream parlor.
sansskar angrily:are u mad or what? swara looked at lucky while pouting.lucky smiled and nodded her to go.after her leave
lucky said calmly:sanskar calm down.she is a kid and DR said she should take care of her diet.why are u getting so angry.sanskar closed her eyes and took deep breath.
sanskar:nothing lets go.both entered the parlour lucky sit opposite to swara and sanskar sit beside her.swara’s heart beat start increasing.
swara in mind:control swara.he hates u keep that in mind.waiter comes there.
swara:chocolate ice cream.
sanskar:butterscotch ice cream.
lucky:mint flavour.swara giggled.
swara:lucky what is happening? are u going to kiss kavya? mint flavour? lucky throw daggers at her.sanskar leaned back enjoying her laughter sound and looked around
his eyes narrowed when he saw a gang of boys looking at her from head to toe.his blood boiled he looked at her angrily who was laughing and teasing lucky to the core.
he hold her hand under the table swara’s back straightened and she looked at him in shock.she blinked at him

lucky gets a call and he excused himself.
swara in her mind cried out loudly:no no lucky don’t leave me alone with this devil.she tried to free her hand.
swara:sanskar leave my hand
sanskar angrily:stop laughing like a fool.
swara wrinkled her nose and said:leave my hand she snapped at him at that time their order came.
waiter smiling at swara:ma’am here your order.
swara:thank u.when waiter is gone sanskar squezeed her hand hardly to maake her look at him.
sanskar:why did u wear shorts for coming out? to get attension from boys? swara eyes get filled with tears she herself didn’t remember that she was wearing shorts
she only wear those type of dresses when she is at home.lucky didn’t give her chace to change.
swara angrily:yes why u are getting angry this is my life my choice u are no one to interfear got it.she pulled her hand angrily
sanskar open his mouth to said something very haarshly but lucky came so he kept quite.
lucky exclaimed:oh order has arrived.he quickly sit and start eating.
lucky:sanskar u are not eaating?
sanskar:i am eating he started to eat his ice cream.swara face was red due to anger he has problem with her short dresses fine then she will wear only sach clothes
how dare he question her clothing.swara put another spoon full of ice cream in her mouth anrily.the ice cream quickly melted in her anger filled mouth and spread the cool.
swara’s anger vanished in second and licked her lips feeling the taste all over.sanskar stiffened looking at her red cherry lips he gulped hard when she slowly licked them.
she was totally involved in eating ice cream fully enjoying it.
swara exclaimed:i want one more she quickly said after finishing her cup.
sanskar angrily:no i am getting late i have to atten lectures.swara face get dimmed she looked at him
swara mumbled:brute.
sanskar with half smile:i heared that.he don’t care what she call him but he can’t handle her torture of licking her lips all the time
its better they should leave noe before he grabbed her and taste her red cherry lips he close his fist thinking about the kiss he never in his life going to kiss her.
lucky:swara i also think we should leave.we will come some other time.swara nodded poutingly and they leave from there sanskar before leaving looking back at the
boys who were staring at swara and leaved remembering their faces they are going to get punishment for staring and gossiping about his girl.



swara wipe the sweat from er forehead after giving the last toutch to the chicken biryani.she looked at all the items truimphly
she had made spending about 2 hours in kitchen
malai cofta,custered,backed chicken and kheer (guys i don’t know much about food items).
she looked at the clock and exclaimed:oh their flight must have been landed
swara to cook:don’t tell anyone i had cooked okay? cook just nodded with smile swara run outside and collided with sanskar
swara:ouch! she rubbed her forehead with her palm.
saanskaar angrily:are u a kid? why are u running in whole house?
swara in mind:always angry
swara pointing her finger at him:sanskar listen i have no time for your insulting world so please some other day hmm?
sanskar looked at her bandaage finger and grabbed her hand quickly.
sanskar with frown:what has happened to your finger.
swara pulled her hand back and said:non of your buiesness and tried to leave from there but sanskar pinned her to the wall.
sanskar in deep tone:everything about u is my buiesness.swara breath turned havy hearing his concerned voice but she quickly pushed aside.
swara:no its not and keep a distance from me.she pushed him back and goes from there quickly before he again caatch her hand.
sanskar smiling mumbled to himself:how can i keep distance from my girl.



all were sitting dadu was sitting in head seat dadi was sitting at right side then dp was sitting beside dadi and ap was opposite to him.
and beside dp Dr.Mathew was sitting and with him shekhar was sitting and to his opposite sumi was sitting.swara was sitting with sumi and beside her lucky was sitting
swara intensionally made lucky sit with her so that she can maintain a safe distance from him.sanskar was sitting just opposite to her throwing death glares at her.
ragini was sitting beside him.the dinner was not yet started as elders were taking about buiesness then dadu assked them to start the dinner.
they all took their first bite.
shekhar happily:we cooked food today.he was looking at sumi and ap.
both ladies:we didn’t cook today.
dp:maa there is taste of your hands today.u should have not cook today u trevelled so much.
dadi chuckling:arra i didn’t cook anything.swara’s face was glowing hearing their comments she opened her mouth to said something but before that ragini spoked
ragini:i cooked food today.all head jerked toward her.shocked expressions were present at their faces.
lucky stammering:u..co…cooked all this.
ragini pushing her short hairs at her back proudly and said:yes.lucky coughed hard swara patt his back and give him water.
shehar give her side hug:its delicious i am proud of u.
ragini:thank u dad
all praised her very much except dadu and dadi andddd our sanskar trio were looking at swara suspeciously.
swara looked at ragini’s beaming face and put spoon of rice in her mouth.she had no plan to tell anyone that she had cooked it she was going to tell
chef hass cooked but never mind her sister was looking very happy and she was happy that all liked it and more ever she herself knew it that
if sumi and shekhar would have come to know thaat she had cooked it they would have not eaten properlly this all had happened already once she cooked some sweat
when she had topped in her school when she was 16.they all were eating and praising the kheer but when she said she had cooked it,they averted their hands from it.
but never mind it does not affect now they all liked it.that was enough for her.her gaze was averted from ragini to sanskar who was staring at her deeply
as his eyes were piercing in her mind reading everything what she is thinking.she averted her face from him quickly and looked at dadu who was looking at him
dadu looking at swara said:the food is good.
swara lowered her eyes and start eating quietly she didn’t raised her head again but she was still feeling three pair of eyes on her.


swara and dadu were sitting in the library dadu was sitting on arm chair reading a book putting glasses on his eyes and
swara was sitting on sofa opposite to dadu putting both her legs on it reading romantic noval while bitting her nails.
dadu in serious tone:i didn’t like it.
swara without looking at him:i also didn’t like that book dadu.its soooo boring u should read something else.
dadu raised his glasses holding them from corner and looked at swara and said:swaraaaaa.
swara looked at him and said with smile:g daduuuu.
dadu:i was not talking about book i was talking about food why didn’t u told everyone that u had cooked it.
swara shrugged and said:it doesn’t matter.
at that time dadi entered holding a tray of three mug of coffee were placed and said:off course it matters.
dadi in corcerned tone:someday she will take something precious at that will u let her took it.
swara sighed and said:my precious thing are u two she pecked dadu’s cheek and said again:ragini is my sister not a enemy she will not harm me.so chill.
dadi and dadu looked at each other and smiled
dadu:hmmm my gorgious is grown up now its time for her marriage.swara face hung down in shock she was not even 18
swara shocked:dadu i am not even 18 and u are thinking to make me marriad
dadu chuckling:u will turn 18 after two weeks this is not a good excuse.
swara pouting:i don’t want to get married.
both shocked:whyyyy?
swara:because i want to live with u two she huged dadi and pecked her.
dadu smiling:but still swara tell me what type of husband u want?
swara:just like u.
dadi fake angry:don’t filt with my husband.swara laughed.
dadi:and mor ever he is cute and nice now because of my love at collage time he was arrogant,rude,prankstar and number one filrt.swara’s laugh ecoched in whole library
dadu glaring at her said:aacha therefore at the day of collage u dirct land in my arms
dadi blushed hard and said:because u had put oil in my path to rage me.
they all spend some good quality time together not knowing what destiny had kept for them

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