Don saheliyon ki kahani (one shot) by Aliya

An idea just popped in my mind and i written it as os!


Lets begin……


This story starts from the friendship of Shekar Suryavanshi and Dayal Rajvanshi they r from Royal families
At their early age their friendship has turned into Relationship as Shekar’s sister Kokila gets married to Dayal’s brother Suraj..
But everything doesn’t went well as
After 5 yrs of their marriage Suraj leaves world in Car accident leaving behind his wife and a daughter Rajnandhini
Soon time passes with this Shekar and Dayal looked after Rajnandhini like their own daughter!

Shekar’s wife Sharmishta and Dayal’s wife Janki gives birth to the daughter’s
SWARAGINI.their daughter’s meant world to them!

Shek seeing swaragini in cradle:our daughter’s will continue our friendship dayal

Dayal smiles:ha..our daughter’s will keep our friendship alive

Kokila who heard this:never!

This brought jealousy in Kokila..she thought Rajnandhini will not get any rights in the both the royal properties!

Days start to grow..

Rajnandhini grown into beautiful young woman…she was opposite of her mother sweet innocent girl…who loved SWARAGINI more than anything

She falls in love with some Random guy..who was only behind her for her status!

Wn Rajnandhini told abt her love to kokila and shekar and dayal
Shekar and dayal agrees for Rajnandhini bt kokila was unhappy!

Soon shekar and dayal got to know abt the real face of the they denied

Rajnandhini fought for her love and she decided to runaway with the guy!

She ran with him….

On next day Rajnandhini found in a lifeless state at the palace!she is alive bt no movements
Wat hpnd with her no one knows!
Kokila’s jealousy and anger turned more!seeing her daughter’s condition she took a oath to ruin the relation between shekar and dayal….

(Here the story begins)

After few years….

The jaigarh palace was beautifully decorated
All the ppl were seated
And at the middle few dancer’s were standing

And the two girls comes in the middle their back is faced…

So the music starts they sings and dances beautifully (u can imagine dola re from devdas)

The first girl is revealed to be Swara Suryavanshi
She is sweet innocent chirpy girl and a bit stubborn…

And the second girl is revealed to be Ragini
She is sweet kindhearted innocent girl

SWARAGINI both can’t live without eachother!they were never separate…they completed their studies in a hostel..just bcs they doesnt hv to live separately..they just want to together wherever they go!
As shekar and dayal said SWARAGINI continued their friendship!
Kokila was angry on herself that she couldn’t do anything to break the relation day by day their relationship got strong!she is searching for the right chance to break the relation..she thinks SwaRagini should break then it will be the never ending fight occur between their dad’s


After the dance….

Swaragini runs to one of the room where Rajnandhini is sleeping lifelessly

All smiles sadly.. Swaragini shares each and everything with sleeping Rajnandhini

Sw:today i will say first
Rag:no!i will say first
Sw:i will! That’s final

Swarag together:Kambhagani jiji
Swarag laughs finding that they said together

Rag:jiji…tell na how we look?do we look like a Royal queen?
Sw:tell us jiji..who looks more beautiful?
Rag:mein!hai na jiji!
Sw:accha ji!khud ki tareefein!
Rag sits near Rajnandhini;see na jiji…i said the truth..swara chidthi hai!
Sw:mein chidti hoon…
Sw:jiji…u only getup and tell na who looks more Royal!

An old lady comes (she is swara’s dadi bt rag too calls her dadi..dadi never differentiated in SwaRag)


Dadi:arey… don’t irritate my nandini
SwaRag:kabaghani dadisa
They takes her blessings and hugs her from either sides


Rag:dadi sa…you look like sweet 16
Sw:ha..wat is the reason behind this..even tell us..we will apply it!
Dadi twists both swaragini’s ears:badmaash…if you both get married to same house na then…i cant even imagine the lives of husbands! always mischiefs

Swarag:ahh..chodo no dadi sa

Dadi leaves

Swarag smiles and turns and finds their parents
They hugs them..and talks randomly


Shekar:our daughter’s hv grown up dayal
Swarag:grown up?we r still small!
Dadi:wat small?your age girls are married and hvng kids
Swarag makes faces!
Dayal:ma are right

Sw: I don’t want to you can get Ragini married
Rag:wat? Actually you r elder to me for 16 days so you should marry first
Sw:days doesnt matter!
Rag:truth wont change you are elder to me !
Dadi:arey bass karo tum dono!

Shek:we hv searched a groom’s for Swaragini…
Jan:wat?its your age to marry!your studies also hv been completed
Sharmishta:even you both can’t live without eachother!
Dayal:so we hvfound brother’s for you!

SwaRag fake anger Actually they were soooo happy:watt?we will not marry!
Shek- dayal smiles:is it?

SwaRag looks at eachother and runs out holding their hands

All laughs

While running they dashes with Kokila

SwaRag:sorry bua ma/choti ma sa
Kokil:everytime running..i feel to tie both of your legs..
SwaRag:can we go?
Kokil:did i tie you..go
Sw:we thought you want tie us!
Rag:so we stood here
They runs again

They reach their room


Sw:finally..our marriage talks started?
Rag dreamily:yes!how would he be?
Sw:oh..hello!wr r u lost?
Rag:swara…listen..if we marry to same house then you are my jethani
Sw:aur tum meri devrani!then i will be so strict!
Rag fake glares her..
Then both laughs…falling on a bed!


Dadi:but this girls didn’t agreed for the marriage
Shek-dayal:we know SWARAG more then them!
They smiles
Kokila listens this

Dadi looks at Rajnandhini :if my nandini was like before
Dayal:who can change the fate!we should hope for the best ma sa
Shek:ha ma sa!
Dadi:so from which family you hv found the guys for our SWARAGINI

Kokila listens keenly

Shek:woh ma sa.. Durgaprasad Maheshwari and Ramprasad Maheshwari’s sons…
Dadi:wat the guy’s are doing?

Dayal:Durgaprasad ji’s son is handling the buisiness in all over India whom we hv selected for Ragini and Ramprasad ji’s son is handling the buisiness in foreign countries we hv selected him for Swara

Dadi: don’t you know swaragini want the same house..ek des mein ek pardes mein

Shek:we hv talked abt this..we won’t get good ppl like Maheshwari’s…dheere dheere adjust karlenge!


Dayal: sharmishta janki…we hv to send yhe photo’s to them!
Shek:we hv to mail them the photo’s!one is already in foreign other hv went to agra for buisiness purpose!

Kokila who listened this smirks cooking up a plan in her mind!


All leaves from the room…

Dayal:i will send the photos!
Shek smiles:ok!

Dayal sits infront of Laptop!

Kokila and servant gulabi(who is supporting kokila)comes there!

Kokila signs her…she nods!

Kokila:bhai sa!
Dayal looks at her!

He hv sent the mail..but it isnt succeeded!due to some failed connection!

Kokila:bhai sa..outside few ppl hv come!
Dayal:wait let me check!
He gets up and goes!

Gulabi immediately runs
Gulabi:this is showing sending….

Kokila:then cancel it fast!
Gulabi:it isnt hpng
Kokila glares ger and pushes her…
Gulabi:ow..meine kya kiya!

Kokila cancels the mail
Kokila smirks:this time even God is with me!

Gulabi:bade saab is coming here

Kokila immediately deletes swara’s photo and add’s Ragini’s photo and sends..
And other one she resends it without changing!

It wasn’t sent

Kokila sees dayal coming there…
At the time shekar stops him!

Kokila sees the screen which shows successful!


She goes out immediately!

Kokila:dono par Ragini ki jaadu chal jaaye bas!(hope… ragini’s magic run’s on both)


She goes to Rajnandhini’s room

Gulabi:wat a plan?jis ladke ko Swara ki tasveer bhej na tha use Ragini ki tasveer beji gayi!jis ladke ko Ragini ki taveer bhej na tha use bhi Ragini ki tasveer bheji gayi!Ragini dono taraf se chaa jaati hai ya nahi!uske liye pitchure abhi bhi baaki hai mere dosth
(To the boy whom Swara’s photo has to be sent….Ragini’s photo was sent instead…and to the boy whom Ragini’s photo has to be sent for him too Ragini’s photo was sent…will ragini be liked or not in both the side…for that the film is still to watch my friend?)

Kokila glares her

Rajnandhini could hear this!

Kokila:the injustice hpnd with me and my daughter…the time has come for the revenge!i know that shekar and dayal is only behind my daughter’s state!and wat you told…like or not..both should like her….they hv to like her..if not my plan will not work..this will be the last chance wch i vl hv….


Here sw:if someday i cheat you!wat vl u do?
Rag:hmm..if something like that hpns na..i vl forgive you
Sw smiles:i know that..she hugs Ragini from back!
Rag:dadi ne kaha…ek des mein hai aur ek pardes mein!hum kya karenge
Sw: don’t worry Ragoo…we vl twist our husband’s ears and bring them together and will make them stay together
Rag:then wat abt their business!
Sw:then let it be!i vl go forien and you stay here!
Rag pouts:u vl leave me
Rag:go.. I don’t want to talk to you!
Sw:oh oh..i was joking na Ragoo…
Rag:then!wat u expected
Sw:we vl leave our husbands to their work and we vl become good daughter-in-law and stay with in-laws..wn our husband’s wish to see us they vl come..wat say?
Rag laughs and claps:wat a plan!
Sw raises her invisible collar

Rag:they will like us or not!if your guy likes you and mine one rejected me then
Sw:oh…hello madam..thatcan never hpn ok..if something like that hpnd then!we both will not marry!

Here screen splits with both the guy’s seeing Ragini’s photo!


They smiles widely…showing a sign that both of them hv liked Ragini!!!!

Soon the day passes…

Next day dp rp and ap suji comes there…and they fixes the marriage!

They talks with swaragini!everything goes well!

Kokila smirks!

After they leaves…

Swarag goes to Rajnandhini
Sw:our marriage..jiji
Rag:i m scared!

Sw:why r u scared?
Rag:arey buddhu!they r coming before 5 days before marriage!
Sw tease:who guests?
Rag:jiji dekhona!
Swara laughs
Sw:buddhu mein nahi tum ho!they aren’t coming to eat you raw!
She laughs
Sw:our marriage will be na dhamakaa
Rag:woh tho hai!

At the time kokila comes
Kokila:oh ho!brides are talking..look wat i m having!

Gulabi:photos of your groom’s
Rag blushes..swara hits her throgh elbow and gives her a teasing smile

They takes the photo

Swarag goes
Rag:show me too!
Sw:no no!you will put the evil eyes!
Sw runs!
Rag chases her!

Here kokila sends more and more photos of Ragini to Groom’s

And they are obviously Sanskar and Laksh

San smiles brushing his hair!
San:you are really an angel!wn vl the day come…i m desperate to meet you..from the time i hv seen you..only you and you i can see like there’s no other girl in the world like you are made for me!if everything is i my hands na i would hv come to meet you now you would hv seen my photo i dont know you would like me or not!hoping for the best..


Here laksh: Ragini…!wn i see you just my mind gets blank and you are only filled in my mind my heart..wat magic you hv done on me Ragini that if i close my eyes..i see you..if i open my eyes i see you!i dont know wat vl be my reaction wn i vl see you!i m somewhat nervous..till now i only liked you…wat abt you?will you like me? sometimes i feel scared thinking wat if you reject me!plzz aisa na ho plzz!

Lak then calls san
San smiles and picks the call
Lak:suna hai kisiki shaadi hai!
San smiles:humne bhi suna hai kisi aur ki bhi shaadi hai!
Both laughs
Lak:i cant imagine sanky..we r getting married on same day!
San:come to the wedding… imagination will become reality!
Like this they talk..

Here kokila mails the dance performance of swaragini to Sanlak! this even swara’s there!
Kokila smirks!

Here sanlak receives the video they smiles seeing Ragini!

Days passed… there’s only 5 days for marriage
Sanlak reach there…
They sees the palace..and smiles.. Actually they are desperate to meet Ragini


Dont read more…
Wat will hpn in the Mrg i vl tell you in the next contiuation of the os “Silsila chahath ka”??which i may update on valentine’s day!until then don’t curse me for ending this with suspense


Do tell me did you like it or not

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