Don and his Roma- Summary till chapter 9

Hey guyz here. I’m I’ll update the episode soon but now I’m updating its summary of both the season….this is specially for u Jaf…n sorry here is the summary.

Season 1 Summary till chapter 9

Swara is a Interpol officer wants to catch Don. he is the cause of every problem in her Don is sanskar but I will prefer him as don.
Ragini: ragini is swara’s cousin.
ram Singhania: Head of CBI branch. loves Swara as her daughter.

So the story Swara in night comes to her home she is very tired so she decided to take bath. but some unusual things happens to her which makes her believe that Don is watching her.when she discuss this with ram sir he tells him that she is imaging that he is there bcz Don is there in Germany. he tells her to consult Doctor. she goes to her doctor n tellsher everything. her doctor told her to go some other place for sometime so she will forget every thing she nodes. n with ragini she went to ragini’s house in New York (Swaragini leaves in london but separate). But ragini’ s parents went for some imp. work so swarag was alone. ragini asks swara for a party but she refuses but after sometime she agreed. in the party she met with don. She fents seeing him.He takes her from there. when she woke up she founds herself in car. where police is chasing them. but after sometime they rescued don took her to a privare jet. where she meet karan(karan wahi). she again gets fainted. they takes her to paris. then their restaurant visit. her attempt to run away. Don’s punishment Sweet punishment. Their jacuzzi romance. Later she steals money but Don caught her. with a sweet romantic way he took the money from her.

This is the summary of season 1 now season 2.

Swara  was wondering here n there. Then she gets seeing library in Don’s palace..later she goes with don to business Deal. don gibes her a gun for safety but she died late accepts deal..the dealer has bad eye on Swara which makes Don irritate their fight n finally she shoots a guy who is going to shoot down.

Don gives a ring to Swara n gives her a chance to if she wants she can go back to her place. But ask her to come with him for party n dance with him.n left her alone. She decided she will go she got ready n went with him. The party was on a ferry..they dance their romantic talks n kiss. But Ram reaches there with the help of ragini.somehow Don escapes from there. Swara was not fine bcz she wants to be with don.n now din thinks that this is all bcz of her.

She again goes home swaragini shares dome sisterly moments.After some days Swara again joints Office but when she returns she saw don’t is sitting on her flat in drunken state.they clear there mu.their romance.he never force her bcz of her nervousness.

But one night one memeber of Interpol saw don with A girl but Swara some how convinces that he is not here. Then both Swara n din left to Paris without letting anyone know about them…where she meets yana Maya karan’s wife n daughter.she is shocked to see don is really close to Maya. She gets to know don writers poetry,palys guitar he cooks food for her.treats her like princess.he watches tom & jerry. their romance etc..then she gets to know don is 34 makes fun of him n he gets angry.on don’s birthday they went to Disney land as per don’s wish.later she makes cake for him.their hot chocolaty romance n finally consumption.don’s painful past that he is orphan his painful memories

He decided to leave a peaceful life they both again went to new York.they make a plane that Swara will leave her job n will sing don’s realeas papers without letting ram know about it.Swara was not feeling good but she did this.then came arjun one sided lover of Swara.he tries to came close to her but don fight with him. But when he tries to kill don swara shot him. She gets scared.but don made it accident n everyone belives it.

Ram tells Swara to go somewhere he doesn’t know that arjun got murdered. Swara n don leaves for Roam.then don proposes Swara for marriage n leaves to swara’s uncles house for asking her hand for marriage.

They reaches there n his uncle agreed after lot of time.but ragini was not happy. In the whole don n ragini gives each other angry looks. Swara finds ragini is not happy she shares her insecurities with her.

Oh so this is the summary till now I know it’s not appropriate.but Jaf I suggest u should read the previous episode them u will feel the intensity of the story…bcz it’s a normal story but the way Don n Swara feels for each other it’s given on detail.I can’t express there feelings in summary..hope u get to know the story..n sorry once again dear?

I have revealed their past in
“Don and His Roma Season 2 Episode 15”

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  1. Hi ireena i am a silent reader ur ff is awesome yaar really thrilling I love Don very much and u portrayed the Don -swara scene especially the romance is super dear i am waiting for the next

    1. thanx nehasuhana..I’m gald u liked it…I too love to write about them….I’ll post soon don’t worry.??

  2. U revived my memories. Thankd for this summary . Though i have read from first ep this summary helped me to revive everything. Lovr u for that. BTW do u have leave now???
    Love u dear??

    1. thanx yaar…..while writing this summary I also remember previous Don and Swara’s movement and which I forget…n leave from what dear?….love u too

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