Don and his Roma Season 3 Episode 9

As Swara finished her tae kwon do class, she bid her goodbye to the kids and was ready to leave after retrieving her duffle bag. She was done for the day. She desperately wanted to hit the showers, but would wait to get home for that. She was making a mental note to buy a new shower gel on her way home when she literally stumbled into a rock solid mass.

She looked up justto recognize Rebecca’s father

‘S-sorry?’ she didn’t even know whether to apologize or not, after all what was he doing standing in her way when she was busy making mental grocery lists?

‘I actually called for you, but you seemed lost in thoughts’ he grinned

She looked away, feeling uneasy ‘Can I help you?’

‘Well, you said the only way to talk to you was coming here after my daughter’s classes’

he shrugged, pulling Rebecca in between them, his palms over her shoulders ‘So hereI am’

‘Is there a problemwith the course?’

‘No, Rebecca is really pleased with it. Kyon, Rebecca?’The teenage girl nodded smilingly

‘Miss Swara rocks’

Swara smiled slightly upon hearing that

‘So basically, we both think you rock’ Arjun cleared his throat ‘and would like it if you joined us for lunch’

‘…Um, abhi?’ she immediately regretted having asked that. What she had really meant to say was “what the hell? get lost”

‘Haan, right now. If that’s alright with you, that is…’She looked around uncomfortably

‘I really need to hit the showers…’

‘C’mon… it’s just a casual terrace lunch somewhere.No fancy stuff, I promise’

‘I don’t know…’Arjun looked at her insistently. His facial expressionswere really funny, somehow, even though there was really nothing funny about the way he looked.

Swara eventually caved in ‘Alright, I guess…’

‘Yay’ Rebecca said in a small voice, trying to hide her enthusiasm.

Arjun was a lot more obvious though, a huge grin plastered across his face swara wanted to just get lost along the way and hope they wouldn’t notice. The last thing she wanted was human interaction. She had no friends in Delhi. All her acquaintances had been slowly alienated by her. She avoided any form of socializing altogether.

She looked over at Arjun as they all walked to his car. Swara was no fool.She knew where this was heading. Surely he wasn’t just being too friendly with his daughter’s tae kwon do instructor. She needed to figure out a way to push him as far away as possible.

Just then, he looked at her and caught her staring. She immediately averted her gaze, but it was too late.He’d seen her and that just added fuel to whatever this was.

Sam was just stepping in when Yana was hanging up her phone. He kissed her and she couldn’t help but smile ear to ear

‘Wow, someone’s in a good mood’ a jet lagged Sam pointed out

‘I’m so happy, Sam! Don just asked me to go stay with Maya for the whole week’Sam looked at her incredulously

‘How come?’

‘Ok… Don’t freak out’ Yana bit her lower lip

‘Oh God…’ he threw himself on the sofa next to her. He knew that whenever Yana used that expression whatever followed was not to be taken lightly

‘It’s good news! Eventually. Just hear me out’

Sam rubbed his face. He’d thought he’d just get home and go right to sleep after his long flight from Delhi, with an Istanbul layover, but his wife seemed to have different plans. He nodded for her to go on

‘Something big happened… I… I kind of confronted Don’

Sam just stared at her, his features stiffening after a moment

‘You what?’

‘Hear me out! I have a really good feeling about this. Especially since he just called to tell me to pack my stuff for a whole week with Maya. You know what that means. He won’t be in London. Or anywhere near’

‘Where’s he going?’ Sam was not getting any of this

‘You tell me what your guess is when I finish telling you how I confronted him’ Yana grinned

‘Ok, so after not seeing Don the whole weekend, I went home on Sunday evening. Yesterday morning I got a really early call. I panicked at first, I thought something had happened. But it was one of Don’s men, Marcus, that told me to go over and get Maya ready for school. I didn’t understand what was happening, but I complied. On my way there the driver told me that they had no idea about Don’s whereabouts and they didn’t know what to do regarding Maya. He’d never missed taking Maya to school in the mornings. I told Maya I’d missed my flight to Berlin the previous night and took her to school. All the while, wondering where Don could’ve been’

‘You didn’t…’ Sam said apprehensively ‘Tell me you didn’t go there’

‘I did’ Yana bit her lower lip
‘I went to the mansion’


‘Hey! It’s alright. I’m here aren’t I?’ she smiled, taking his hands in hers, and then proceeded to tell him exactly how she’d found Don asleep in his study and what they’d talked after she’d woken him up.

Sam was dumbstruck. He didn’t know what had possessed Yana to do what she’d done, and where she’d found the courage to face Don like she had, but he was damn proud of her. He hugged his wife affectionately, praising her bravery.

‘How was your trip?’ she eventually asked him

‘Tiring’ Sam suddenly remembered how exhausted he was

She then asked ‘How’s swara?’Sam looked at her and she giggled

‘Come on, I know you met her. Don told me, remember?’Sam widened his eyes

‘Oh, yeah! So that means…’

‘…That he’s keeping track of her! I know!’ Yana smiled

‘See? I really have a good feeling about this…’

Sam’s smile faded eventually, remembering his meet-up with swara

‘I’ve never seen her like this…It’s like all the life has been sucked out of her. There’s no light in her eyes, no smile on her lips. Her hair is dull, her skin is dry, she’s literally all fiber muscle. You can see bones through her skin. I don’t know what’s going to happen to her…’

‘Did she say anything about… Don?’

‘Not at all’ Sam nodded ‘She never asks about him. She barely talks, actually. And I’ve never told her anything about him, I’m afraid of what effect it’ll have on her. I haven’t told her about Maya…I know that would really hurt her’

Yana sighed ‘I really hope he thinks about what I’ve told him…’

‘Yana…’ Sam paused gravely ‘I have no words to express how much I admire you for what you’ve done… but I’m serious… please don’t ever do that again. You don’t know what he’s capable of. You don’t know half of it… ‘

‘I bet you’ve never seen him like that.He was a wreck. I’ve never seen a man so…damaged. I’m surprised he hadn’t gone into a coma or something, he’d obviously been drinking the whole weekend. When I entered the study you could cut the smoke with a knife. And it reeked of distillery! I didn’t even realize he was in the room until I heard him sigh in his sleep. Asleep, his head on the desk! A grown up man! And that sigh… it was as somebody had stabbed him in the heart. Believe me, Sam… what I saw wasn’t Don the king or whatever he’s called… it was Don, the man. A deeply flawed man, deeply hurt and troubled. I caught him off-guard completely. That’s why I feel… I just feel that it will be ok…’

Swara sat across the terrace table from Arjun and Rebecca, looking around, feeling uncomfortable. It was the first time she was out in public after such along time, other than doing her errands. She felt awfully self-conscious in her sports gear, but then again, so were Arjun and his daughter.

‘What shall we order?’ Arjun asked

‘Oh! Let’s get ice cream!’ Rebecca said enthusiastically

‘Arre, let’s see what swara wants first, na?’ he elbowed his daughter jokingly

‘Uhm… just water for me’ she smiled faintly

‘Huh?’ he grimaced ‘Arre yaar it’s such a nice day, birds in the sky, tourists on the street, the misting fan is working here… what more can you ask for?’ and before she could react he said

‘Ice cream! Totally right, meri jaan!’

he knuckle bumped his daughter and the whole scene made Swara smile.You could really tell they were good friends first and foremost.

‘Ok… I guess one ice cream won’t hurt’

‘We knew you’d come around’ Arjun smiled and the waitress came to take their order immediately after he whistled for her

She came back rather rapidly with their respective cups and Arjun just sat back and stared at het reluctantly scraping her ice cream scoops with her spoon

‘You look like you’ve never tasted ice-cream before’ he grimaced again in a funny way

‘What gave it away?’

‘The fact that you didn’t just jump on it the second the waitress brought it? And also that you’re damn skinny’

Swara looked at him in shock. Did he just really tell her that?

‘What? It’s the truth! I mean even Rebecca weights more than you do, and she’s pretty athletic herself’

‘And I love ice-cream’ his daughter added smilingly

Swara blinked at them both for a while, at loss for words

‘I hope I haven’t offended you’ Arjun said, on a serious tone ‘Us Punjabis are frank like that. Besides, I didn’t mean it in a bad way. But you could really afford to indulge a lot more’ then turning to Rebecca he said ‘She’s got some pretty hardcore 6-pack abs, yaar. Did she ever wear a sports bra to class’


Swara pleaded, blushing.She didn’t know why she was blushing though. He’d complimented her a lot in just under one minute

‘Rock solid’ he nodded

‘You got 8 packs papa, so maybe ice cream is the way to go’ Rebecca giggled

‘And chicken!’

‘That goes without saying na, you’re Punjabi, you were practically born with chicken drumsticks in your hands’ Swara pointed out and the other two immediately burst out laughing

Swara couldn’t help but giggle herself. She wasn’t surprised to hear that Arjun had 8-pack abs. The glimpse she’d seen of them had proven to be just as she’d suspected. She wasn’t surprised to hear he was Punjabi either. He was really tall, well-built. Basically all tall, dark and… she then stopped her train of thoughts. What the hell! she thought. Why was she thinking about these things?

‘Uhm’ she got off her chair, Arjun and Rebecca staring at her, confused

‘I’m sorry. I just remembered I have somewhere I have to be!’Arjun stood up ‘I’ll drive you’

‘No, no, please. Stay, enjoy your ice cream… Have to run… sorry’

and then she literally ran, as far away as she could.

When Swara reached home, she practically walked into the shower fully clothed. She needed a cold shower. She’d jogged all her way back home. But it wasn’t just the sweat that she wanted to rinse away, but also the idiotic thoughts she’d had of Arjun.

“What the hell was that Swara? 8 Pack abs? Tall, dark and handsome? So what! So what if he’s good looking? So what if he’s charismatic. So what if he seems to be a fantastic dad!? So what if… if he seems really interested in you?… ‘

she rested her forehead against the tile and just stood there, water running over her, drenching her clothes. She felt guilty. Guilty for even noticing those abs in the first place, guilty for talking back to him everytime he initiated conversation. Guilty for accepting his invitation for the casual lunch that turned into ice cream…guilty for blushing the way she had… guilty for calling him by his first name…

She then removed her clothes, and adjusted the water to a bearable temperature, realizing she’d forgotten to buy the shower gel after all. She allowed herself to cry a bit, she could even keep it a secret from herself as her tears mixed with the water that was running down her face, her sighs muffled by the sound of dripping water.She’d lost track of how much time she’d spent in the shower. When she finally stepped out, the whole bathroom was too steamy.

She hardly saw ahead of her. When she reached the sink she flinched as she was surprised to see herself in the mirror. She frowned as she couldn’t understand how the mirror hadn’t steamed up as well. It looked as if she’d just wiped her hand across it.

Had she? She couldn’t even tell anymore. She lost track of her actions. She kept forgetting whether she’d eaten, or whether she’d paid some of her bills or not… She sighed, resting her hands on the sink.

She decided to do her best to avoid Arjun. It wasn’t good for her. She hadn’t decided what she were to do with her life, but she didn’t want to think about it just then. Or ever. She just wanted to keep dragging herself through each day at a time, as she’d done for the past 19 months.She stepped out of the bathroom and the temperature difference sent a chill up her spine. Which was quite pleasant for the current Delhi weather. She walked over to her dressing table (which was already there when she’d bought the place, along with all the rest of the furniture as she couldn’t be bothered to look for some herself) and opened her jewelry box.

It only contained two items. Her vintage diamond ring, and her wedding band.She stopped wearing them when they began slipping off her finger, as she lost weight. She took it as a sign and decided she didn’t have any reason to wear them anymore, anyway. She tried them on,and it seemed as though they’d never fitted her ring finger before, that’s how loose they hung. She looked at her hand, thinking it was a perfect picture of her life. It was as if she’d never been Don’s wife.

All that seemed so distant and hard to believe. She now found it hard to believe that it had all been real. That she’d actually been happy once. That she’d actually felt loved once… Before tears could make their way past her eyelashes, she quickly let the jewelry drop into the box and closed the lid sharply.

Swara was walking into the building to get ready for her self defense class she was holding that day, when she felt someone approach her.

She wasn’t exactly surprised to see Arjun. She smiled faintly and he smiled back, hands behind his back



‘You left in such a hurry yesterday… I’m sorry you had to leave so suddenly’

This was increasingly awkward, Swara resolved. Why did he come all the way there, just to tell her that?

‘Yeah, sorry, I had forgotten that I had… something to do’

‘Uhm, yeah. The thing is, I don’t believe you’

Swara blinked at him several times ‘Excuse me’

He shrugged ‘I just don’t buy it. Listen… it took me a lot of guts to come up to you and make my daughter an accomplice on getting you to go out with me, even for an ice cream’

Swara lowered her gaze and kept her eyes glued to his shoes

‘And I’m a gutsy guy, normally’ he grinned, lowering to catch her gaze. When she finally looked him in the eye he sighed

‘I don’t know what you’ve been through. And you don’t know about me either… But you probably know by now that I …definitely like you. And I’m only asking you to please consider getting to know me a bit. Who knows? Maybe there’s more to this Punjabi gunda’ he chuckled and she actually smiled at the corner of her lips

‘So what say?’


‘Oh God… I wasn’t too convincing, was I?’ he grimaced

She smiled a sad smile ‘It’s like you said… you don’t know about me and where I come from…’

He cursed under his breath and looked around. She giggled seeing him so natural. There really was something very appealing to Arjun, beside his physical appearance. But swara knew there was no point in even trying to like someone else…

‘I was going to ask you out, like, this evening’

She laughed ‘Oh, ok. I see why the reaction then. Sorry. Not happening’ she actually felt sorry for him

‘Just… what if… what if you didn’t think of it as a date. Just… think of it like walking around with a friend. A little bird told me you’re not from Delhi and you actually don’t really know your way around. What if I were to show you around? Would that be ok?’

He was so hopeful. Shr really hated herself for breaking his spirit.

‘Arjun… let me be clear. I am not interested in going out on a date. Not tonight, not any other night’

Arjun’s face fell as if on command.

‘However… I could use a friend’ she smiled faintly

‘And i would like it if someone were to show me around more… So, if you think that would be enough… and I really mean that, then yes, I’ll meet you later on this evening’

Arjun grinned widely. Somehow she felt that the whole message hadn’t registered. But it was too late now. He was ecstatic.

‘Have you heard a single word I’ve just told you?’

‘I did. But a positive attitude never killed anyone’She shrugged

‘As long as we’re clear on that. No expectations. I’m flattered, don’t get me wrong… I think you’re a nice guy. But… just please take me seriously and know that I really meant what I just said’

‘So what time should I pick you up?’ he smiled

She felt like face palming herself ‘Just tell me where to come and we’ll meet there’

Arjun wanted to complain but probably felt it was better not to push his luck ‘I think it’s safest if we meet here since you know your way to work’ he chuckled
‘7 pm?’

‘Ok. See you soon’

she waved at him. As she held her class she couldn’t stop thinking about what a huge mistake it was agreeing to meet Arjun. She was surely going to break his heart and she didn’t need the extra guilt.

Swara couldn’t be bothered less about her “date” with Arjun. She resolved to just decline any other future invitation. She did like him as a person and hoped they could be friends, but she was smarter than to actually believe that was going to happen.

Once a man shows interest in a woman there’s no turning back to a platonic equation. But she didn’t sweat over it. She just changed her sports gear and took a shower, she also applied some mascara because she forgot to wash her hair as well and thought she shouldn’t look like a completeness.

When she reached the building, Arjun was waiting all dressed up in a nice white shirt that had been visibly ironed especially for this occasion. She had only seen him really casual uptil then, not that now he was formal, but still, the dress shirt added a touch of elegance to his otherwise rugged appearance. He was really tall and well built, like most Punjabis are,a solid male specimen that reeked of testosterone. But she was unaffected.

She much rathered Don’s lean physique that didn’t make her feel like an ant by comparison. It was his character that made her weak in the knees.On the other hand,Arjun’s personality was what made her loosen up. He didn’t intimidate her at all. Under that tough exterior he was very fun and charismatic.

As they strolled along the streets, Arjun tried to show her around and tell her interesting facts about the places they visited. She recalled the time in Berlin when Don had showed her around. Again, she couldn’t help but compare.

Don had amazed her with his vast knowledge of both history and architecture. He seemed to have known everything about everything there was to see. On the other hand,Arjun kept telling her fun anecdotes or interesting facts about the places he showed her, that didn’t really hold any significance or importance, but was just fun trivia.

Arjun wasn’t at all mysterious or mercurial. He was a really straight forward person. He liked her, and he said so. He didn’t spend years trying to figure it out and then write her intricate poems trying to describe what he felt.She was really struggling with this comparison she kept making mentally.

She kept telling herself there was no comparison to begin with, since she wasn’t interested in Arjun. But she couldn’t help it.She did laugh a lot. Arjun was a fun person to be around. His jokes had perfect timing. He was really clever and sharp, she could tell. But was trying to make her smile constantly. She concluded that she hadn’t laughed as much ever since she’d come to Delhi altogether. Deep down, she really did hope Arjun would want to be just friends.

She wanted to ask him about his daughter and how he ended up alone, but she thought it was too risky to open up that subject. She decided to stay on the safe side and totally ignore the fact that he was a man that was interested in her as a woman. She could only hope he was inspiring him to do the same.

She was grateful that he didn’t try anything that might have thrown her off. He was a perfect gentleman and really acted as though he was there as a friend. It made her really happy to be able to talk to someone about mundane things. She missed having someone to just talk to. She missed social interaction more than she had known, uptil that evening.

They slowly approached her building after some three hours of walking aimlessly. He insisted on walking her up to her apartment. She really didn’t like the sound of that, but she knew him well enough by then to know that he wasn’t going to try anything funny.

‘I just want to make sure you’re home safe. This neighborhood is actually not too bad but I just wanna make sure that on the one night you went out you actually Made it back home safe’

She laughed ‘Gee, thanks. “Not too bad”. I didn’t really know where to buy when I moved here…’

she said as they walked into her apartment building and starting taking the stairs. She lived on the 2nd floor and was no point in using the elevator.

‘How did you decide for Delhi? Since you’ve got nobody here’

She shrugged ‘I just needed to… run away, I guess’

He kept silent. He knew when not to push her boundaries.

‘Well I hope now you’ve got a larger perspective of Delhi. There’s still so much left to see, though. I may have purposely left some areas out. Just to get you out of the house again’ he grinned

She shrugged ‘Yeah, why not. I had fun’

Arjun looked at her a little longer than usual, and she realized she needed to end the evening before he would actually start getting the wrong idea. She was still not interested of course, and had to make it even clearer to him, if possible.

But before she could say or do anything, she saw him take a small step towards her and she realized he was about to hug her. As she was half relieved that he wasn’t trying to kiss her, but uncomfortable at the idea of him touching her even if it was just to hug her, she saw her entrance door open right before them.

She froze when she saw Don in the doorframe.

She couldn’t believe her eyes. She felt like slapping or pinching herself to make sure this was actually happening. He was very much there, in the flesh, living, breathing. Actually, fuming. He looked as if he wanted to break every bone in Arjun’s body. But there was so much to take in, in one split second.

In that moment she felt all kinds of emotions wash over her. What was he doing there? How did he know where she lived? Had he been following her? What was he doing there? Had he heard what she and Arjun had been talking?


Don looked at her for a split second, and it was all it took for her eyes to well up. Their exchanging glances was all it took for her body and soul to remember every single reason why she loved him.But immediately his eyes darted Arjun. She could actually see flames reflect into them. She wanted to react. She needed to react. As solid as Arjun was, he didn’t stand a chance in the way of Don’s fury. She knew exactly what it looked like, and she knew exactly how it was all going to end unless she said something in Arjun’s defense.

‘Swara. You mentioned someone showing you around Delhi’

Don said gravely, his eyes glued to Arjun’s

‘I see you’ve brought my wife back safe and sound’

Arjun was dumbstruck. He didn’t know what hit him when Don caught his hand in a firm shake.He then extended his other arm to guide Swara inside, who was no less shocked than Arjun was.

‘Where are my manners?’ Don said just as he was about to close the door in Arjun’s face

‘Care to come in?…’Arjun quickly nodded in denial

‘No, thanks. Have a nice evening’ he nodded and took his leave Don slowly closed the door behind him, and Swara hadn’t been able to move a muscle.She was paralyzed, watching Don as if she was dreaming it all.

He slowly moved passed her, and as if it were the most natural thing to do, he headed towards the open space kitchen and took a bottle of whiskey that hadn’t been there before, poured himself some into one of her lousy glasses, and sipped on it as he suddenly raised an eyebrow looking at her.

‘Have a seat, sweetheart’

She felt like chocking. It was too much to bear. She didn’t know whether to throw something at him, or to throw herself at him. She seriously couldn’t decide between the two. So she just stood still, wondering how come she hadn’t fainted yet.

‘Cat caught your tongue?’ he chuckled in that oh so familiar deep voice of his before he downed his whiskey.Looking at him, he looked even better than she remembered. Whereas she was a total wreck. She cursed nature for being so cruel. But she couldn’t get over the fact that he hadn’t killed Arjun right there, on the spot. She immediately realized why he hadn’t done anything.

‘Why are you here?You obviously don’t care who that just was. So what’s the reason?’ she tried to act as cold and composed as possible

‘Who, that sorry bastard?’

She didn’t remember his voice to be so deep. He was either a heavy smoker by now or he was doing it on purpose to intimidate her. Whichever the case, it only made her squirm everytime he spoke.She didn’t know whether to shout in his face that she’d been on a date with him or to drop to her knees and make him understand that there was nothing going on between them and she’d been all by herself ever since she left for India.

‘Answer my question’

‘Oh, just like you answered mine?’ he squinted at her

She remembered exactly what he was referring to, and the whole scene played before her eyes in an instant

‘I did answer you’ she snapped

‘If you call lying answering’

She paused for a long while and eventually said ‘Then lie to me’

‘I’m here to tell you I’ve moved on.That I don’t care about you anymore’

She immediately felt tears roll downher face.He continued on his cold tone, pacing the small kitchenette as he talked

‘To tell you that I don’t miss you at all, that I don’t think about you ever. To tell you that I don’t care who that shmuck was and I don’t feel the urge to break his legs’

Swara raised her hand and kept it over her neck, she felt like chocking. She’d told him to lie to her but she didn’t know what he was doing. It all felt like a knife twisting in her heart, over and over again

‘To tell you that I don’t feel anything when I look at you now’ he looked into her eyes deeply ‘To tell you that it doesn’t tear my apart to see you like this…’ he looked away for a moment then continued

‘I can’t do it. I can’t keep telling you all these lies and look you in the eye’.

Her tries suddenly stopped and she gasped for air as he approached her

‘So how could you do it?’ she could see tears in his eyes as well, but he was keeping them at bay.

‘I never lied’ she whispered

‘Yes, you did. Why didn’t you tell me?’he frowned

‘Why did you let me go on and on about…’

he lowered his gaze only to look at her again with bloodshot eyes ‘About what I thought was really happening’

She shook her head ‘You never gave me a chance’

‘I’ve lost that privilege long ago… will you give me a chance to listen to your explanation?’

She looked at him,lost in his eyes. She wanted to fight it but she couldn’t. She wanted to throw him out, but she almost laughed at herself for even considering it. She still couldn’t believe he was right there in front of her. She breathed in and said

‘I knew what you were up to…I knew you were going back to your old ways’ she fought to keep her tears from chocking her

‘I didn’t know what to do, how to react. I just left. But then… Sam came to pick me up from that hostel I’d gone to… and you had seen it all and got a whole different idea about it… I was still too mad at you to even defend myself. I’d still mad at you. How could you even think that?’ she grimaced

‘After…. After all that we’ve been through? Just how could you? How could you?’

she was increasingly shouting, all the repressed anger making its way out of her

Don’s face contorted upon hearing all she’d had to say. She kept crying and shouting and even began hitting him with her tiny fists over his chest. He looked at her, realizing just how thin and fragile she was, now more than ever, seeing just how much he’d affected her, just how much he’d hurt her.

And then, before he could stop himself, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

So they finally met…I know u all r not happy with u want him to suffered

But u all have nticed that he was really suffering… I know he did a mistake by not trusting her but she also didn’t explain what happen there…both were hiding truth from him…and u all know how much he is possessive about her…he was not able to digest it…the two most important person were hiding something lying him which makes his doubt conformed…

I know what he did was wrong…Definitely Swara and Sam were suffered more than him…but it doesn’t means that he was happy…

He was alone just like he was alone before Swara came into her life…but after her arrival he became normal…a starts to leave a simple life with her…he always trusted her but Swara have never trusted him fully…

Whenever he was with her she had a fear in her heart…she was never sure about him definitely she loves him but still she didn’t trusted him the way he does…

When he kidnapped her he also gave her a chance to go…when she was in jail…she came in Ayesha’s talk and decided to take revenge from him but still he believed her…she create the drama of fake pregnancy he knew she was lying but still he didn’t oppose it…even after knowing she is planning against her she didn’t hate her he forgive her…

When she lost their child…she was broken he always supports her but she also know that he is more broken than her…at that time she used to be away from him but he never complaint …there was no one to cheer him up…

But when he mu her she didn’t give any explanation and just left him…without telling him without clearing his mu. He was did wrong by not trusting her for that he suffered but he also did so many wrongs things which makes others to suffer…

I’m not saying that it was fault of Swara…not at all but again it came on trust which she again didn’t showed on him…she went to the hostel bcz she was angry with Don cz she thinks Don breaks her promise and he again joint underworld…without confronting him she left that’s why when he questioned her what she was doing there with Sam she simply leave without clearing his doubt…

I just wanted to tell that they both were right at their place and wrong also…Don is more guilty but not that much ki everyone hate him…he deserves a chance…may be not…in next update I’ll clear his POV about what happened to him…I know swara Sam all were struggling and facing problems but that doesn’t mean that he was leaving a luxurious life…he too suffered a lot but the thing was that ki no one was their to notice that.

So didn’t he forgiveness for his one mistake I know its but…don’t he deserve it…even if u feel I’m wrong then do tell me cz everyone has its own opinion.

So till then bye and if u feel bad about what I said then a big sorry from my side…hope u enjoyed this chappy may be not…

Thanx a lot for your support n appreciation u always encourage me…u don’t know how I feel when u read our response the way u cheer me up it was really touched my heart…once again thanx to everyone….

Love you all a lot???????????????????????

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