Don and his Roma Season 3 Episode 17


The following week, Swara tried to find the right way to tell Don about her unexpected meeting with Arjun.

But things were just not falling into place. Whatever was happening at “work” had Don really brooding and withdrawn, compared to his usual self.

To the untrained eye, nothing would have seemed any different to his usual self when he got back home.He always detached himself from whatever was going on when he got back home to his wife, even more so thana normal 9 to 5 working husband would.

But She could sense it, something was preoccupying him.There was no point in adding fuel to the fire waiting to happen.

Whenever he would be so tense, she tried her best to soothe him without asking him about it, without talking about what was going on. He didn’t need that. What he needed was for her to be her usual self, even if she did make a conscious effort to be more loving, more caring, without having him realize that.

The last thing he needed right now was for her to tell him casually that “Oh, I ran into Arjun. He moved here. Yeah, he’s still hitting on me but claims he just wants us to be friends. You’re cool with that, right?”

Don smiled as he forked his spaghetti from across the table

‘Something funny?I could sure use a laugh’She hadn’t realized she’d giggled just thinking about telling him about Arjun

‘Oh, nothing,just something I saw on Jimmy Fallon’She felt oddly guilty for serving him that white lie, so much so that she bit on her jaw unconsciously, drawing blood in the process. For a split second she contemplated telling him about it.

But just seeing him smiling was a rare treat those days, and she didn’t want to spoil his mood now that he seemed to unwinda bit.

‘Jimmy Fallon, huh? He’s making you smile more than I am these days. He better watch out’ he raised an eyebrow playfully

‘I mean, he’s alright. You’re still my number one’ she winked at him

He chuckled, spinning the pastaon his fork ‘You bet I am, baby’

Any more of that talk and the food would be forgotten, so she decided to change the subject

‘So, how’s having Sam back on board?’

‘He’s been a pain in the ass’ he shrugged

‘Is that what’s got you so worked up lately?’ she asked casually, trying not to open Pandora’s box

But it was too late,Don’s shoulders already stiffened ‘No’

Ok, so he wasn’t going to let her know what’s been bothering him. Was worth the shot, she figured.

She let him be, busying herself around the house for the rest of the evening. He leaned against the doorframe to the living area where she sat reading, a while later

‘Wanna hit the gym?’

She sighed, stretching herself ‘Not really. I’m feeling really tired for some reason’

He chuckled bending to kiss her forehead ‘I have been wearing you out, I admit. Part of the reason I’m hitting the gym for the second time today’

She smiled ‘I don’t mind’

He smirked and turned to leave but she caught his wrist

‘Hey… Wanna talk about it?’

He just looked at her, and she knew he didn’t ‘It’s just police has been snooping around for some reason. Nothing serious, but you know why I’m extra cautious.Now go to bed’ he caught her nose between his knuckles ‘Don’t wait up, I really want to blow out some steam’

She didn’t really buy that, but decided to let it go‘I’ll go jogging first thing tomorrow. I’m really getting out of shape’

He furrowed his brows at her, smiling ‘I only wanted you in the gym to keep me company, you know that’

Swara rolled her eyes. Don couldn’t keep his hands off her and he made apoint out of reminding her never to lose weight like she’d had ever again.

‘Regardless. I love jogging, used to do it back in…’ she trailed off

‘I mean, I like it. And some fresh air can’t hurt’

‘Are you kidding? Winter’s coming. Just use the treadmill’

‘That’s missing out on the whole point’

Don exhaled audibly ‘I think you’re missing out on why I’m suggesting nicely that you use the treadmill’

Swara pouted but didn’t get the chance to complain as she watched him leave for the underground gym.

Swara knew it was a bad idea, but she was fed up with Don trying to dictate her every move. After all, she had told him she was going to jog. That was their settlement.

She’d inform him of what she was about to do by herself, with no security tagging along, and he’d lether do it- just as long as he knew about it. He knew about it, she’d told him the other night. He hadn’t agreed, but he knew about it, regardless. No harm done, she shrugged.

She almost giggled to herself again, and she wondered when she’d picked up on that habit ofzoning out enough to do that.She finished gearing up in a warm tracksuit and even though it wasn’t as early morning as she’d hoped, and she’d even sat down with Don for breakfast like a good girl, so she couldn’t jog on an empty stomach, she still was determined to go for it.

Hyde Park was beautiful, but Don had been oh so right. She was close to freezing, even with her heart rate up. She was going for just one lap as it was more than she could handle anyway.

She just hoped she wouldn’t catch a cold so that Don could really get suspicious. Just then, her phone rang. She cursed, thinking to herself she was about to get busted, but when she looked at the caller ID, she didn’t recognize it. Reluctantly, she picked it up, stopping and trying to catch her breath


‘So it is you. Wait, you didn’t save myphone number?’


‘Turn around’


‘I’m right behind you’ he laughed

She turned and saw him waving ather a few feet back ‘Is that your dog?’ she asked incredulously

‘Yeah, do you mind coming here? He seems really keen on this spot’

Swara hung up and walked back to him

Arjun chuckled ‘Arre, we gotta stop bumping into eachother like this’

She raised an eyebrow ‘You sureyou’re not following me?’Arjun furrowed his brows smilingly

‘Hey, can’t a man walk his dog without being a stalker?’

Swara shrugged, but tried to fight back a chill at the same time. She needed to keep moving, she was downright freezing

‘Are you alright? You don’t look too good’


‘No, I mean, you’re kind of the only one jogging in this weather’ he laughed out loud

‘What were you thinking?’

‘I guess I wasn’t’

‘I can’t imagine that husband of yours agreeing to this’ he snorted

She furrowed her brows ‘My husband is not the boss of me’. She was surprised at how much that upset her.

She was quite edgy this morning, she thought to herself.

He grimaced ‘I never implied that.But if he loves you I don’t think he’d want you freezing your ass off. So why didn’t you save my- Hey! Creeper! Creeper, get back here!’

Swara eyed the dog that had somehow gotten the leash out of Arjun’s hand and began laughing asit downed on her ‘Wait, “Creeper”?

’‘Don’t ask, Rebecca chose the name. Creeper!’ he shouted after the dog, but to no avail.

He was obviously too excited to be running around freely Swara looked afterthe dog, and as Arjun kept shouting after it, something caught her eye in the distance.

When she realized what it had been, she froze.

‘I’ll have to go get him, he’s not listening to my command, go figure… Arre, are you alright?’

Swara was hyperventilating and bent by the waist a bit, placing her palms on her knees

‘Swara? Swara what’s wrong?’ Arjun tried to catch her eyes, forgetting all about the dog

‘I’m… I’m going to be sick. I—‘
But she didn’t get to finish her sentence as she emptied her stomach right there in front of Arjun.

She felt even sicker hearing her own hurling sounds. She felt so embarrassed, but she couldn’t even think about that. All she could think about was seeing Tony watching her, watching the mas if he’d caught them in some sort of illegitimate act.When she looked up, he was gone.

“Crap”, she thought. She needed to get to him, and quick.

She left Arjun dumbstruck, and ran in the direction she’d seen Tony. She hadn’t had the time to take in what he was wearing so that she could somehow spot him in the crowd.

“Crap, crap, crap!” was all she could think. Not only did he see her in her tracksuit, obviously out jogging after Don had downright forbidden her, but she was also talking to someone that he could’ve easily describe to Don.

And really, how many bearded, tall, well-built desi men did she knowin London? None. How many would she chat with, in general? It all zeroed in to Arjun.

Sure, Don didn’t know he was in London, but he could put two and two together easily. She had to find Tony, before Arjun could face some serious danger.As she kept running and running, she realized there was no way she could find Tony.

He was gone. And she had no way of tracking him. Her only hope was Sam. She took out her cell and dialed his number impatiently

‘Hey, Swara, what’s up?’

‘Shit. Don’t say my name out loud. Did he hear you?’Sam delayed his reply

‘What’s this about? No, he’s not here. Are you alright?’

‘No, I’m in deep trouble. I need to get to Tony, ASAP’

‘Tony? You mean Antonio?’

‘That’s the one. Crap! Sam, I really have to talk to him’

‘Relax, ok? Whatever this is about, it’s alright. Take a deep breath’

‘I can’t. I really think I’m about to pop a vein or something. I just threw up in Hyde Park, Sam. I’m also trembling like crazy, and I don’t know whether it’s from fear or hypothermia’

‘What? Are you still there? Hold on, I’m coming to get you’

‘No, no, Sam. Please, give me Tony’s number, it’s really important. I’m not kididng’

‘I know you’re not, don’t worry, I’ll get him on the way there. You just stay put, I’ll be a few minutes’

Sam hung up and Swara swore again. She felt like an idiot standing in the middle of the road, right outside the park, waiting for Sam to arrive.

She looked at her cell, a couple of texts from Arjun made her worry even more.

“what the hell just happened? are u alright? i lost u in the crowd”

“u didn’t look good, i’m worried. just pls reply so i know u’re safe”She sighed.

She needed to get him to stop texting, calling, or whatever else he was doing that could get him into trouble

“i’m fine just pls don’t contact me right now. i’ll explain later but i’m ok don’t worry”

She didn’t even realize that sounded really inappropriate until after she hit the send button.

She didn’t have to explain anything to him. But somehow she could tell he was genuinely concerned after the way she’d vomited and then just ran away like a mad person.

She owed him some kind of explanation, the man was probably thinking she was crazy or something.

She deleted the texts all the while pacing back and forth. Where was Sam? Will he be able to get Tony with him? She couldn’t stand the cold any longer. She didn’t have the energy to keep moving to get warmer.

Episodes End

finally after a long time i wrote it.
i was realy feeling nervous while writing cz i have lost the habit.

i know u must have forgotten the story. its a long gap Sorry for it. u guys requested me a lot and i said I’ll update but i didn’t so sorry for that. Even if i say sorry for thousand times it will not worked. but stil Story to make u wait.

otherwise how was the chapter did u all liked it. did u missed Don nd his Roma. Was this episode was good or it was just okay.

the next update will be important. n im not sure when ill update but ill try to post it soon.

love you all waiting for your comments.

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