Don and his Roma Season 3 Episode 16


Her eyes widened in amusement ‘Are you sure you remember my husband? I mean, maybe all that beating up caused some short term memory loss or something’

‘Nah, I remember. I’m man enough to accept it. But I’m also man enough to accept the fact that you are married, and I like you enough to want to settle for having you as a friend at least. It’s a big city, and it does get lonely. Don’t you ever get lonely?’

The question caught her off-guard again, and he interrupted‘I mean, you haven’t been here long, yourself. Surely you could use another friend, as well’ he smiled at her

‘I suppose it couldn’t hurt’

‘Make sure to run it by him, though, I’d hate to get a reputation for being beat up downtown London’She giggled

‘I’ll see what I can manage’He sipped his last mouth of coffee and stood up, retrieving his umbrella from behind his seat. He was just about to leave when he bent over, and took her cell phone off the table

‘Hey’ she protested

‘I’m just giving myself a call, relax’ he chuckled ‘So jumpy’ he furrowed his brows playfully before turning around and leaving.

Done with this part after along time…firstly a big sorry for not relying to your comments before yaar.actually I got busy…

I know this chapter is short and boring but it was needed I’ll try to post the next part in this week for sure…

I just wrote this part cz today is the friend shop day so a small gift from my side to ally telly updates friends….love u all

Thanx to Chris, jjjjjjj, Afra, priyanka, Uma, Anita , sree and Saba for commenting in last chapter and sorry for not replying to your comment dear…

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  1. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Wow, two chappy in one day.Now,I am very happy.And arjun, yeh kaha se agaya???.Loved it.Waiting for nxt.
    Take care
    Keep smiling

    1. IREENA

      thanx dear…yes arjun is back let’s see will it affect swara and don or not.

  2. Amazing its best gaft happy friendship day

    1. IREENA

      thanx glad you liked it.

  3. thanks for the gift dr… happy friendship day… 🙂 🙂

    1. IREENA

      tysm nive…happy friendship day to you.

  4. AnuAnn

    Amazing dear.. I’m eagerly waiting for it.. Short BT awesome as always

    1. IREENA

      thanx yaar….

  5. Nice

  6. Thanks for d update n haapppy frnd shipday…..short r long updt but it shd be DONlacious…im obessed with Don…im feling to kick this Arjun…very fishy abt hiim…..y swara is not observing this…

    1. IREENA

      thanx a lot dear and happy friendship day to you too…everything will get clear soon.

  7. Hiii IREENA frstly HAPPY FRNDSHIP DAY DEAR…both episodes were awsm…well sorry fr commenting late dear as am out of town..wen i opened TU i felt soo happy to ur storyy aftr a long tym but da late ws worthful..i ws surprised to see arjun..though i lyked him previously alsoo…n i want to see da reactn of sanskaar….i hope arjun is not negative…waiting fr nxt update…

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