Don and his Roma Season 3 Episode 11

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OK so Sujata u asked me why all Arjun are behind Swara…actually while writing that chapter my brother was watching “Ki & Ka” and I was sitting beside him…at that time I named him as Arjun without realizing that already one Arjun is dead?…n second thing u want to call Don as Sanskar so I can’t do it for the whole story but can do it for this chappy sorry for not replying to your comment last time as I said my phone went for “Mumbai Darshan”?…
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So in these chapter I’ll mention Don as Sanskar it is only for this chapter…hope u all don’t mind.

Sanskar and Swara were strolling along the busy streets of Delhi, hand in hand, at dusk. She was scared someone would recognize them.

After all, they were in India, and even more so,she was sure that her ex-colleagues down at the Interpol already knew Sanskar had resumed his criminal activities. He was a wanted man again, not that he’d ever stopped being.

They were still awkward with each other. Sanskar was never really awkward, it was not in his DNA, but she could feel him a bit tensed though. He was trying hard not to do anything wrong. That made her smile to herself. She tried to take the bull by the horns for a change

‘So, professor… if I can even call you that, still’

He smirked and cleared his throat ‘As a matter of fact, yes you can. I kept my tenure at the university’

Swara widened her eyes and nodded as they moved slowly along into the crowded streets

‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ he chuckled, making a good impression of her

‘It’s just mind blowing. Respectable professor by day, drug lord by night’

Sanskar smirked ‘It’s actually hot professor and underworld king, but you got it roughly right’

She sighed‘Yes… how could I forget’

Sanskar slowed down even more, stopping her in her tracks ‘You know you just need to say it, and I’ll leave it all… again’

he looked deep into her eyes, his tone grave She gazed into his eyes ‘I know’

He held her gaze for a long while, waiting for her to tell him what she needed to say.

‘I’m not doing the same mistake twice, Sanskar. You were right. You are what you are. I may not like what you’re doing but I can see it’s not about the money or the danger or the fact that’s it’s forbidden. It’s about the power it gives you, and I can understand that. You’ve earned that, it’s what made you what you are. And I respect that.’

‘All that doesn’t mean anything without you, Swara’

he sounded as serious as ever. It was now or never, Swara had her chance to make him give up his ways for good

‘What really matters is that you would give it up. I’ve seen you do it before. I know you would do it again. But I don’t want you to. Not anymore. It’s part of you. And I want all of you’she felt her eyes welling up

‘I’ve missed you…’

she felt as though she was going to choke but Sanskar quickly pulled her into his arms in a tight embrace.

‘I’m never going any where again, Swara. You’re stuck with me forever. I don’t care what happens, nothing will ever come between us again, you hear me?’

he whispered against her hair and she just tightened her arms around him even harder.As Sanskar was about to kiss her,something, or rather someone, bumped into them full-power.

‘Oh God, sorry, I was just… Swara?’

Arjun pulled his earphones out and looked at both of them while catching his breath. He was obviously out jogging

‘I was just looking back for a second and I must’ve bumped into you, I’m sorry…’

He stopped blabbing once he saw Sanskar’s extremely irritated look he shot him

‘Mr. D’Souza…’ Arjun put his handout ‘We meet again’

Sanskar had to use his hand to shake Arjun’s, when in fact he wanted to ring his neck with it.

‘You haven’t introduced yourself, though’ Sanskar said gravely

‘I assumed Swara had told you’ Arjun inhaled to stabilize his breathing‘It’s Arjun Khanna’

‘Why would she?’ he almost interrupted him

Swara watched the dynamic between the two. Arjun must’ve been extremely sorry to have bumped into them,Sanskar was not sparing him.

‘Well I supposed her husband would know who the man showing her around Delhi is’ Arjun retorted.

Swara raised an eyebrow. She didn’t expect such a gutsy move from Arjun’s behalf. But then again, he must’ve not known what he was getting into. sanskar remained unfazed. After a long exchange of glances between the two he finally said in an even graver tone

‘I suggest you resume your jogging’

Arjun was going to do just that, when he stopped and turned towards Swara ‘I called you earlier to make sure we’re still on for tonight’

Swara could actually see Sanskar tighten his jaw from the corner of her eyes


‘Yea, remember I was going to show you around some more. But you didn’t pick up’

‘I… I was busy’

but Swara didn’t even finish her sentence when Sanskar suddenly pushed Arjun by his shoulder in one swift motion hard enough to make him take a few steps back in order to regain his balance

‘What was that for?!’ Arjun was almost grinning

But Don was not in the mood for conversation. No sooner had Arjun regained his balance that he punched him right in the face, causing him to fall to the ground.

Swara was watching all this bewildered. Sanskar was rolling up his sleeves while Arjun was getting back up

‘What the hell, man?!’

A small crowd had stopped and gathered around them, sensing it could become interesting.Swara knew there was no way she could let this go any further so she clung onto Sanskar’s arm and tried to talk sense into him

‘Don please don’t, look around you, it’s too dangerous’

‘Who do you think you are talking to my wife like that?’ Don asked gravely, completely ignoring Swara’s pleas

‘It’s funny, I never even heard her mention you before. And suddenly you’re here playing the doting husband?’

Arjun placed his hands on his hips,his chin up. He was not showing any signs of reluctance to provoke Sanskar

He took a step in his direction but Swara came in between


Arjun was not letting it go though, raising his voice ‘What kind of a husband lets his wife all alone in a big city, clearly you were not even around when she moved he-‘

But he never got to finish the sentence, as Sanskar pushed Swara aside and in a blink of an eye managed to completely take Arjun down and strangle him with his bare hands.

Swara watched it all in shock. She couldn’t remember when she’d last see Sanskat lose his cool like that before. He was normally really laid back even when he had to fight someone. But now, his eyes were threatening to go out of their sockets and also all his veins were swelling up.

He was going to kill him. Everybody around them were gasping and whispering to each other, some even began talking about calling the police She dropped to her knees next to them and begged

‘Sanskar it’s not worth it, it’ll get too complicated. Sanskat, listen to me. It’s too risky, please!’

Arjun was trying to remove Don’s hands, but it was all in vain. She couldn’t believe how rapidly Sanskar could out take an opponent double his size. She was desperate, he was looking like a mad man. She knew she had to do something, fast.

‘Sanskar, I mean it. You promised!’

She didn’t exactly know what she meant by that even. But she felt it was her best shot to try and remind him he’d essentially promised they’d never part again. Which would’ve been quite difficult if the police got involved at that point.

But it worked, somehow the message got through to Sanskar. She didn’t even realize he’d loosened his grip on Arjun until she finally heard him gasp for air.

Slowly, Sanskar got off him and stood up but he still had that mad look in his eyes. Swara knew better than to help Arjun in any way. She just covered her mouth and thanked God that nothing terrible had happened.

Arjun finally looked over at her, and she looked back at him pleading him with her eyes to drop it. Arjun didn’t look scared nor terrified, not even shocked. He looked genuinely concerned for Swara. And that disturbed her. He’d almost been killed but he looked as if he was worried to leave Swara alone with Sanskar.

Slowly, Swara looked away and took Sanskar hand, nudging him to move. Arjun was panting heavily, looking angrily at him and Sanskar was visibly wanting to jump right back in and finish what he’d started, but Swara slowly managed to get him moving.

Just when she thought they were safe, Sanskar turned around and said his final words ‘And yes, she was busy -having s*x with me’

As they’d been walking for at least half an hour aimlessly, swara began feeling Sanskar loosen up a bit.

The streets were still crowded, Delhi seemed to not be going to sleep that night, and as she looked at him he looked back at her at the same time

They locked gaze for a while until she bit her lower lip, trying to hold back a laugh He furrowed his brows slightly. He was not expecting that reaction from her, not after all that had happened

She covered her mouth, trying to hide it away but she finally gave in and laughed. She didn’t know whether it was all that pent up emotional stress but she finally said

‘Busy having s*x with you?’ she then really laughed uninhibitedly

A smile slowly made its way to the corner of his lips ‘Yeah, I guess I showed him’

She threw her head back and laughed some more. It was ridiculously funny now, but a short while ago she couldn’t even process what all had happened

‘What was that even?’ she buried her face in his shirt laughingly

He was chuckling too as he put his arm around her and they continued strolling alongside the busy streets some more, talking about anything else that came to their minds.

When they finally reached her place,Sansakr went to the balcony to smoke while she got ready for bed. When she realized he wasn’t joining her, she stepped out on the balcony

‘We need to leave’ he said in a low voice

Swara sighed ‘I know…’

‘Will you miss this place?’ he asked genuinely Swara nodded ‘No.I was miserable here’

Sanskar gestured for her to come sit on his lap and she snuggled into the crook of his neck while he smoked

‘I intended for it to be a smoother transition, but I guess I screwed things up today’

She sighed again ‘I really hope it doesn’t reach the wrong ears’

‘Don’t worry, nothing can happen. I promised, right?’

She halfsmiled ‘You know, he didn’t mean it the way it came across…’

Swara felt him tense up and regretted saying anything

‘I don’t care what he meant’

She bit her lower lip and hoped he’d drop it

‘He was right. That’s what got me so angry.’

She was shocked to hear him admit to that. She actually straightened and looked up into his eyes He looked back at her with a hurt expression.

She got closer and gently kissed him, his lips tasted of tobacco and she didn’t mind at all. It tasted like Sanskar.

He threw the cigar over the railing and pulled her to straddle him with her other leg. He was very pleased to find out that she was not wearing anything underneath her silk robe, which was, incidentally the only feminine piece of clothing she owned anymore.

He disposed of it, unworried. The pitch darkness surrounding them was shielding them away from anyone that might have cared to lookin the balcony’s direction.

‘Let’s see if he dares to call again’
Sensing her nervousness before their departure the following evening, Sanskar took her for another stroll, concealed in the forgiving semi-obscurity of the city.

They made their way once again through the crowds and this time they eventually ventured into a public park, where other couples were walking hand in hand.

Swara never questioned that they had to go back to London. She was well aware that it was the natural thing to do next. But she was feeling anxious. And he sensed it even before she began feeling so.

‘I’m surprised you’re not fighting this at all’

he murmured as he kept her close, leaning slightly on his shoulder as they were walking slowly She let out a sweet sigh

‘What’s there to fight? There is no other alternative. Of course I’m not ready to go back, but I’ll never be ready. I need a confrontation I guess…’

‘You do know things will be… different’

She remained silent for a long while ‘I’m very much aware of that’

‘I know you’ve told me so before, but I need to make sure you’re okay with it,Swara’

he stopped her in her tracks and moved closer to the side of the main alley, looking her in the eyes

‘I didn’t say I was okay with it’He sighed

‘You know what I meant’She nodded

‘I do. I’m consenting to it. You know why I’m doing it. End ofdiscussion…’

He held her shoulders as she was adamant to keep on walking ‘Swara… this is the last time I’m asking. One word, and I’m leaving it all. I’d do it all over again, for you, for us. Just one word and it’s done’

She gazed into his eyes. She could barely see him, the street lamps were very dim, but she could see his eyes and the honesty in them very clearly

‘I told you. It’s who you are. And that’s the man I love. I’m not going to try and change anything about you ever again’

a sly smile made its way to her lips ‘Nobody’s perfect, Sanskar. I ruined our marriage because of my own childish attitude, I know that. I’m not the first woman to have suffered a miscarriage, I shouldn’t have acted as though it was the end of the world. I pushed you away and it all went downhill since’

He gave her a slight shake as he still held her by the shoulders ‘Enough of that silly talk’

‘Let me finish. I know you disapprove, but I’ve been thinking about it long and hard. It wasn’t right. Cutting you off like that. That’s not what we’d agreed upon. That’s not what we promised to each other, not at all’

she furrowed her brows, disturbed at her own realization ‘What happened was terrible, but it happens to so many people. So why did I take it so personally? Why did I shut you out?I don’t know why I did it… but that was my stupid way of coping with my overwhelming feelings’

‘What nonsense’ he raised his voice slightly ‘Where did you come up with all that? If there’s anyone to blame it’s me, and only me. With my idiotic idea of having a child in the first place’

She gasped ‘It was not idiotic’

‘But you weren’t even ready, I pushed you, hell, I didn’t even tell you about it! What kind of a sick bastard even does that?’

he said as he turned slightly away from her and she quickly stepped back in front of him

‘Don’t say that. I was very happy’ her voice cracked as tears began rolling down her eyes

‘You know I was’

‘But the price to pay was immense’
he gritted his teeth ‘And I hate myself for that. I’ve hated myself every single day for doing that to you’

She jumped into his arms and as aware as they were of people looking their way, she didn’t care. She hugged him tight and felt like never letting him go ‘Whatever happens, I promise I’ll never do the same mistake again, Sanskar. I’m never leaving you again’

He tightened his arms around her so tightly that she actually gasped for air after a few moments. He then only let go of her to pick her off the floor and spin her around slightly. She felt so happy in that moment. She suddenly felt all those dark moments slide away forever. She was with him now,and that was all that mattered.

They deviated from the main alley and ventured into the park’s spinney. He pressed her against a tall tree and kissed her, as if they were mere teenagers seeking for privacy.

‘I missed you so much, my sweet, sweet wildcat’

he whispered as he suavely kissed her down her neck She sighed, almost moaning

‘I don’t know how I even managed to get by all this time without you. It almost seems as though I’d dreamt it all’ she gently tugged on his hair so that he’d look into her eyes

‘Never leave me’ she pleaded, kissing him ardently

He moved closer, plastering her against the tree, caressing her hair,her cheeks, her lips, the curve of her neck and then pressing his forehead against hers

‘Not even death itself can separate us again,Swara. That I promise you. It’s a foolish man’s promise, a man that thinks his love is above anything else in the world’

he kept her hand over his heart She smiled back at him, deeply touched to hear him using such big words. It was seldom that she’d see the romantic side to Sanskar.

He was never overtly romantic, nor did he express his affection too often. But when he did it was all the more special, for it was much more precious than having hear him say

“I love you”.

‘I missed you talking to me like that’ she sighed ‘And your poems’ she smiled ‘Did you write anything, all this time?’He shook his head

‘I did… Most of it I’ve never even re-read, it’s in my study. I don’t think I have the guts to read it again, it’d take me back to those days when I couldn’t even think straight’

Swada furrowed her brows in worry. She’d feared he’d drown himself in alcohol,which he’d admittedly did.

‘But some of it I do remember quite distinctively, it used to go on and on in the back of my mind for days on end…’

She gazed at him ‘I want to hear some of it’

He looked at her reluctantly


He inhaled and pressed his temple against hers, whispering into her ear slowly,and emphasizing words now and then, caressing her arms as he went on

“I crave your mouth, your voice,your hair.
Silent and starving, I prow
l through the streets.

Bread does not nourish me, dawn disrupts me, all day
I hunt for the liquid measure of your steps.
I hunger for your sleek laugh,
Your hands the color of a savage harvest,
Hunger for the pale stones of your fingernails,
I want to eat your skin like a whole almond.
I want to eat the sunbeam flaring in your lovely body,

The sovereign nose of your arrogant face,I want to eat the fleeting shade of your lashes,
And I pace around hungry, sniffing the twilight,
Hunting for you, for your hot heart,
Like a puma in the barrens of Quitratue.’

She shivered hearing him recite all that, every single phrase sending chills up her spine. It was so deeply emotional and significant for all the time apart, that it made her heart sink. All she could do was embrace him tightly and kiss him all the more passionately.

She was again reminded of what a puzzling man he was. She didn’t know where it all came from, somewhere deep, deep inside him, all so well hidden by layers and layers of self-defensive traits he had to assume along the years, ever since he’d been a small orphan on the streets of India. She had always known what a mercurial man he was, and how much was must have been buried deep within him.

She had always felt so special whenever she would dig deeper inside his soul to find another thing she’d never have suspected of him. His poetry was very much an example of how little she really understood of him and how much was still left to be discovered.

A man that was so physical, so deeply rooted into what apparently seemed like a very superficial world where money and power ruled, was all the same capable of loving so thoroughly that even she was left speechless at times. When she had left, she’d done it out of hurt and because her pride and heart had been broken to pieces, but also she left knowing that Sanskar would have never forgiven her betrayal, even if it was just in his own head. She knew he could easily detach himself from any situation he wanted to put an end to. So deep down, she had always imagined him to have gone on with his life as if she’d never even been there. She’d seen it happen time and time again.

He would simply cut people off- either they’d be killed or they’d simple cease existing for him. Sanskat was of black and white and no gray had place in his life. But learning that he had loved her all along, even whilst being fully convinced of her unfaithfulness was something she couldn’t quite get her head around.

She was woken up by a kiss and Swara had almost forgot she’d been flying in the private jet to London when she saw sanskar ultimately wink at her

‘We’re home, sweetheart’

She grinned hearing that. She felt rejoiced to be back, and she was so happy upon the realization of feeling that way.He held her hand as they stepped out of the plane and was taken aback as she saw all the security around them suddenly

He felt her reaction and as they sat in the back of the new Bentley he kissed her knuckles as he shrugged playfully

‘What to do, sweetheart. We’re not just Mr and Mrs D’Souza anymore. Sanskar is a wanted man, after all’

She sighed, but still smiled at the corner of her lips. She had to get used to that. It wasn’t safe to just roam around like they used to.

‘Swara isn’t a wanted woman though’ she retorted playfully

‘Oh, she’s very wanted, believe me’

he groaned as he leaned in and kissed her teasingly biting on her lower lip

‘But only one lucky bastard gets her’ he added, his playful tone turning graver

After she looked out the window fora while, into the less crowded dark streets of London,she said

‘Sanskar, I wanted to ask you about something before we got there…’

He raised his eyebrows, willing her to go on‘What have you decided…about Maya?’

Sanskar inhaled gravely

‘I gave Yana a call a while back. I told her she could take Maya home’

She gasped, covering her mouth. She couldn’t believe he’d done that. After what she’d heard about the whole situation, she really didn’t think he would realize he’d been keeping a daughter away from her parents so soon.

‘I still think she’d be better off with me… and I’ll miss her everyday. But as much as I wanted her to be, she isn’t my daughter…’

he trailed off Swara felt tears welling up and she held his hand,caressing his knuckles

‘I’m so sorry…’

He looked at her worriedly ‘No, no. Swara, don’t take it the wrong way, please. We’ve discussed this, alright? It’s fine. Maya will always be like a daughter to me. But she already has a father, and one of these days I’m going to have to make it up to Sam for what I’ve done. I thought I knew exactly what he was going through, but I’m sure it was far worse than that. And he didn’t deserve it. I’ll figure out a way to properly say I’m sorry’

Swara nestled into the crook of his neck for the rest of the ride to his duplex downtown London. She felt proud of him for admitting how wrong it had been to deprive the 3 of them from being a family in the truest sense, and hoped that finally Sam, Yana and Maya could go back to their old lives.

Swara looked around the spacious apartment Sanskar had made a home of sinc been gone. She again felt like one of the first times she’d seen one of his places. It oozed his persona in the truest sense. It was opulent but still distinctively refined. She hadn’t asked to goto their old mansion. She wasn’t ready to go there, anyway.

She actually feared stepping foot into that place, as if it were jinxed.He embraced her from behind when she finally entered the master bedroom ‘Tired?’ he asked huskily

‘Not really, I had a good sleep on the plane. Which is not your case, captain’ she giggled

He bit her earlobe, shifting the mood suddenly ‘I’m so very glad to hear that. This bed is eagerly waiting to be christened’

she bit her lower lip as he began tracing slow delicious paths up the side of her neck to her ear, his teeth slightly tugging on her earlobe. His mouth continued to press soft, lingering kisses along her temple, her jaw, coming teasingly close to the corner of her mouth

‘Turn around now so I can show you, sweetheart’

he whispered and she obediently followed suit, sliding her hands around his neck a mere second before his mouth claimed hers in a long, searching kiss.

Swara felt her knees weaken as he kissed her with a hunger so profound that it was almost consuming her. He threaded his hands into her hair gently, holding her still as he feasted on her mouth as though to quench a never ending thirst.

She didn’t even recognize the low moans that were escaping her own throat, only to be accompanied by his grave manly groans.

She whimpered beneath his kisses, urging him to end her suffering and undress her more rapidly, but he was taking his precious time removing her clothes deliberately slowly. He was testing her patience and loving every bit of it, seeing how needy she reacted to his every move.She impatiently began disposing of her clothes but he stopped her every time, chuckling slightly

‘Let me, sweetheart’

That’s when she raised an eyebrow at his patronizing tone, deciding two can play that game and moved her hands to his belt, unfastening it with rapid dexterity

‘Very eager, aren’t you, my wildcat?’ he hissed, letting her unbutton his shirt as well

When she pushed it over his shoulders he kissed her again, his tongue tracing exotic patterns over her trembling lips and she squirmed beneath him, more aroused than she could ever recall.

He wasn’t even doing anything close to what he was about to yet, and the anticipation was sending her into overdrive. She began pulling him towards the bed as they kissed, hoping he wouldn’t figure out just how anxious she had become by then.

‘Patience, sweetheart, I’ll take real good care of you. Now be a good girl and let me finish what I started’

he ran his finger tantalizing over the bridge of her nose and across her lips and she immediately moved to bite it, but missed, making him smirk

Swara didn’t have high heels on, as she normally would when he would undress Her as a form of foreplay, nor anything remotely feminine for that manner.

But Sanskar was making her feel like the most desirable woman on the face of the earth with every move he made. Ashe slid her jeans down her legs, he climbed back up her body kissing every inch of her skin, paying special attention to the backs of her knees, fully aware of just how sensitive she was in that particular area.

When he finally took her to bed he made sure it was well worth the wait. He began by pressing hot open mouthed kisses at the base of her throat, travelling across her collarbone and down the lush upper curves of her br*ast, thankful that not all her curves had been replaced by well toned muscles.

He did intend on having her back to her normal figure as soon as possible though, as he’d always loved her curvy, hourglass figure and her soft pillowy skin, all the while still being extremely fit and being fully aware that she could kick ass just as well as she’d been trained by the Interpol and even before that, having trained for tae kwon do ever since she could remember.

She gasped as his hands and lips roamed further her body, worshiping every bit of her like only he could. She was almost dizzy with sensation, every touch of his threatening to send her over the edge. She could barely stand to look into his eyes, such was the intensity of his gaze upon her, a heady mix of lust, love and possessiveness. Nothing on earth felt better than being in his arms, swara couldn’t comprehend how she’d been apart from this man for so long.

They fit together perfectly,just like they always had, and he never disappointed to remind her just how true that was.

Even she realized Sanskar had been spending longer hours into the gym, as she ran her hands over the defined muscles of his chest and abs and then backup his arms and to his broad, strong shoulders.

She nuzzled the side of his neck, breathing in that incredible scent of his that was different now to what he used to wear, but just as indescribably seductive and masculine, and she pulled him even closer against her body, enjoying the sound of his indrawn hisses, and loving the feel of his heartbeat in wild rhythm against her skin. His harsh groans were the most erotic sound she’d ever heard and that’s when she avoided looking into his eyes, knowing it would be enough to send her into ecstasy, and all she wanted was to prolong the pleasure for as long as possible.

‘Don’t hold back, sweetheart, I promise we’re not leaving this bedroom for a long, long while’ he kissed her feverishly
‘We’re making up for lost time. Mhm? Look at me, darling,’

His tone was always slightly tantalizing and seductive, all the while assertive and domineering in bed. And sure enough, it was enough to open her eyes and look into his to send her into sweet oblivion.

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