Don and his Roma season 2( promo)


A big big sorry to all the readers of Don and his Roma. I’m really sorry.

Actually the thing is that I’m feeling my ff very boring not getting interest in writing it. I’m out of idea i messed up the whole story. I’m just confused about the story. i thought to end it but actually I’m not getting idea how to end it. So i decided to discontinued it. not ff but the current track.

i will skip some chapters n i will continue after that. with this new track. I’m giving u short summary till now u might have forgotten the story.

Swara is a CBI officer wants to catch Don. he is the cause of every problem in her life.

here Don is sanskar but I will prefer him as don.

Ragini: ragini is swara’s cousin.

ram Singhania: Head of CBI branch. loves Swara as her daughter.

So the story

Swara in night comes to her home she is very tired so she decided to take bath. but some unusual things happens to her which makes her believe that Don is watching her.when she discuss this with ram sir he tells him that she is imaging that he is there bcz Don is there in Germany. he tells her to consult Doctor. she goes to her doctor n tells her everything. her doctor told her to go some other place for sometime so she will forget every thing she nodes. n with ragini she went to ragini’s house in London (Swaragini leaves in london but separate). But ragini’ s parents went for some imp. work so swarag was alone. ragini asks swara for a party but she refuses but after sometime she agreed. in the party she met with don. She fents seeing him.He takes her from there. when she woke up she founds herself in car. where police is chasing them. but after sometime they rescued don took her to a privare jet. where she meet karan(karan wahi). she again gets fainted. they takes her to paris. then their restaurant visit. her attempt to run away. Don’s punishment. Their jacuzzi romance. Later she steals money but Don caught her. with a sweet romantic way he took the money from her.

So this the big summary. i will continue my ff after that. i know i disappoint u but really sorry. trust me u will like the further will be interesting. n this is the first n last time I’m changing the story. after that i will not to do such things. with this track i will try to entertain u all. if u like the previous story then u will like this story. it will me more romantic n will filled with Swara n don. believe me last time give me a second. chance. i want ur support in this.

Again a big sorry for this in convince really sorry. i will upload the next part tommorrow.

just tell what do u think. comment from ur heart. whatever u think. even if u don’t like it. but this will be more interesting than previous.

in next part i will reveal their past also but in short. bcz it is not so important.


Credit to: IREENA

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  1. Dont feel bad…actually it is one of my favorite ffs….i want u too continu plzzz dont end it lyk dat…i really lov it a lot…ur going really gud…i really lykd it not but actually lvd it…plzz pst nxt part asap..cant wait…precap ia really interesting eagerly waiting fr da nxt…pst it asap…

  2. Precap in da sense: u missed me…i missed u tooo…fr dis waiting desperately….

  3. It’s a very good story di . Plz don’t end it . Waiting for nxt part.

  4. U can do any changes but plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz upload nxt part today only plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. I loved this ff .i used to wait eagerly for this but if u want to change u can. But plz post soon u

  6. ok with ur changes but dont stop this ff… 🙂 🙂

  7. But plz only one more episode….I just want to read how don came to swara’s home in London….and what he wants…. The episode u updated yesterday plz continue it….but if u decided to discontinue it then it is OK…..

  8. Woww it seems marvelous pls continue it. & pls update the next one.

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