Don and his Roma Season 2 Last Episode 76


Swara;I guess you’re right.But just so you know,this is not exactly the way I had envisioned our first anniversary
she pouted He raised an eyebrow
Don:Oh, don’t worry,it’s not even noon yet
he then spanked her behind to get her moving into the bathroom.

Don:Aram se,tikkhe?
Swara was feeling very uneasy even if it was Don doing it,and not some nurse He made her sit on a chair with her forearm extended across the backrest

Don:Form a fist for mesweetheart
She sighed and did so,he then disinfected her skin with some rubbing alcohol and took out the syringe from a their first aid kid drawer
Don:It might sting a bit
he warned She closed her eyes

Swara:Just do it already
He chuckled,she was just too cute.He inserted the needle and began collecting blood.Before she knew it he placed another cotton pad on her skin and withdrew the needle.She opened her eyes

Don:That’s it?
He leaned in and gave her a soft kiss
Don:Wasn’t so bad, was it?

Swara:Are you sure you did it right?
she frowned
Swara:It didn’t hurt at all!

Don:I’m quite sure
he said showing her the syringe, now filled with her blood The sight of it made her dizzy
Swara:Oh God
He chuckled
Don:Ok,let’s get you lying in bed for a few minutes
and as he said so he picked her up into his arms and walked towards their bed
Don:Are you alright?
She nodded

Swara:Yea,don’t know what came over me
Don:It’s a normal reaction.You haven’t eaten.I’ll just get dressed
he took a small plastic container and placed it on her nightstand
Don:Don’t forget about this.Then we’ll eat something down town, alright?
She nodded.As he disappeared into the walk in closet she sat on the edge of the bed to make sure she was feeling alright,then went back into the bathroom taking the container along with her.Don took her to her favorite restaurant,but she didn’t feel like ordering anything she’d normally have

Don:I’m really starting to get worried,you know
Don said
Don:You always have eggs benedict for breakfast here
She wrinkled her nose
Wara:Yea,I don’t know…I feel like just eating a salad.With lots of vinegar

Don had dropped her samples over at a laboratory previously, and they were going to collect the results in only one hour

Don:I have half a mind to call dr Hussain and have him lookat the results as soon as we’re done here
Swara:You’ll do no such thing
she warned.The man is enjoying his Sunday.Waise bhi,there’s nothing wrong with me.I don’t have a sore throat or anything. Maybe it’s just spring asthenia

Don:You’re pale,you’ve lost your appetite,you’re weakened and look like a fragile doll.And frankly,it doesn’t quite suit what I had in mind for tonight
She blushed.Especially since she knew he was right,she was not apt for one of theirall-nighters.
She was looking out the window to their Maserati Granturismo as we waited for Don to return with her test results.She finally saw him approaching the car while talking on the phone.

Swara:Got them?
she asked as he stepped into the car
he said as he put his cell away She sighed
Swars:Come on Don,stop being so worried.It’s nothing.You’ll see tomorrow,he’ll probably just give me some vitamins,some Calcium and what not
He nodded and kept his eyes on the road She was beginning to feel bad.She was ruining their anniversary.Minutes later,she was feeling downright sad.She almost wanted to cry.She really struggled to keep it together.She felt like the way back home had lasted forever,for some reason Don was driving awfully slowShe wanted this day tobe perfect,she wasn’t going to spoil it further. Don stopped the car and got out, quickly helping her out of it as well.She noticed he didn’t let go of her hand as they were walking towards the entrance.As soon as she stepped foot inside,she was taken aback.Everywhere she looked she saw red roses.Must have been hundreds.She gasped, looking around.She turned to Don and hugged him tight

Swara:I love you
she said,finally letting a tear fall down her cheeks He sensed she was crying and kissed her
Don:And I,you.Why are you crying?
he cupped her face gently
Swara:I’m sorry
she sighed smilingly
Don:It’s been a very emotional day
He smiled and searched her eyesfor a long time,wiping the tears that were still falling down her cheeks without her consent.
Swara:Don’t be mad
shesaid shaking her head
Swara,:I don’t know what came over me.I love it
she looked around
Don:Why would I be mad?
Swara:Because I’m crying for no reason
she giggled
Don:You’re crying for a reason. You just don’t know it yet
She looked at him questioningly
Don:And how can I be mad? Never.I loveyou,Swara. You’ve changed my life in a way I never thought possible.I can never thank you enough for everything
he cupped her face again, caressing her cheeks with his thumbs
Don:You mean the world to me. Much more than I could ever express.Forget my poetry,that’s nothing.Today I read something that …
he closed his eyes and took a deep breath she furrowed her eyes smilingly
Swara:You mean what I had engraved?That is your poetry
she giggled
Don:No, no
he shook his head still not opening his eyes.When he finally opened them,swara was shocked to see tears in them She even stepped back a bit,she was that taken aback by the sightof Don having tears in his eyes for the first time, ever
Swara:Don…what happened?
He looked at her and gazed at her with a sweet smile,which calmed her down a bit. For a split second,all kinds of thoughts ran through her mind. As if he was preparing to tell her she was terminally ill or something

Don:…A miracle
he finally said,a singular tear escaping his eyes She was all the more confused.Why wouldn’t he tell her already,what was it? She quickly hugged him tight swara:Please tell me,what’s going on?Why are you crying?
He hugged her back,real tight for what seemed like an eternity to Swara.Finally, with a deep breath, he said

Don:A few months back Iwent to see dr.Hussain.He ran some tests and…Ididn’t want to get your hopes up.You may have noticed that I was particularly busy for two weeks when I had to go to Berlin with Sam and you couldn’t join because you had that tournament with the kids
she said hesitatingly.Her mind was racing.How could she forget?Must have been one of the hardest moments for her,to be so far away from him for that long.
Don:In fact,I had to keep away from you
She broke their embrace and looked at him,puzzled Swara:Why?!
Don:Because dr.Hussain couldn’t stress out enough how important it was that we should not have s*x for two weeks
She couldn’t understand a word he was saying.It was as if he was talking in Chinese to her Swara:Don,what are you saying? Please stop this.What’s happening!?
Another tear escaped his eyes

Don:I had my vasectomy reversed,Swara.
She stared at him.It was as if his words were not reaching her ears He took out a piece of paper from his pocket and slowly unfolded it,as if he was afraid to find something else written on it.He looked at it and had to take another deep breath Swara grabbed the paper from his hands and quickly read it. After numbers and values she did notunderstand her eyes fell on a particular phrase

“consider the patient pregnant when interpretation of test:Beta HCG test = Positive ☑”

Swara screamed,she literally screamed.She covered her mouth immediately but couldn’t stop herself from screaming hysterically When she finally got her eyes off the results and looked back at Don she was trembling
Swara:How…what…how can this be?
Don shrugged biting his lower lip.He didn’t know how to interpret her reaction.Was she happy,was she mad?Was she terrified?But before he could wonder about it further she hugged him tight and began crying

Swara:I can’t believe this! I’m so happy!
Don finally heard the magic words and picked her off the ground hugging her tightly
Swara:I’m the happiest woman in the world,Don!

Later that night,She was almost pleading for Don not to stop.But he was adamant that they should take it easier for the following months She giggled Swara:Trust me.Nothing bad can happen.It’s actually beneficial for the pregnancy
Don:We can’t risk it
he kissed her temple chastely as he held her into his arms.He then looked into his new watch that hehadn’t taken off

Don:It’s been 2 hours.Greedy little kitten,aren’t you?
he added,biting her earlobe She giggled
Swara:I’m beginning to regret gifting you that
Don:I love it.And I loveyou.And your biggest gift is on its way. And I can’t wait
he whispered,caressing her arm with his fingers ashe kissed her shoulder with each sentence
Swara,:I can’t believe I’m pregnant
she whispered
Don:You’re the one who has given me the biggest gift.I never even dreamed it could come true
Swara:You’re my biggest dream that I never thought would come true.You’re what I never knew was missing until I found you. Somehow you’ve always been there,inside of me,just aching to make me complete.You’re my heart’s desire that I never knew existed until you came into my life and opened my eyes
She turned around and looked into his eyes.What she saw was breathtaking.It was more than words could ever say.She kissed him and nestled into his protective arms.She closed her eyes,letting happiness wash all over her.
She was smiling to herself thinking how Don suspected her to be pregnant all these past days but somehow managed to hide his anxiety and wait for their anniversary to findout.And how cleverly he had handled it, careful not to hurt her feelings in the eventuality of a negative result,and therefore,an unsuccessful attempt to reversehis vasectomy.She opened her eyes and looked at the man next to her.
She still couldn’t believe he was laying there next to her.She knew she would never get used to or tired of looking at him, wondering how they got there.It all still seemed surreal.But was very much real.And the proof of it was going to stand right there between them oneday,soon.


I know u all must be shock how I ended it without giving any hint.actually I really don’t have any option other than ending this ff.
I’m in 12th std. So I have to concentrate on my study.for that I’m going to handover my mobile to my the time if my brothers she also did the same so now it’s my turn.may be today or tomorrow I’ll give my phone but before that I have to end the ff.that’s why I was posting it so finally I have complete my work.

So it’s last episode of my ff n last day at tellyupdate.I don’t want this day to come.I made many friends their I’ll miss them all.some ff’s which I read I’ll miss them like hell.don’t know whether I’ll come here again or not but i always miss all of u.

i want to thank all of you that have read my story i started writing it almost 2 months ago! u don’t know how much it meant to me to read all ur wonderful feedback!even those who have not posted any feedback or read it quietly are to be thanked!i truly hope u liked it and that it made u smile or deconnect from ur day to day

problems,worries and what not i also hope i did justice to Don’s character . once u read it all in one go u can see the transformation both the protagonists have suffered more smoothly Hebe?

I have one request with u all.who is reading the last part plz comment bcz.I need it.I have never anyone to comment except one time but today I need your comment.just tell me how u like the story even if it is in the single word.I want everyone to comment not even a single person to miss the comment.itna to expect kar sakti hoon na..I have to say many things but space problem I’ll personally talk to u through comments..I beg u to comment.I wanna thank each n every person who read my ff personally I’m not going to mention their name I’ll thank them personally waiting for your comment.. last request from me…I won’t disturb u or irritate u after this…

Love u all don’t forget me bcz I’ll never ever forget me just remember me in your prayers… Love u all once again n thanx a lot.

Your Ireena

Credit to: IREENA

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      I guess all are shocked after knowing I’m in 12th?. he he but it’s the truth…I also miss writing dear about Don this ff is really very closed to my heart…go a head dear but remember one thing
      “Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi namumkin hain?”

      take care and love u a lot dear???????

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