Don and his Roma season 2 episode 9


Swara covered her face as rays of light were bothering her eyes, waking her up from her deep sleep. She instantly felt rested but then a sudden feeling of panic overtook her, as though she had overslept. But as she looked around it all started coming back to her, making her realize what that feeling was exactly.

Did I dream it all?

she wondered as she stood up, no sign of Don. She pricked up her ears and held her breath but the apartment was quiet, except for the background sound of the busy streets of London behind her windows.

She immediately got off the bed and started searching the apartment, carefully but still hurried to find out what had really happened.She searched all the rooms and there was absolutely no sign of Don, so she ran towards the entrance door and tried to knob. She sighed and stepped back.

It was locked, the keys were missing. It was real. He had been there. But where was he?Had she not remembered anything about the night before she would have never even guessed something was a miss. The apartment was in great condition, no shattered glass, no glasses lying across the table, even the saucer Don had used as an ashtray was clean.

Everything was nice and tidy, as she had left the apartment escorting Ragini to the airport. She flinched, starting looking for her bag. She finally found it and started searching it for her cell phone. But it wasn’t there. She searched around the house but no sign of her phone. She then grabbed her home phone and started dialing her own number, but soon realized it had been disconnected.

She then fetched her laptop from her desk and quickly logged on, trying to connect to the internet. But that didn’t work either. She even tried to catch some wi-fi signal from her neighbors from different corners of her apartment, including the balcony, but no luck.

Swara sighed. Don had thought of everything. She was stuck in her apartment on the 12th floor, not able to call anyone. She was trapped. Her apartment had never felt more cold and unfamiliar.She threw herself back on the bed, and as if things had not been clear enough already, his lingering scentstarted engulfing her.

Suddenly, she felt like getting away, as far away as she could, and since she had no other alternative she decided to take a quick shower, praying Don would not return at that point.She stepped out of the shower and quickly dried her hair, wore a casual pair of light denims and a mauve dress shirt.She was wondering what he was doing outside.

Wasn’t that dangerous for him?She felt sick, all the emotions and anticipation were really taking a toll on her so she decided she had to eat something. Opening the fridge she realized there wasn’t anything cooked, as Ragini would take her out to eat most nights or just insist on ordering in.

She finally decided to cook something- spaghetti carbonara precisely as she lacked other ingredients.She was stirring the sauce and was really careful not to burn her tongue, concentrating on the flavor to test its saltiness and texture


she suddenly heard Don warn her, his voice deep Of course she ended up burning her tongue, as she flinched.

he scolded as he locked the door, placing the keys once again in his pocket as he stepped towards her in just mere seconds she got to scan him from head to toe.

This man was so unbelievably hot, and it wasn’t just because she had just burnt her tongue. She immediately noticed he had changed his clothes and he dropped several bags that seemed to be containing even more clothes.

He was rather casual himself wearing lights jeans as well and a white, almost see-through cotton blouse with a deep v neck. The sight of his collarbone and upper pectorals made her insides turn all mushy.

Before she could get her eyes back to meet his, he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close- dangerously close. He disposed her of the spoon she was holding, so he wouldn’t get sauce all over him,and without warning kissed her.

A quick but intense kiss, that felt just like honey on her wounded tongue.


he frowned smilingly as though trying to recognize the taste She nodded slowly, still in shock.

Don: Good. I’m starving.

he said as he grabbed a bar stool, close to her.

Don: And what a sight for sore eyes.he added

Swara: Matlab?

she frowned and pretended to resume her cooking. In reality she felt like she didn’t even know how to hold a spoon anymore.

Don: You, cooking… for me

She stared back at him

Swara: It’s not for you, Don
she grimace

Don: Nonsense. It’s one of my favorite dishes, so it must be for me

he said as he bit one of the apples from the fruit basket onthe counter She raised an eyebrow

Swara: Don’t spoil your appetite

she found herself saying He chuckled

Don: I thought it wasn’t for me

and winked back at her Finally the sauce was ready, if not over cooked when she added it to the spaghetti.

Don: Let me

he said as he grabbed the plates and placed them at the dining table, along with the bowl that contained one of his favorite dishes.She sat and watched as he served her.

Swara:You can’t do this, you know

she snapped he looked at her quizzically as he now filled his own plate.

Don: It’s not really that difficult.It’s all in the wrist actually

he began rolling the spaghetti into the pasta pliers demonstratively She sighed angrily

Swara: I meant this

and she gestured between the two of them

Swara: This needs to stop

He sat down, slowly, closing his eyes as if to try and remain calm

Don: swara, let’s not argue over lunch, I really am starving

Swara: That’s because you drank the whole Blue Label and then some of the Hennessy

He met her furious eyes

Don: I will replace them. You really shouldn’t be drinking such strong spirits anyway

Swara: You know that’s not what I meant. And you can’t tell me what to do

Don chuckled

Don: Here’s where you’re wrong, sweetheart

She swallowed hard as she had always been affected by the way he would emphasize that word.

Don: I can, and I will. Right after I enjoy this delicious pasta you’ve cooked… for me

he added with a smile, as he grabbed her hand and kisses her knuckles. She withdrew her hand immediately.

Don: You’re right, I’ll spoil my appetite

he said cheekily then tasted the pasta

Don: Mmm Magnifico(magnificent)!

Swara resolved that there was probably nothing hotter than Don, eating her pasta, complimenting it in Italian

Don: Delizioso!

he added gesticulating in an Italian manner which made her giggle He paused for a few moments watching her do so, as he smiled himself.

Swara:How do you know Italian?

Don: Oh I love all things Italian…Swara

She then blushed and drank a whole glass of water, thinking how great this was but ended up all the way to the bottom wondering what he was up to, there, in her apartment, in London, with the Interpol searching for him worldwide.

Episode End

Credit to: IREENA

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