Don and his Roma season 2 episode 8


He walked past her and into the open-space kitchen, swaying slowly, not walking straight. She turned to watch him.

Don:Excuse me for the mess.

he looked towards the shattered glass onthe floor.

Don:I’m a bit agitated, you see… I need to smoke and I couldn’t find a blo*dy ashtray in this apartment!

Swara looked at him in shock

Swara: and that’s what stopped you?!

she couldn’t believe this man.

Don: Please Swara…

he shut his eyes in pain and rubbed his eyes.

Don:Would you fetch me an ashtray already?!

Swara flinched and quickly stepped into the kitchen and took a saucer, and a lowly held her arm out for him to take it.

He sighed and took his pack of cigarettes out, slowly placed one between his lips and lit it, as he leaned against the kitchen counter.

He then exhaled the smoke directly in her face and didn’t even blink. He had a lost look in his eyes, Swara still waiting for him to take the saucer. She was just about to place it on the bar in front of him but he stopped her, ashing his cigar into the saucer as she was holding it for him.

Swara was just about to comment something but quickly bit her tongue. This was definitely not the time to act smart with Don.

He just stood there, smoking ever so slowly, inhaling and exhaling the smoke towards her as he was gazing at her. She couldn’t tell what he was thinking, but then again, she never could. He seemed distracted and lost in thought actually.

Don: What shell I do with you?

he said ever so naturally, then ashed his cigarette again. He felt a lump form in her form just thinking of what ideas he might be contemplating. She looked down at his lips and couldn’t help but feel her knees weak.

Don: Hm?

he raised his eyebrows as if he was waiting fora reply.

Don: You tell me

Swara lowered her gaze.

Swara: Listen, Don…

she faintly started, Don widening his eyes as she spoke

Swara: You misunderstood…

He then suddenly pushed the saucer out of her hand, making it slam to the ground and shatter as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her close

Don: I misunderstood?

he looked at her perplexed yet angry

Swara: Don… my neighbors…
she pleaded

Don: Right now I wish she’d come knocking again, I need to take this out on somebody!

he said squeezing her wrist angrily, making her scream

Swara: You’re hurting me!

Don: No!You’re hurting me!

he shouted and pushed her away, releasing her as she caressed her wrist she looked at him, frightened. She had never seen him so angry he began pacing through the kitchen, rubbing his stubble as if in deep thought.

She wanted to exit the kitchen but he shouted

Don: Don’t! There’s glass on the floor.

She looked at him,confused as ever. First he almost squeezes the life out of her wrist and now he’s worrying about her stepping on glass?

Don: Sit!

he ordered pointing towards the armchair on which he was sitting earlier. She slowly sat on the armchair and couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw him grab the broom and dustpan and began sweeping the glass off the floor, very methodically too.

He then emptied the dustpan in the bin and looked over to the bar, picked a bottle of brandy and opened it. Her eyes widened, he really shouldn’t bedrinking.

Don: Join me?

he looked over at her,raising the bottle of brandy.Swara nodded in denial.

Don: I think you’ll have a glass

he smiled pouring into the second glass. She froze. It was the first time he smiled since she found him there.He then grabbed both glasses and headed towards where she was sitting, handing her hers.

He then sat on the couch, right next to the armchair.He was about to sip but then shook his head

Don: Oh, wait. What should we toast to?

he raised his eyebrow, imitating Swara’s gesture on the ferry.She looked at him,didn’t know how to react. He was so weird. Don wa salways an enigma,but drunk, angry, hurt Don she’d never seen.She just gazed at him. All she felt like doing was reach out and caress his sweet face. Paradoxically, now when he was so weird she felt she could read him best. And what she read was pain.Behind all the anger, all the violence, all the shouting.She felt tears welling up, he frowned.


he placed his glass on the table between them, and sat in front of her, on his heels

Don: Kya hua?

he looked worried, took her glass andplaced it next to his on the table, placing his palms on her knees.She finally got herself to whisper

Swara: I really didn’t mean to hurt you, Don…

He stood up and grabbed his glass on the way, heading towards the huge window.

He sipped the whole content of the glass at once, staring at the view. He then began rubbing his forehead.Swara wiped her tears

Swara: Do you needa pill?

Don looked back and smirked

Don: Pill? That’s not the medicine I need

and he looked at her, inspecting herhead to toe lustfully.Swara blushed and lowered her gaze, she decided to take a sip of that brandy after all.Which reminded Don to pour himself some more, but as he leaned over the bar counter he felther hand on his arm, and with the other she removed the bottle from his hands.

Swara: Baas, Don…

she whispered, and heturned to her

Don: Why?

Swara: You’ve drank enough

He began laughing. It was that laughter again, which didn’t reach his eyes, and it made her freeze, removing her hand.He then frowned and began rubbing his head again. He looked at her as he did soand totally unexpectedly lowered and grabbed her into his arms.

Swara letout a scream and looked at him in shock. What was he up to?He slowly carried her to the bedroom and stared at the bed. Her heart was pounding in anticipation and fear, all together.

He then threw her onto the bed, quickly joining her. Her eyes wide, she looked at him and couldn’t make up her own mind… was this really going to happen? Did she want it to?At least, like this… now?She couldn’t even finish contemplating all the possibilities when he got on top of her and gazed into her eyes. She felt like crying just looking at him. His eyes were so intense, so wounded. He then shifted to herside and kept his arm around her tight.

Don: Sleep now (he ordered)….Don’t try anything stupid…. he added then sighed …please.

Episode End

So sorry for not posting yesterday I wrote the part but due to weak signal I was not able to post it. ? thanx for ur support silent readers too.

I know I’m updating short parts but there is some problem in my phone so I’m not able to write a big part. That’s why I’m trying to update two parts. I will try to upload three parts today.

And if u find it boring then do tell me I’ll try best to make it interesting. Bcz I can see many of u have lost interest.

Credit to: IREENA

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