Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 74


Don:What are you talking about?
he wasn’t shouting but he managed somehow to coverup her screams

Swara:Just stop it,Don,just …do whatever.I don’t care
she was saying,while still feeling too weak to stand still,sobbing

Don:I can’t fight you anymore.You win.Do whatever
He shook her again,strongly, and then held her by her shoulders, making her look up at him

Don:What did Ayesha do?Tell me
Swara:You really enjoy twisting the knife into the wound,don’t you?
she looked at him in disgust

swara:You’re such a monster.I can’t believe I fell in love with such abr*ast
she was out of breath and her voice went weak as she continued sobbing shakily

Don:Swara, listen to me.What. Did.Ayesha.Tell.You?
She found the strength to smile hurtfully

Swara:The truth about the two of you…it was always her,never me she nodded her head in denial afraid she was about to throw up Swara:You just used me

Don:Are you out of you f*cking mind!?
he finally shouted

Swara:Stop it,Don
she lowered her head again, sobbing He forced her to look at him

Don:Just how the f*ck was that my plan since she’s there and you’re here??!
She squinted back at him

Swara:It’s only because you thought I was pregnant!
she shouted in his

Don:Yeah!?I knew you couldn’t be pregnant all along Swara!!!
She blinked at him,it took a while for her to realize that he was right

Don:So if I knew you were lying all along,how come you’re here, huh?!
he shook her

Don:Tell me!
She searched his eyes,panting, but still said,defensively

Swara:You just said for yourself that you thought I’d betrayed you!

Don:That’s because once you told me you were pregnantI knew something was seriously wrong!

he shouted back at her, finally releasing her.She lost her balance and almost fell,but managed to resume her spot against the counter.Her mind was racing.What was going on? She didn’t understand a thing. She watched him run his hands through his hair nervously, looking into space,as if trying to pull it all together

Don:Ayesha better pray she’ll be spending the rest of her life in jail.If only I could…arghhh!!!

he suddenly screamed,she could swear that would be the sound of a lion roaring right next to her ear,and the next second he was breaking plates,glasses, whatever came in his way around the kitchen He suddenly turned to her,framing her face. He was shaking in anger

Don:Why didn’t you tell me?Why did you believe her?Why,Swara, why?!

She had no answer.He searched her eyes but there was nothing but despair and pain

Don:Why can you never f*cking trustme!?he yelled.Don’t you see what I’ve become because of you?I had to have you,even though I was convinced you had betrayed me!I couldn’t resist touching you,making you mine all over again
he said while sinking his fingers deeper into her skin

Don:Swara,had you been anyone else,I’d have killed you on the spot,no questions asked!I brought you here to figure out what to do with you,I was even considering holding you here against your will,not because that meant Ram couldn’t touch me,but because that meant they couldn’t separate us!I’d have rather killed us both than let you go,damnit!

She let out a cry and hung her head but he framed her jawline and made her look him in the eye

Don:I love you,why can’t you reason with that!?

Swara:It all made sense…she was so convincing…she even brought pictures…

Don:She’s delusional!I’d always cared about her because we met while we were kids and she would always count on me to help her out of all the messes she got herself into.When I struck gold I let her in on it.I knew she was obsessed with the idea of the two of us together, but I always told her not to fantasize about it vainly.I never led her on.I always told her I’m not the one to fall in love.he sighed.But damn,was I wrong
he bit his lower lip looking at her intensely

Dn:You’re the one who won, Swara.You won my heart,and I know it’s not much coming from a man like me,but it’s what I value the most because I didn’t even know I had one before I met you

Slowly a smile touched her lips and she had to bit her lip to hold it back and let him say what he had to say.She had never heard him talk this way before

Don:I don’t care what you wanted to do for revenge,I’m sure you had a plan but you would’ve never gone through withit.I know my wild cat
he caressed her cheek with his thumb.

Don:She’s a tough girl
he smiled

Don:Had you really hated me, you’d have killed me.Women get especially crazy with jealousy and do all sorts of crazy things. Take Ayesha for example
he suddenly turned serious

Don:But I won’t spare her.She almost got between us.I’ll deal with her,rest assured

Swara:I think she got her rightful punishment

she said not being able to hold back the smile anymore He looked at her endearingly and caressed her cheek again while two charming dimples began showing on his own

Swara:I feel like such an idiot she finally said
Swara:It’s just that…it’s been so much,all at once…

Don interrupted, shushing her Don:Baas.It’s not your fault.It’s mine,I should’ve gotten rid of Ayesha when she tried to harm you.It’s you that made me soften my actions

Swara:Yea,go ahead and blame it all onme

she smiled He smiled too,happy to see her smiling fully,but nevertheless he wanted to emphasize the fact that it was not her fault

Don:I know what a sneak Ayesha can be.I don’t blame you.I only wish I had proven to you how,much I loved you so that you’d have never doubted me

Swara:Same goes for you, mister
she punched him playfully

Swara;How could you think I was planning on setting you up, all along?

He just looked at her,inhaling deeply.She was right.They had both done the same mistake. Trust was definitely an issue between them.

Swara:Cat caught your tongue, huh?
she teased

Don:Not just a cat, a wildcat

he said while leaning in and finally kissing her.Suddenly all the tension between them turned into something else

Don:Enough talking

he said as he picked her up into his arms,suddenly aware again that she was wearing nothing underneath that bathrobe.
How was the chapter…sorry I’m little bit tired so I can’t talk more hope u will understand everything…thanx a lot for your comments…love u all???

Credit to: IREENA

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  1. Ireena mmmmua excellent dear now I got my breath so nice dear I love Don and Roma very much

    1. thanx a lot dear…gald ur fine I too live them n also u????????

  2. Hey murderer mystery girl you killed me… right now I’m dumbstruck… Uff… finally dey bcm one… aww .. tnq☺☺☺ you knw right now I’m travelling in mtc bus that too rush one… even I cant breath properly… but here I’m reading ur ff… everyone in bus looking me like these generation are never change, always mobile… ???lol… 😀 😀 dis one for todays epi??????

    1. oh…tysm nive…yea after a lot of emotional track they became…hope they always remains like that?.
      travelling in bus hope u r fine?save journey…it’s common I also listen this type of comments from my mom n relatives”aaj kal ke bacche mobile mein hi busy rehte hain”hehe
      thanx a lot dear

  3. Awesome . Veryyyyy veryyyyyy awesome. I was waiting for this reavelation since a very long time. God knows how much i was eager for this. Thats the reason i just commented awesome on last ep. Ireena love u alot yaar. U know i should be ready by now for a function but here i am sitting in bed reading ur ff eagerly. This ep had everything i wanted. Cant say more gotta go.
    Love u a lot deary??????????????????????????????????
    Today i a lot of extra kisses anx hugs.
    Write when only u r free. Dont take stress.???

  4. damn what a twist I got kinda afraid when Roma got jailed but this is awesome I mean yeah. full on fun?

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  9. Awesome as always…..

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    loved the way they have solved their misunderstanding..

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    Finally all confusion cleared and they are back together. 🙂
    Great job!

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