Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 73

Swara stared at him,in shock.He finally retreated and began pacing the kitchen,and that’s when she remembered to breathe and blink.He lit a cigar and threw the lighter into the sink causing great racket.she didn’t even flinch.The tension was unbearable,all her senses were alert.Her mind raced but she just couldn’t find a way to react at what he had just told her.She had never even thought about that.She watched him as he exhaled the smoke with his back facing her.She began feeling really scared.Actually scared for her life.

Don:You know?
he said,without turning to face her,gesturing with his cigar between his fingers

Don:I really thought I had my eye on you.I was certain I knew every step you took.But congratulations
he chuckled,that wicked laughter echoing in the kitchen

Don:Somehow,you got me fooled all along

he turned slightly,so she could see his profile,but still he didn’t look at her He continued laughing,rubbing his forehead as he did so and then turning all the way around

Don:And do you know why you’re here?
She swallowed hard, gripping the counter behind her even tighter He finally looked straight at her, and his look was both cold as ice and fuming
Don:I wanted to hear it from you. I want to know why you want to do this

She stood there,not knowing what to say.What did he mean? She was too scared to ask

Don:How long have you been planning on this,Swara? hebasked,his voice deep

Don:Hm?Batao.Why now?Why not earlier?You could have led meinto your trap on so many occasions.
he squinted his eyes at her.She was so confused,what was he implying?She was too afraid to say anything.She broke down, crying

Don:Enough with the act!
he shouted

She stuck her eyes to the floor and tried her best to stop sobbing,but her body was convulsing uncontrollably

Don:Here I am giving you the opportunity to speak.I could have had both you and Ram in the same room,guns pointing to your heads!

She froze.With remaining tears still rolling down her cheeks she looked up at him

she almost whispered,in disbelief He raised an eyebrow

Don:I’ve got to hand it to you.I’ve never seen an actress such as you before,and trust me
he came closer

Don:I’ve had my share.And I could read right through them. But you…

he said between his teeth and then raised his hands to clap them slowly but powerfully

Swara:How dare you

she finally said,hurt obvious in her voice,her eyes squinting at him.She let go of the counter and took a step closer.She was so hurt that she didn’t even care about the fear that had paralyzed her body moments ago.The adrenaline was kicking in Don was looking at her,visibly intrigued by her courage

Swara:How dare you
she repeated,getting really close to him,and finally pushing him by his shoulders Don was perplexed, nothing like that had ever happened to him before

Swara:After you jailed me, planned your holiday with Ayesha while trying to convince me to plead guilty so that I could rot in jail while you were off with her on some exotic destination… she pushed him further

Swara:leaving meno option but to lie about being pregnant in hope that you’d have the mercy to get me out of there
her voice was increasingly loud

Swara:you have the nerve to tell me I was the one to betray you!!!!???
she was now downright screaming,hitting his chest with both her hands frantically

Swara:You monster!I hate you!
he then caught hold of her wrists but she wouldn’t stop screaming at him

Swara:I hate you!I hate you!How could you do this to me!?How can you,be like that!?
He was staring at her while holding her wrists tightly, immobilizing her,while she was struggling to escape him and hit him some more.

Swara:How can you be so evil?
She shouted.Why didn’t you just kill me right after I helped you obtain those damned papers?! Do you know how it felt?!
her teary eyes were piercing rightinto his,hatred flaming out of them
Swara:When your beloved Ayesha came to tell me all about your plan to dispose of me? Do you have any idea?!

she struggled again to hit him but he stood still,holding her wrists tightly,starting at her frowningly.She then screamed at the top of her lungs,she was so hurt that she was physically sick.She felt her knees go weak and soon Don was the only one keeping her from collapsing in her hysteria.He shook her,trying to get her to stand on her own two feet and to look at him…

Yo be continued

Credit to: IREENA


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