Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 72


Swara woke up the next morning feeling as if she had slept the sweetest nap of her life.She felt whole and rejuvenated.For a moment,everything seemed just right again.The previous night hadbeen amazing.Don had treated her royally.But now she needed to climb down from cloud nine and face the harsh reality.She couldn’t plan anything ahead.Or she didn’t want to.She just felt like not thinking about it.
She took a shower and then stepped out of the master bedroom.She looked around butno sign of Don.She walked over to his study,and there he was,writing something. She stood in the doorframe and watched him pen down his thoughts.He slowly raised his eyes to hers and asmile made way tohis otherwise pensive expression

Swara:What are you writing?
He closed what she recognized to be the journal in which he would write his thoughts,quotes and poems.She made a mental note of going through it as soon as she would get a chance.He gestured for her to come and sit on his desk,next to him.She slowly walkedover and did as instructed.He looked up at her and put a strand of her hair behind her ear.Then his eyes went downwards and with his index finger he traced her lips, her neck,her shoulder and stopped at the collar of her bathrobe.He pulled on it a bit and exposed her naked shoulder. He looked back into her eyes and just gazed into them deeply. Before she knew it,he was standing and pushing the other side reverently off her shoulder as well.He bent down to kiss the curve oh her neck,to which she squirmed.
That was all that took to awake his senses entirely and for him to push everything off his desk to lay her across it freely.As taken by surprise as she was, Swara wasn’t in the least bit complaining.He couldn’t get enough of her,and she wanted to prolong their union as much as she could.Later,he carried her into his arms to the kitchen counter and placed her on her seat

Don:Playtime is over,now you be a good girl and eat your breakfast.You’re lucky breakfast doesn’t get cold
he smiled cheekily She smiled back and began eating. Truthfully,she was starving. Prison food was horrible,plus all the recent activities had literally drained her of any energy she had left.He sat opposite of her, watching her eat.When she was almost done he went to the coffee machine

Don:And here’s your coffee
he poured it still hot into her mug
he exclaimed and turned to the cabinet,taking outa pill out of the foil he kept there.Swara was taken aback

Swara:Uhm…Don,I don’t need birth controlanymore remember?

Don:I know
He shrugged
Don:It’s not birth control.It’s a multivitamin complex
She looked at it carefully
Swara:I know you used to put this into my coffee,but I’ve still seen it enough to recognize it. It’s the exact same pill
she pointed out,confused
Don:I know
She furrowed her brows
Swada:I don’t know whether I’m too tired,but I don’t get any of this
He stopped stirring his own coffee and took a sip of it

Don:It’s not birth control.It never was
Don:You heard me
Swara:But…but you told me it was birth control,that we needed to be safe and that you did it because I hadn’t thought about protection, and…
he interrupted her
Don:You were never on birth control

She stared at him.It made no sense

Swara:Then why did you lie to me?…Don,I know we’ve never discussed this,maybe it’s too late but I think it’s time we did…

Don:I’m glad you think so ‘Cause we’re going to talk, alright
She looked at him,questioningly

Swara:Why are you acting so weird?
He chuckled,but itwasn’t his laughter.He stopped and became serious,suddenly, framing her against the counter

Don:Why did you tell me you were pregnant, Swara?

Swara:You’re the one that tells me that I’ve not been on birth control this whole time,and you’re asking me?

She searched his eyes,totally confused.What was he getting at?
Don:Why are you lying to me?
he asked, coldly She was shocked.He looked furious.How did he find out? Her mind was racing,she didn’t know whether to keep bluffing.

Don:Why’ he slammed one hand against the counter and startled her, making her jump in her seat Don:did you lie to me, Swara?
he asked very slowly and gravely

Swara:I… Don…
He chuckled that mad laughter of his again
Don:You better tell me right now what you’re up to.This instant
He was dead serious and she was so scared,she thought she was going to pass out from all the tension

Don:Swara,if you really are pregnant, then you are in big trouble.I chose to give you the benefit of the doubt
he said staring right at her, inches away from her scared face She squinted

Swara:What?How can you even think it’s not yours?

Don:Because it can’t be, damnit! he hit the counter again,causing her mug to fall of it and shatter to little pieces She held her breath

Don:I’ve had a vasectomy done. I’m sterile, Swara!

How was the chapter…u have guessed something…it’s not so easy to fool Don…let’s see what Don will do…thanx for comments…
I don’t know what ever write how it will come out…I’m really out of energy I can’t write more now…I’m sleepy bcz I wake up at 3am…after that my class at 5:30am….after that college at 8am….now I’m going to sleep…I’ll write another part after breaking my fast that is in the evening…sorry if it’s not to your expection I can write only this much with empty stomach?sorry for short update…

Credit to: IREENA

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  1. ????????????????? this is my expression now. I thought that he would know it but this was far away from my expectation. Thw ep was awesome as always but its really tough to digest such a reavelation. I am still numb??????
    Write only when it is possible dear. Dont take too much stress. Already u r fasting and if u take stress along with it then it wont be good for u. So its even ok with me if u r not able to post daily. I know its really tough to be on fast. My friend is also fasting and i have seen her conditions. So its ok. Take care of urself.???
    Love u deary??????????????

    1. I know it was really unexpected…She was thinking that she will fool him?…but he is Don not a ordinary person…ya dear I’m fine?…I’m habitual of fasting I didn’t feel stressed bcz of that…it was just that I didn’t get proper sleep yesterday?…so that’s why I was tired but now I’m absolutely fine…I have uploaded another episode…n thanx a lot for your concern dear it means a lot to you dear ??????????????????????????

  2. Awesome update….

    1. thanx a lot pia?

  3. Omg!!!! I am still in shock…
    Don is just impossible ….
    Loved him…
    Great Work dear..
    Post next soon because i can’t wait for long.
    Swara is caught in her own web of lies and now she will have a hard time in crying and sulking over the fact that she doubted don’s love.
    Happy ramdan….

    1. let’s see what happen to her…what will don do to her…I know it was really shocking I have updated the next part hope u like it…yes she trapped ?

  4. Sears has fake pregnancy right

    1. yes she was not pregnant… thanx for comment?

  5. Awesome epi…….In shock. ………high voltage current lag gaya…not able to comment any tngg….

    1. thanx for comment….r u fine now I mean did shock affect u a lot?

  6. Ahan , awesome and Ramadan Mubarak 🙂

    1. thanx yaar n Ramdan Mubarak to u too?

      1. Khair Mubarak 🙂

  7. My God!!!! Just say me one thing does don luv swara really? Whatever that happens like putting her behind bars doesn’t seem so

    1. yep…he is…u will get your answer in next update sonu?

  8. IREENA Ramadan Mubarak …coming to the episode it ws excellent…in my pov i don’t blame swara coz..she was told abt don against by ayesha wid proofs…soo being a innocent grl who jst know hw to luv n believe blindly…may easily get into ders talks…as don is an underworld who ws merciless in earlier stages…it quite obvious abt swara’s thinking abt him…den believing his pious love…but don has to undrstand swara’s state n shd try to xplain calmly evrything to swara…and swara has to also open hr mind in frnt of don…abt wat she thought abt him…so dat don could xplain hr den making hr feel suspicious abt him….take care dr…take ur own tym n den post…

    1. thanx yaar…I agree with her love is innocent she get influenced by Ayesha n past things haapen with her like Ragini n all so she was broken that’s why she did this…but I too think it’s not her fault Don’s personality it’s too confusing…I hope everything between them will get fine soon…thanx for comment??????

  9. i hope swara sach bole don ko and don ayesha ki class le..

    1. thanx for comment n let’s what happens next ?

  10. thamiazh magan

    plz mend up this relation

    1. thanx dear n I’ll try?

  11. It was awesome as usual dear.. But still too confused abt their relation.. So now what’s next???

    1. thanx shree I hope ur confusion will get clear in next part?

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