Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 71


The man left, leaving Swara in total darkness.Everything was so overwhelming.She needed to pull herself together.With a deep breath and squinting her eyes to adjust to the darkness,she began changing her clothes and did exactly as the man instructed her.She then found the walk in refrigerator and opened it.The interior was lit and she was sitting amongst huge containers.It was cold but not unbearably so.With her mind trying to comprehend how Ayesha got there,in her place, beaten up like that and crying, she didn’t even realize when half an hour went by and heard noises.
She waited for people to roam around the kitchen,just as instructed,and then finally casually exited the walk in refrigerator.She spotted someone that appeared to be the chef,and politely asked for the list.He gave it to her and she exited the kitchen.She looked over to her left and saw an open door at the end of the corridor, with a van parked right infront. The guard verified her badge that was attached to her apron and then she climbed into the van.
Again,she looked at the man driving and stood silent the entire trip.They reached a market and she stepped out.She didn’t know what to do,the van didn’t drive off and she couldn’t spot anyone familiar.So she began walking amongst the people in the market.

Finally someone walked by her and grabbed her elbow gently, she flinched but sighed in relief when she saw Karan next to her


he smiled at her she looked back and over to the van and she saw a woman dressed just like her, holding a bag full of groceries climbing into it.She shook her head

Swara:That simple,huh?
he shrugged smilingly

Karan:I told you it’d be easy. Now let’s go.Someone’s expecting you

he grinned putting his arm over her shoulders She inhaled deeply.She was free,but somehow felt more scared than ever.The drive to the building was increasing her blood pressure,and she could literally feel her body tremble.

Karan was pulling her leg,much as Simone had done,pointing out just how nervous Swara looked to be reuniting with Don again. She felt bad for having hurt Simone now,even though she knew it was part of the plan all along and that she hadn’t been told about it just to make it look real.Sam stopped the car and she realized there were just a few minutes left before she entered the lion’s gate.

he even rode de elevator with her,and winked cheekily at her when she stepped out.He was hinting at a hot reunion between her and Don,but she was too distracted to notice.She took a few steps into the penthouse and then she heard that unique deep voice

‘Hello, sweatheart’

Swara had to gasp for air,as she had stopped breathing without even noticing.Soon she saw Don appear in the doorframe of his study,wearing only his long,silk, black pajama bottoms.He was smoking as well.They locked gaze for a few moments and then he began to walk towards her,putting away his cigarette on the way.That panther gait of his, it always got to her.Making her feel cornered and vulnerable,but also anxious and needy.

Don:What’s the matter,sweetheart? Aren’tyou happy to be home?
he said while approachingher She slowly smiled

Swara:Of course I am
Don:You don’t look so happy
he said, facing her.Suddenly his expression turned worried
Don:Are you unwell?
For a moment she was lost,not knowing what he was referring to,but it suddenly hit her

Swara:Oh, no…I’m alright.All’s well
she smiled, again.Swara was well aware of the fact that she was a good actor when necessary,but Don was definitely the toughest audience.Now more than ever!suddenly she just felt like giving in and kneeling on the floor in despair. It was so difficult.All she wanted was to jump into his arms and beg of him to make wild love to her, but she knew that would just tear her apart.


she flinched,interrupting her train of thought
Swara:I’m sorry…I’m just so exhausted.I haven’t had much sleep throughout my stay in that horrid place

Dn:Poor baby
he stroked her cheek with his thumb and she leaned into his caress instinctivelyTo that,he groaned and suddenly capturedher lips with his,kissing her passionately.She responded instantly.She wanted him so badly

she could only whisper and a tear even escaped her eyes
Don:Shush,darling…I’m here now
he grabbed her into atight embrace and she clung into him desperately.How she wished she could at least pretend for a little while all that happened was a nightmare and that finally she was safe,in his loving arms, again.

Don:I’ve missed this so much
he said,still holding her tight

Don:Shush,there’s no room for words,sweetheart
he pulled away and searched her eyeshungrily
Don:I need you
he then cupped her face rapidly and pulled her into a passionate kiss,he then lowered his arms and lifted her up holding her thighs around his waist,and just likethat carried her to the master bedroom.she resolved she had never seen him like that.Even before she had given herself to him,he had never shown this kind of urgency.But now he was literally ripping their clothes awayfrom between them.His urgency made her pant in anticipation,she was craving his touch as well and the ecstasy was just moments away.She responded to his movements totally uninhibited,as if this would be the last time they evermade love.

As soon as they wereboth naked, Don stopped and took a long look at her,fire mirroring in his eyes.She knew that look so well. She knew he was about to make her lose her mind,giving in to all her senses and moaning his name over and over again.He began teasing her whole body with his lips and she was pleading him to take her.In fact, she was so worked up that she climaxed the moment they united.A hint of smirk touched his lips only for him to go back to his serious, heated expression as he proceeded to take her higher and higher. She knew he would not stop,all night.

Thank God…finally complete one chapter with so much difficulty….how was the chapter…I know u all are eagerly waiting to know about Don…but wait for some more updates may be 3 or 4…so sorry for making u wait…but I can guess u have concluded something with this episode…

Thanx for ur comments…I’m really very happy seeing ur comments…I was not able to reply to your comments…but I was really happy…I know never thought I will get this much comments n u will love my ff this much…i just can’t believe it…when I start writing it I got nearly 13 comments then day by day it decreases n it came to 5 or sometime 3…but now really I’m in heaven seeing ur comments… I’ll try my best to post next part as soon as possible….love u all to infinity ?????????????

Credit to: IREENA

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  1. It’s awesome dear Plzz update next part soon waiting…… Bht jayada suspense ho gaya hai it’s killing me

    1. I’ll try to update soon….I know it’s too much but I’ll try to reveal it in next soon?

  2. thamiazh magan

    usually am a silent reader of urs… just to tell there will be so many like me

    1. thanx thamiaz….

  3. This was amazingly awesome. I am really out of words. I just want to know about don . Thats all. So write when u r free. My curiousity is very high. Plz say when u r gonna post nxt cuz i will see tge moment u post.???
    Love u dear???????

    1. I know in next update u will see…I’ll try to write soon…it’s just that I’m little bit tired n feeling lazy to write but I surely write don’t worry about that…I have class on 5:30 after coming from class I will sleep for sometime then I’ll write don’t know how much time it takes….love u too

    1. thanx a lot yaar

  4. Amazinggg… Very very veryyyyyyyyy happy for (swardon) reunion…love it so much…waiting for the next epi…

    1. I’m also happy for their reunion ….I’ll try to post next one soon…thank Hays?

  5. Omg…don’t tell don got know swara fake pregnancy n gonna punish her for that..this episode is making me really afraid…its like something which v badly ginba happen with swara after their love making…

    1. something is gonna be happen… but is it badvor good u will get to know soon….thanx for comment…

  6. Awesome update dear.. 🙂

    1. thanx Sweetie I’ll try…?

  7. Oh god. The suspense is awesome. I think don knows abt swara’s fake pregancy. But still cant tell who is saying truth.ireena u r awesome.

    1. thanx Archana….let’s see what’s gonna happen….

  8. Curiosity is just killing me yar plz update r the next episodes soon

    1. thank Sonu n yes I’ll update soon…

  9. IREENA bus bohoth hochupa hide n seek…just update abt hw he use to feel widout hr…and yaa suspense is killing me…and abt today’s epi it ws jst breathtaking…and IREENA wat shlud i tell abt u..u r such brilliant writter…wid perfect words n feeling betwn to souls…luv u dr…i dont hv words…tq fr such amazing story wid my jaan swasan…luv u lotss IREENA….

    1. so sorry…I’ll try to update next soon…n clear the mu…h my God this much praising….thank a lot dear…I should say thanx for reading dear…u don’t know how happy I feel seeing your comments…. thanx once again…love u too dear??????

  10. Amazing writer thriller suspense romance at one place is highly amazing one day u gonna kill us by this
    Story it’s so awesome

    1. tysm Shruthi it’s u who think like that…ur comment means a lot…but only have one wish don’t make me killer?.

  11. Awesome……

    1. tysm Aeisha?

  12. Disclose the suspense….can’t wait

    1. I’ll try my best dear?

  13. Awesome dear

    1. thanx a lot dear?

  14. awesome as always…no word to describe….thanks for swadon reunion..really happy..but curious to know about don reaction abt swara fake pregnancy…

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