Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 70




karan:Please don’t worry so much…Don is going to freak when I tell you kya haal I’ve seen you in.Please don’t
she grabbed hus hands and squeezed them once

swara:I know how he worries…I trust you’ll get me out of here she whispered

swara:I’m just…homesick
she smiled sadly Karan leaned in

Karan:I’ve been waiting for this darn visiting day…tomorrow be ready around 4 am.You don’t have to do anything just be awake and ready alright?

Swara:Won’t you let me in on what’s going to happen exactly?

Karan:It’s too risky.Just be prepared ok?
she nodded then asked

karan:They can’t wait to see you he smiled
Karan:But Don is most eager to see you.I can tell.He’s so impatient,I’ve never seen him this way
he laughed

Karan:It’s been living hell since you’ve gone,he’s been extra bossy
he opened his eyes wide for effect
Karan:He’s been apain.I can’t wait for you to come back and calm him down.Only you can do that
They then heard a sound that announced the visiting time was over.

Karan:Achcha,see you tomorrow night
he winked at her

she found herself grabbing his hand
Swara:Wait…tell me, how is he?
Karan smiled and sighed

Karan:I thought you’d never ask…you’ll see for yourself.He’s not well,yaar
he turned serious
Karan:Once I really needed his approval to seal an awesome deal…and I couldn’t reach him. Usually when he knows I’m going for a meeting he’s available and expects my call. Now the phone rang and rang, but no answer.I started to worry. It’s not at all like him.So I went to the building…but he wasn’t there.I was freaking out, suddenly it hit me,and I went to the mansion

People were walking all around their table and she.knew she had to get going,but she was stuck there,with her heart in her throat

Swara:When I saw his car parked the way it was I knew something was wrong .I entered and found him completely drunk, dead to the world
she gasped and covered her mouth rapidly he shook his head looking away

Karan:You know Don…he never lets his guard down…that mansion has zero security… anyone could have gone after him and found him like that.I had to drag him into one of those rusty bathtubs and hope to God the water pipes were still working.Thankfully the water was ice coldand…well he almost choked me withthe shower hose, he didn’t realize who I was
he chuckled and uncomfortably touched his neck while swara bit her lower lip worriedly

Karan:But I’m alright…the important thing is that I got there in time.He had been looking at pics of you,I found his cell right next to the empty bottles of scotch
She shook her head and a tear escaped her eye again

‘Visiting hours are over’
a guard came and grabbed her by the elbow,pulling her off the chair,in a strict fashion but thankfully not rude.Sam wasn’t happy,nevertheless

Karan:You remember what I said, alright?


she tried to smile back and left with the guard She didn’t want to admit it to herself,but the news of Don totally passing out like that had truly disturbed her.It wasn’t at all like Don to lose control like that.Simone noticed and kept joking that she should lighten up,considering she was going to be reunited with Don soon.Swara had half a mind to shut her up but tried to keep to herself.She tried to sleep,but her last night in prison proved to be a white one.The next day she couldn’t wait for it to be 4 am already.She fidgeted all day and even Simone got tired of pulling her leg about it.Around 11 pm she fell asleep.She tried to fight it but she was too tired.She woke up to a painful sensation

Swara:What the…?
She looked straight at Simone who was pulling her by her pony tail

Simone::You think you can go without giving you a piece of my mind?

she couldn’t believe it,what had gotten into her?When she pulled her hair again,Swara got off her bed and caught Simone’s wrist

Swara:Stop it!You’re attracting unnecessary attention!
she whispered between her teeth Swara:What’s gotten into you?

Simone:I’m jealous,can’t Iat least get to beat you up a little before you go to your precious Don?

Swara:What the hell!
Swara was in shock but Simone pushed her hard enough to make her snap out of it Roma stared at her, puzzled, but Simone was smirking and looked pretty serious that she was looking for a catfight.

“My wildcat…”
she could imagine Don chuckle. He would enjoy the view, especially knowing how good a fighter Swara really is

Swara:Simone, you stop it right now!

Simome:Don’t worry the guards never get their noses into fights
she grinned

Swara:Don won’t help you if I tell him what you’re doing

Simone:He can’t.I’ll tell who Ayesha really is
she laughed
Simone:Come on,I’m not dumb. So what if I want to ruffle you a bit before sending you off toDon?

Swara:You’re crazy
Swara whispered

Simone:What did you say?

Simone fumed and before Swara could react she slapped her cell mate that was it.Swara wasn’t just about to stand there and let this bimbo toss her around like some kind of a toy.She pushed Simone into a corner and pulled onto her hair to give her a taste of her own medicine

Swara:Now will you stop it already?

she shouted at her To that Simone bit Swara’s hand and then punched her in the ribs. Swara hit her right into the face with her elbow.Then pulled her head down and hit her forehead with her knee.Simone grabbed her leg and twisted it so she was facing her back,then kicked her spine.Swara was surprised to see that Simone wasn’t all that inexperienced as she would have thought.

In reality,Swara tried not to hurt Simone too much but when she got rougher she had to defend herself and managed to leave some scratches and bruises on her.It got ugly pretty rapidly and they were literally screaming and shouting at one another finally Swada cornered Simone again and immobilized her.


Swara:Shut up, you imbecile! Swara panted

Simone:Help, guards,help!

It just so happened that the guards were patrolling right around that area and came really quickly to see what the commotion was Swara tried to silence Simone but failed,the guards were there already.Before she could say anything,they were both being taken to separate,individual cells.She knew those cells,Simone had showed them to her once while they were going to lunch.They were in a highly secured area. Dangerous inmates were placed there permanently,or temporarily in case of misbehaving.Swara was very angry.She was going to miss her change to escape that night because of that imbecile.

Simone’s guard took her to her cell while Swara’s was still walking with her to hers.She suddenly realized the corridor was coming to an end.She looked over to.the cells and stared in shock as she saw Ayesha in one of them.She recognized her by her wavy bob haircut.For a moment they locked eyes and Swara saw that she had bruises on her face and the corner of her mouth was dripping blood.

By the time she could snap out of her shock she was already taken into some corridors that were poorly lit and by the smell of it she realized she was near the kitchen.She looked over at the guard but he just kept walking.She couldn’t realize whether he was really working there or if he was an intruder.He took her into the kitchen and turned on a dim flashlight.

‘Change into these.Toss the uniform into this bag and then into the dumpster over there. Then enter the walk in refrigerator.The shift starts in half an hour.As soon as you hear noise,wait for people to roam around the kitchen and then get out holding any container.Go to the chef and ask for the list.You will then go with a van into town and buy fresh vegetables.The van will take you where you have to reach.Nobody will suspect a thing.Give my best to Don’

To Be Continued…..

Credit to: IREENA

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