Don and his Roma season 2 episode 7


She glanced over at the bottle of whiskey which was almost empty, and she remembered it to be sealed.

Don:This whiskey is very bad.

he broke the silence in a low, deep voice, as he emptied the glass in one sip, then suddenly stood up, frightening her.

Swara was practically stuck to her door.He then threw the crystal glass on the floor, breaking it in hundreds of pieces.

Swara let out a scream, but he rushed towards her, covering her mouth with his hand, angrily.

Don: Shut up!… please.

Swara could feel the alcohol and realized Don was actually drunk, and incredibly angry. She was really scared and she panted heavily.

He then released her mouth and gently caressed her face, inspecting her with his saddened gaze.

Don: Swara, Swara… why did you do this to me?…..he asked whisperingly….Hm?Why!?

he shouted and pounded his fist against the door behind her making her let out a scream again.

He then grabbed her by her shoulders and pounded her against the door as well, hurting her a bit but stopped and placed his forehead against hers. The smell of alcohol was intoxicating her As he was panting as well.

He then sighed, making her eyes water, and turned around looking around, as though searching for his glass.

Swara: He really is drunk.

she thought, as she felt a lump form in her throat. He then reached for the bottle and drank it up, and she rapidly closed her eyes tight and flinched as she thought he was going to smash it to the floor too.

He looked at her saddened and shook his head. She slowly calmed and looked at him questioningly, as she saw the hurt look in his eyes. She couldn’t believe this was Don. She had never pictured him this way, ever, he looked so …

Swara: Aaah!

she screamed loudly covering her ears, as he threw the bottle totally unexpectedly against a wall, deafening and frightening the living daylight out of her as he interrupted her train of thought.

She crawled frightened beneath the door knob, trembling. He was slowly approaching her, and her mind was racing- what was he going to do!? Was he going to hurt her? She had never seen him this angry.All of a sudden she flinched, hearing the doorbell.

‘Swara?…’ she heard her next door neighbor, Kiran ji call out to her.She knocked on the door

Kiran: Swara beti?… saab kuch teek hai?

she asked worriedly Swara’s eyes widened as she looked frightened towards Don, what was he going to do? She feared for Kiran, not knowing what he would do to shut her up… she shook her head, begging him not to do anything.

Don was panting, staring at her, then at the door, then back at her again. He came next to her and sat at the corner of the door, against the wall and mouthed

Don: Fix this.

and gave her a cold look.

Swara: C…Coming.

she said, her voice trembling as she stood up, he was right next to her.She looked at him then tried to compose herself and he squeezed her elbow, warning her not to do anything stupid. He then let her go as she opened the door, hiding Don behind it.

Swara: Ji?

Kiran: Arre… Swara, is everything alright?I heard some glass shatter…

Kiran was looking over Swara’s shoulder, inspecting the room carefully.

Swara faked a smile.

Swara: Haan auntie… actually clumsy me.

she let out a laugh, placing a strand of hair behind her ear.

Swara: I accidentally tripped and hit a vase, it fell on the tilled floor…’ she shrugged

Kiran: Vase? It sounded a lot louder…

Swara: Yes… big one.

she scratched the tip of her head Kiran smiled and was just about to turn to leave when she stopped.

Kiran: Arre… but I heard a scream also?… Swara?

she whispered, and widened her eyes as if to let Swara know she could secretly gesture her if she was in trouble Roma giggled.

Swara: Oh God, auntie…you’ve got to stop watching so many films… arre of course I screamed, na? I fell and now the whole floor is covered in glass… didn’t even realize I had hit the vase in my fall, actually.

she grinned.

Kiran: Pagali…Kiran wave….Challo, u almost made me call the police. she scolded.

Swara: Auntie, but I am the police, na?

she laughed Kiran shook her head as she headed towards her apartment and waved again at her giggling

Swara: Good night, auntie!’ Swara Said as Kiran closed her apartment door.

Swara slowly closed her door as well and feared confronting Don, behind it.

She almost fell her heart drop when she saw his dark look, his eyes deep, filled with anger and sadness and a mixture of everything she could not comprehend all in those big brown eyes that seemed coal black now.

He slowly reaches to lock the door as she closed it, and placed the keys in his pocket afterwards, not removing his eyes from hers as he did so.

Episode End

So yesterday i was not able to update that’s why I’m updating two parts today hope u like if.

Credit to: IREENA

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