Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 68


She felt like screaming at the top of her lungs.She felt betrayed, she felt lied to,she felt cheated, played with,manipulated… she felt like dying.Suddenly she felt a sense of calmness wash over her.She needed revenge.She craved for it.
She was not about to let him get away with it…afterall…what did she have to lose anymore?

Swara:Very well,mister Reeves. You’ll be representing me in court

the man grinned.Obviously he was expecting a substantial revenue from Ayesha for it

Reeves:I will visit you again tomorrow to lay out the defense case I’ve worked on and will be adding the finishing touches to tonight

She stood up and went towards the door,ignoring the man’s attempt at a handshake she needed to come up with her own strategy that night.

Later that day she was announced she had another visitor.He heart clenched.She knew it must be Don,and that it would be incredibly difficult to face him and to keep on a poker face that even he would buy.But she needed to be strong,she needed to play hisgame and win it.

As soon as she stepped into the room she felt like giving the whole idea up.She had forgotten just how handsome he was. Again,his cologne invaded all her senses and almost made her break down and tell him that she didn’t care that he wanted to ruin her life,and then beg him to change his mind.

As soon as she imagined all that she felt hatred go through her veins again.She believed in him, trusted him with her life,and he was about to throw that all away.She sat at the table slowly, trembling slightly.She needed to pull it together As soon as the usher left, he leaned in

Don:This is affecting you much more than I thought it would
he said, visibly concerned
Don;I’m beginning to regret my decision, would’ve been far more easy to just kill the damn b*tch

he added,through his teeth She smiled to herself.Wah,wah!He could put on such a credible act. Almost had her fooled,for the millionth time.She then said

Swara:It’s not so bad…it’s something else
He looked at her,waiting for her to go on

Swara:Don…I don’t know how to say this
she bit her lip
Swara:I don’t know how you feel about this.We never discussed it?actually,I don’t know how it happened,I know you made sure it wouldn’t…but…
Don raised an eyebrow and stared at her

Swara:…I’m pregnant
His expression didn’t change. Actually it remained just like that for a whole two minutes,to her appreciation

Swara:Please say something
she looked down at her hands

Swara:I had to build up a lot of courage to tell you this.

When she raised her eyes back at his,she felt them pierce right through her.Aha,she thought, this ruined his whole plan entirely.Exactly as she had hoped.

Don:You’re right.I am lost for words
he finally said, squinting his eyesat her slightly

Swara:You don’t want it
she shook her head He closed his eyes and when he opened them again she saw them sparkle.Oh, God!What an act!!!

Don:You don’t know how much I want it to be true
he said, gravely

Swara:It is.I missed my dates,I threw up a lot the last few days… he shook his head

Swara:I can’t have a doctor confirm it,because then they’ll move me to another prison and it’ll be more difficult to make your plan work,plus they’ll start getting suspicious when Ayesha won’t be showing any signs of pregnancy.
she breathed in,knowing how hard this was going to be,then reached for his hand and squeezed it gently

Swara:But I’m sure I am carrying a baby.Our baby.And I’m very scared to have it under all the stress I’m facing here…

Don didn’t look at her again. He just stared into space,
his eyebrows slightly furrowed, as if in shock.He just said

Don:I need to get you out of here, fast!

Swara’s trial was fairly short and to the chase.She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison,just as she expected. Ram hadn’t showed up.Granted he didn’t want to see her ever again.She was used to being handcuffed and everything just came and went as if it were a dream,and not her life at stake.As she was now resting on the bed of her new cell,she tried to ignore the slight snoring of her cell-mate and focus on her goal.She knew Don would get her out of there soon,he had no choice but to.It was her only hope,her only card to play,and she played it right.Don could not be indifferent to his own offspring.She had at least sensed that correctly about him.He surely must have been shocked to find out,after all the birth control he made her ingest, every morning,on the clock.The next morning her cell mate introduced herself

‘Hi. I’m Simone’
Swara smiled awkwardly and reluctantly shook hands with the young woman

Swara:Hi, I’m…

Simone:Swara, I know

Simon:I guess word goes around quickly amongst inmates…
she smiled awkwardly again

Simon:Oh no,Don told me
she giggled trying to keep it low Roma blinked at her

Swara:Is that a fact?
Simone nodded

Simon:He’s gonna get me out of here.Pretty cool scheme he’s come up with

Swara:Care to elaborate?

Simon:Well,all I have to do is attest that the woman who will take your place is you,and has been all along,and make her lookalike a lunatic
she giggled again,whispering

Siomn:And Don will hire me the best lawyer to reopen my case and get me out of here
she shrugged swara nodded slowly.He had it all figured out

Simon:Congrats on the baby
she smiled.

Simon:I must admit I envy you. He’s quite a catch…he’s nothing short of perfect,in every way
her eyes sparkled devilishly as she said that

Swara:You know him well,I gather
She shrugged

Simon:I’m not surprised you don’t remember me,but I used to work for him as well.Just… entertaining the gentlemen,but still I managed to get myself into a lot of trouble
Swara lifted an eyebrow at her

Simon:Don and I hooked up a couple of times,unfortunately that was all there was to it.I can’t wait for Ayesha to come here,I’ll make her life a living hell till I get out.She was such a ***** to me.Acting so possessive about Don
she smirked

Simon:When in reality we all knew he didn’t care about her, really

Swara pretended not to be interested but looked at Simone as if to tell her to go on.

Simon:Hell,he never wanted anything exclusive with her.Everybody knows men cheat, but this is Don,he could have any woman he wants,and he did.
And it was all out in the open.He never did it on the sly.Ayesha was heartbroken every single time,as if it came as a big surprise to her.I think she’s a little mental.Imagining she could ever have Don all to herself’ she let out a laugh

Swara:Why did he keep her around, then?
Swara asked pretending to be a lot less interested than she really was

Simon:I think it’s more of a matter of her clinging on to him,no matter what
Simone shrugged

Simon:She was loyal and stood by him even when everyone turned against him.She was really desperate to win his heart…but to tell you the truth,I don’t think Don has one
she laughed Swara looked away, trying to hide her feelings Simone cleared her throat

Simon:Which is why I’m so impressed with you.You earned Ayesha’s spot,that’s quite an accomplishment.I even think you outdid her.I mean…a baby, wow.I wonder how come Ayesha never thought about this move

Swara:You think that’s why he wants me out of here?Because of the baby?
Simone tried to hide her amusement but failed miserably
Simon:You’re not serious,are you?You don’t actually think he loves you and that’s why he wants you out of here.That too, imprisoning his loyal devotee?… I mean, come on
A tear fell down swara’s cheek, as she couldn’t hold it back Simone shook her head and patted her back

Simone:Look,I’m sorry…I had the feeling you knew him better than that.I don’t mean to hurt you… but had he been younger,I’m pretty sure he’d have let you rot in here,baby or no baby.I’m pretty sure he wants to get Ayesha off his back once and for all,this way,too.Look,you just have to be true to yourself.Don’t expect him to…marry you or something

she laughed but saw that it made swara even sadder,instead of making her reason

To Be Continued…..

Credit to: IREENA

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