Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 66


Ayesha:Don is all mine.He’s proved it to me time and time before
Swara looked away,her eyes welling up.Ayesha sighed

Ayesha:Listen.I didn’t just come here to throw this all in your face.As I said, I am thankful that you helped Don become a free man.You’re a good girl,foolish, dumb,totally out of your mind to believe even for a minute that he loves you.But nonetheless…I’d hate to see you rot in jail
Swara looked back at her,tears rolling down her cheeks

Ayesha:He’d kill me for doing this…
she giggled

Ayesha:Well, that’s a figure of speech,you know.But I want to get you out of here.I suppose you realized by now that this is the reason you’re here…he wanted to get rid of you for good.And he would have,if it weren’t for me.Be thankful he didn’t just kill you,though

Swara wiped her tears away and tried really hard to keep herself from falling apart in front of that beast of a woman that called herself Ayesha.

Ayesha:I’ll hire you a real lawyer that will get you out of here. Then,I’ll fix something for you so that Don never has to know you’re not in prison.I know…I know.I’m saving your life and you’re wondering why.I told you. You did play an important part in turning my dream into reality, that is of seeing Don free.He won’t know about this.You just go by what the lawyer tells you, and you’ll be out of here in no time.Unlike Don,I am merciful
Ayesha got up and called for the guard

Ayesha:I know what you must be going through.You’ll thank me later

she grinned and walked out the door, just as swara was being handcuffed.Then she collapsed, crying hysterically.The usher had to drag her into her cell where she threw herself on the small, harsh bed.

Don leaned in overthe table

Don:When the time comes,plead guilty.You made Ram sign those papers,don’t deny it on the stand.You’ll receive maximum, trust me.Life in prison.Ram will be absolved of all the guilt and he’ll continue serving for the Interpol,or retiring,I couldn’t care less..the important thing is that you will rot in prison
She widened her eyes horrified


Don:And by you, darling, I mean Swara Bose.I will falsify all your documents here.Fingerprints, headshots,everything.No one will ever suspect a thing when I’ll exchangeyour place…with Ayesha’s!That way she will spend the rest of her life in prison,you will be free as a bird with a new identity.
Don flashed one of his dimpled smiles but Swara couldn’t snap out of it

SwRa remembered what Don taught her to do word for word. She felt like an idiot.There she was,ready to rot in prison while he was going to spend the rest of his days…and nights,with Ayesha,probably sailing on the board of one of his luxury boats towards some exotic destination,just like in those photos Ayesha showed her.All this time,she had been just the key to his freedom.He needed her in order for Ram to sign those immunity papers,and now she needed to disappear.Simple as that,just like Don handled all his pawns.Her blood was boiling.

She couldn’t wait to get out and…and…that’s where she would stop everytime she tried to think of a plan to get back at him.She needed revenge,and badly.But how?How do you beat Don at his own game!?She couldn’t even concentrate.She felt too hurt.The pain was unbearable.She couldn’t sleep, but the little sleep she had wasfilled with nightmares.She woke up from one such nightmare and sat at the edge of her rock solid cell bed.Suddenly, an idea came to her mind.She almost smirked, thinking about it. It was perfect.

‘So, miss Bose.Shall we proceed?

Swara:Actually,mr. Reeves…I won’t be needing your services, after all
The man blinked at her
Man:I’m sure I don’t understand
She sat up and called for the usher,and looked over her shoulder

Swara:And you can tell Ayesha to go to hell
she smiled and left

so sorry for late update….I know it’s too much to read three updates at a time but I uploaded it cz tomorrow I’m going to attend a engament which us far away from my city so may be I will not be able to update tomorrow.

thanx for your comment….I know u all are confused whats happening…u have only one answer to your question just wait u will get to know what’s going on….

Credit to: IREENA

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  1. Awesome as usual dr…enjoy t engagement n post the nxt epi asap hehehee….cant wait…

    1. tysm ashu I’m glad u liked it….thamx for wishes….n I can’t stop my self from writing so I’ll post another episode at night…. ?

  2. Omg
    What’s the truth???

    1. let’s see who is right who is wrong….tysm for comment.?

  3. Ireena dear..Triple dhamaka..Wow!! I just loved the three updates..Final conclusion of these updates is Swara wants revenge that too hard core..I love it… <3 Your FF does give me an adrenaline rush every time I read it..Love you dear..Stay blessed and be happy.. 🙂

    1. oh….thanx a lot…..glad u liked it☺…yes she wants to take revenge but will it happen as he is Don not a normal person n may be next part will give u shock so wait for it….oh…such a sweet comment….thanx for our wishes…..

  4. Awesome

    1. tysm barathy?

  5. Gr8 part, secondly
    WTH is going on swara’s life. I m still confused Don loves swara or not ?
    And ireena when will laksh entry taked place ? Is he part of this ff or not .

    1. thanx n that’s the question what’s going on does Don really loved Swara or it was his plane u will get the answer Soon….about laksh I think I have forget to tell that he is not a part of the ff….

  6. And Ireena ur each n every word is awesome . Keep writting . Waiting for nxt upload .

    1. thanx dear I’ll surely update at night.

  7. Aewsome Awesome Awesome. All eps were simply great. But i am in utter confusion just as Swara. I will just hope that Everything will be fine??????
    Enjoy tomorrow. But plz post the next day cuz this is Getting more and more interesting.
    Love u dear?????????????

    1. thanx a lot dear….I know it’s confuing who is right n who is wrong….it will take time but not too much….I’ll surely update don’t worry tommorow only…..may be in 3-4 episodes it will get clear….wait for some time… u too dear ???????????????

  8. Seriously don had fooled her or she misunderstood it Ohh god its awesome Bht jayada suspense hai Plzz update next part soon waiting for it

    1. yes….may be Don is plotting against her or may be she is misunderstanding him….let’s see…I’ll update surely….but this is going to continue…

  9. Ahh..! To much curiosity , who’s the real culprit ? Is it don ? Is he really cheating on swara with ayesha ? OMG what’s going on , feeling dizzy :p anyways one day comes to know , Khair you enjoy engagement , happy and safe journey and find some guy for you as well 😀 lolx
    And yeah epi is awesome as always , love it and dying to read the next one 🙂

    1. I know its too much…Is it don ? Is he really cheating on swara with ayesha ? this question is running in all their mind…one day it will get clear n that day is not so far… yup thanks I’m dying bcz i have to go the engagement??….which I really didn’t want it…finding a guy for me I’m still 16 too young for this?…but I didn’t need to worry about that bcz my mom,n badi mom is enough for that??????….if u want I can select one for you just like I select for my sister every time?…. he he..just kidding….I’ll update next part soon.

      1. Hahaha oh my cream puff I’m also 16 😀 means to young to have a guy but if u find someone like DON then surely I will think about it 😛

  10. Nice..waiting for the next epi

    1. thanx I’ll update….

  11. Its simply superb as usual.. Need to say was eagerly reading each and every line of ur updates.. Was not at all feeling bored.. So whts gonna hpn?? Anxiety is killing me.. Hope u will post the next update asap…

    1. oh….thanx shree it’s a grt complement….yep ill update soon….contole your exitment bcz may be u will get a shock in next updates…. hope for the best?

  12. I think ayesha is playing some kind of game…..

    1. tysm….let’s see what she is doing .

  13. awesome as always..!!! Ireena wat abt ur another ff yaar… did u forget..? Stranger is my love… try update…!!!

    1. thanx….actually I didn’t forgot about that but not sure whether I will be able to continue it or not….sorry for that?

  14. Let see aage kya hoga….

    1. you are absolutely write Aeisha

  15. Ohhh god my head is spinning ireena…frstly da episode ws very very suspicious not at all getting whom to believe nd whom not…either don wrds to swara or dat ayesha’s…nly u know ireena…soo plzz show sum mercy on us nd plzz clr our doubts with nxt epi…so dat my head would stop spinning…just kidding yaar…take ur own time to post… i hope ur njyng ur functions ..eagerly waiting fr da episode…lov u drr

    1. ohhh…so sorry for that but if u want I can do your maalish…I’m good at that?.just kidding…ya it’s too confusing only bcz Don’s POV is not clear about that point….don’t worry I’m updating my ff right now….I was free today so I wrote that part so I’m updating thanx for your comment n love….I love u so much???????????????????

  16. Awesome update☺☺….my head is spinning with twist…n save me by updt with 3-4 epi which clears confusion otherwise I’ll be dying tnkin who is up to wat???

  17. thanx a lot dear….uff n sorry for this much confusion yep may be on Monday it will all get clear thanx for comment keep reading ?

  18. Anaya jaiswal

    Hey….i am 100% sure dat don loves swara….

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