Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 65

As sge was taken back to her cell a thought cornered her mind.What if…what if this was Don’s plan all along?
“I can be very persuasive”,
“She created that whole romance in her little head’
he chuckled
“You know my effect onwomen.”, “Exactly as I had planned”.

His words were echoing in her ears.What if this had been Don’s plan all along…to make her fall in love with him,make her leave the Interpol for him,make her fix his immunity papers…and now make her plead guilty so that she would rot in prison?Maybe it’s true.He couldn’t kill her.But he would have to get rid of her… and what better way to do so? She remembered everything… how he secretly kept her on birth control…how he left sometimes and she had no idea where he was…for all she knew, he could’ve been with Ayesha the whole time,laughing, plotting…Suddenly she doubted everything between them.She feared for her life more than ever.What if…Don had tricked her all along?

Swara had little time to think.
Just a few days left until the trial.Her attorney was pressuring her to come clean and tell him everythingin order for him to defend her case,but she just didn’t know what to say.He said he would probably request an adjournment,but that thought made Swara feel sick.She couldn’t stand being in that cell any longer.She struggled to put the pieces together,she struggled to figurethings out.But with Don it was just so damn complicated!

She knew this would be the ultimate test to their love,had there ever been any from his side.Would she trust him,place her life in his hands?Could she do that?She began feeling sorry for Ragini.Don working his charms on her just to get his way must’ve been very confusing for her cousin. Granted,she shouldn’t have fantasized about her cousin’s man,but Ragini was just a kid. What did she know about love and life,at the endof the day?

She just couldn’t believe how Don had used Ragini just to get Swara into prison,safe and far away from Ayesha.He really risked it all to save her life.He risked a lot by coming there to see her, as well.She knew it must’ve been difficult to pass asher attorney, Mr. Alonso, but Don was capable of everything when he put his mind to it.She remembered the day Ayesha came into the bridal shop, after her.Knowing that she hadn’t just imagined it all now sent chills up her spine.

She sighed replaying those exact words he said to her
“She is not here, nor will she ever be,and I am not hers,nor will I ever be.Did I make myself clear?”

Then she remembered when Ayesha delivered her McDonalds,and what a scene he made for her not to eat it.Don returned,pacing the room slowly

She hadn’t just thrown up because she had drank too much,as he implied.He had obviously made her throw up to empty her stomach and make sure the poison was out of her system.Or even more likely, knowing Don,he must’ve called one of his trusted doctors to pump her stomach.Yes. That’s what must’ve happened.She sighed again rubbing her temples.

It was all adding up.She then remembered the very last moments she had spent with him before her arrest

Swara:Well I guess I did make it up to you
she smiled at him
Don:You didn’t need to. Nothing you could ever do would upset me
She smiled.He was looking deep into her eyes and she could see the moment of sincerity they were betraying
Swara:Same goes for you
She was about to get up when he pulled her back
Don:You know that, right?I’d never do anything to hurt you
She furrowed her brows
Swara:Of course I do. I love you she said giving him a kiss
Don:And I, you
Swara:When I get back, there’ll be a lot more of “this” going on she gestured between them He gave her a heated look ‘I’ll be waiting
Swara bit her lower lip
“God… heknew exactly whatwas about to happen”.

She remembered seeing him smoke that early,which he never did,his nervousness and his urgency with which he made love to her,and it was all screaming the fact that Don truly,undoubtedly loved her.

‘You have a visitor!’
the usher again interrupted her train of thought.She got up quickly,she was so excited. That couldn’t be the attorney,he had just visited her the previous day. It had to be Don,he had come to see her yet again!She tried to hide her excitement,but it was truly hard to do.She couldn’t wait to get into that room and tell him how she loved him,and how she trusted him with her life.On the way to that small room where she’d see him after 5 long days, her certitude grew stronger and stronger.She was uncuffed and the moment she stepped in,her heart dropped


‘Hello, Swara’
Ayesha took off her sunglasses

Auesha:Have a seat
she smirked swara squinted her eyes at her.There she was, looking all glamorous and perfect,while she was a wreck,to say the least.She sat and shot Ayesha a deadly look

Swara:How dare you show your face here?
Ayesha chuckled sitting back against her chair
Ayesha:Ican do whatever I want she shrugged
Ayesha:Unlike you,I’m a free woman

Sara:What do you want?
Swara rolled her eyes.

Ayesha:Still a little arrogant, aren’t you?
Ayesha leaned against the table squinting at swara

Ayesha:Enjoy it while you still can.Pretty soon you’ll be sentenced to life in prison.
she grinned

she chuckled Swara looked over at Ayesha in disgust

Swara:You came here to tell me that?

Ayesha:No, darling,I’m here to let you know exactly what got you into this mess

Swara:Oh, is that so?
SwarA pretended to be surprised

Ayesha:Quite.You see,you were never anything other than Don’s marionette in our scheme of plan

Swara:Your scheme of plan? Swara quoted, holding back a laughter

Auesha:Exactly.He got you exactly where we wanted
she leaned in closer to Swara’s side

Ayesha:He used you and then tossed you into prison,like the worthless little piece of nothing that you are
Ayesha laughed

the guard pointed out from behind the door
Ayesha:I thought you deserved to know this much
Ayesha faked a sympathetic smile

Ayesha:After all,it couldn’t have been done without you.Don is now a free man,and I’m thankful for that.Now we can,finally,do everything we’ve ever dreamt of doing,without a care in the world
Ayesha stretched her arms and inhaled sharply
Swara smiled

Swara:You are so deranged
she shook her head mockingly

Ayesha:If that’s what you call being realistic.Listen darling
Ayesha folder her arms and placed them over the table

Ayesha:Time to wake up and smell the coffee.We’re talking about Don here.Did you really think he would quit the underworld?Don’t tell me you believed all that crap about antique jewelry
she let out a laugh

Ayesha:I mean, come on.It’s been a side business of his fora looong time,but that doesn’t account for all the houses, cars,private jets and everything you don’t even know of.
But after all,he is the king!?…..
Ayesha laughed

Ayesha:You’re even dumber that I thought.Honey, did you really think Don would give up on that easily?Do you not know him at all?

Swara was silent, furrowing her brows she tried to understand how it was even possible.

Swara:What’s your point?
Swara snapped

Ayesha:The point is,
darling girl,that you have no clue whatsoever about who Don really is.You don’t know the first thing about him.
she smirked

Swara:I know one thing,and it’s most important.And that’s the fact that he loves me
She smirked back Ayesha threw her head back laughing

Ayesha:Right.You’re not the first, nor the last that he’s tricked into thinking so
Ayesha reached out and patted swara’s hand reassuringly before she could withdraw it

Ayesha:I’m the only woman he’s ever loved.Proof is the fact that I’ve been with him throughout thick and thin.I know he sleeps around.The fact that he’s slept with you doesn’t bother me one bit
she shrugged

Swara:Because when he comes back to me,I know he makes love to me like he does with no one else
she squinted at swara that was looking back at her hurtfully

Ayesha:He’s always kept me byhis side,I’m the only one he trusts.I’m the only one he loves. So do yourself a favor and stop fooling yourself,darling
she chuckled

To be continued

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