Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 64


10 days later

Miss, please, you need to tell me the truth.You’re not helping yourself one bit out of this mess

Swara just stared into space, blankly,as she had gotten used to in the last 10 days,alone in her cell,waiting for her trial.Her state attorney that was given to her,as she couldn’t afford a private lawyer,was trying to build her defence,but it seemed useless.

Swara:My fiancée will come. And he’ll fix this.So I don’t need your help

Man:Where is he then?!Why hasn’t he come to get you out of this mess?At least give us a name…

She remained silent.That was the same questionthat had been haunting her for 10 days.Where was he?!She knew he couldn’t come there,legally that would put an end to his immunity…but surely he could’ve done something to let her know he had her back.The man sighed

Man:The way I see it,this could very well solve as a medical case.I’ve read your file, miss Bose.Your psychiatric charts…Dios!…they all indicate this mad obsession with this man,Don

Swara rolled her eyes and rested her forehead against the cold hard table.She was exhausted. She didn’t even know what to tell him.She couldn’t tell him the truth.She couldn’t trust him.She didn’t know what to do.She needed Don’s help.

One Month Later

swara stared into the ceiling of her cell.She couldn’t believe her life.She couldn’t believe any of it. How could this all have happened?She glanced over at the letter she received from Ragini.Her parents were dead. She felt sorry for her uncles.But sympathy had no room in her life anymore.Her hatred for Ragini and everything that happened made her immune to any feelings.And most of all, her sentiment of betrayal she got from Don.She had never felt more abandoned in her entire life.So her uncle suffered a fatal heart attack upon learning about swara.Then her aunt cried herself to death.They had been very close.She couldn’t live without him.Which made her hate all 3 of them all the more, for being everything that she had thought Don and herself to be. And she hated Ragini of course for having an affair with Don. She didn’t feel sorry at all for her.She wrote her that she hadn’t in fact had an affair with Don, but who was to believe her now? She also let her know that the police didn’t know anything about Don’s whereabouts. Clearly because she wanted Don all to herself,Swara grimaced. But now she says she herself doesn’t know where he is.

‘Get up, you have a visitor’
Swara almost didn’t react to that.The last thing she needed was to see that stupid attorney’s face again.Immediately as she stepped into the room she froze.

“That smell!”
All her senses were alert, suddenly.Her eyes widened,her heart pounded like crazy,her knees turned weak and she barely had the chance to see him gesture for her to keep quiet before blowing up his disguise.

‘Mr. Alonso, don’t be long’
the usher said after uncuffing her hands


Don gave the man a dimpled smile.He did come across as Mexican,dressed like that and with his hair gelled and combed back like that.He even shaved to look more like her Hispanic attorney.Swara was in awe, completely dumbstruck.

Swara:Are you really here?
she whispered Don just looked at her.He took his time doing so, too.He looked at her lovingly,as if trying hard to holdback a kiss. Of course she looked awful but to him it was clearly not the case.She could already feel beautiful again just by mirroring her reflection into his eyes.

Don:While you were held over at the Interpol’s H.Q.,naturally I couldn’t come.Then they kept your visits with the attorney supervised.This is the first unsupervised one.They’re pretty certain you have no idea about my whereabouts

There he was. Back to his old self again. The harsh business man, with the no-nonsense policy.

Swara:That’s because I didn’t. Where.Were.You.?
she asked emphasizing each word

Swara:Iwaited so long
she could feel herself choke up

Swara:And…what about Ragini!? What the hell?

she was slowly rising her voice so Don gently place a yet, firm hand overhers

Don:Sweetheart…please…I’ve waited so long to come and explain everything to you… please don’t blow my cover…if they even suspect I’m not that imbecile…

he fixed his tie knot.This was clearly very hard on him too Swars calmed down.She wanted to look away but she just couldn’t.He was so devastatingly handsome.Such a sight for sore eyes

Don:We don’t have much time. I need you to promise me you won’t create a scene

he slowly retreated his hand,lest any of the outdoor guards saw them through the two-way mirror.She slowly nodded and so he began

Don:I could only come now that I know for sure that we’re not being listened or taped.Ram is pretty sure you’re a nut case.I had to build up on that.You did great not telling that attorney anything
he smiled sweetly at her then his smile slowly faded

Don:Here’s what happened. Don’t freak out
he warned her again she took a deep breath Don locked they gaze and slowly said

Don:Ayesha tried to kill you
Swara’s eyes widened
Don:More than once
She covered her mouth.She was shocked, to say the least.
Don:I can’t get into details…

Swara:So I wasn’t imagining things back at the bridal store!

Don warned her to lower her voice

Don:Please, let me just finish so you know what to do.Remember the McDonalds deliverer?That was her,and she poisoned you that night.I was onto her,I knew she wanted to kill you.I thought I had put some sense into her when I went to reason with her, but

Swara:You what!?

they could hear a guard banging on the doors Don shot Swara an angry look

Don:God knows I love you Swara,but keep it the f*ck down!

Swara felt like jumping into his arms right then and there.The heated atmosphere between them was killing her.He was so intense, he was so…Don.She couldn’t believe he was really there!

Don:Yes,I went to talk to her.I spared her only because she’d been part of my life for a long time.I have a certain respect for her,well,I had.It’sall gone now. She assured me then that she’d only tried to scare you off at the bridal shop.But when she poisoned you I knew I had to get rid of her.And death would’ve been too little a punishment
he whispered between his teeth

Don:Ineed her to suffer for the rest of her life

Swara’s skin turned all goosebumps.She recognized that look in his eyes.And it wasn’t pretty.

Don:Nobody.Nobody messes with my wildcat
he smirked she began crying but felt like smiling

Swars:How am I going to get out of this mess?

Din:You’re not listening sweetheart.Ayesha is going to get you out of this mess,I’ll see to it

Swara stared at the mad look in Don’s eyes and furrowed her brows questioningly

Don leaned in overthe table

Don:When the time comes,plead guilty.You made ,Ram sign those papers,don’t deny it on the stand.You’ll receive maximum, trust me.Life in prison.Ram will be absolved of all the guilt and he’ll continue serving for the Interpol,or retiring,I couldn’t care less..the important thing is that you will rot in prison
Swarawidened her yes horrified


Don:And by you,darling,I me Swara Bose.I will falsify all your documents here.Fingerprints, headshots,everything.No one will ever suspect a thing when I’ll exchange your place…with Ayesha’s!That way she will spend the rest of her life in prison,you will be free as a bird with a new identity
Don flashed one of his dimpled smiles but swara couldn’t snap out of it

Swara:How will you do that?!

Don:Trust me darling,I have my ways…I can be very persuasive. She’ll be begging for it

he raised an eyebrow at her a hint of jealousy struck her eyes and Don immediately caught onto it

Don:Don’t worry.I’ll never lay my hands on her.Same as I never lay my hands on Ragini.She created that whole romance in her little head
he chuckled

Don:You know my effect on women.I really didn’t have to do anything.But she went on believing that you were the one between us.So she reported you, in order to get rid of you.Exactly as I had planned

‘Time’s up!’
the usher came in to take Swara away

Don:Just remember what I told you.And leave the rest up to me

Don saidas he took his briefcase and winked at her just as she was handcuffed again.

Credit to: IREENA

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