Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 63

Don:I should take you out to tango more often
he winked at her

Don:And soon isright,just 3 more days to go,sweetheart

he caught her by the collar of her robe and gave her another kiss, a more passionate one that almost made her knock his mug off the counter But the phone began ringing again,and she flinched,actually knocking his mug right into his lap

Don:For God’s sake, Swara!

Don got off his bar stool and threw the paper hewas reading aside,wringing his now ruined satin pajama bottoms.

Swara:I’m sorry!
was all ahe could utter

Swara:I’d better get it before it causes any more trouble

she sighed and picked up the phone as Don went for the master bedroom to change his clothes.Cranky was the term that best described his state, swara resolved almost holding back a smile


Ragini:Swara, please,come quick…I really need you

Swara:Ragink! What happened?

Ragini:Nothing, don’t worry…I’m just in the middle of a break down…you know…it’s about that guy I told you about…I just…I just need you here.Please come, na?

She closed her eyes for a moment

Swara:You scared the living daylight out of me!I thought something had happened with uncle…with his heart condition and all…

Ragini:No, no, nothing like that. It’s just…please?
Swara sighed

Swara:Sure I’ll come.I’ve been there, na?

Ragini:Meet me at Hyde Park, you know,that bench we like?

Swara:Are you sure?I could come over to your place?

Ragini:Nahin yaar…I don’t want my folks to hear me talk about it…plus I could use some fresh air

Swara:Okok… I’ll be therein an hour

Ragini:Thanks dear…

Swara’s heart almost broke upon hearing her cousin sound so devastated.She felt like killing the guy.Obviously she was more than upset.And Swara couldn’t let Raguni go through it alone.

Don:So, where’s the fire?

Swara turned around to see Don dressed in his favorite pair of casual jeans and a white shirt. She absolutely loved that look on him.He also wore his hair in a ponytail.She couldn’t help but smile

Swara:I’m sorry about the coffee…
Don smirked

Don:Wanna make it upto me?
he grabbed her pulling her closer

Swara:I can’t
she giggled

Swara:No, seriously, Ragini is waiting…that guy obviously upset her
Don raised an eyebrow


Swara:So?So I have to be there for her…cheer her up… listen to her…
Don rolled his eyes

Don:At 11 am? You didn’t even eat your breakfast
Swara squirmed

Swara:I knooow, but I really can’t stay, I told her I’d be at Hyde Park in an hour

Don:Hyde Park?

she said while going towards the master bedroom

Swara:Apparently she doesn’t want my uncles to hear about him

Don stopped in the door frame leaning against it, watching her change.

Swara:I feel so sorry for her… poor darling, she’s so young…

she kept talking while sorting her clothes when she got back from the walk in closet she noticed he was smoking. She stopped for a moment

Swara:Kya hua?
he asked

Swara:I’ve never seen you smoke so early
He shrugged

Don:You want me to put it off?
She began undressing

Swara:It’s alright… something bothering you?


Swara:Did the coffee incident really upset you that much?
she asked and after she put on her lingerie she turned to see him look hungrily at her

Swara:None of that, mister, I told you, I’m already running late
He put off his cigar and was near her in a second

Don:I don’t care. I want you


she pleaded giggling but he wouldn’t listen. He had to have her, right then and there.Swara was amazed yet again with his seductive skills and was tempted to call Ragini and rain check their meeting, but she couldn’t. She could, however go back home afterwards and finished what they had started. Well, restart, rather than finish.

Don:Well I guess I did make it up to you
she smiled at him

Swara:You didn’t need to. Nothing you could ever do would upset me

She smiled. He was looking deep into her eyes and she could see the moment of sincerity they were betraying

Don:Same goes for you
She was about to get up when he pulled her back

Don:You know that, right? I’d never do anything to hurt you
She furrowed her brows

Swara:Of course I do. I love you she said giving him a kiss

Don:And I, you

Swara:When I get back, there’ll be a lot more of “this” going on she gestured between them he gave her a heated look

Dn:I’ll be waiting

Swara:Gosh, I’m sooo sorry I’m late

Swara said while approaching the bench they had agreed to meet at ragini sighed

Ragini:It’s alright
She hugged her cousin

Swara:Ufff… it’ll be alright. Tell me… what happened?

Ragini just stared at her cousin. Swara noticed she was looking awful, as if she had cried all night. She was beginning to really worry for her cousin’s sake

Swara:Ragini… you can tell me… she placed her hand over hers, but Ragini pulled it away

Ragini:I’m sorry!
she cried out
Ragini:Please… try to forgive me

Swara frowned. Immediately she thought about the worst scenarios. Had she drugged herself, attempting suicide? What has she done!?

Swara:What are you talking about?

Ragini:I’m so sorry!

She began crying hysterically and got off the bench, and just as Swara stood up she saw familiar faces approachingthem

‘Swara Bose, youare under arrest!

Swara just froze as she saw one of her former colleagues say that, and detective Ram next to him, approaching her, surrounded by several other colleagues, all pointing guns at her She just stared at them all, petrified. Ram was looking at her, frowning but she could see pity in his eyes. Concern even. And most of all, disgust.

Ram:Take her away, boys…


was all she could cry out before she knelt to the ground, sobbing. How could Ragini do this to her? What led her to betray her? What made her inform the Interpol about what she had done?…

Don was the man she was in love with! Upon realizing that, she suddenly raised her head and looked at her cousin. Ragini was sobbing, detective Ram gently patting her back while he kept looking at Swara in disgust.


she pleaded again but her colleagues handcuffed her and raised her off the ground. She looked at them, but all were avoiding any eye contact.

Ram:Swara, what you have done …is inexcusable. Take her away, boys

was all Ram said before they got her into the car and took her away. Those words would resonate in her ear for a long time.

Finish with this…sorry for not replying to ur comments on last chapter I was busy in marriage functions…I wrote this part with so much difficulty.

I know almost u all have guessed it….so it’s not that much shocking for u all….let’s see what will happen when don gets to know about it….till then take care

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  1. How can ragini do this….. She is very bad….. Hope don rescue swara on time….. Hope don doesn’t kill any colleagues, RAM or ragini for this……di try to update soon…..

    1. I’ll tryvmy best dear….let’s wait what will happen to ragini or swara….thanx for comment.

  2. Is don’t is ragini’s bf?? Is she wanna remove swara to get Don ?? Don playing with both of them??

    1. hmmm….let’s see why she did this….but still Don’s POV is not clear about it…hope for the best….

  3. To say the truth i expected Ragini’s bf to be don but i never ever expected Ragini to do such a thing. I read it twice cuz i couldnt believe that interpol arrested Swara. I hope Everything will be fine soon.??
    So marriage huh r u enjoying????
    Try to write if ur free .
    Love u dear????????????

    1. hmmm….I guess most of all imagine that he is Don and never expected her to do this….she is arrested…..I enjoyed a lot as it was in village…..I’ll try my best to upload soon…thamx dear

      1. Was it a village style marriage?? I love such marriages . They r awesome.
        Did u check the recent analysis they all r praising u very much. I am very very happy to see that. Ur ff is one of the best but still when u get less comments i feel very bad. So when i saw that analysis i couldnt control my happiness. I hope they will also comment here. I cant see such a good ff Getting less comments. Guys this is for everyone.

  4. Uuuuu I hate this ragini… I knw don rescue his swara…

    1. definitely she will be out of that but how it’s the question….thanx

  5. Interesting plz update next part soon

    1. thanx and I’ll try

  6. thamiazh magan

    swara under arrest , cant believe it 🙁

    1. yup…she is arrested thanx for comment.

  7. Ohhh poor swara… I hope don w’ll come to rescue her without killing her any colleagues

    1. ya…let’s see how she will get out of these mess.

  8. Poor swara….soo many questions popping in my head….ur nxt chp will give answer to these….

    1. hmm….I hope u will get ur answers in next part thanx for comment

  9. Omg don is ragini’s bf. Is he cheating on swara??? Take swara out plzzzz. Thn tht girl must be ragini only who poisoned swara

    1. yes….he was Don let’s see how this mess will be cleared.

    1. tysm dear

  10. U rockkk…love it so so soooooo much…plz unite swara n don soon.

    1. thanx Haya….they will be united soon.

  11. WTH??How can Ragini betray her cousin??Stupid girl..Swara is there to help her out and she handed her over to Interpol..I think Don will definitely kill Ragini for this betrayal..What’s gonna happen now?? Uff..Can’t contain my excitement.. Enjoy the wedding preparations dear..Stay blessed and be happy.. 🙂

    1. don’t know what will he do….n how will he do….let’s hope for the best…I’ll try to upload soon.

  12. I think ragini ws behind poisoning swara…n she wantedly did dis to get close to sanskaar…ohhh god now wt sanskaar gonna do…i thing he wont even think twice to kill ragini…i gonna hate ragini fr dis…i think she is jealous of swara….nxt epi ireena asap…can’t wait to see don’s reactn…i hope nthing wrng gonna happen wid swara…

    1. thanx for comment.n ya let’s see how the story will take turn….Don’s reaction in this situation….I’ll try my best dear..

  13. i’m perplexed.was don cheating on swara?????did don luv or even liked ragini?????& finally ragini proved to be a pathetic brat &a it ragini’s one sided luv for don or were the feelings mutual.hope don doesn’t break swara’s trust (& even mine hehe LOL)plz updt soon& do enjoy d wedding they r so much .even my bro is getting engaged in july for which i’m super excited.

    1. let’s see still Don’s POV is not cleared about that…..don’t know about Swara but I hope he will not break ur heart?.n what will happen ragini time will say…..yes I enjoyed a lot congratulation to u n ur bro from my side??????????

  14. Wth??? So as i thought is it Don itself raginis bf..oohh..noo..hw cud she do this to her sis?? Cheapoooo… Hw come don could sense this bfor… I feel sooo bad for don and swara.. Pls dear dont separate them.. I want ragini to suffer like hell

    1. hmmm….let’s see what will happen….I know ur angry on ragini everything will get fine soon….let’s what Don will do to save her Swara tysm

  15. Awesome. Plz post next part asap

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