Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 62

Swara:So what are you having? Sge giggled as she dialed the number Don raised an eyebrow at her

Don:I’ll pass

Sam grinned and leaned over the table

Don:I’m talking about her order, Sam,not poker
Don slapped his hand instantly, careful not to reveal his cards and Karan laughed

Karan:Was worth the shot

Swara:Hello, I’d like to place an order? Sure, I’ll hold.

Karan:For me a Big Mac and some wedges, and that new twister stuff they’ve got? What’s it called?

Swara:I think it’s a wrap
Roma whispered

Swara:Yes, I’d like a McChicken, regular fries, wedges,…

Karan shifted his gaze to Don that was carefully observing his owncards

Karan:Give it up, Don, you’re not winning this round.

Don:You say that all the time. I do admire your optimism and tenacity, though

Don flashed a dimpled smile which made Sam sigh worriedly. He could never decipher Don’s poker face, not for the life of him.

Don:Hey, loser! Quit it with the orders and get back here
Don looked at Swara who grimaced back at him

Karan:Yea, get back so you can see me beat your fiancée for the first time ever

Don:You’re that confident, huh?

Karan:Pretty much
Sam grinned

Swara:Sure, thank you. Have a nice evening as well
She hung up and returned

Swara:So, who’s winning?

Karan was playfully banging his forehead against the table

Karan:I’m never playing poker with you guys again

Don:Arre yaar… come on, you can play with Sara
Don chuckled holding a cigarette between his lips while collecting all of Sam’s money

Karan:Yana’s going to kill me Sam widened his eyes and then laughed himself

Swara:What do you mean he can play with me?

Swara kicked Don’s leg under the table playfully, but still hard enough to make him chuckle again

Swara:I’m a damn good player

Don:Sure you are, sweetheart, just not as good as I
Don smiled as he exhaled the smoke

Swara:Ok then, you’re on. Come on, you and me
Don chuckled again

Don:Relax sweetheart, we can play strip poker later


Karan:Ooook. I think I’m out of here
Sameer giggled and stood up, drinking his glass of whisky up

Karan:You two enjoy
he raised his eyebrows for effect

Swara:No, wait, the order’s not here yet.

Don:Yea, Sam, the order’s not here yet!
Don pleaded playfully, imitating a spoiled child

Don:Guess you’ll have to stay for another round.You can begin by emptying your wallet,thank you very much
he laughed Karan sat back down,defeat.

Karan:I’m so screwed

Don:Let mr. Johnnie give you a hand
Don said as he poured his friend some Blue Label

Karan:Well, I can’t refuse mr. Walker now can i?

Swara:Some for me?
Swara asked when Don retreated the bottle without filling her glass

Don:I think you’ve had quite enough, darling
She raised her eyebrow

Swara:I need my fancy drink to go with my Michelin star dinner

Don:In that case I think you’ll be needing a double

Don gave her a sympathetic look which made all three laugh Just when Sam dress about to lose again,the doorbellrang

Swara:Arre that’s weird. Didn’t the concierge take theorder?
She said as she stood up

Don:Sam,go get the order,you’re losing anyway

Karan:Not a chance!You’re going down!
Don laughed

Don;You’ll have to sign your whole cheque book if you keep this up
Swara had already reached the door and opened it

‘Hi. Wasn’t the concierge in?’ Swara furrowed her brows smilingly but the woman was wearing a cap and she couldn’t see her face.She tried bending slightly but she just handed Swara her order

Swara:Wait here, I’ll be right back with the money
She ran back to the boys

Swara:Does any of you big shots got 10 £ to spare?
she placedthe bags on the table

Karan:Arre! Don’t ruin this for me, Swara.I’m on fire, baby!

Sam grinned Don smirked as he stood,revealed his cards and gestured for Sam to pay up,then headed towards the door to pay the deliverer

Karan:How the hell doeshe do it?!
He ran his hands through his hair desperately,and both he and Romabegan laughing

Swara:You really should know better than to be playing poker with Don,Sam
Swara smirked while taking a bite of her McChicken

Swara:Chalo,khao, it’s supposed to be comfort food
she laughed

Karan:Nah I think I’ll have some more from mr. Johnnie
Karan sighed playfully as he poured himself more whiskey Don returned,pacing the room slowly

Swara:Kya hua?
Swara asked nibbling some fries
Don:You can have some of Sam’s, he’s too depressed to eat

Karan:The deliverer left

Swara:That’s odd. Weird woman she shrugged Don looked at her attentively

Karan:A woman? This late at night? Don’t they have to ride one of those scooters? Sam asked

Karan:You’ll never see that in India
he laughed Don got closer to Swara in a hurried pace and put his hand over hers

Don:Honey, don’t eat this crap
She furrowed her brows

Swara:No way, remember you agreed to this.It’s my guilty pleasure
she wrinkled her nose at him then ate another couple of fries

Don:No, I’m serious, I’m not comfortable with you eating this. Come on, I’ll fix you some dinner
She grabbed the paper bag and went over to the kitchen counter

Swara:Sam, you deal with your wacko boss. I’ll leave you some after you drink up your sorrow

she giggled, turning around but Don quickly came next to her, grabbed her McDonalds bag and threw it right into the trash

Swara:What the…?Don, what’s the matter with you?
she asked, in shock

Don:I said don’t eat it, damn it!

he slammed his hand hard against the kitchen counter, which made both Swara and karan freeze.sje just stood there, looking at him calm himself down.Karan was silently putting his jacket on.He waved at Don, when he saw him glancing towards him and went towards the door.Just as he was about to step out he heard Don shout

He stepped back and harked

Don knelt next to her immediately,sustaining her head Sam was there the next second

Karan:What happened!?

Don:She’s poisoned.Call the doctor,do it now!

Swara:…What happened?
Swara mumbled and Don squeezed her hand reassuringly,then kissed it

Don:You got a bit dizzy, sweetheart.Don’t worry, you’refine
She grimaced

Swara:My throat aches…

Don:Here, have some water
Don handed her a glass,helping her with it.She drank it all up

Swara:Why do I feel so strange?
She looked around and saw the blinds were shut

Awara:Is it morning already!?
Don nodded

Don:I let you sleep,you were exhausted
She blinked several times

Swara:I don’t remember what happened…when did we go to bed?
Don sighed and laid next to her, facing her and caressing her arm
Don:I’m sorry I yelled at you.I overreacted…you were really upset…and you fainted
She furrowed her brows and slowly it all got back to her

Swara:I can’t believe you did that,over McDonalds!…
she muttered, looking away,but he tilted her chin back to face him

Don:I’m really, really sorry, swara
he looked deep into her eyes
Don:Please forgive me
She sighed

Swara:I guess I did have a little bit too much to drink.Maybe I shouldn’t have pushed your buttons when I know how much you dislike me eating junkfood
Don smiled sweetly

Don:Don’t beat yourself up.I’m the one to blame.I never should’ve yelled
he bent and kissed her gently

Swara:Why does my throat hurt so much
she grimaced

Swara:It’s like I’ve been sucking on lemons
Don inhaled

Don:Well, you were a little sick… as you said, you did have a little too much to drink
Swara grimaced

Swara:Gosh… I don’t remember any of it!
she covered her face,ashamed

Don:You blacked out…don’t worry,I took good care of you
he kissed her temple

Don:But no more whisky for you anytime soon,alright?
he gave her a dimpled smile She nodded and circled his neck, kissing him sweetly

Swara:Gosh,I need some painkillers for this sore throat…
Don looked inquisitively at Swar’s phone that was dancing all over the counter,vibrating as it rang.

Don:Aren’t you going to pick that up?
he wrinkled his nose she kept sipping her coffee

Swara:Arre, it’s too early for phone calls!
she shrugged and smiled as it stopped ringing

Swara:Whoever it was,they can wait.I’m having breakfast with my soon to be husband,plus I’m damn tired after last night

she bit her lower lip smiling and leaned over the counter to kiss Don

To Be Continued

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