Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 61

Swara furrowed her brows, pained to see her cousin so distressed.

Ragini:He wouldn’t even touch me… he just…kept seducing me, from a far.I don’t know what his play was.I mean…he wasn’t,cheating on…her…but he kept sweet talking me and taking me out,dancing,drinking, buying me stuff…I thought it was only natural that he’d want more. So…I kissed him, once

Swara was waiting quietly for her cousin to go on Ragini sighed, closing her eyes making a few tears fall rapidly down her cheeks

Ragini:But he pulled away.He told me…it’d been a mistake… that he loves…her…and that he wouldn’t even dream of cheating.That I didn’t even come close to her!
her final sentence she almost screamed, looking at Swara hurtfully

Ragini:Like, like I was not even worth his time of day!Suddenly, he had no interest in me!I don’t even understand why he led me on!

Swara:Maybe…maybe he really loves her and realized he couldn’t go through with it.And he was a bit hars her,to make you give up on him…

Ragini:I told him I loved him. I told him I’ll… do whatever it takes
Swara sighed

Swara:Ragini… I don’t think that’s such a good idea

Ragini:But, I know he has feelings for me!I could see it in his eyes when I told him about mine!A glimpse of hope!He told me his hands were tied…and that I should just forget anything ever happened…

Swara:… You should listen to him

Ragini:The hell I will!
Ragini stepped back shouting

Ragini:I won’t! I can’t!I will do whatever it takes!He didn’t want to, but he showed me that he would have lefther…but he just can’t…he said…I mean…I know why he can’t… she’s got something on him, and that could ruin him…but I’ve figured it all out!I know just what to do…

Swara kept frowning questioningly,Ragini had obviously lost it

Swara:Ragini…calm down… breathe,come on…calm down
She tried getting near her cousin

Ragini:No, no…I thought about it, long and hard,I did,Swara!But I can’t…I can’t let go!I’m sorry!

she cried out and then ran out of the room and then Swara could hear her shut the entrance door behind her.She covered her mouth, worriedly.She had no idea Ragini was in such a pickle. She felt guilty for not making her cousin open up earlier.Now it was too late.She was about to ruin a marriage and make a fool out of herself.Clearly that man didn’t love her,but she was so young and Immature.When she stepped out of the building,her cousin was gone.She wondered how she could’ve left without a car.She got into Don’s Mercedes and drove back into town.She looked for Ragini on the side of the road,but there was no sign of her,and she wasn’t answering her phone either.She had obviously gotten a ride into town.

She sighed, as she entered Don’s penthouse, a while later. She could smell food, so Don was cooking. When she entered the kitchen she could see him in nothing but an apron and (thankfully) a pair of shorts underneath, cooking what looked like pasta.

he glanced at her, sucking on his thumb which he used to taste the sauce.

Don:You’re justin time

She smiled, placing her bag onthe sofa and heading towards him.He used his index finger to give her a sample of the sauce as well,and she closed her eyes savoring the flavor

Swara:I love the basil, great touch
she said

Don:Have a seat, I’ll be just a minute
She sat at the dinner table, and waited for Don to serve the delicious spaghetti.

Don:What’s on your mind?
he said as he sat next to her she nodded

swara:It’s Raginj… she’s in trouble
Don frowned, waiting for her to go on

Swara:She hooked up with some guy that is committed,and she really fell for him, you know?But he won’t go through with it,and she just won’t accept that.I think she’s planning on breaking them up
Don exhaling audibly, raising his eyebrows

Don:How did she get herself into such a mess?

Swara:I know, right?It’s my own fault,really.I should have seen it earlier,helped her out of it…but now she’s too far in.I think she’s going to suffer a lot.But she seems determined to make this guy change his mind
Don smirked, rolling his pasta with his fork, and Swara asked

He shrugged
Don:She’s wasting her time,he probably just used her and then got tired.She’s neither the first, nor the last to go through this

Swara:Actually, that’s the weirdest thing.She told me he didn’t even touch her.That’s what intrigues me the most

Don:That is weird
he agreed

Swara:Maybe she’s right,and he does love her back.But she said something about his wife,she seems to know something about him,a secret of some sort,and that’s supposedly the reason why he can’t leave her.
Don furrowed his brows, intrigued

Don:So the plot thickens
Swara sighed

Swara:She’s going to getherself in a lot of trouble.Even if she does break them up…won’t that harm him?I don’t know what she’s up to…I just hope she’s thought it over, like she said

Don:You should probably look for another bridesmaid,just incase
Don chuckled She playfully hit his leg underneath the table

Swara:Arre, don’t joke about it.She’s my cousin,I hate to see her go through this

Don:Don’t beat yourself up about it
he said holding her hand reassuringly

Don:I’m sure she said all that in the heat of the moment,but she’ll probably notgo through with it.She’s young, na?Youngsters tend to over dramatize things
She smiled

Swara:You’re right. It’ll probably die down on its own
He smiled back

Don:Care for a little wine with that spaghetti?

she said as she reached to kiss his cheek

Don:You don’t have to bribe me, I would’ve served you regardless
he joked

Swara:I’m prepping for the deal we need to seal tonight.
Don raised his eyebrows as he returned with the bottle of perfectly fine wine

Don:Is that so?I’m pulling out all the guns
she batted her eyelashes at him

Don:I can drive quite a hard bargain, you know
he winked at her as he poured some wine into their glasses

Swara:We’ll just see about that she replied playfully as she raised her glass winking at him as well

Don:Oh, boy

Don pretended to be nervous and drank his glass down in one sip, making Swara giggle and lean in for a kiss

How was the chapter…sorry for being late I was not in my home that’s could not able to write….

OK I wanna tell u something that don’t skip the poem part read them carefully bcz they contain Don’s emotions what he feels…but in the form if poem as he is different from other…I’ll wrote another part soon….thanx for your support n love…

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  1. Oh god. I felt that u would post this and i Stayed up without sleeping and see it paid off. I was truly going mad to read this. Now i am relieved. I am happy to see that don is not that man. I am very veryyy happy. Love u love u love u A lott. I dont know by posting this u made my day Actually night??
    Love u dear???????????
    More kisses today and also hugs??

  2. ragini love don? plzzzzz don’t separate donra (don+swara) plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Ahh!! Just completed reading chapters from 59-61.. Nice episodes.. Mystery about Ragini is getting intense with each passing update..I won’t guess the person who she’s in love with..You know by these guessing and all, I’ll miss my enjoyment..So I’ll wait till you reveal the person.. 😉
    Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

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