Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 55

Swara:Where are we going?

Don:On a little city break
Don finally said steering the wheel to his Maserati, one Swara hadn’t seen before. Somehow it didn’t surprise her anymore.

Don was much wealthier than she had imagined. Which meant he was much more powerful than the Interpol ever realized.

Don:Not too far away though
he added

Don’But definitely greener, quieter

Swara:Sounds nice.
She smiled
Swara:I guess I need some fresh air
Don stole a glance at her

Don:You said you were feeling better

Swara:I am… but am not quite there yet
she sighed

Swaraj:I need a day to lay around in my pajamas
Don raised his eyebrows as if enjoying the visual, and she quickly added

Swara:Comfy pajamas, that is
He chuckled

Don:I’m sure you have none of those in your wardrobe

Swara:Well I guess I’ll have to buy myself some.
she replied playfully

Don:And a bucket of ice cream, and my favorite Yash Raj films

Don grimaced and Swara couldn’t help but giggle at his dramatic reaction

Swara:Yep, that should charge my batteries
she then sat back and looked at him for along while

Swara:What do you do to relax?

He shrugged
Don:I don’t know… I read. I play the guitar, maybe write a little…

Swara:You smoke
she added

Don:No, I don’t smoke to relax. I usually smoke when I’m deeply disturbed.

She squinted at him. Yet another piece to the puzzle. She knew now to be careful and watch when he smoked. He rarely did, indeed, but she admitted to herself that she rarely correlated smoking to him being disturbed over something

Don:I smoke for no reason, more often than not. So stop analyzing.
She raised an eyebrow

Swara:I wasn’t

He stole a glance at her again and she blushed. He could read her like an open book

Swara:I can’t help it that I want to know you better

Don:You know me well enough

Swara:…I don’t
she barely whispered

Don:What makes you think you don’t?

Swara:Do I really need to spell it out.

Don:Our past isn’t what makes us,Swara…

Swara:Don’t try to rationalize your way out of this
she said nicely

Swara:I don’t know you one bit, in fact, and you know it

He looked at her for a few seconds,slowing down

Don:You’re wrong

He said it so calmly that it actually made her doubt herself. Maybe you really don’t need to know much about a person to truly know them, she thought.They drove some more and reached something that appeared to be an old manor. The gates were pretty impressive. swara was surprised to see Don step out of the car to unlock them. It even had a long alley leading up to a beautiful statue fountain in front of the entrance. What she immediately liked about the place was the fact that it had a really rich garden. Old trees everywhere and even ivy had grown over the walls.

Swara:What a nice place.Looks deserted though

Don:It is, no one lives here
They both got out of the car and Swara looked at him attentively Don chuckled and placed his hands inside his pockets

Don:See? You do know me
She crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow smilingly

Swara:What are you up to?
He clicked his teeth

Don:You don’t like it then
She didn’t know how to react

Swara:This is huge
she ultimately said

Don:Not really. Not huge enough for space to go unused

She leaned against the hood of the car and stared at the house

Swara:Of course I like it
she said after a long while

Don:Then why the long face?
he said giving her a half smile

Don:It’s just an idea. We can find something else
She shook her head slightly

Swara:I didn’t even know we were looking. What’s wrong with the penthouse?
He smirked

Don:Are you kidding?
She stared at him

Swara:Don… this is too much. It’s scary
He sat next to her and held her hand

Don:How so?

Swara:Well… we’d be all alone in such a big place.

Don:We’ve been alone in lots of big places by now
he smiled

Swara:Yea, but… I mean… you’d be gone all the time and I’ll be here all by myself
He frowned

Don’Where did you get that idea from?

Swara:Well… isn’t that how it’s going to be? I mean… let’s face it. I left the Interpol and have nothing else to do.You are not the one to stay at home, I know all this has been just temporary. And I get it, I do, but… I can just imagine myself pacing this alley all alone.

Don:You won’t be alone. I don’t like to travel alone. And there will be staff around the house, you’ll make friends…
She interrupted him

she laughed

Swara:Come on,Don

Don:It’s just 15 minutes away from the city. You can have Yana over all the time

Swra:Yana is busy with Maya…

Don:Maya will come along
he chuckled playfully

Don:She’ll play around here

he gestured for her to look at where he was pointing, imagining the little girl running around the fountain She looked, and seemed lost in thoughts for a while Don smiled

Don:Hm. You think they’ll get along?
Swara furrowed her brows slightly


Don:Maya and or kids

She shrugged, still lost in thoughts and then froze

She looked at him and he was still looking at the fountain

Don:There’ll be a little age difference. But they’re planning a brother for Maya, so.
he shrugged
Don:Maybe Maya will look after the whole bunch

he chuckled and finally looked at Swara who was staring at him, in shock

Swara:Don’t joke about stuff like that, Don
she finally uttered He furrowed his brows

Don:I’m dead serious,

she believed him. Suddenly she felt dizzy so she closed her eyes tight he placed his arm around her

Don:I’m a silly man. I shouldn’t have went so far ahead…
She shook her head

Swara:No… it’s just that
she exhaled audibly

Swara:I don’t know whether I am happy or terrified right now

She covered her face trying to regain herself

Swara:I’m scared, Don. I’m terrified something will go wrong… again.

He stood up in front of her and cupper her face, removing her hands gently and searched her eyes carefully

Don:It saddens me to see how little trust you have in me still.
She felt a tear escape

Swara:I’m sorry.I’m really trying. I want to believe everything is going to be alright,but I’m so scared.I don’t know what to do.
He sighed nervously and rested his forehead against hers

Swara:See? I don’t know you that well, either


Don:I genuinely thought you were ready for all this. Clearly I was wrong
She opened her eyes worriedly

Swara:l Don’t say that. I am, I just can’t get myself to accepting it yet.
He opened his eyes as well

Don:I love you. Please accept that

She felt like crying again but instead all she could do was kiss him. She was reminded of how lucky she was to be able to kiss him, hold him,be there with him. She didn’t want to lose it all because of her silliness. Don wasn’t the most patient of men. Surely she was aggravating him with her attitude. So she smiled and said

Swara:Show me around. Maybe I’ll have a change of heart.
He smiled faintly

Don:Don’t goooo changing

he hummed She smiled remembering how he sang that for her just days ago as he kept humming the melody. She knew then and there that she could never doubt him again.
sorry for not updating yesterday. I’m little busy in my assignments. so I’ll try to write next part soon.. just pray for me that I’ll complete my assignemnt on time. how was the chapter I’ll try to make it more intresting.. love u all…thanx for the comments.

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