Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 53

As soon as Don joined Swara into the car and shut the door behind him, she turned

Swara:Donald D’Souza?
He smirked

Swara:Better than Donald Duck.
She giggled

Swara:No, but I like it. It … suits you, and it makes sense… Donald… Don
He started the engine and drove off

Don:Actually I’ve always found it funny that they named that sloppyduck Donald

Swara:Why so?

Don:Well… it has different meanings in Celtic, Gaelic and Scottish, from “dark danger” to “ruler of the world”
Swara just blinked at him

Swara:Seriously? And here I was thinking you chose it ‘cause it can be abbreviated to “Don”
Don smirked

Don:You should know me better by now than to think I do anything without an ulterior, well thought of motive.

Swara frowned slightly. He was right, she figured. He reached out and held her hand


she sank into the headreast

Swara:… Just tired?
She inhaled

Swara:Ok, I’m relieved as well… I really didn’t think my uncle would be persuaded so easily. Plus I really didn’t know what Ragini had told him about the Paris incident…

Don:Oh, he has no idea I was involved.

Swara:How can you be so sure?

Don:Because I checked
he smiled at her.

“He checked. Go figure”
she thought

The next morning
Ragini invited Swaa for a cup of coffee at a nice terrace. Swara realized just then and there that Ragini wasn’t quite happy with the marriage. She realized she had missed that completely the other day

Swara:I was so happy yesterday that I didn’t even realize you were so quiet.
Swara raised an eyebrow smilingly

Swara:Kya baat hai? You’re not happy about this, I can tell
Ragini sighed

Ragini:I’m sorry… I should have at least wished you on your birthday yesterday, but I got so distracted. So did my parents.It was only this morning that we realized
Swara giggled

Swara:That’s ok. But don’t change the subject
Ragini interwined her fingers and exhaled

Ragini:I’m really trying my best to stay out of it and not ruin it for you
Swara frowned questioningly

Swara: Ragini… you’re my cousin, you’re the only one I told about Don… please, tell me what’s on your mind

she said reaching out to squeeze her hand reassuringly ragini looked away and tried to make the right call. No matter how Don’s glare made her want to keep quiet, she had to let her cousin onto her suspicions

Ragini:I just…I have this feeling that something’s not right, you know? Everything happened so rapidly… and … how come he’s willing to marry? I mean, wasn’t he on the run? Isn’t the Interpol out to get him? Something’s just not adding up

Swara sighed. She realized she had to let her cousin know about what had happened.

After parting with Ragini, who was in shock to say the least after hearing what swara had done for the sake of Don’s liberty (bearing in mind that she skipped the part that she had to kill Arjun in the midst of it all),swara returned to Don’s place in New York.

As soon as she stepped into the luxurious living area she saw Sam and her face lit up

Swara:Well hello there
she had grown very fond of him lately

Karan:Hey, Swara!
he smiled back at her

Karan:Why don’t you come over here and help us out

She frowned smilingly approaching the coffee table over which the two men were hovering and Don placed a strand of her hair behind her ear tenderly as she sat next to him

Swara:Oh wow. These are all beautiful
Swara pointed out looking at the pieces of jewelry

Swara:Like none I’ve seen before, actually.

Karan grinned and he looked over to his boss as if to prove a point

Don:Yes, but which are the most beautiful?
Don asked and scratched his beard examining the pieces further

Don:It’s very important that we pick the absolute best ones.

Swara:Oh, important client I presume.

Don:Oh yes. The most important.
Don said in a very grave tone

Don:She has a very particular taste. She doesn’t appreciate anything too ostentatious. It has to be very elegant and refined. But at the same time it has to be incredibly valuable. Basically, it has to be like her. Extremely beautiful, something that captures your heart and won’t let it go.

Swara looked at Don as he said all that very calmly while looking closely at each piece, and she grew curious at first, but ended up down right jealous towards the ending. She cleared her throat

Swara:I see… I’ll just… I’ll go take a shower
she smiled faintly and stood up

Don:But wait, you didn’t help us choose

Swara:Well she can choose for herself,can’t she?

she realized she sounded irritated so she tried to smile again Don grabbed her hand and smiled one of his dimpled smiles

Don:Then choose

She frowned slightly and then Don kissed her hand

Karan:It’s easier to find a matching dress, trust me. Sam added giggling Swara gasped

Swara:I… Gosh, Don, this is…
He then pulled her into his arms as she let out a giggle

Don:I handpicked the best, tumhari liye
he said looking deep into her eyes

Don:All you have to do is pick what your heart desires.

She smiled shyly and put her arms around his neck

Swara:I pick you
Don chuckled and Karan applauded laughing

Karan:Great comeback,Swara

She winked at him and then Don tightened his grip on her

Don:Hey! We’re not even married and you’re flirting already?!

he said in a very cold, harsh tone which made her stiffen immediately. Sam was white like a ghost and then Don laughed a genuine laughter and even leaned into the armchair a bit as he regained his breath and Swara and Sam exchanged relieved looks as they giggled themselves.

Don:Now, this one… I think this one would be a perfect pick

She rolled her eyes as Don placed yet another necklace around her neck

Don:Can’t this wait until tomorrow morning?
she raised an eyebrowplayfully

Don:No, because I love the way you look right after we’ve made love, it’s the closest you’ll be to how you’d look on our wedding day.
Her look turned sarcastic

Swara:Really? With a sheet wrapped around me and messy hair.

he said as he placed one arm on the other side of her waist and leaned in on it

Don:With that look in your eyes that says you’re mine

Swara’s heart sank as she heard him say that as if it was the most important thing to him. She then touched the necklace before becoming too sentimental

Swara:This is too much, you know why I’m postponing this…

Don:Yes, and you’re wasting both our time, you’re going to pick


Dn:Swara. You will bemy wife. And I won’t have you wearing anything other than expensive jewelry on you at all times. I’m debating on whether I should have you wearing it naked, in your sleep
a smirk cornered his lips

Swara:It wouldn’t come as a surprise.
she wrinkled her nose playfully He suddenly shifted his mood

Don:If you really dislike all of the pieces I picked, you can say so sweetheart. I want you to pick whatever you want.

Swara:You know it’s not that.

she said lovingly and reached to caress his cheeck. She had grown to be so intimate with him yet she still found it strange to do that

Swara:I’m just not used to all this. I don’t need it. I’m only doing it to make you happy.

Don:Very well then
he smiled one of his dimpled smiles that always got her smiling ear to ear

Don:One more thing
he added

Don:Ragini. She doesn’t like me very much

he said while inspecting the necklace he removed from around her neck

Swara:Why would you say that?
He looked at her

Don:Because it’s true.
She should’ve known better than to try and hide it from him

Swara:I don’t know… she’s just worried for me. She thinks…
He raised an eyebrow waiting for her to go on

Swara:She thinks you’re up to something… that you’ll trick me some how

Don:what did she say when you told her how you helped me regain my freedom?


then she froze. How did he know? She had meant to keep that from him

Don:Of course I know, Swara…

Swara:… Aren’t you mad at me?

Don:I wasn’t expectingyou to keep a secret like that all to yourself. But I’ll beverymad at Ragini if she ever shares that with someone else. Be sure to convey that to her
She felt her neck go dry

To Be Continued

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