Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 52

her uncle cut him off frowning Swara froze. She somehow totally forgot about this. She knew Don had no given name and had chosen his name himself along with his birthday. But in order to get married he needed to have legal documents, a name, an address…

Don:Excuse me…

Don suddenly stood upand buttoned his jacket. Swara felt so disappointed, he was ready to leave and give it all up

Don:I didn’t introduce myself properly
he extended his arm to shake her uncle’s

Don:My name is Donald. Donald D’Souza.

Swara had to cover her mouth to hide her reaction. She didn’t know whether this was the first time he had come up with this or not. But it surely was unexpected.Her uncle slowly stood up and eventually shook Don’s hand

Uncle:Ram Anand.

Don:It’s a pleasure

Don added and then regained his seat Ragini was looking at Swara trying to give her inquisitive looks but she failed to catch her eyes, as Swara was all smiles looking at her lover. She continued biting her nails not knowing what to do. Sure, at first she was all for Don and was very adamant that she should give in to him. But she grew suspicious over time.

She saw things in Don that she was sure she couldn’t see, and she never got the chance to talk to her cousin about it. And what’s with the sudden marriage proposal? Something was really fishy. She considered telling her parents about who Don really was and how he had killed their nephew, then conned Swara andused her to get his way. The way he had abducted her and kept her all to himself looked very suspicious in Ragini’s eyes.
But then she looked over at Swara and saw how happy she looked, all glowing and radiant with joy. Surely she couldn’t have been deceived twice over. Especially after how much she had suffered and knew better than to trust him under false pretenses.


Ragini’s train of thought was interrupted byher father

Don:Mister D’Souza here says he has met you before

She then looked over at Don who gave her a look that sent chills down her spine. It wasn’t an angry, threatening or otherwise cold look either… it was just so intense that it made her stutter

Ragini:Ummm… yes. Yes, we have met
she tried to smile

Auntie:Funny none of you ever mentioned him before.

her mother said without removing her eyesfrom her fingers

Don:Swara and I have been trying to findourselves and eachother for a long time now. Wefinally have and we want to celebrate it with you. That is why we’re here. To be perfectly honest I do not require your approval to marry Swara, I will do so regardless, but I am here for her sake and because it’s the chivalrous thing todo

he said sternly but also in a polite manner.Ragini and her parents just looked at eachother as if they couldn’t believe what was happening. Her mother was smiling though, and her father was looking a bit embarrassed, which made Ragini all the more aware of how Don got his way around any situation.After a long pause Don exhaled

Don:Now if you’ll excuse us
and helped his fiancée off the sofa gently

Uncke:Mister D’Souza
Her uncle interrupted, standing up again

Uncle:Please don’t take this the wrong way, we are just taken aback. We’ve never met you before and we had no knowledge of your relationship with our niece… surely you understand
Don smiled

Don:That’salright, it’s perfectly understandable… as per your answer…?

the man frowned questioningly

Don:Haan ya nahin, sir
Don gave him an intense look

he laughed

Uncle:I don’t see why not.You do love him, don’t you Swara?
he touched his niece’s cheek gently and she smiled ear to ear

Uncle:Ican see it in your eyes. I think it’s the first time I see you happy since your brother passed…

Ragini chocked and coughed a bit,and Don squeezed Swara’s hand reassuringly

Don:This is the only way you’ll be seeing her from now on, sir. You have my word
Don put his hand over his heart symbolically

Uncle:Then, let’s celebrate! My niece is getting married! Sonal, bring sweets and let’s crack open a bottle of champagne.

Don and Swara looked at eachother lovingly and just as they were about to head towards the dining room, he glanced over at Ragini and gave her an intense look again which sent a new charge of chills up her spine.

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