Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 51

Don sat on his tall,vintage armchair and held a glass of whiskey in his hand. He kept rotating it, watching the ice cubes sway against the crystal glass. He would occasionally look up at the lit up fireplace he was sitting in front of, in his penthouse in Berlin.

As Swara watched him on the sly from the crack of the master bedroom’s door, she analyzed him attentively, trying hard not to pant too audibly. It was hard to keep her heartbeat at a steady pace while looking at the A don is-like man infront of her. He was apparently calm and silent, but she knew that before those deep eyes was thunder and lightning. The flames that mirrored in his eyes were just a mere hint of what was hidden behind them.

This wasn’t the first time Swara had caught him staring into space like that. He wasn’t actually staring aimlessly, nor was he lost in thought. She knew that. He looked as if he was calculating something very carefully.He would sometimes rub his stubble and sometimes would go up to his eyebrows with his index finger. He took a sip of his whiskey and suddenly said, without removing his eyes from the fireplace

Don:Come here

She froze. How did he know she was watching him? She had stood there for a long time and she was certain that she had kept quiet. He had obviously known she was there from the very start She knotted her black silk robe and slowly went towards him.

Don:Stand there

he pointed towards the fireplace still staring at it. She complied and stood right where she was facing him but his eyes were leveling her waist and he didn’t look up to meet her gaze

Don:Are you cold? Take that robe off.

She hesitated, taken aback, and he all of a sudden bent forward and grabbed the girdle unfastening it, exposing her black lace lingerie he had hand picked for her himself. He also used the girdle to pull her closer He then looked upat her and a smile made way to the corner of his lips

Don:Hm. This reminds me of Cupid unfastening the girdle of Venus.

the smile turned into a smirk as he wrapped the girdle around his hand until he removed it completely She furrowed her brows as she didn’t know what he was talking about

Don:The famous painting, darling

he patronized her on purpose then stretched one of his legs and made its way between hers, spreading them apart gently. He next circled her waist pulling her against him so that her knees fell on the armchair, straddling himIf she had any doubt before, she now knew exactly where this was going. Actually, she had just a hint, Don had a way of surprising her everytime he took her to bed. She suddenly felt self-conscious and asked

Swara:Can I have some?

looking at the glass of whiskey he was still holding

Don:This isn’t for sucha delicate lady such as yourself

he said as he caressed the curve of her neck with the back of his hand, pushing her hair away fromher face. His hand then rested on her shoulder, pulling the robe off her shoulders in one swift motion that made her gasp

Don:I asked you to take it off. You know my patience is limited

he said, his eyes piercing into hersShe smiled

Swara:You forgot to say please
her eyes sparkling playfully But he remained serious

Don:Two can play that game, Swara. I’ll be sure to test your patience when you are pleading, soon…

he raised an eyebrow and she blushed scarlet.

Don:You’re too warm…I’ll help you with that

and in another swift motion he removed her bra as well. Swara bit her lower lip as he slid his hand around her collarbone and down her br*asts gently.Then, before she could realize what he was doing, he tied her hands together at her back using the girdle he had stolen from her. As Swara gasped, he took one last sip from his glass then placed it on the glass table next to them and then began kissing her br*asts, making her flinch at the unfamiliar sensation.

Don’s mouth was extremely cold, opposed to her skin, as he kept the ice cubes in his mouth.Her skin was all goosebumps and she threw her head back, savoring the moment. The fact that she was tied up made everything feel all the more intense. Don then pointed out

Don:You seem to be cold… let’s get you warmed up now

Again, before she could even open her eyes completely he stood up, sustaining her against him and then gently sat on the fur carpet in front of the fireplace, holding her close to his chest.



Swara opened her eyes and began panting as she saw Don’s eyes staring right into hers

Don:Dreaming about me, were you?

he whispered into her ear and gently bit on her earlobe then retreated and helped her stand from her seat in his private jet she tried to hide it but she was blushing intensely. The fact that what she had dreamt of really happened didn’t help at all. She took Don’s hand and he led her into one of his luxurious abroad vehicles. Then, into one of his luxurious abroad hotel penthouses.

Swara was particularly disinterested in all these things more so now that she had something so big on her mind, which was the fact that Don had asked her hand in marriage.He suddenly embraced her from behind and rested his chin gently on her shoulder

Don:What is the matter?


Don:Something is on your mind.
She smiled

Swara:You think?

Don:You know… we really should be heading to your uncle’s

She nodded and was about to turn around but he stopped her, pulling her closer against him

Don:But you need to unwind first. And I know the perfect way to do that
She bit her lower lip and turned to face him

But he silenced her with a passionate kiss

Don:Your body is craving my touch,sweetheart…even in your sleep.

he winked at her seductively then kissed her again and this time Swara couldn’t fight back. Her uncle would have to wait. After all, he didn’t even know they were expected.

2 hours later,

Don and Swara were seated on her uncle’s living room sofa. Her aunt was trying hard to keep herself busy, either by preparing a bite to eat, tea, anything to distract her husband which seemed to be really taken aback.Don had only told him that he needed to talk to him when he opened the door only to be shocked to see his niece with this gentleman beside her. He didn’t know what the nature of this situation was, and so he was trying to act composed and even a bit stern.

Uncle:So, mister… Don, what is it that you wish to discuss?

Swara bit her lower lip and looked over at her lover, who looked very relaxed and composed. He cleared his voice and put his arm around Swara, protectively

Don:I, sir, am here to ask for your niece’s hand in marriage.

Ragini, who had sat quietly next to her father this whole time, biting on her nails, now flinched so abruptly that she knocked her mother’s tray on which she had placed the steaming teapot and the already filled teacups. The two women instantly bent over to collect the shattered china, but Don kneeled in front of them and gestured for them not to worry about it.

He calmly picked every little piece and placed them on the tray then he himself went to the kitchen and fetched a cloth to absorb the tea that had spilled on the carpet. He then retreated once more with the soaking cloth and the tray and left them in the kitchen

Don:We can skip tea

he smiled gallantly at them and sat back next to Swara, putting his arm around her shoulder again, smiling calmly at her family that was looking at eachother in shock.

Swara’s uncle cleared his throat

Uncle:How long have you known each other?

Don pretended to be pensive for a moment and finally said Don:Hmmm… about 6 years

Swaa’s uncle just stared at him thensaid

Uncle:But you’re old enough to be her father.

She pleaded but Don chuckled

Don:Not really. Well… technically yes, but…

he kept chuckling till Swara held his hand and squeezed it gently and he turned serious

Don:Sir, I am 34 and your niece is 24 as of today. I believe it’s not unheard of…

Uncle:What is your name, mister Don?

her uncle cut him off frowning Swara froze. She somehow totally forgot about this. She knew Don had no given name and had chosen his name himself along with his birthday. But in order to get married he needed to have legal documents, a name,an address

To be Continued

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