Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 50

The days spent in Italy had really helped Swara unwind. She felt completely isolated from all her problems, worries, fears, and all the heartache she had been through previously seemed like a bad dream. She was in Don’s protective arms and everything was good.

Initially she was scared that Don would get bored with her, 24/7. But no such thing happened. They instinctively knew when to give each other space. Don wasn’t leaving her sight though and he ensured that she would always have something interesting to do. They would sometimes go walk hand in hand,exploring Rome, sometimes stay at the villa, exploring eachother.

Swara found it very interesting that although she had seen so much of him in the past weeks she still found him very mysterious and couldn’t decipher him at all. Don showered her with his love but didn’t act like the regular boyfriend. And she admitted she loved that about him. She realized she would never completely know him, and she liked that. It was like receiving a never ending present. Everyday he would surprise her. Everyday she would find out something new about him. And everyday she would fall deeper in love with him.

One day she overheard him playing The God father’s theme music on the guitar in the patio. She opened the window to the bedroom to listen, leaning over the sill He glanced at her and she smiled. He looked so serene in his white slightly puffy dress shirt, sitting on the vintage, white forged iron patio furniture. When he finished the song she said

Swara:That should be your theme music
she giggled

Swara:that mysteriously plays in the background whenever you make your entry somewhere.

Don:I don’t need background music. My presence is enough to capture and overwhelm all senses,sweetheart.
She blushed. He was right

Don:Does the lady care for a serenade?
he smirked standing up suddenly She laughed

Swara:Does Don do serenades?

Don:Depends. If he happens to love her….

Swara lowered her gaze, blushing

Swara:…he doesn’t
She pouted. He was such a tease

Don:But if he happens to be madly in love with her…
she looked at him biting her lower lip

Don:and if it happens to be her birthday….

he added smilingly, and she gasped; she had totally lost track of time and had no idea it was her birthday

Don:and if he wants to spend the rest of his life with her….
she felt her heart galloping

Don:and wants to ask her to marry him…

Don:… and if he really really wants her tosay “yes”…. Then yes. He serenades

Swara immediately recognized Billy Joel’s famous Just the Way You Are and had no doubt when he started humming the lyrics as well
“Don’t go changing to try and please me
You never let me down before
Don’t imagine you’re too familiar
And I don’t see you anymore
Don’t go trying some new fashion
Don’t change the color of your hair
You always have my unspoken passion
Although I might not seem to careI need to know that you will always be
The same old someone that I knew
Ah, what will it take till you believe in me?
The way that I believe in you?
I said I love you…and that’s forever
And this I promise from the heart
But I couldn’t love you any better
I love you… just the way you are”
( fun fact about the song. Shahrukh mentioned during an interview @on the couch with Koel that Just the Way You Are is the song that played in the background when he had his first kiss, which was of course with Gauri)

He sang it, rather hummed it gently while playing the notes on the guitar, never breaking eye contact with her, all the while Swara crying tears of happiness and smiling from ear to ear. When he finished he gestured for her to go to him and she almost forgot the way downstairs a sit seemed like forever till she found her way into his arms.
He tightened his arms around her and whispered

Don:So… what will it be?

she said cuddling into his strong protective arms and forgetting about anything else around them

Don:Swara… haan ya… nahin.

She let out a laughter, she had completely forgotten that she had to give him an answer. She buried her face into his chest and nodded smilingly


He cupped her cheeks and made her look him in the eye. He searched her eyes for a few moments then a smile caught his lips and slowly made its way to his eyes. He was smiling ear to ear now and Swara could have sworn she had never seen him genuinely happy before. But before she could process all that he began kissing her over and over again, then took her into his arms and spun her around, holding her close to him, close to his heart.

Don:Would a 2 hour flight bother you too much on your birthday?
She furrowed her brows slightly

Swara:Flight? Where to?’

Don: New York

She still didn’t get why they had to leave such a beautiful place, and that too that very day

Don:I have to ask your uncle for your hand in marriage na?

he playfully bumped his forehead against hers slightly and she couldn’t believe it. Don, asking her hand in marriage!She was waiting to wake up from that dream. She knew she simply had to be dreaming all this. It all seemed so surreal.

She found herself in the private jet before she knew it, not realizing how she had ended up there. She was flying high in the sky, higher than could nine.
How was the chapter so filmy na don is going to ask hand of Swara to his uncle. Wait for next chapter. Don’t get confused I’m not dragging the part of their journey so I directly shift them to their destination?.

So this 50 episode of this ff.all bcz of your support. U don’t know how much happy I feel when u appreciate me.I feel like king of the World?(sorry Srk dialogue).thanx a lot for your support.keep reading silent readers too don’t stop reading in between. I’ll try my best to not to make u bore with the story…..I’m really happy I cant express it

kuch meetha ho jaaye


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