Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 49

“Come, let us again be children
In the woods we loved of yore
So that life, and luck, and loving
Seem a game and nothing more.

You and I away shall wander
Quite alone where no one goes,
And we’ll lie beside the water
Where the flowering lime-tree grows.

As we slumber, on our bodies
Will the lime its petals lay,
While in sleep, sweet distant bagpipes
We will hear some shepherd play.
And the lime-tree they will question
Who we are; and stand and wonder,
While our host will softly answer Parting wide his boughs asunder:

“Look, oh look how they are dreaming
Dreams that in theforest grow;
Like the children of some legend
Do they love each other so”.-
I shall take you away, sweetheart. And we will be happy.

Swara finished reading the note Don had left her on the nightstand and smiled sweetly. He has promised her he’d take her away, and he wanted her to be reminded of that as soon as she woke up. She held the note next to her heart and sighed closing her eyes.

Yes, it was difficult letting go of what had happened. She knew it was terribly wrong to kill someone, especially someone that loved her so… but that someone was going to kill the man she loved. And she couldn’t just stand there and watch him do it. She did what every woman would do, protect her man. And her wildcat side had shown its face just then. Did she regret it? She felt sorry for Arjun, sure. But she didn’t regret saving Don one bit.

What he had confessed the previous night made her love him even more. She understood him better now. The puzzle was slowly adding up. She knew she would never completely understand him, but she was closer than ever.She looked at his note again. How she loved it when he wrote for her. His handwriting was so elegant, also. She could stare at it all day. She suddenly felt rejuvenated, ready to face the world. She finally realized they were free to do whatever their hearts desired.

She entered the living area just to see Don at the bar,working on his laptop, busy as always. He looked over at her, pushing his glasses down his nose a bit and immediately a smile reached his lips as well as his eyes

Swara:Is that really you?
She giggled as she approached him and circled his shoulders from behind

Don:Kaun aur?

Swara:I haven’t seen that smile in too long.

Don:There’s my kitten
he chuckled

Swara:I was wondering where you went. Don’t ever leave again, alright?
he looked deep into her eyes and that made Her hug him again, even tighter

He caressed her hair

Don:I wouldn’t let you
she could then fell his arms tense around her waist

Don:You’re mine,Swara. I’d never let you leave. Not even over my dead body

She suddenly felt like crying. But she wanted not to indulge in sad memories. He was here and he wasn’t going anywhere. They belonged to each other and she was sure of it now more than ever

Swara:Achcha batao
she pulled away a bit

Swara:Where exactly is that lime tree we are heading to?
He smiled sweetly,almost nostalgically and swara couldn’t get over how different he was acting that morning. He was so much closer to her now.

Don:Wherever your heart desires

Swara:Really? But I only have one place I want to be
He furrowed his brows questioningly

Don:Name it and we’ll go

there She placed her palm over his heart shyly

He smiled again and took her hand and kissed the inside of her palm

Don:You’ll always be there. Hamesha keliye

She couldn’t help it this time and a tear of happiness escaped her eyes but he frowned immediately and wiped it away

Don:I never want to see a single tear shed by your beautiful eyes, Swara. I’ve seen enough to last me a lifetime.

Swara:I’m happy
she whispered

Don:Waise bhi
he pinpointed
Don:No more tears. I want to see you all smiles.
She smiled widely on that note and he gave her a dimpled one as well

Don:That’s more like it. Now come.
he gestured for her to sit on his lap
Don:Let’s choose a place where we could be together, just the two of us.
he whispered as he kissed her earlobe making her giggle instantly

Don:Swara, benvenuti a SWARA Don grinned as planted her on her own feet after carrying her into the villa just outside Rome, in a rustic yet luxurious place that reminded her of old Italian movies
He untied the blindfold from her eyes, which was actually the ascot he had been wearing

Don:Let’s keep this for later.
he whispered in her ear seductively and she shied away slightly but froze as she looked around. The view was breathtaking.

Swara:Don… it’s superb.

Don:I’m glad you liked it. Haven’t visited it in a long time.
he placed his hands in his pockets inspecting the place himself

Swara:Is it yours?
she asked incredulously

Don:Of course.

She bit her lip and proceeded inspecting the villa. Every corner of it was so tastefully decorated, and even though it had Don’s signature style it was still Italian.

She turned to him smiling widely and he gazed at her, then finally said

Don:Come ti vidi m’innamorai, e tu sorridi perchè lo sai.
She furrowed her brows slightly still smiling

Swara:Is that Italian I hear? Is there anything you don’t know?

He approached her and she put her arms around his neck
Don:I know just enough to tell you that

Swara:What does it mean?

Don When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.

She smiled even wider now and he kissed her passionately

Don:Kiss me now, smile later, sweetheart.

he chuckled That made her giggle and he growled playfully, picking her off the floor once more and heading hungrily towards the bedroom.

To Be Continued.

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  1. don’t tell me it’s ending …I will cry

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