Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 47

Don:Oh, Arjun! The-one-I-killed-Arjun?
Don asked mockingly

Don:Please do invite him in, let’s touch his feet, he must be a God!

Swara pleaded whisperingly

Swara:He’ll hear you! Go hide, now!

Don:Belkol nahin! Let him in! He returned from the dead now I want to send him back for good!’

Arjun:Swara, are you alright in there?
they could barely hear Arjun from behind the door

Swara:I’ll be right there!
she shouted then ran towards Don and pushed him back

she whispered

Swara:Please,I’m sorry, I’ll never doubt you again… please
Don looked at her and raised his eyebrow

Don:Well don’t doubt this: I’ll kill him. He’s gone!
he said and pushed her aside heading towards the door‘

Arjun called again

Swara:Haan… just a second!
she shouted

Swara:Don, please, I beg of you! Please, I’m sorry!

Don stopped on his way and turned back to look at her as she was pulling on his sleeve and looked at her

Don:Get rid of him
he said between his teeth and headed towards the bedroom. She couldn’t believe he actually gave up. She had made him turn around and change his mind! She suddenly felt like flying when she heard the door slam against the walls She screamed and turned to see Arjun hurrying inside

Arjun:Are you alright?!

She realized Don had hidden and thanked God from the bottom of her heart

Swara:What is the meaning of this! Are you crazy?!
Arjun looked around as he gathered himself, panting

Arjun:You were taking so long… I started worrying… I thought…

Swara:What? What did you think?!
Arjun shook his head

Arjun:…You’re alone?

Swara:What’s it to you?!

Arjun:Drinking brandy?
he came closer


Arjun:Swara… Swara, what happened to you? You’ve been crying!
Swara stepped back as he got closer

Arjun:And how much have you been drinking?

he looked at the crystal glass on the counter and noticed the broken one on the floor


Arjun: Swara… I just came to tell you I had an emergency with maa… she has food poisoning and I had to rush her to the hospital… Ram saab told me all about today and I saw your miscalls too, rushed here as soon as I could…
Just before she could react, Arjun hugged her

Arjun:It’s alright, Swara… I’m here for you


Arjun:Gosh you reek of alcohol! Let’s get you to bed…..

Swara:No, no, I’m fine, I’llmanage… please leave

Arjun: Swara… don’t push me away…I’m here to help, alright? You’re not alone.

Sara:Arjun, really

Arjun:I’m so sorry for what I said the other day… it was stupid of me…
he said as he pulled her towards the bedroom slowly

Arjun:If there’s someone that knows what it’s like to be heartbroken it’s me… I know what it’s like to love and not be loved back,

Swara couldn’t feel her legs anymore. Arjun was opening the door to the bedroom and she had to hold her breath. She didn’t know whether Do n had hidden in the bathroom or bedroom, but he was surely hearing Arjun’s declaration of love and knew that she had to get rid of him fast before he made another move on her. Don wouldn’t spare him, that she knew for sure.

Swara:Arjun… please, leave… you’re right. I’m not feeling too good… we’ll talk about this later…


he silenced her placing his index over her mouth then caressing her face gently

Arjun:Let me take care of you, swara… let me be there for you…

Swara:I’m fine…

He pulled her towards the bed. She looked around quickly and there was no sign of Don.

“Think, Swara, think… do something and get rid of Arjun!” was all she could think

Arjun:Sit down, aram se…’

Swara:I’m fine


then he looked over to the nightstand where he saw the bottle of brandy. Don had obviously placed it there. Swara looked at it too and knew Don had to be somewhere in the same room. Arjun looked at her worriedly then took out a pillow and made her sit against it

Arjun:There… Gosh, Swara… look how much you’ve been drinking… myheart breaks to see you like this. I want to kill him for doing this to you!

Swara:Arjun, shut up, you don’t know what you’re saying!

Swara began panicking, this was going very badly. She began praying in the back of her mind for Don to contain himself

Arjun:I will kill him, Swara… I swear to God. As soon as we lay our hands on him I’ll kill him… and I’ll cover it all up, I don’t care, I’ll find a way… But I will do it, if it’s the last thing I do! Because he did this to you… and I can’t stand it! I love you so much, Swara…
Swara gasped

Swara:Arjun! Please, please, leave!

Arjun:Don’t push me away, Swara!

he held her hand and kissed it

Arjun:I’m here for you, I’ll always be. I love you, I’ve loved you for so long…
he said as he placed her hand over his heart

Arjun:You’ll see, you’ll forget all about him. I’ll give you all the love he couldn’t ever. I’ll never leave you

Swara was crying now. She knew that was it. Don would not spare him

Arjn:Baby, don’t cry, please. I know it’s all been so hard on you… but I promise I’ll fix it. I’ll mend your broken heart. And I’ll kill that bastard!

She kept sobbing and pushing him away but he kept getting closer and closer

Arjn:God, Swaa… you’re so beautiful … even when you cry… So beautiful. I love you so much.

he then couldn’t resist any longer and kissed her
Swara shut her eyes tight and then felt him pulling back. When she opened her eyes she saw Don behind Arjun, holding a gun stuck to his head

Don:You pathetic little worm….

Don said in a grave voice, almost amused Arjun had a terrified expression as he looked at swara and she kept sobbing

Don:You made her cry,idiot!

he shouted slamming the gun hard against his head. That made him fall to the floor then pointed the gun at him again

was all Arjun could utter, scattered on the floor

Don:The very same you were going to kill!
he raised his eyebrow

Don:Here I am, kill me!

he said as he kicked him in the stomach Arjun grunted and Swara couldn’t stop crying witnessing it all

Don:You laid your dirty, dirty hands on her….
he grimaced

Don:And then you kissed her, you idiot!
he said between his teeth angrily
Don:You worthless bastard!

Between tears Swara was staring at Don’s face. She had never seen him so angry, so visibly affected. His eyes were wide open and he looked like a mad person cringing his teeth Arjun growled again as Don kicked his back this time. And Swara could tell he was in a whole lot of pain Don quickly crunched next to Arjun and placed the gun in his mouth. Swara gasped and covered her mouth, tears streaming down her face

Don:And you told her you loved her, you pitiful loser!
Don grimaced as he shoved the gun further down Arjun’s throat

Swara:Don! Don’t do it, please! She pleaded sobbing

Swara:Please don’t kill him!

Don didn’t take his eyes off Arjun andjust stared at him angrily as if rabid

Swara:Please Don, please!
she shouted She kept on pleading and pleading until she said

Swara:Please Don, if you love me, let him go, please Don! Please, look at me, we’ll work this out. Look at me, Don!

He finally looked at her and saw how disturbed she was and terrified. He looked at her as if deciding what to do. She pleaded with her eyes, her words, her tears, she kepton begging him not to kill him.

Suddenly Arjun kicked Don’s hand, in a very bold gesture, and pointed the gun at him. Swara screamed

Arjun shouted

Arjun:Watch me kill you! You son of a b*tch!

Just as he was about to pull the trigger, Don widened his eyes when he saw Swara pick the bottle of brandy from the nightstand and smash it hard against Arjun’s head. He immediately collapsed unconscious and blood quickly soaked the carpet beneath him.

Swara began trembling and screamed hysterically, and Don took her in his arms quickly. She then began screaming, and Don had to cover her mouth

Don:Don’t, don’t, Swara!

he tried putting some sense into her She pushed his hand away while looking terrified at Arjun

Swara:I… I… Did I?…

Don looked at her for a few seconds then went over to Arjun and palpated his jugular vein to check his pulse. He turned to look at Swara and she quickly understood that Arjun was dead.
So sorry for not updating yesterday. Actually I was little bit busy and my mood was off. So I don’t wantend to spoil the chapter bcz of my mood.

So u all know that My KKR is now out of Finals??. Koi baat nahi “bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rahti hain” n never forget “har ke jeetne wale ko baazigar kehte hain”he he??. Hope ke koi deserving hi jeete.

So this was the chapter. Arjun is gone. I don’t like his character so I ended it. Do u like it. Thanx for ur comment. It encourages me to write more.?

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  1. Oh god swara expression will be worth watching when she was.telling arjun to go….. But he didn’t listen to her….. Don’s jealousy was awesome….. Hehehe…. Hope swara doesn’t slip into trauma……di try to update next part soon……

    1. she knows what is going to happen with him…but he was so oversmart….she was scared for him….let it be….he crosses his limits….he tries to go close to his Roma he deserves punishment….I have already uploaded another episode hope they post it soon?

  2. U know i have been checking TU for each 5 minutes. Atlast i found it. I am veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happy that u ended that arjun’s chapter. His talks were horrible today bastard. But now i am hell scared to know what will happen nxt . But still i am happy that Swara killed arjun. Ab Swara that is my sautan jail jayegi aur mein mere don ke saat kushi kishi rahungi. ????? just kidding. BTW why is mood off dear??? Meri taraf se a bada wala hug. Abhibi agar mood tik nahi hua toh bolo joke suna dungi?? try to post nxt soon and ya meine tumhare liye bohot spicy treat diya hai mere ff mein. Deklena aur chahiye toh bolna Dedungi????
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