Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 46


Swara kept acting her part as almost all her department showed up for a nice dessert at thenearby restaurant, all wished her well and empathized with her. Ram kept looking at her as if he could tell that she was deeply saddened. But he didn’t know the real reason behind her reluctant behavior and obviously fake smiles.

As soon as swara reached her apartment, Don was exiting the bedroom, his hair all ruffled and his eyes still swollen. He seemed to have just woken up upon hearing the entrance door.She had never even seen how he looked like when he woke up before, so her heart pounded but she tried to keep that aside. She threw her purse on the counter angrily

Don:What happened?

Don immediately turned very serious as he saw how disturbed she was

Swara:You’re asking me?


he frowned and crossed his arms over his bare chest She took a long pause

Swara:Were you even really sleeping till I came?
He squinted at her

Don:What’s this all about, Swara?

Swara:You’re unbelievable!

She said between her teeth and picked the file from her purse, then slammed it across his chest whilst passing by him angrily Don looked through the files and then came to the bedroom to find her sitting on the edge of the bed, resting her head in her palms

Don:Swara, I’m going to ask you again
he said gravely

Don:What is this about?

She raised her head and looked at him, tears were flooding her eyes but she was still angry

Swara:How could you?

He frowned even deeper and got closer

Don:How could I what? swara you’re being incoherent

Swara:You know damn well what I’m talking about!
she shouted

Swara:How can you be so condescending!

Don:Would you calm down and tell me what it is you’re trying to say, already?

he raised his voice at her, which was probably the first time he did so, or so she remembered. She just froze staring at him

Don:I’m sorry

he took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment to compose himself

Don:You’re been hysteric. If there’s something you’re accusing me of, I’d like to know what it is

Swara:Does Arjun ring a bell?

Don:Your co-worker. What about him?

Swara:What about him?! What about the fact that he mysteriously went missing today. He never takes leave from work, much less not show up without informing anyone! Both Ram and I tried reaching him, and he’s nowhere to be found! How’s that?

she stood up and walked past by him again and into the kitchen where she opened the bar cabinet and took out a bottle of brandy

Don:What are you doing?
She poured herself a full crystal glass

Swara:What does it look like?

Don:You don’t drink


she stated then drank it all up Don walked towards her furiously and grabbed the glass out of her hand

Don:What are you trying to do? You’re a mess as it is

Swara:I’m trying to take a break from all this drama

she said pulling the glass back but when he wouldn’t let it go, she grabbed another and filled it up

Don:Do you want your neighbor coming to witness another broken vase?

he said angrily grabbing the bottle out of her hand

Don:Control yourself!

She managed to drink up the second glass as well and grim acedat its bitterness. Then she pointed her finger at him

Swara:You tell me the truth, you hear me? I want the truth!
He squinted his eyes and she added

Swara:Did you or did you not kill Arjun?

Don:What do you think?
he asked

Swara:I think you did

Don:Right now I wish I did
he finally replied and then drank right from the bottle

Don:You know what?
he snapped

Don:Let’s both get drunk. And screw it all up. Yea, let’s do that!

he drank from it again the poured she another glass himself

Don:Drink up darling, tonight we’re getting wasted. You can mourn the supposed death of your beloved co-worker and I can celebrate by myself the fact that I am finally a free man! Come on, come on, drinkup!

he said pushing her glass up to her mouth She pushed the glass aside


Don:Nono, drink up sweetheart.I want you to keep telling me what you think sincerely! So I killed him, didn’t I?What else did I do? Huh?

She kept pushing the glass away and he kept shoving it towards her till it slipped between their hands and broke to pieces. Immediately swara started crying again. Don began drinking out of the bottle again and just then, someone rang the bell to her apartment

Don:Oh! Your neighboris right on time, asusual!

Don chuckled Swara began wiping her tears away and headed towards the door. She was about to unlock the door when she thought to look through the peephole first .She stepped away from the door immediately and turned to Don, mouthing

Swara:It’s Arjun!
How was the chapter hope u all get it answer. Don’t worry even I hate this Arjun. I’ll teach him a Good lesson I mean Don will. Once again thanx for appreciation. I’m really happy.

Credit to: IREENA

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  1. Omg… Now what??? Update soon dear… Will die due to anxiety

    1. oh….God ab to kuch karna pade ga warna mujhe murderer ke ilzaam mein jail jaana padega?

  2. I hope don forgive swara…… Now arjun bis gone…. Hehehe.,….. But why did arjun didn’t come to office????…… Di plz update soon……..

    1. I hope so. let’s see what will happen to Arjun. I’ll try to upload soon.

  3. U r giving me shocks. First this fight and then the last part. Plzzzx try to post nxt sooooon cant control the excitement. Love u dear 🙂

    1. oh…really but u have to wait for sometime I’m busy right now. will try to upload soon.

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  7. I loved the update.. 🙂 Now why is this Arjun trying to poke his nose into Swara’s matters when she clearly told him to stay away from her.. I’m happy to know he’ll get a punishment for this..
    Stay blessed dear 🙂

    1. ya….he is so chipku…..he will definitely get punishment for sure just wait for another update ?

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