Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 45

the next morning, she was surprised to see him working at his laptop. Her coffee and breakfast were waiting for her as well.He took off his glasses

Don:Slept well?
She nodded

Swara:How come you’re up soearly?

Don:I stayed up

Swara:Couldn’t fall asleep again, huh?
she gave him a peck on his right dimple

Swara:I’m sorry

Don:Don’t be
he kissed her lips instead As she began eating he handed her the papers that she needed to hand over to Ram

Don:Just be as natural as possible. He won’t suspect a thing. He knows you well and won’t look through all the papers and even if he does it doesn’t stand out at all

Swara looked through the papers herself and finally saw the legal document Ram was about to sign. It gave Don total immunity in all countries, lifting all charges against him. She shook her head

Swara:This is spot on. Only you could have thought of this

as she lowered the papers she saw the look on his face. It reminded her of the first time she met him. That cold, Donnish look that could cut right through you. She flinched and felt goosebumps all over

Don:Careful darling, don’t spill coffee on it

he chuckled, but his cold voice echoed in her head. She couldn’t get that picture of him out of her head now.

Swara:I should be heading off now. Last day at office, might as well be there on time.

she smiled faintly and he smiled back, reassuringly, as if to tell her not to worry and that everything will be ok.

She reached work feeling more uneasy than the previous day and slowly made her way up to Ram’s office. When he let her in, she knew that he was well aware of why she had knocked at his office door in the first place.

Ram:You’re going through with this, aren’t you?

She froze when she heard him say that. Of course he didn’t mean it the way she heard it. But nevertheless it made her feel even more uneasy

Swara: Ram saab…

He gave her a half smile and patted her back gesturing for her to take a seat at his desk

he took in a deep breath

Ram:I’m not trying to make this even more difficult for you than I’m sure it is… but I just want to make sure that you’ve thought about this carefully.
She nodded and lowered her eyes

Swara:Idid… I really did. I need this

she then looked him in the eye. She was being sincere, after all

Swara:I’m not myself anymore. I can’t keep doing this to myself. I love my job but I need a change of scenery desperately. I need to start fresh

Ram kept on nodding in approval slowly and then added

Ram:I have a confession to make. I’ve been worrying about you for a while now and actually kept in touch with your shrink

Swara raised her eyebrow. Of course she knew that already, from Don, but she was curious of his motives

Ram:I didn’t get into personal matters, rest assured, but I just wanted to know that you were alright. And I know you were struggling more than you let show here at work… that’s why, in a way, I am proud of you for taking this decision.

She felt a lump form in her neck. It was nerve wrecking. The last thing she needed right then was for Ram to be so nice to her


He gestured for her to stop talking,and that she needn’t say anything, that he understood. Oh, how wrong he was, thought swara

Ram:Swara, I understand, really… I’m very upset to see you go, and you will besurely missed. But your personal happiness is the most important and I want you to know that I’ll always be there for you. You’ve grown to be like a daughter to me.
he smiled sweetly and her heart broke to pieces. Tears began flowing and Ram chuckled and came next to her

Ram:Arre, don’t cry!

She wiped her tears away but Ram pulled her into a fatherly hug and that made her sob. He soothed her, patting her back

Ram:I never knew you were this affected… I’m certainly to blame for the state you are in… should’ve made you take things easier…

Swara:No, sir…

she tried to compose herself, pulling away slowly

Swara:Please don’t say that. You’re not at all responsible for my state. I’m the only one to blame.But I’ll be alright. I promise.

she tried to smile and that really made Ram happy

Ram:Let’s get this over with and go have some sweets with the gang

he smiled as he gestured for her to hand him the paperwork She reluctantly pulled the file out of her purse and handed it to him. The following moments felt like ages, but in reality it only took Ram a few seconds to sign the dotted lines on all the files. When he handed the file back to her she stared at him for afew moments

Ram:No second thoughts
he warned playfully.

Ram:You’ve taken this decision for your own happiness’ sake and I supportyou 100%

he smiled She hugged him tight and took the file, numbed from all the emotions she was experiencing. Guilt was the most intense of them all.

Ram:And now, let’s go ease up a bit.

he smiled and made a few calls to inform all the closest officers. All the while a million thoughts ran through her mind. And her heart was racing. She felt as if she was seeing it all in a dream.

Ram:That’s weird
She snapped out of her thoughts

Ram:Arjun. I called his office and his cell and he didn’t pick up either.

Her blood literally froze. She knew right away something was terribly wrong, she could sense it.

Ram:Haan, Maneesh, has Arjun checked in today? Ok thankyou
he hung up the phone

Ram:He hasn’t come in today. I know he would have liked to bid farewell, as you two were pretty close.

Swara smiled faintly and tried to keep it together and not faint right there and then.

So how was the chapter. Hope u like it. So what will happen next. Where is Arjun.

Thanks everyone for your support. I’m really happy after reading that u really like the story Specially Don’t???.

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    1. tysm Uma?

  1. I think arjun is with don….hehe…. He will now get good cookies from don…. Di you know what I mean to say…hehehe….VK face also matches SRK…. Thats why it’s very difficult to imagine don as SRK or VK…. I love you di and your ff very much….muuaahhh….

    1. let’s see what will happen dear. I also find similarities between them. I love u too dear????

  2. Amazing 😀

    1. thanx dear?

  3. Love it 🙂 , seriously love the storyline , characters and each and every detail which you provide … simply amazing 🙂
    So are you done for today with the chapter ? Sorry han if I sounds selfish because I know it’s not as easy as it seems but I love it seriously 🙂

    1. thanx dear. I’m really happy u like it. actually I wanted to write more but suddenly went out so couldn’t able to write more. ur not selfish I also love to write more when u all support me.

  4. I so love it…!! Caring don.. awesome.. and arjun is probably dead now… cz no one messes with his wild cat

    1. thanx dear. ya Don is so perfect. let’s see what will happen to Arjun

  5. Awesome episode.. 🙂 Tension brewing up.. Where is Arjun?? Has Don done something to him??Ram really treats Swara as his daughter.. I don’t know what he’ll go through when he gets to know the truth.. 🙁 Stay blessed and keep smiling 😀

    1. Hmm…u will get ur answer in next part. for sure. Swara is really feeling bad for betraying him. let’s what will happen time will say everything.

  6. poor swara. This is the first time i am feeling sad for her whole heartedly. Lekin i am not that sad cuz atlast MY DON will be free from charges and thats all i need(this will happen if u dont add twists 😉 ) who will feel sad for sautan 😉 i think arjun is in clutches on Don (or maybe not 😉 ) vaise if u r planning to kill arjun i will be very happy eith it hehe. I liked the home part very much. Thanks for posting two eo but cant control this excitement to read more . So try to post nxt soon. Love u dear 🙂

    1. I know r u sure ur really feeling bad for her. oh….such a chweet sautan. ya Don will be free from all charges. about arjun u will see what will happen to her. for now I’m not writing I’ll post tomorrow. love u dear n enjoy just today ur result is out.

  7. Lov ur ff sooo muchh…am not getting enough of it….

  8. Awsome…loved it

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