Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 44

Swara stared at her apartment that was decorated with candles and flowers and the cherry on top was a view of her favorite man reading on her couch, bare chested and wearing his glasses. He took them off and placed the book aside when she walked in and gave her a dimpled smile. They met halfway and he kissed her

Don:Welcome home

Swara felt like melting in his arms. She would have never in a million years thought she’d hear those words from him, she would have never thought he’d decorate the house so romantically and just as she thought about all that he began unbuttoning her dress shirt.

He then pulled her elastic out of her hair gently and peeled her jeans off her then took her into his arms. She was surprised that he passed the bedroom and went towards the bathroom. He didn’t switch the lights on since it was candlelit as well. And the bubble bath was waiting for her as well.He planted her on her feet and then gave her a peck on her temple and said


Just before turning to leave but she caught him by the wrist and told him to stay.

Don:I thought maybe you’d like some time to yourself

She nodded in denial and without looking away she threw her undergarments on the floor and he followed then they both sat in the bathtub. As he held her he began massaging her neck slowly but effectively.

Swara:Aren’t you going to ask me about work?
He shrugged

Don:I don’t need to
She smiled closing her eyes, relaxing under his expert arms

Swara:It’s alright…
after a long while she sighed

Swara:It was awful. Much harder than I expected

Don:Nothing you couldn’t handle, I’m sure
She sighed again

Swara:Haan… but I still wish there were another way

Don:You don’t need to do this if you don’twant to

he whispered in her ear and she turned slightly to catch his glance

Swara:I know… I don’t want to, but I want you more.

He pulled her closer and gave her a passionate kiss.Don proceeded in treating her like a queen that night. Of course he cooked her one of his signature dishes, played the guitar for her, recited poetry for her and conquered all her remaining senses in the bedroom.

But Swara was feeling very uneasy. It was the first time when she couldn’t fall asleep in his arms. She had tried very hard the whole evening not to let him in on it. She felt bad for that too. But she knew she couldn’t open the subject again. It would have been too nerve-wrecking. How many times could she complain about the situation, anyway? It was nothing more he could do, he had done more than enough, it was her turn to do something.

And she was feeling helpless, disarmed. She felt weak and powerless. She didn’t doubt her motive but she doubted the way to obtain it. But she had thought about it herself, and of course, it was the only way and Don had been brilliant enough thinking about it. Had it been any other easier way, he would have surely chosen it. But there wasn’t.

Suddenly the room lit up and she looked back at Don that had switched on the lamp on the nightstand. He grabbed his cell calmly and dialed a number all the while Swara was staring at him questioningly.

Don:Sam. I need you to be prepared for plan B. That’s right. Wait for my signal

Swara:Kya? What plan B?Don…?

He placed the phone back on the night stand and leaned in to kiss her forehead

Don:I can’t stand another minute of this. You’re losing sleep, you’re always deep in thought, you’re keeping away from me…d ‘you really think I didn’t notice?
She furrowed her brows


Don:I tried to get your mind off things but I can’t keep you in bed all day long sweetheart.
he gave her a cheeky smile and then quickly added

Sara:Although I did have to talk myself out of the idea

She smiled and he seemed pleased that he had made her loosen up a bit, then he caressed her cheek

Don:You don’t worry about a thing. Forget all about it. I’ll handleit
She jumped as if burnt

Swara:What? Don, what are you up to? Please tell me, it sounds like trouble… oh my God
she immediately started crying, bringing her knees to her chest

he had to shake her out of it

Don:Look at yourself, you’re a nervous wreck! I can’t believe I even suggested this! Sweetheart, please just leave it all in my care and don’t worry about it anymore, will you?
he began sounding really worried

Swara:Don’t you get it? I’m even more worried now! I know it’s something horrible! What are you going to do tohim?

she was hysterical and Don looked really angry. Angry with himself. He kicked the covers to the side and stepped out on the balcony Just when she was about to jumpoff bed and go after him he ordered

Don:Don’t follow me…please

Now she was furious as well. With herself. She wiped her tears and ignored him

Swara:Enough of this! Look at what this is doing to us. You’re right, I’m letting it get at me too much. Tomorrow I’m doing it. End of story!

Don:No you’re not
he said very calmly yet angrily at the same time

Don:I’m serious. I can’t have you destroy yourself like this

Swara:And I can’t have you destroy Ram saab’s life for good! Yes I do care about him and yes maybe I am wrong but who cares. I’m choosing the lesser worse. And I’ll get over it. I promise. Just please promise you won’t do anything!
Don chuckled coldly

Don:Swara this is nonnegotiable. Maybe I didn’t make it clear enough…But she interrupted him

Swara:No. I’m putting my foot down. This is my decision to take

Don squinted at her, visibly surprised at her stubbornness andfinally grinned leading up to a laughter. She looked at him puzzled, what wasso funny!? She was as serious as she could be

Don:Nowthere’s my wildcat
he groaned as he pulled her close

Don:I love it when you get all feisty

his eyes were dangerously ogling at her and she had to pull back in order to stick to her train of thoughts

Swara:I mean it, Don! I’mnot backing down on this. Try and understand, this isimportant to me.

she finished off in a different tone than she had originally intendedand he pulled her into an embrace

Don:Now don’t start crying on me again, alright?

he said rather playfully but in reality they both knew it wasn’t really intended as a joke.She tightened her arms around him

Swara:Ineed to tell you something

He pulled back just slightly, enough to search her eyes attentively

Swara:But you need to promise you won’toverreact

he said seriously

Swara:It was actually Arjun that made me snap today

she could immediately feel all his muscles tense up around her, but his eyes didn’t give anything away

Swara:He started telling me things that really got to me, and I shouldn’t have let him say anything in the first place. That’s what’s really bothering me. I just couldn’t get it off my mind. I’m sorry

Don was awfully silent, which only made Swara worry more

Swara:Aren’t you going to say anything?

Don:All I’ll say is that he’s lucky to be alive. Ever since I first lay my eyes on him I knew I had to get him out of the picture, but thought you could use this love sick puppy to be by your side in my absence. Of course, platonically only. Had I heard of anykind of link up I can assure you he’d be 2 feet under the ground as we speak. Which is what I should’ve made sure of long time ago. Seems like I made the wrong call back then

She buried her head in his chest, in defeat. What had she expected,really?

Don:Too late for that now
he quickly added

Don:But you’ll only have to see his face tomorrow and that’s it. Don’t let him get to you. Alright?

he tilted her chin She nodded and then he bossily ordered

Don:Now go to bed. You need your rest

Swara:Aren’t you coming?

Don:I won’t be able to fall asleep again. I need something to wear me off

She raised her eyebrow and he playfully spanked her and made her lay in bed

Don:None of that! You need sleep

Swara:I need you.

Don:I’ll be out jogging
She gasped but he interrupted her

Don:I’ll be careful, don’t worry. Now be a good kitten and go to sleep
She wrinkled her nose at him as he put on his trainers

Don: And I want to hearsome purring by the time I get back!

gestured warningly She stuck her tongue out and as he left she slowly drifted away.When she entered the living room area.

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