Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 42

Don:The plan is very simple. Simple yet efficient. Ram trusts you. He won’t suspect a thing. He’s well aware of what a toll this whole thing has taken onyou. He knows you’ve been struggling for the past years. The fact that I supposedly took you hostage in Paris only aids the plan. That is, unless you told him you came along willingly.

Swara blinked at him a few times. He was speaking so cursively and coldly in his signature Donish manner that it made it difficult to focus

Swara:I still wouldn’t say willingly. But no, I never denied that you took me hostage. Actually he kept repeating that I was in shock and that I needed a break.

Don:Excellent. You’ve been seeing a shrink, a certain Ms Kavya

Swara:How do you… never mind
Don smirked

Don:What you don’t know is that not only I know of your psychiatric sessions, but that actually Ram arranged for them.He’s probably informed about your condition regularly


Don:That’s right

Swara:I can’t believe this.

Don:Ram never trusted you. He wanted to know you weren’t secretly plotting with me or something. He’s very condescending and suspicious, Swara. He’s been kind to you, but for a reason


Swara: whispered, her voice cracking

Swara:…I can’t believe this!

Don:It’s natural for a detective to be like this, Swara. You can’t blame the guy, really

Don chuckled but then cleared his voice when he saw how deeply disturbed she was

Swara:This is bad… so bad… God

She placed her head in her palms

Swara:When I called Kavya to cancel my appointment I gold her I was back at the office

Don’s expression turned very sour. He got off his chair and lit another cigar as he did so

Don:When was this exactly?

Swara:When you gave me my phone back.

Don ran his hand through his hair as he exhaled the smoke furiously

Swara:Did I screw everything up?

She asked nervously After a long pause Don said

Don:Don’t worry. Slight change of plan.

She looked at him questioningly as he sat back at the table opposite of her

Don:But you’ll have to go back at the office for a while.

Swara:Oh God…

she placed her head back into her palms

Don:It’s too risky otherwise

She sighed and after a long pause of her side, she finally asked

Swara:Phir kya?

Don:After we make sure he’s not on to us… which will also include your going to the shrink and complaining about how you can’t cope with the whole situation anymore… you’ll hand in your resignation to Ram, personally.

Swara looked at him intensely. It made sense and all, but how was that going to free themselves, she wondered.

Don:He’ll sign it on the spot, after you’ll impress him into thinking that you simply cannot go on working for the Interpol, under any circumstances. And I know you can be pretty convincing.
he raised his eyebrow

Don:But along with your resignation he’ll also sign… let’s say a couple of legal documents…that attest the fact that I am free of any legal charges.
Swara’s eyes widened


Don grinned and exhaled the smoke joyfully

Don:Simple yet efficient, as promised

Swara:But… but… Ram saab will get into a lot of trouble because of this!
Don shrugged

Don:Mujhe kya? I warned him times and times before, darling, but he never listened…

“Don ko pakadna mushkil nahin, namumkin hai!”😘😘😘😘

he finished with a serious look on his face Swara immediately began crying and Don put out his cigar and again came and crutched next to her

Don:Sweetheart, what is the matter?

Swara:What’s the matter!?
she whispered between her tears
Swara:This man has always been there for me

Don:He was using you,Swara! Wake up, darling!

Swara:No, no!

she shook her head and got off her chair then headed towards the window

Swara:This is wrong!

Don:Ok, then
he said coldly

Don:Don’t do it. Let’s just elope and hold our breaths hoping that the Interpol will never find us. Is this the kind of life you want? On the run every single day? ‘Cause I’m sure as hell sick of it!

Swara looked back at him with teary eyes. Her heart was breaking. What he was asking of her was huge.

Don:Why do you care about the old man so much? He’s been keeping things from you this all time, using you, exploiting you even knowing fully well what your condition was

She kept shaking her head in denial throughout his speech

Don:You’re forgetting something. Nothing will happen to him unless he finds out about the documents. If he never confronts us, he’ll never know. The minute someone will try and arrest me he’ll know. He won’t know how it happened. He won’t know how I got worldwide immunity

Swara:It’ll have his signature on it!

Don:That’s why it’ll be in his best interest to halt all searches. I’ll deal with him and assure him that if he tries anything stupid he’ll end up suffering

She looked away again. It was all just too unbearable to think of

Don:He won’t ever know it was you, Swara

Swara;That’s not the point!

Don:I think it is. Nothing will happen to him unless he really asks for it. Trust me, I’ve had it all figured out.

he said as he approached her and hugged her from behind

Don:Relax, sweetheart.I knew it’d be difficult for you. But you need to realize that some compromises have to be made. There’s no harm done if he keeps away. I’ll make sure he understands that very clearly

Swara:He won’t keep away… Yours is the only case he hasn’t solved.

Don:Well nobody’s perfect
Don chuckled

Don:Come on now, loosen up sweetheart. I hate to see you like this

Swara turned to face him and tried to smile but failed miserably

Swara:I’ll get my mind around it.It’s too new and shocking now.

Don kissed her temple and tightened his arms around her

Don:That’s more like it.It’ll all be over soon. We just have to be really careful

Don:What’s the matter?

Don mumbled and pulled on her arm gently trying to get her back next to him as she sat on the edge of the bed

Swara:Kuch nahin…
Don turned on the side lamp and slid to face her

Don:You’vebeen crying
She looked away

Swara:No, I’m just tired…

he said more seriously

Don:Don’t lie to me,please

Swara:Ok… I’m sorry… I just need some time to figure things out


Swara:I mean clear my head… of course I’ll go through with the plan. But I need to make my peace with it

Don:I told you nobody’s going to get hurt as long as Ram drops it. Sweetheart you need to understand that I could have done this very differently and much more affectively had it not been for you. You’re helping him, really. What I originally had in mind involved much more suffering of his part, believe me.

She closed her eyes shut and tried to chase those thoughts away

Don:So really, think about it. I’m choosing the most peaceful way here. He’s a smart man. He’ll make sure nobody finds out and all 3 of us will be clear
Swara took in a deep breath

Don:I’ll bring you some water

Don said and he got out of bed. As she looked at him leave she knew in her heart that she belonged next to him, for better or for worse. She knew she had to do this and, after all, she wasn’t harming anyone. But some compromises had to be made, as he had put it.

When he came back with her glass of water he smiled sweetly at her and she couldn’t help but smile back

Don:That’s more like it, my sweet kitten

he caressed her check and handed her the glass She drank it up and switched off the lights, then cuddled next to him feeling safe in his arms, slowly drifting away.

The next morning Don woke swara up in the best way possible and didn’t allow her to leave the bed for along while. She couldn’t complain but did mention that she’d be late for work

Don:I already regret the fact that you need to go back… but it’s only for a few days I guess…

he said between kisses Swara then smiled trying to push him off her playfully yet again

Swara:I’m already late! I’ll get fired and then the plan won’t work.

she giggled as he kept on kissing her neck

he sighed and let her grab her robe and head towards the bathroom

Don:And what shall I do here all alone, poor me?
swara shrugged

Swara:I don’t know, read something
Don raised an eyebrow

Don:If I have to do it, then it’s no fun. I only read when I feel like reading

Swara:That’s pretty much your motto for everything you do
she giggled

Don:It’s too risky to leave the apartment. I’ll go nuts in here
he widened his eyes and she burst into laughter

Swara:I’d like to see that.Aren’t you already crazy?

she then ran towards the bathroom as Don threw a pillow at her When she stepped out of the shower Don had already cooked breakfast for her

Swara:No no no, I’m 2 hours late already Don!

Don gestured for her to be silent and seated and she complied immediately He placed a cup of coffee next to her plate and sat opposite to her at the dining table

Don:Now do I need to run you through what you should and should not do today?

Swara:What’s that supposed to mean?

Swara asked irritated. She didn’t like being patronized Don pressed his lips into a straight line

Don:Swara, I’m serious. You need to be very careful

Swara:I’m well aware of that

Don:Keep in mind that even the slightest mistake can blow the whole thing off

Swara:Don. I got it. Would you drop it?
she placed her fork back on the table and grabbed her mug standing up

Don:Where do you think you’re going?
he snapped

Swara:I’m leaving for work. Where you are sending me. I’m nervous enough as it is and here you are getting me all hyper.

He grabbed her by the elbow just as she was about to leave

DonWait… I’m sorry, alright?
he inhaled trying to calm down

Don:I’m worried, that’s all. Everything lies in your hands and I have to sit here and do nothing. It’s really hard for me to do that. I’m always the doer. I’ll grow gray hairs in these few hours
he chuckled She smiled faintly and hugged him

Swara:Don’t worry. It’ll be alright
she then winked at him

Swara:Trust me

He kissed her and finally let her go She stopped the car in the headquarters’ parking lot and took in a deep breath. This was it. She entered the building and greeted everyone in her way. Suddenly it stroked her how she would miss it all. She tried to shake the thought off, and not become emotional.She knocked on detective Ram’s office door and he was surprised to see her

Ram: Swara! Finally you show your face. You’ve got us all worried. I didn’t want to disturb you on your vacation, but…

Swara:… But you made a few inquiries
she smiled

Swara:Ragini and my neighbor told me. You needn’t have worried. I was fine
Ram smiled back

Ram:I’m sorry to have invaded your privacy like that.

Swara:Don’t mention it sir. I understand. And your worries are not unfounded. I have been trying to get over all that has happened and … it’s harder than ever. I was about to give it all up but thought I should give it one last shot…

He furrowed his eyebrows

Ram:You’re not thinking of leaving us, are you?

She shrugged and lowered her gaze

Swara;I’d be lying if I said I haven’t thought about it. I have to think of my own welfare, sir… it’s been years since I’ve been struggling and I think I need a complete change of scenery…
Ram sighed

Ram:Swara… I can’t say I wasn’t expecting this… I know how much of a toll this all has taken on you. But you’re my best officer and we need you here. So I’m kind of caught up in the middle. As your friend I support you, but as your boss I’d like you to stay. Maybe there’s something we could do for you?

Swara:Nahin sir, there’s nothing that could help. I’m here to finish any paperwork … I’ll give it a serious thought for a few days and if I really can’t go on, I’ll hand you in my resignation
He sighed again

Ram: Sara… I support your decision regardless
he gave her a reassuring smile

Swara:Thank you, sir
she smiled back and left his office

‘What’s this I’ve been hearing about you leaving us?’

Arjun came toher desk, hours later, as she was going through some files She sighed

Swara:The word spread fast…

he said as he grabbed a chair and sat next to her

Arjun:What are you doing? Where’s your ambition yaar? I really didn’t expect you to just give up like this!

Swara:Kya? Arjun, I’m not giving up anything. On the contrary, I’m tryingto get on with my life
she snapped back at him

Arjun:I can’t believe what that ba*te*d did to you.

he said between his teeth swara caught her tongue. She wanted to slap him but couldn’t(me too)

Swara:Let it go, Arjun

Arjun:If I were you I’d put all those feelings to good use and help us catch that son of a b*tch!


Arjun:I know why you stopped the search that day when we had the lead on him,

she furrowed her brows questioningly

Arjun:He was here, Swara. I’m 100% sure. He might still be here. But you stopped the search. And I know why!

She looked at him in shock, her heart was beating so fast it was about to break free from her chest

Arjun:Because you couldn’t handle seeing him again!
he finally said She managed not to sigh in relief and looked at him irritated

Swara:That is not true. I just thought about it and it made no sense

Arjun:Still, it wouldn’t have hurt to look, na?
he raised an eyebrow

Arjun:But you couldn’t do it. And now you’re running away!
he crossed his arms over his chest andstood up

Arjun:I don’t recognize you anymore, Swara. What happened to you, where’s your spirit? Did he break your spirit too, aside from your heart?

Swara:That’s enough!
she stood up too and pointed her finger at him warningly

Swara:Don’t cross the line, Arjun! I may be quitting soon but that doesn’t give you any right to disrespect me like this! I have a life and a mind of my own to make decisions that do not concern you inany way, thank you very much!

Arjun:I’m sorry if I came across as disrespectful. Youknow how I look up to you … and how I care for you
he stepped closer and she immediately stepped back

Swara:You’re unbelievable! Here you go on and on about me acting foolishly because of a so-called broken heart. But what are you doing? The very same. Just stay away from me

she squinted at him and left the office angrily She finished off handling her files and left for the day. As she drove back home she couldn’t help but weep. It had turned out so much more difficult than she had expected. Tiredly, she opened the door to her apartment only to stare at it in shock.

It’s also a long chapter plz do tell me if u little bit short update than this.

How was the chapter guyz. Arjun is one of a colleague of Swara. How is Don’s plane. N lastly why Swara is shocked.

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