Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 40


‘Hey Swara, achcha don’t forget to buy some bread on your way home. We’re all out’

Swara:… Ragini?
(Yes the person is Ragini She is related to Swara and Don doesn’t like her)

Swara was confused, to say the least

Ragini:Kaun aur? And some dish soap, while you’re at it. Achcha ok, see ya.

Then she hung up.SWara stared confused at the phone for a second then dialed Ragiji’s number, slowly searching for a parking spot.


Swara: Ragini, hun, I think you got the wrong number.

Ragini:Kya wrong number yaar! Swara, you’re acting funny

Swaa:I’m acting funny?!

Ragini:Well then if you’renot acting funny, and I’m not acting funny, then Detective Ram must be acting funny since I just got off the phone with him. He was asking me how you were doing, he’s been worried for you. Apparently since you came to Londona week ago you haven’t called in at the office and they’re all worried there. You could have used the landline yaar, you know dad has some international calls for India.

Swara couldn’t handle Ragini’s sarcastic tone anymore. She sighed and threw her head back on the headrest

Swara:Ragini… ok, listen… calm down

Ragini:Lekin I’m calm, na?! How am I not calm!?

Swara:You’re hysterical!

Ragini:What has he doneto you?! Just look at you, lying to everyone, going missing God knows where! Where the hell are you anyway?


Ragini:Swara! How can you doubt me yaar, you know I wouldn’t ever. Of course I acted absolutely normal and told Ram saab that you were doing fine but still a little bit distracted. Just tomake it more plausible.

Swara sighed in relief

Swara:Thank you

Ragini:You’re lucky I’m a good liar when I need to be. Now tell me the truth! Can you talk? Cough if he’s near you

Swara:He’s not. I’m absolutely fine yaar! I’m more than fine actually! I’m really sorry I haven’t called but I figured you’d worry and decided to just…go with the flow this time and not worry or think too much

She was expecting to hear Ragini giggle and sound excited but instead, she was awfully silent until she said worriedly

Ragini:I don’t know, Swara… I’m worried for you, I really am. I’ve seen you withdraw yaar. I’ve seen what effect he has on you, he’s going to ruin you

Swara:Don’t say that! It’snot like that. Not anymore at least…

Ragini:You know I was all for him. You know that. But… I don’t know… I just hate to see you suffer. What if something happens?! How can you take that risk?!

Swara:… That’s what love is all about. Taking chances

Ragini:Love? One sided love?

Swara:He loves me…

Swara almost whispered smilingly as in lostin thought

Ragini:Do you think so or do you know so?

Ragini began sounding excited, began sounding more like her old self.

Swara:I know so. I really do. I’m so happy,Raging. These past days have been the best of my life

Ragini:Awwwwwww! Oh my God you guys are so sweet!

Swara laughed, she really laughed. Ragini was such a kid. One minute she was scolding her and the other she was all giggly.

Ragini:You still didn’t tell me where you are na!

Swara:Oh! Sorry. Well we first went to Berlin
but Swara was interrupted as someone knocked on her side window startling her. She looked up and saw an angry Don.

Swara:UM… Ragini, I’ll call you later, ok?

Ragini:Why? What’s the matter? Are you alright?

Swara:Yes, yes

Don now swung the door open and bent over the opening staring at her angrily

Swara:Don’t worry. I’ll call you later
Swara added hanging up

Don:What do you think you’re doing?

Swara:Kya matlab?

Swara replied, hesitating Don grabbed the phone out of her hand and checked her dialed numbers. He looked back at her, his eyebrows furrowed

Don:I didn’t know you were talking to Ragini. How long have you been keeping this from me?

Swara:What? Don you’re talking crazy

Don:Am I?!

Don threw the cell, hitting a tree. It smashed to pieces and all She could do was gasp for air, as she couldn’t even scream he ran his hands through his hair, angrily pacing the ground next to the car, other cars passing by him.Then Swara exited the car and walked towards what once used to be her phone. She came back next to Don who was looking at her, puzzled

Swara:The sim card. I still need my number, otherwise Ram saab will get suspicious. I know why you’re concerned, I understand. Don’t worry. Ragini won’t say a thing to anyone

She said all that composed and calm, and then went over to the passenger seat and waited in the car for Don. When he finally sat next to her, closing the door behind him, he looked at her just to see a really upset Swara, but nevertheless, a bright woman who. ever lost her mind.He then suddenly bent over and caught her face between his palms, kissing her.Swara looked into his eyes and said

Swara:You need to trust me too, you know

Don:I’m sorry, sweetheart… For a moment I kind of forgot you were my wildcat
he gave her a half smile

Swara:It’s alright

she said as she removed his hands gently from her face, just to show him she was still a bit upset

Swara:For a moment I kind of forgot you were Don as well

Don:I just happen to have something in mind that would remind you exactly who I am

he gave her a grave, serious look that she didn’t know what to take for. Don remained silent all the way to the apartment. Just when he closed the door behind him she noticed his lustful smirk and his panther like gait towards her. He cornered her into the kitchen when he suddenly lifted her and placed her standing on the kitchen counter. He then spread her legs apart and got real close, pulling on her pony tail slightly so she could face him

Don:Undo my belt
Her eyes widened

he added, his eyes widening as well.With trembling hands she did as he requested and then looked back up at him and he, without breaking eye contact, slid his hands beneath her dress Swara was panting in anticipation She didn’t need him to say the words, she did the same for him and as she pushed his clothes to his knees, he immediately kissed her urgently, passionately.

That afternoon they made their way to the living room sofa as well and finally ended up in the shower together. If Don hadn’t been particularly romantic to prove a point during their love making, Swara knew he loved her all the more as soon as he proceeded to shampoo her hair, then rinsing it, running his manly fingers through her thick hair gently and smilingly as they sat underneath the shower tap, as if they were standing in the rain.

Swara and Don were both in the kitchen, dressed only in their bathrobes. He was cooking for her yet again and she was sitting at the counter, admiring the view.

Don had combed his wet hair back and the fluffy black bathrobe had a deep v cut, showing his collarbone and part of his well defined chest. Now that she had her fair taste of him, she was craving more, much more.She just sat there drinking in each of his moves. He was making pancakes for her, or rather,since they were in Paris Don had tied a towel around her head like a turban after they stepped out of the shower and placed her on the bar stool and told her

Don:Sultana, now your wish is my command

Swara:You’re very much like an Arabian prince yourself

she pointed out, and again ogled at his damp hair combed back, his thick beard and deep brown eyes

Don:Did my nose give it away? he chuckled

Swara:I love your nose. I find it very masculine and imposing
He raised his eyebrows and looked at her

Don:Love is blind, sweetheart
he winked at her mysteriously then resumed making the batters she gave him a half smile then got off her chair and went to stand next to him

Swara:Can I give it a try?
Don was heating up the pan and gave her a look as if he was scared
They then giggled and he took some batter into the ladle

Don:Allow me to demonstrate
he said very pompously She smiled and watched him pour it into the pan and very graciously covering its whole surface, evenly.

Don:And if you want to know how long to wait till you flip it over, you have to kiss, like this.
he pulled her close by her waist and kissed her once

Don:And only then you can flip it.

he said remaining very serious Swara was trying hard not to laugh

Swara:Achcha, shukriya Guruji
she folded her hands Don smirked and flipped the pancake on the other side

Don:You know they say the first one doesn’t turn out as expected even for top chefs

Swara:Haan, I’ve heard that saying about pancakes before
Don closed his eyes and breathed as if trying to remain calm.she tried not to laugh. She loved it when he was this funny and their little game. So she touched her ears in sign of apology and folded her hands again

Dib:But Don always gets it right
he said pompously as he placed it on a plate and she carefully inspected it. Indeed it looked flawless

Swara:Wah, wah! Kya baat hai!

Don gestured for her to stop praising, but he was intentionally being not at all convincing so she finally laughed and he chuckled too. She loved seeing his eyes smile as well. When his smile reached his eyes they sparkled warmly and she felt very happy.
Swara:Well it looks yummy, but you can’t really tell before tasting it

Don:You can tell, believe me

he winked at her and she blushed She then wanted to rip a bit of the pancake to have a bite and he playfully slapped her hand

Don:Belkol nahin!
he imitated her when he had wanted to taste the filling for his cakeShe giggled

Swara:Come on, I don’t sound like that
He cleared his voice

Don:Ok, agreed your voice is not as high pitched. But the longer the wait, the better the outcome

Swara:Achcha so it’s like food foreplay
He furrowed his brows, amused

Don:I thought I gave youa clear example offood foreplay
She blushed

Swara:Uhmm, I can’t seem to remember. You’ll have to refresh my memory
He raised an eyebrow

Don:Are you trying to distract me from my attempt to teach you how to cook something edible?
She gasped.He half smiled andwent on flipping pancakes. He even had her try her hand at it and both attempts ended up on the kitchen floor

Don:Well at least they’re not stuck to my ceiling.

he said, his palms placed on his hipbones Don’s pancakes had been delicious but nowhere near what followed afterwards. Truth was she wanted to keep Don in bed 24/7, all to herself.And it wasn’t just about the mindblowing s*x, which she thought was an understatement, but the bonding and the closeness was extremely precious to her. She could finally be so close to him and look him in the eyes and communicate so much with her own, without any other pretext than love.

UShe was free to show him just how much she loved him and express it the bestway she could. She had dreamt for these moments for so long that now that they were finally present she couldn’t get herself to believe it was true. Plus it was all so new to her. Just to feel his body on top of her felt so good and she felt so protected and cared for.

She felt like her whole life she had been waiting to be in his arms. Like she belonged there.Don was like a whole new man, although she knew it was just a new side to him she was discovering, all the previous ones were still there, more or less intact. She was certain it was new for him too, she could see it in his eyes. He was just as surprised as her of his own actions, reactions,words, everything.Don had rapidly developed the habit of sleeping with her in his arms. Which was shocking, as he hadn’t really slept together with someone before her.

Swara:Did you decide to give up your nocturnal reading?

she giggled as he spooned her, ready to fall asleep He held her closer and nuzzled at herearlobe

Don:No, but let’s just say I prefer other activities as of now
She smiled wishing she couldhave seen that seductive look he always gave when whispering something provocative.

Don:What are you thinking about?
he asked He would surprise her everyday with such questions asof late, and so she took a moment to reply

Sara:I’m thinking I wish we never had to leave here

Don:We could come back and live in Paris indefinitely’
he pointed out

Swara:I don’t mean Paris… Paris is great, but that’s not it. I mean us, what we have now. I wish it’d never change
He turned her slightly and he rested on his elbow to face her

Don:Why would you think about such things?
She frowned a bit, as if trying to hold back tears

Swara:I’m terrified now, morethan ever.
He leaned in and pressed his forehead against hers, sighing ‘

he looked back into her eyes

Don:Listen to me. I’m never going to let anything go wrong. Alright? I love you, damnit!
She hugged him tight and turned torest on his chest

Don:Tomorrow we’re leaving for London.


she couldn’t help but be surprised

Don:I can’t see that look in your eyes again. We’ll go and get things over with, then we can finally get on with our lives

She sighed. Somehow that seemed impossible and she really hoped Don had a good plan. But that thought made her smile. Don always outsmarted everyone. She wassure he’d had figured out everything. He kissed her forehead and that made her relax completely and slowly she fell asleep.

The next morning Swara woke up and Don was no longer there. She looked at his Tag Heuer watch he’d left on the nightstand and it showed close to half past 10. She had really slept in, so decided to hop into the shower and get ready. A long flight was ahead of them.She felt extra nice that morning so decided to dress up a bit, even though she knew she wouldn’t be as confortable on the jet.

So she chose a blue dress and a pair of nude pumps to go with it, and decided to wear the bracelet Don had gifted her as well.She stepped out of the bedroom and immediately smelled coffee. She grabbed the mug Don had left lying for her on the counter and realized he was in his study, so she joined him.She popped her head through the door and caught him reading

Swara:Achcha so now you’re reading in the mornings
He gave her a dimpled smile as he placed his book face down on the desk

Don:Yes, it’s pretty obvious I won’t get much reading done in the evenings
She giggled and sat on the desk facing him and sipped on her coffee

Swara:What time are we leaving?

he shrugged then caught her wrist and smiled looking at the bracelet

Don:I love it
she smiled as well

Swara:I’m very glad to hear that
I love you.
she smiled widely

Don:I’m ecstaticto hear that

he said and slowly got up and kissed her passionately. He had to remove the mug from her hands as he knew she would drop it otherwise.She parted and playfully pushed him back into his chair ..

Swara:So what are you reading now, let’s see… hm. Theunbearable lightness of being

Dob:Precisely. Good read so far

but before he could add more she wasgoing through the book. Once more she stumbled upon underlined passages and sheread them outloud

“The brain appears to possess a special area which we might call poetic memory and which records everything that charms or touches us, that makes our lives beautiful … Love begins with a metaphor. Which is to say, love begins at the point when a woman enters her first word into our poetic memory.”

“Making love with a woman and sleeping with a woman are two separate passions, not merely different but opposite. Lovedoes not make itself felt in the desire for copulation (a desire that extends to an infinite number of women) but in the desire for shared sleep (a desire limited to one woman).” –

Swara:oh wow. This is really nice. But so totally unlike you
she giggled he gave her a long look

Don:Why is it unlike me?
She shrugged

Swara:I don’t know
immediately she felt weird about the whole thing and wished she hadn’t mentioned it

Don:Swara. I’m an incredibly faithful man, in all aspects. I’m faithful to my ideals, my goals, my passions… you’re my biggest passion
he smiled and kissed her hand then added as he inspected her bracelet further

Swara:You’ll be surprised at how faithful I can be to what I desire

She smiled shyly and leaned in to kiss him tenderly

Don:Are you ready for take-off?

Sara:Aye-aye, captain
she gestured

Don:I’m not a pirate
he chuckled

Swara:No, but I much rather a s*xy pilot anyway
He raised his eyebrow

Swara:Is that so? Why don’t I help you out of your dress then, it should be very uncomfortable during such a longflight… pilot’s order

he added as he sat up slowly. She could already see him shift his mood and it melted all her insides She giggled as she pulled away

Swara:It’s already late, and I’m feeling very feminine today so thanks, but no thanks, pilot. I’ll remain dressed just as so

he smirked

Don:Disobeying already, my wildcat?
She bit her lower lip and walked backwards towards the hallway

Don:Very well then. We’ll see to it later,no problem. Delayed gratification has proved to be quite interesting as of late.

She laughed and ran out of the study. Later when they boarded the jet, she found a book on her seat. It was the same she had found him reading the very morning. She opened it and he had written on the first page

“You read the other half”
which she found very interestingly romantic and then he had written a little poem for her as well

“Each one of us has private notions about sweet maidens and their ways,But no man in his sense will doubt that they love best themselves to praise.Just as Narcissus saw his face framed in the water’s silver glass And finding he was fair, at once the lover and the loved one was.If we could only see the maid when she essays her winning airs,When all alone with big round eyes she at her mirrored image stares,See the provoking,pouting lips moving to call herself by name,And she herself more lovable than all the world does soft acclaim;He that is wise in maidens’ ways would read her secret at a glance,And know the lovely lass has grown aware of her own elegance”

She smiled knowing he had referring to her sudden outburst of femininity, and she felt very amused. She wenton to read the second half of the book during the flight to London, trying to put aside her nervousness and worries.
So this the chapter it took lot of time to write this. Hope u all will not get bored with this. Bcz I got bored while writing this.

OK if anyone have confusion that how can Ragini got to know about Swara abscens. So.

Swaraj told Ram that she is going to Ragini’s when Swara didn’t list the call he called ragini so from him she got to know that Swara is missing. So she suspects that she is with Don. Bcz Some days before she was with Don.

Actually I wrote this part long bcz I’m happy. I’m happy bcz my KKR is in semi-final. Pray for them so that my Real Don will win the IPL Trophy once again.

Credit to: IREENA

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