Don and his Roma season 2 episode 4


The kiss felt like it had lasted minutes on end, but when she opened her eyes she realized it had only taken a split second. She suddenly remembers the kiss in her dream, and finally she gets it… this, this closeness, it will be her undoing.
Now she has no escape. She can’t believe the way she is feeling, the way it all felt so right and so promising. She will be consumed in the fire of this passion.
She looked at him,trembling, her eyes wide with hope and fear combined, as he looked deep into her eyes, his gaze piercing into her soul.

Don:I’ve been wondering how you tasted ever since I first lay my eyes on you.
he bit his lower lip,his voice husky. He then suddenly turned her so he was now facing her back, mimicking the way he turned her around when she tried to threat him with the swiss knife on his desk, but quickly leaned in and kissed the curve of her neck. ‘
Don:My wildcat
he whispered in her ear then embraced her and starting moving again slowly to the music.
She shut her eyes tight, God this was confusing… what was she to do now? Every cell in her body wanted to turn around and kiss him again, surrender to him and just let go of all her doubts and fears. But… but…
Don:You’re trembling.
he turned her to face him again, looking worried

Don:I didn’t mean to frighten you.
he was frowning worryingly as he placed a lock of her hair behind her ear gently.
She felt tears form in her eyes but he leaned and kissed her forehead protectively and then gently wiped away her tears that were streaming down her cheeks.
Don:I can’t bare to see these beautiful eyes cry.
She looked up at him, who was this person? She had never ever thought Don could be so caring, so… human.
Don:I could lose myself in your eyes like this forever… if only you’d let me.
he whispered as he caressed her cheek with his thumb.Her heart was racing. She didn’t know whether sh was
incredibly happy, or frightened or shocked.
Don:All this time I’ve been meaning to make you understand, Swara….
he shut his eyes and placed his forehead against hers.
Don:I don’t want this life anymore… I’m sick of it.
she could feel him frown.
Don:I just want to… I just….

he then circled her waist and pulled her even closer, sinking his fingers into her velvety dress
Don:I just want you.
he finally whispered and before she could react he kissed her again, this time more passionately, and Swara found herself responding, their kiss deepening.They suddenly heard people screaming and gasping around them, and they flinched, parting and looked around. Don immediately took a step back letting go of her.

‘Not so fast, Don!’

Swara looked back at him, her eyes wide open in shock.

‘Not so fast!’ Detective Ram repeated.

aiming his gun at him

Ram: Swara, step aside!

But she just froze, almost feeling lime she wanted to shield him, she looked at him again but he gave her a frowned, yet hurtful look, as though he was asking her why she had set him up. She nodded in denial but Ram repeated

Ram: Swara, please, we’ll take it from here.

Don gave her one last piercing look then, before Ram and his team of armed men could even realize, he caught hold of a lady near him and held a gun to her head.

Everybody started screaming, Swara looked at him in shock, he was armed this whole time? A colleague came and dragged her away from Don, as he was aiming towards him.

Ram: Don, enough!.??Ram shouted….You’re cornered, please don’t try anything stupid.

Don laughed angrily, Swara felt her whole body turn cold to the sound of that familiar laughter. She didn’t understand, what was happening, how did det. Ram find him?Then she felt an arm touch her and she turned to see Ragini.

Her jaw dropped, Ragini pulled her into an embrace

Ragini: I’m so glad you’re ok!.

she sobbed Swara was in shock. Had she pulled this thing off on her own? She turned again to look at Don, who was looking so angry and hurt at the same time.
Don: Step back!. he shouted..I mean it,Ram!

he sounded angrier than ever The woman was screaming and crying at the same time, so were the rest of the people around.

Ram: Don’t do anything stupid, Don! You have no way out of this!

But Don looked around quickly and then started dragging the lady towards the stage,his gun stuck to her temple.

Don: I want the ferry(a small ship) moving! Now!

Ram hesitated but then Don shot a few bottles at the bar generating an even bigger commotion Slowly the ferry started moving again.

Malik and his team gathered around him as he climbed onto the stage and all the band players cleared the area.

Roma was watching all of this in shock, she didn’t know how to react.

Don: Get back! I won’t only kill her! I mean it!.

he shouted Ram gestured for his team to step a few meters back, but still felt confident that they had him cornered.

Then all of a sudden Don aimed at something and everything went dark, everybody’s sight adjusting to the light provided by the candles.

He had shot the power generator. Ram wondered what had happened to the street lights and immediately realized they were under a bridge.

Ram: He’s climbing on to the bridge! Stop him!

he shouted the
whole team got on top of the stage but it was too late, they had passed the bridge and there was also no sign of Don.

To be continued

Credit to: IREENA

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  1. damn it…it was incredible…loved it so much

    1. thanx bresh

  2. awesome ep ireena. I loved it dr but cant wait to see nxt as i cant see swasan seperated like this. So plzzzz post nxt soon. I am glad that u find my comment encouraging. I will try to keep it up but plzz dont say thanks cuz no thanks between friends.

    1. oh so sweet dear well I’ll try to post a short part in night. n swasan separation its needed I’m sure u will understand.

      1. i totally understand dr. Love u and tc. 🙂

      2. i know dear n love u too.

  3. Sorry dr didn’t reply was busy with exams…. bt awesome ep dr

    1. tysm sujata n how was ur exams.

      1. Good only… thik thak… exams r my biggest enemies ?

  4. Did he took swara with him.
    …di plz tell…every time u come with a epi there is suspense in the other one…..which grow our anxiety…..Di plz update soon…

    1. oh Jenisha ok I’m updating now but it will be a short one.

  5. Awsm….no word to describe.

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  6. Nice IREENA

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  7. hi ireena,today’s episode was nice.i wanted to comment in ur previous episodes the page was nt allowing.
    i have a do u upload any article in this page?can u tell me?

    1. thanx shuva n about posting. just see at the top of the page ” submit ur article” u click there n post ur article hope u get a help from it.

  8. Marvelous superb episode.

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