Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 38


Swara noticed Don didn’t close the door to his study and was intrigued at first but soon found out why he had left it open as he started playing the guitar. Which kept her smiling wide the entire time she continued baking her cake, especially since she recognized the song He must have played it on and on because she had finished putting the cake together before she knew it.

There were no candles but she didn’t think Don would have appreciated being reminded yet again that he was turning 34 The cake looked beautiful. It was all dark chocolate with pomegranate and wild berries filling.

All flavors that Swara thought complemented Don very well.She cleaned herself up and then took it and went towards Don’s study. He was still playing the song, his eyes closed as he leaned into his directorial chair, his feet resting on the desk. She placed the cake in front of him and then’s when he opened his eyes

Don:Oh wow!

he said immediately and then smiled widely placing his guitar aside

Swara:You like it?

she grinned as she rubbed her hands together nervously He gestured for her to come sit in his lap

Don:It’s exquisite. Let’s see how it tastes

Swara:Oh, I forgot the knife…
But he didn’t let her leave

Don:No need for that

he said as he opened a drawer and pulled out a knife from a leather sheath. Swara swallowed hard looking at the knife but she didn’t feel scared.Still holding her by the waist, Don cut the cake with his right hand. Then he took the slender slice and turned to Swara to feed her

Don:No, no, you first. It’s your birthday, na?
she smiled and placed her hand over his, turning the slice towards him. He took a bite while looking at her

Don:You made this? Really?

Swara:Why, don’t you like it?
she panicked He chuckled ..

Don:I love it. I’m just surprised. You yourself admitted you couldn’t cook
he said as he fed her gently She nodded

Swara:Yes, but I can bake. Sweets I can handle…

she smiled He all of a sudden was ogling at her and before she knew it Don kissed the corner of her mouth, interrupting her

Don:You had a bit of chocolate, right there

She raised an eyebrow, dipped her finger into the dark chocolate frosting and then placed it on his nose, laughingly He pretended to be annoyed and wiped his nose with a tissue from a box on his desk, but before he could clean himself properly she traced dark chocolate over his left dimple He raised his eyebrow at her but she smiled and leaned in to kiss his now chocolate flavored dimple He smirked and dipped his finger into the frosting and traced it alongher neckline, then hungrily proceeded to eat it off her. Her eyeswidened as she found it deeply sensual

Don:It’s even better offyou

he whispered as he took some more dark chocolate and traced it over her collar bone, then sensually licked it off her as well. She closed her eyes as he did so and soon he was unbuttoning her shirt. She opened her eyes and looked at him nervously but he caught her lips and kissed her passionately while expertly undoing all the buttons, pushing her shirt reverently over her shoulders. Her hands circled his neck even tighter as he was still kissing her and while doing so, tracing chocolate across her cleavage. When he bent to eat it off her she moaned in anticipation.He then pulled her left leg over his right one to straddle him as he proceeded his chocolaty tease.

But then, unexpectedly, he stood up and held her so that she was still circling his hips with her legs and within a blink of an eye took her to the master bedroom and laid her on the bed. She bit her lower lip in anticipation, she knew what was about to happen, or rather, she could only imagine. Don never broke eye contact with her as he unbuttoned his own shirt and quickly disposed of it. She had to catch her breath as she could see his torso now in all its splendor in the penumbra of the room which was only lit from the living area slightly.He bent over her to kiss her and she was surprised at how tender he was. He had kissed her gently before, but not like that. There was something very different in his kiss now.

She realized he was trying to make her unwind, and she could feel all her muscles relax. She began caressing his shoulder blades and made her way up to his hair, tangling her fingers through it. His cologne was all the more overwhelming as he was embracing her now, slowly lifting her from the bed with his one arm as he began pulling her jeans off with the other. She was aware of what he was doing but somehow wasn’t, at the same time. She was in a state of mind that madeher semi-conscious.

After he disposed her jeans he stopped and looked deeply into her eyes. She started smiling again and eventually shied away
Swara:Don, you’re making me nervous again
she pleaded he leaned in and kissed her cheek

Don:Don’t be, sweetheart. I’m not, not anymore. You’re mine
he proceeded to kiss her behind her earlobe

Don:Just mine. Let me prove it to you.

She clung onto his shoulder blades even tighter as he planted passionate kisses across her jawline and down her neck.With trembling fingers she reached for his jeans and tried to unbutton them, but could hardly concentrate as he looked at her smilingly, a bit amused but not patronizing. He placed his palms over hers and she managed to calm down and unbutton his fly, and then he disposed of them never breaking eye contact with her. But she couldn’t stand but steal glimpses of his boxer briefs and the evidence of his arousal. She started panting as she could feel the moment approaching, the moment when she would be his… forever.

He then leaned again towards her and kissed her, more passionately this time, and circled her waist. He then rolled her on top of him and held her tight to his chest. Her hair cascaded over him and he lovingly caressed it moving it from side to side so he could kiss her all over. He slowly slid his hands up and down her back and finally stopped at her bra, undoing it, then threw it on the floor on top of all the other clothes. There was so little between them now and Swara could feel, straddling him now, that he would prove to be more than she had hoped for in a lover. He slowly sat up and still pressing her against his body groaned as he could feel her bare chest against his for the first time. He kissed her more urgently and made his way to her br*asts. Swara felt like fainting just then and couldn’t even concentrate on breathing.

He slowly placed her on her back, her head towards the opposite end of the bed now, and got on top of her. As he leaned in to kiss her. Swara sunk her nails into his shoulders as he did that, and kissed him long, hoping he wouldn’t steal a glimpse of her completely naked.But he smiled understanding she was feeling shy.

Don:Nothing in this world can keep me from admiring you, darling, now that you’re finally here, in my arms.

he whispered as he caressed her body all the way to her ankles, peeling off her panties. He sat back on his heels as he threw them away and took a second or two to look at her lovingly, from head to toe. Swara had never seen that look in his eyes before. It wasn’t just lust, it was love, and she knew it now. His eyes were on fire with desire to have her, to own her body and soul.Swara couldn’t get her self to look as he took of his boxers and positioned himself on top of her. She was sure it would have been too much for her.

Don:Swara… look at me

he whispered. She was avoiding his eyes, the way he looked at her was too intense. Her heart was pounding so hard she feared it would break free from her chest. When she finally met his eyes she saw the same fire in them. God, how she loved this man, she thought

Don:I’ve hurt you many times. This will be the last time I’m going to hurt you… I promise

he whispered softly then kissed her tenderly. And just as they were becoming one Swara shed a tear. She knew it was a tear that combined so many different feelings. But that night Don proved to her just how much he loved her. Not only verbally as they both reached their peaks, but physically too, as Swara would have never thought Don could be so gentle yet intense at the same time and so considerate of her condition as a virgin.Swara resolved that she would never find out whether s*x was generally so fantastically mind-blowing, or if it was all Don’s credit for being an incredible lover. She didn’t want to know. But she was fairly sure she was incredibly lucky to have him in her bed.


Swara woke up as if in a daze. She felt something on her forehead and was needless to say surprised to realize it was Don’s palm. He was hovering over her as if to check her Surprised She saw him looking worriedly at her and so she asked

Swara:Hm? Kya hua?

Don:I’m worried. You don’t normally sleep this late in the mornings

he looked at her, all serious She blinked a few times to get everything into focus then even rubbed her eyelids yawningly. Suddenly she felt cold and realized the duvet had fallen from her chest, exposing her naked chest. She quickly covered herself up and blushed, as it all came back to her.Don chuckled

Don:I think you’re alright, though he said as he stood up

Don:Coffee is waiting. I hate to leave like this but Sam arranged a business meeting…
She avoided looking at him in the eye

Swara:It’s alright,go, do your thing
she smiled and stole a glimpse of him.

“I can’t believe I had this s*x god in my arms last night” was all she could think of

Don: I cancel ..

Swara:no no you go I’ll manage.

Don:Why don’t you take the Peugeot out for a ride?
he caressed her cheek looking down at her, then swept the back of his hand again over her forehead

Don:Are you sure you’re alright?
She looked up at him and smiled

He smiled back


then leaned in and gave her a kiss. As soon as he left the room, Swara hid under the covers and let out a girly scream that even made her giggles he couldn’t tell for how long she had stayed in bed after he left. Must have been a while,though, as she went through all of the previous night’s events.

She thought about the previous night over and over and couldn’t believe what had hit her. She always though Don to be a great lover, but he had exceeded all her expectations. It wasn’t at all how she had imagined it to be. When she was a teenager she used to think of it way too sweetly.

Then growing up, she had become more and more cynical about it, thinking that s*x was overrated. One conclusion that she had more recently reached, hearing out her friends, was that you couldn’t have the best of both. You either had to choose love or great s*x, but never both. Either settle down and fall in love with a great guy, but don’t expect much as far as intimacy goes, or just settle for one night stands and flings that really had no strings attached but you were more likely to enjoy yourself than in a committed relationship. Swara couldn’t handle neither of the two options, which she found both to be silly, and just gave it up. altogether. She drowned herself in work and took her mind off any relationship.

She wanted someone to love her (although that could never had worked out since she was all the while in love with Don) and also was a bit worried about still being a virgin, given her age (although she really wasn’t the kind to consider sleeping around just for the sake of changing that). So she was caught up in the middle and refused to deal with it.To say she was taken aback was an understatement.

Swara was downright shocked. In less than 24 hours she had resolved both so called issues. And all she could feel was happiness. Happiness she had never experienced before.She felt terribly sad to go take a shower and wash away Don’s touch,but she did so regardless. She remembered the first time Don hinted at any physical contact, it had happened in the same apartment.


So how was the chapter guyz. I’m really sorry if it’s too much. But if u don’t like na then I will not add it. Sorry once again.

thanx a lot for everyone who encouraged me a lot. If any doubt I’ll clear it. Silent readers don’t stop reading the ff in middle.

Credit to: IREENA

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    1. oh…Don ki Dewaani….Don’t worry dear Kabhi na kabhi tum usse zarror milogi. I know u were thinking about this gift but it was not at all decided I was happy that’s why I have added it. dear don’t loose hope. ummeed par duniya kayam hain. I’ll definitely update next part today don’t worry. I will start writing it after some time. so don’t worry about that. n ha so sorry I read ur comment but I forgot to answer it tumhari love story mein bhool gayi. I’m from Maharashtra.

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      2. Thank u very much ireen(i would love to call u like this,can i? ) for giving hope. I would surely wait for my don. Kabhi na kabhi toh mil hi jayega. I am very happy to know u r from maharastra cuz i luv that place mainly vada pav 😉 vaise i from tamil nadu. About my ff i posted it ,i think u read it after this. If u r asking for nxt ep then a big sorry cuz i could only post tomorrow cuz i have not even started to write. I am sorry but kya karun bohot lazy hun. Padna bohot accha lagta hai lekin sirf mood ho toh likti hun.hehe but i will start now ok. 🙂

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  10. lucky sravzzz

    Amazing yaar…………….u r so good……n i m in love with ur story…finally don n roma became one………pls continue it n ya eagerly waiting for next episode….

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